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"We're bound To STRIKE Sometime So Why Not Now?" That is a
Tue May 9, 2017 10:23

"We're bound To STRIKE Sometime So Why Not Now?"

That is a Tele receive from overnight, "We're bound to STRIKE sometime so why not now?"

When we start dropping like flies due to high background radiation levels is it not likely that we then will STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money away from them? Seems likely, doesn't it? Yes.

So why not look ahead a short distance and STRIKE THEM OUT NOW, and take the authority to issue our money away from them before they do any more damage to our health?

"Druid failed my house." God our Father said last night while Bitch was sleeping.

Can we not pray that this time Druid will be dutiful, STRIKE THEM OUT and try to save themselves?

"Druid has ever failed to save himself," Judee say.

The mild people of the north, Druid of the West and Slavic of the East. Will we not get together and STRIKE THEM OUT and end all of this war in our world that we are funding?

"We're bound to STRIKE sometime so why not now?"

Bitch just posted a video of a nuclear warhead in a burn off over La Jolla California.

Might we wonder if that particular warhead burn off pattern is consistent with a fire that is burning off ex-plutonium 228 and a half rather than blast plutonium 239?

That warhead was filmed May 3rd, a week ago. Sir Casper had already left and returned with His team to Mars so that warhead was not in a Martian controlled burn off.

Might the conversion from plutonium 239 into ex-plutonium 228 and a half made the fuel in that warhead into a spontaneous combustible product that self-ignites upon reentry into earth's atmosphere?

By observing that thermonuclear warhead burn off pattern, might it have informed weap Judah that his plutonium 239 had been transmuted into a different type of energy source for his bomb, one that won't explode and instead goes into a spontaneous slow combustion when it reenters earth atmosphere?

"Hermit sees," Judee say.

That was the reverse speech of a top level Judah political.

That was said the day after the hermit posted that Sir Casper transmuted all the plutonium 239 in Judah's warheads into ex-plutonium 228 and a half before He returned to Mars.

Might we see the top level Judah politico had already learned that his great balls of fire had the plutonium 239 made non-usable for a blast explosion?

Might it have been the fluffy burn off of the warhead over La Jolla California 3 days after sir Casper left that put weap Judah on to the fact that his warhead blast force fuel was turned into slow burn off spontaneous combustion ex-plutonium 228 and a half fuel now?

Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and help us to guide our thermonuclear war fighting elite into humane institutional settings where they no longer spend all their time and our money trying to exterminate us?

Might we consider that weap Judah had congress fund the many tens of thousands of great balls of fire that he threatened us with to produce paralyzing fear so that congress could go on mousing us unchallenged?

Will Labor not help us to humanely institutionalize these grave continuing threats to our existence?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money into your safe hands before we are completely exterminated out life? Will Labor not lay hands on them and seize them?

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God Almighty that Father has not left us to the whims of weap Judah and his nuclear war fighting elite?

Will Labor not help us to remove this dangerous sick and violent cipher from rulership and humanely institutionalize them where they no longer present a deadly threat to us?

Will American Labor not help us to guide these dangerous ciphers into humane institutional settings? As we with our families are being extinguished out of life form will Labor not help us by striking them out?

"My catastrophe's so outrageous I'm bored with myself. I'm eventually leaving out. I failed abusive quite exclusive. Jew suffer you horse face time. I hold your government to do waste be all. Superman clued the gentlemen on the goose we be all the time.

Congressmen passed true endorsement. Jew awesome shot you inside your head. Our peepage has thrown you right, I'm soon going to go to die. I'm truly leaving you guys crestfallen here.

I hold you with bear wits because that's my sign true. Bourse makes cabbage so I can rude you true. My pp wits are my true side of the sport. Judah stupidly capped out.

I criminal debt. My maximum I pull all grace out. I gift you a heart attack, that's how I get my money. The Bitch sees our stupid ruse full time. Jewish truth is I ever scored you out. I put a dictator for my failed embassy rights.

I just shoot you whiteness for my sale. Geneva is helpless, it is going into receivership within a month. With a princess I full weaped you. Our Wisconsin genes forced you to die. I'm over for my Jewish rate.

H----- said that we're just too simple for ordinary wits. Germany stays true. Our basic British symbol gave us our autocracy. British scowls gave us our truth awesomely. Ever police form our mental.

Our animal sale left you out of the big changes. I lost you because of the pain of my roots. Jew war you totally here with bourse officials, we just sport out your league contact.

I plan to leave your whole country looking like Beirut. Righteous druid finds my hawk and pulls it off. We're just weapin heads here because bourse got us to invade you.

Your mother got us core fell but we're doing you bad in your weigh time. We conquered you, Jew, lay. My 4th of July shootings are going to fell you. I mirror you bums. I failed your sight for merchants.

Great white, we used you to suffer the Japanese a war, you're watching time after. I always put a false issue for a right merchant. Because I ever was involved in a tyranny I'm falling myself, I always built a bomb.

Bad Judah fisted chemical. Our principle is bad disease Roman you. I'm a marvelous thief that do you right. You're going to learn we fisted you from Russia and we're idiots. The scientist, he rolled us here, told you we're false.

I boot you forever with a free jail. This Bitch has developed his vision and done us some severe degrade. We pitch from Heidelberg false. Our mushroom sight provided much worry. A life theory interfered with our warship.

Druid fooled great English, your theory passed me. B------- had to fall off for our best case. Jew boom boom your rights minimum to cage you. I sold you my baby, its the source of my neuralogy.

I'm going to besiege you yet, I'm a good sport. Great I intent you Judas. I get mutual excitement slumming. Ever for our occupancy, we leave. The white guy got my game, he's brought it to a stop, it's the end of my day. My abusive's inside you and now the crest of your head is fallen," Judee say.

The cruelly manipulated poor from the mild man of the north's land. Might Judah not be on target when he says that his abuse is now inside us and is the crest of our heads?

The long historical policy of weap Judah to pull the white man as low as he could get us. Is there any place lower than to be the man who harms another of God's children on earth?

Judah bringing the cruelly manipulated poor from Belgium to molest and abuse our family in Africa a hundred and fifty years ago. Might we see now the real purpose was to give the white face a loss of standing with our family there?

To get the white of the north to fight and kill the white of the south in his American civil war. Might we consider it was to degrade you and me?

Then forcing white to assault and kill white again to serve the sport of the palace crowd in 1917.

1941 war again in Europe, a repeat after they put Americans into an economic depression for an extended period of time starting in 1929.

Then their Korean wars in 1950s to install their Replicon hybrid transplants in office both north and south.

Then using the purse of the mild man of America and drafting Americans for making war in Vietnam and throughout South East Asia to install their sleeper hybrid transplant Replicon shells into political office there.

Bitch, November 1965 saw our impending doom in nuclear war and so set out to find an alternative for us.

The reason Bitch served Harold Washington for free was because Harold spoke about the need to get rid of the nuclear weapons in our world. Harold made Chicago a nuclear free zone.

Bitch sweating an accidental nuclear war coming upon us by way of a conventional war that would spread and bring Russia into the fracas.

Not until 1997 while studying the shutdown of nuclear missiles by extraterrestrial spacecraft did it break through Bitch's thinking that the nuclear missiles were set to be used as triggering devices.

"If you ever grasp how stupid you are you'll be amazed," B said just as the thought broke through to Bitch that the plan all along for all of these years was to use nuclear missiles on us.

The triggering devices of the first world war, the sinking of the Lusitania, the false of the Zimmerman telegram.

The triggering event of the second world war, the attack by the hybrid transplant Japanese Replicon Judah on Pearl harbor.

The false actions in Korea and the Tonkin gulf incident that let congress begin openly funding the war in Vietnam.

The triggering events that let Judah get hold of public opinion to force the mild people of America to fund and fist his sports wars.

Those that might clue us, locked out of the mainstream press. Only deceptive words and images to false us to be found there. The animal images they like to show us on their news.

Our schools on Judah control of the bourse keeping out those professors that could truly inform us.

While we could go on and on about this, rather than examine each false might it not be better to get to the root of it all?

If so is the root of it all not the question of who it is that has our bourse in their hands?

Judah reason that he harms us is because it is the assignment his kin gave to him.

Might we understand from the intervention into our world that a man who does not have right reason must of natural force rest himself in the assembly of the dead?

Proverbs 8:36 But he who sins against me wrongs his own soul; All those who hate me love death.

Proverbs 21:16: "A man who wanders from the way of understanding will rest in the assembly of the dead."

“For there is but one essential justice which cements society, and one law which establishes this justice. This law is right reason, which is the true rule of all commandments and prohibitions. Whoever neglects this law, whether written or unwritten, is necessarily unjust and wicked.”
Marcus Tullius Cicero, On the laws

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT, take the concession to issue our money into the hands of a Committee of the Whole from Labor and let us put right reason in?

And how might we find right reason for ourselves?

Should grand juries of 23 ordinary people not give us our best approximation of what right reason is on every occasion? Certainly.

The laws that a corrupted congress enacts that get people kidnapped and caged and off of our income. Is it not certain that grand juries will straighten it out?

Might we note that it is through the Federal that Judah has put America into such a deadly corrupt downward spin?

Is it not pretty clear that only when our rights are not in can Judah sport us out easily?

"I twist you nice because that's my formed belief," Judee say.

Might we not consider that in any non-savage relationship that we would create to serve us all that those that would claim a right to assault out of life others would be called upon to answer for such a fault?

That our good God Almighty had His angels help us and teach Bitch how to read the cipher of weap Judah and put it all on the web for everyone's inspection, must we as thinking high-level life forms not now call upon the Judah cipher that claims a right to extirpate us in total to answer for the reason why?

Might we not think good about what Cicero said, “For there is but one essential justice which cements society, and one law which establishes this justice. This law is right reason, which is the true rule of all commandments and prohibitions?"

By Judah continuously attacking us with weapons of extinction might a grand jury not find probable cause that his mental is not in possession of right reason, he has criminal intent, and send the information on to a regular 12 person jury to decide if he is criminally insane or not?

Might Labor not appreciate there is a correct procedural route to humanely institutionalize those that enjoy routing and sporting us out of life?

Rather than deciding if they should be reelected or not might it not be better to have a jury first determine if they are sane or not?

In the face of the love of our good God Almighty for us, Judah keeps attacking us with thermonuclear ballistic missiles. Can I get a witness?

"We are stupid to have pushed you," Judee say.

That statement is coming from the subconscious of weap Judah. What are we to think of ourselves that we have failed to respond to weap Judah pushing us with the nuclear technology of genocide?

Must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end funding their dangerous menace they insist is their right to put on us?

"Druid failed my house."

Will Druid not help us to join the house of our good God above? If so must Druid not STOP THE WAR?

Tele receives:

"Tombing. 1.52 pm

To be cancer free. 2.09 pm

He's pegged these guys out. 4.29 pm

Police dumped them. 4.31 pm

You got them bad. 5.20 pm

Nice well you denounce them. 6.18 pm

You face in infallible rights. 6.47 pm

God faired us right. 6.50 pm

You badger well. 6.59 pm

You failed us. 7.00 pm

Horrible rice you do, horrible rice us. 7.08 pm

Zirconeous victims bad. 8.10 pm

Pretty good smoking when they get a previous Druid failed in my house. 10.25 pm

STRIKE THEM OUT tremendous. 10.31 pm

It's easy ruinage. 10.32 pm

STRIKE THEM OUT to release us from filth. 12.02 am

They've got us by the hundreds of thousands. 12.03 am

Get out of this rape. 12.04 am

They've fisted away your field. 1.16 am

You lost your legible. 1.17 am

It's home runs. 1.18 am

They do lots of their sports for free. 1.27 am

They carriage pussy. 1.29 am

A celebration your cipher gave out. 1.30 am

These guys have got a way where they can get you. 1.31 am

The professor's holding a space for us. 1.34 am

They found airways and canceled our liberties. 1.37 am

Their opticals you see on your faces. 1.39 am

Pray to our Lord God for those who will not fair well in the valley ahead. 1.42

They stew us bowery. 1.43 am

You did your righteous here in. 1.44 am

Get noisy.

John's they force to fail. 1.46 am

Skilled workers rifled here. 1.48 am

They grill your right force. 1.50 am

They're just decimating the white people embarrass. 1.51 am

Simple rights throw loss of life. 2.20 am

We're bound to STRIKE sometime so why not now? 2.27 am

The Jewish are finished. 2.28 am

Circuitry they do us ananomously. 3.13 am

Think yourself, you're much rapee. 5.03 am

They soon fail. 5.16 am

You lost your deal and they're dying us HUGE. 5.21 am

It's failed. 5.47 am

Cancel weapin. 7.58 am

Saviorous sport. 8.00 am

Cats had me fooled. 8.56 am

To these suffer guys you have failed. 9.58 am

We need a settlement right."
We're being rudely done in here, any that doubt it?

The Druid that has ever failed to save himself. "The Druid is not dutiful," Judee say

"Horrible rice you do, horrible rice us." 7.08 pm


Will we not pray that the horrible lies that Judah has made up and rumored about Bitch will cease to have any effect on the people that are now deeply harmed by weap Judah on free American Labor bours

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