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"We Fell Awesome, STRIKE, STRIKE THEM OUT! They're Making Us
Wed May 10, 2017 12:27

"We Fell Awesome, STRIKE, STRIKE THEM OUT! They're Making Us Austrians."

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives. The one thing that made Americans different from our old world family. Our precious American Bill of Rights.

Will American Labor not put our rights in once again? If so must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money into the hands of Labor?

3.45 am Wednesday. This next Bitch put up at SimpleSite to try to correct yesterday's post:

11.48 pm Tuesday

Just A Note About Tuesday's Post that is right below this.

Bitch had one line in that post that said to "lay hands on them and seize them."

Numerous Tele receives since posting at about 6.30 pm giving a real negative ring about that one sentence.

That sentence was an error, and on Facebook and SimpleSite is has been removed. Can't edit APFN so it is stuck on there.

Bitch was not aiming to actually lay hands on them for there is no longer any connection with them and us. Bitch used that extreme sentence in the hope it would stir Labor to the urgency to STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR.

The only connection now Judah has with us is the mental one of fear that they are holding Druid to keep the war going.

My apologies for making another stupid mistake.

Here are some Tele receives that have come in since posting earlier:

"Thanks. 2.41 pm

It's a chemical waste. 3.11 pm

It's a full wake up. 4.42 pm

Fisted away by right tumors. 5.43 pm

It's obsolete. 5.58 pm

Tight fused. 8.01 pm

Judah, your life, they fused. 8.03 pm

Error diction. 9.13 pm

Pat, the weap force has been put inside. 10.05 pm

Bitch true, it's much failed.

You're stupid to hos us, we're already in. 10.25 pm

Judees assault you. 10.36 pm

Judee died.10.38 pm

Stupid. 11.24 pm

You error bad, the economy makes us. 11.31 pm

We need some help, we need some help to get out the war because stupid failed. 11.33 pm

Muscle beach shot. 11.34 pm

Totally animal admiral. 11.35 pm

Get lost. 11.36 pm

They ever have right forces. 11.41 pm

They've thrown us right away. 11.42 pm

Super has falsed thee typhus. 11.45 pm

Stupid 12.07 am

You're for score." 12.23 AM

Might we notice the negatives that that one sentence produced?

Super has falsed thee typhus.
You error bad, the economy make us.
Get lost.
Error diction.
You're for score.
Pat, the weap force has been put inside."
And even a Tele receive from weap Judah.

"You're stupid to hos us, we're already in."

Bitch apologizes again for another stupid mistake.

This Tele receive:

"We need some help, we need some help to get out the war because stupid failed."

Might we not get some help here, please?

Thank you for bearing with Bitch stupid mistake after stupid mistake. Your patience is appreciated.

God bless us all. STRIKE THEM OUT!
3.48 am Wednesday
Posted the above after midnight last night to do the best to correct from putting that one sentence in there about the laying on of hands.

Bitch is so desperate to bring Labor in to STRIKE THEM OUT and that is why Bitch put that one sentence in there. Hoping Labor will sense the urgency to STOP THE WAR.

America, the land of liberty and justice for all. Will Labor not put our rights in so that we can bring our new economy of abundance for all in?

The crushing of our economy that Judah is doing to us as he is going away from us forever now. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money away from them to help preserve what we have got?

"I'm sorry about that helpless mind I made. We just suffer rate you oxygen to pest. Bitch came in and saw our fist so I'm out for Iowa rich. I merchandise stupid with the druids so I'm off. I've got a bourse rite here to separate you out camel.

You're all failures that I've screwed to die. We failed you's, we just wipe the best. We couldn't pitch Bitch backwards and he saw our disease. You white guys, I fate you, I dump your mind to shoot you.

Taxpayers I hold with real renal sex. 37 I washed beautifully. I screwed with whiskey a barrel of guys. The white guy is coming to see the true Jew picture. Jew oppin out one civilization by tyranny.

In a week our bourse will be fell. The white guy has fallen down our force. I do believe I was too late you for free but Fritz failed. Before Irish, I was a graceful potter on you. With Morgan, I fist right to do fame.

4 or 5 days and my symbol's done. I have dolt energy I weap on you. Jew keeps the fish molested here for my competent sin. My initial paralysis holds you for my bank shot. I'm afraid I'm about through.

Actually, fraud was a great side with a fear theory. The nursery wants the gentlemen to survive here. They pushed out my fatalism. I'm all syndicate fries with ptomaine. A nice man threw us out because we're not durable," Judee say.

"Pat, Judee out in a real fast way. 12.41 am

It's waste op. 12.45 am

Jew out in a real smart way. 12.48 am

HUGE mal proceed, it's going to be brutal these forces coming in. 12.57 am

Oh, this thing's over here? Start stopping it. 1.01 am

Slowly managed to score you weap. 1.06 am

Patrick perceives that stupid. 1.08 am

Patrick accomplishes habeas bear. 1.09 am

False. 1.10 am

Guilty de-cycle us. 1.11 am

Set you felled. 1.12 am

They're trying to bourse us out of life? 11.14 am

They raped you, you're quite failed. 1.15 am

With jail bait, they pull you off sides. 1.18 am

George is back to soak us. 1.24 am

We fell awesome, STRIKE, STRIKE THEM OUT! 1.26 am

They're making us Austrians. 1.28 am

A dog is holding the outfit, it's a great degrade. 1.33 am

Your life failed. 2.22 am

You guys chose to die falsing yourselves out. 2.55 am

He straightened that out, very good Patrick." 3.57 am

"Our interest rate gets your appetite to put you in. With my investment, I threw your iliac aside. I'm happy Bitch failed for free so you get a tumor. We app failed you right with our core son. Nitrate on grease did some big sin.

I just terrorize to molest you away. My fall with lifers was to keep you diminutive. Surgery helped our investment true deadly. Iowa took out Jew big hit great. The algebra rule is metrilous, London be out of rule big time.

I spot urethane to hold you wrench. My title waste takes you off for all ages for resale. We prayed for a marine to bust you in. I'm a testament to too dumb, my dog also fools. I have no life without conspiracy and the hermit showed you my perpity that holds your ment alright.

The war has pulled my genus out easily. I always had a big attorney to Morris you well. I tame your rear end by folding you in. I shot you tomb and used a dog for your ultimate. Papa said to fall down and get out, we're through for our infamous weap," Judee say.

Their infamous weap against the children of God on earth. Will we not pray to our good God above to help us as we are still funding perishing ourselves out of life form in an all out nuclear brimstone waste war?

Our vast wealth based on our food supply and our Labor resource. Is there not some sense that we are losing both to this silent nuclear war of pollution that Judah is waging against us?

Have we gotten so far away from our good God that we feel we don't need Him?

That Judah refuses to shut down his nuclear artillery that he is shelling us with from Hitachi-GE. Will Labor please realize that we can shut it down if only you will help us and get hold of the concession to issue our bourse now?

"My estimate was Alzheimer's for free then I could merchandise you out of here. We got your vitals with our fiercal style. We just shot you fistula with our poopy head. Our estimate with Mormons failed the minnows, we just scored you dead.

I was a filthy die. Casper wants the world without Jew rates. We failed you maximum with a free sport. This Irishman shoots us and we couldn't make him die. His Hebrew side of his whole family was too dull for our future.

I keep brutaling them pooch. My encouragement is to spite you. I'm purified, I'm always Muslim. You didn't call a grand jury so I offed you. I bust your brains with a half sphere. Supers observation of Prudential was good," Judee say.

"You failed me," Papa just said to Bitch at 4.57 am

Might it be that Druid really does not yet know that he has failed himself out of life form by funding all of the war and genocide in our world?

"The majority won't won't be around," is how the angel explained it to Bitch several years ago concerning the nuclear war that weap Judah is waging against Americans.

"The majority won't be around."

200 million Americans now poisoned in a way that we may die off sick with an assortment of radiation-induced diseases over the next few years now.

"You failed me."

Papa does not want his mild children of the north destroyed by weap Judah genocide score. Might we understand though that if we will not accept that we must re-sight ourselves in peace then Papa may let us go?

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," Papa said.

The gentlemen are being scientifically exterminated with our children and our grandchildren. We have now given Judah enough of our cash that he has been able to set us up to be pushed out of life form.

Bitch pulled a reverse speech early today from a top Judah on the world scene and he said two words, "IT'S WAR!"

The stage has been set. The pretext is North Korea launching some missiles and now Judah in Washington is calling for a search of Russian vessels that travel from their ports.

Judah in Russia is countering calling such searches an act of war.

Might we consider that when American Labor pulls the bourse from Wall Street-Washington that North Korea hybrid transplant Replicon weap Judah's will not have the cash available to be launching any more missiles?

Are we not perceiving this is all a well-staged dance to bring about a brutal contest that will deliver industrialized war right inside of American shores?

"Our commercial always let us do chef. You let us do fist. Jewish lead you with race jokes to pull you down. I use the states to maul you. Our selfish fails out all rules. My national potatoes are going first.

Them Druid will be cored out Judee. I anticipate a viper will pull Bitch off once I get my policies in. My Russian force is going to pull you out with Warsaw.

Our sentiments are to remove your ment. You failed my sales fist, it's a good omen to shoot you right. I scored you with war, I got some fatal coming in," Judee say.

Is it understood the war is moving forward that will brutal us out soon?

Might we note Judah is using Russian troops with a Warsaw assist?

Are we understanding that because Judah issues the money for Poland, Russia, North and South Korea, plus China, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan USA and every other country on earth that if American Labor does not take the concession to issue our money away from him, he will bring troops in from wherever he wants?

Judah arrested thousands of our family in Turkey recently for political activism. Thailand arrested a hundred yesterday for political activism. Judah sets off a bomb and claims it was them, dangerous guys. Might we understand the bombings are the way that Judah gets his political legitimacy?

The day that American Labor STRIKES THEM OUT might we see that will end all of the tyranny states that Judah now holds with the force of American Labor bourse that hires the cruelly manipulated poor that give Judah his physical force?

"I use the states to maul you."

Will Labor not take the power of our United States of America Labor purse away from Judah and end his ability to maul our family on earth?

Papa had His angels keep Bitch alive so that there would be someone here to inform His children of what is going on here.

Are the Druid children of God on earth not yet aware that we are perishing massively here?

"Sooth me. Wake me when they've struck. I want to save your lives. Try to perceive me, I love you," precious sweet Papa said.

Will American Labor not pray and try to perceive the love of God for each and every one of us, bar none?

"The prisons have ruined my children. Let the fishies roam free," Papa said.

Will American Labor not do the will of our good God, take the concession to issue our money into your hands and save us from being massively perished out of here now?

Some estimates give us that on any given day there are 80 to 100,000 of God's children locked away in solitary confinement in Jewish American prison houses. Will American Labor not get on the right side of our good God and let the fishies roam free?

"You disparage my shill that's trying to convince you to save yourselves," God Almighty our precious sweet Father in heaven said.

Will Labor not reject the many lies that Judah has made up about Bitch and try to save yourselves now?

Will Labor not accept what Father said that Bitch is a "simple working man, a nice boy that remained true to me?"

Might Labor not want to consider that Father says Bitch is a nice boy to give the truth when hearing the horrible picture that Judah has painted of Bitch?

"Judah seriously libeled you," the angel said.

Judah with his mental power to deceive. Is that what is holding us from liberating ourselves from his eternal sports war machine?

From yesterday to early international news today Bitch has picked out 4 instances where Judah has indicated this is his last week with us. Here's what one weap Judah said in reverse speech:

"Thank you for seeing my way out nice boy, I'm just not useful," Judee say.

Will Labor not listen to the love of our good God and see Judah out a nice way? Is it not clear that Judah isn't useful and just doesn't make it as extraterrestrial material?

It's such a short time we are alive, will Labor not act, take the bourse out of his hands so that Judah cannot make it even shorter?

"I horse weap you in intimate ways to make you die. I hold you right policies, Drupid I punish you. You let us whoop past your days. I always hold you with rice minuscule. I'm a dangerous rat to booze sight you. Marine takes out wood and arrests you right.

I push you fine dog, I just made arrangements to hold you. When I catch you with a baby I'm happy. I fault you heroin with police. I bumped your head because I'm jealous. I'm a Judah on chorizo, I just shoot to ban you.

I shoot you tourniquet for my site. I'm screwing you Reich-Co because it's a fun day. We core sex vipers. We always set you up on tax roll schemes that let us core your rights. We scattered all. We bore you with an accuser.

They're putting our free Masons in, we had some free rabbits with them. The whites want a settlement, our settlement is we boursed out your cheer. We're leaving our sport on wood. We just warred you purple on a bishops op here. My Messerschmidt made my bar stool, that's why I shot you with Pittsburgh, because of my bishop right.

Our police counsel has now broken with Jew for our witless. I foolish you out Druid, I just harshed your wits stupid. We capped his mother because we're bourse fed. I'm a criminal just boursing you out. They captured my technical.

I war your ass over time. Optimist told you I'm a rapist who lead you to die. I had a fools egg, that's why I attempted you. When you get into realitics we leave. I do sewerage right. We had some Druid officials die for us rightly.

I'm always failed by the Druid, he won't hold my son in. I need armaments to crush and bury you right. We weaped to spirit you bruise here. We just fist you with our famous jailhouse. We just poison you exclusively, that's where we lost the human away.


Even in our fail we wipe your ass. We cite you aphid. With my Jew mental ways I wipe you fear. I put you down useual'. With a portion of my boursin I bid you off. My sport Jesuit threw you right. I packaged you on rice cinnamon so the mouse mental doesn't match mine.

Jew baby sport I taught you to put you away. Jew ha

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    • "We Fell Awesome, STRIKE, STRIKE THEM OUT! They're Making Us — Patrick Sullivan, Wed May 10 12:27
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