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"Oh My God They've Saved Us and We've Done Nothing to Try an
Thu May 11, 2017 11:17

"Oh My God They've Saved Us and We've Done Nothing to Try and Save Ourselves."

That is an overnight Tele receive. "Oh my god they've saved us and we've done nothing to try and save ourselves."

A general STRIKE by Labor until the concession to issue our money is in the hands of Labor. Will Labor not try it?

"I gave you the peace must you fail?" Father asked.

Our world full of war funded for over a century by American Labor. Will American Labor not challenge weap Judah for the concession to issue our money now?

A vigorous die force on unlimited free American bourse. Heart attacks as the strategy to hold us back. Will Labor not liberate all of God's kids from the guy that is not coming back, weap Judah?

Tele receives:

"He's a real intellectual. 11.12 am

Get us out of this Reich hold here. 11.20 am

Jew is over our house, Bitch has forever revealed their hustle. 11.22 am

They child us bad. 12.01 am

Patrick, throw out the foul kids. 12.02 pm

It's an outrageous spell. 12.05 pm

They're exterminating us, toss them out! 1.15 pm

This is quite unreasonable this fold on Judeco. 1.50 pm

We died for symbol league. 1.55 pm

He's a telepath you wouldn't believe. 1.58 pm

You lost some weirds, it's now in over time. 2.00 pm

Pretty substantial ruse. 2.09 pm

They're port alls. 2.16 pm

Get them out of false. 2.18 pm

Pork-a-mentals. 2.20 pm

Police war bothers me. 2.46 pm

Please try to stay informed, watch yourself. 2.50 pm

Dolts appear physically. 2.56 pm

Can't you save for us? 3.50 pm

A gentle save us. 3.52 pm

Operation peace, throw them out, please. 3.59 pm

Oh my god it's working. 4.05 pm

They're closing our oxygen. 4.10 pm

These are criminal abusers right. 4.20 pm

You are all war damaged. 4.50 pm

Force failed to save us. 5.16 pm

Suit em up. 6.31 pm

Pittsburgh canceled air. 6.32 pm

You are a gold Meister. 8.21 pm

With their war power, they forced us all. 8.33 pm

You failed me plus you're letting the state force be pulled off. 8.44 pm

You're letting them die you municipal ways. 8.45 pm

Assault you complete. 8.52 pm

True pitching. 8.58 pm

Oh my god, they've pushed the button and you've done nothing. 8.59 pm

With an attachment, Jew will mess your life spherical complete. 9.00 pm

Your mortis holds you. 9.02 pm

A brave thunderstruck. 9.03 pm

Pure imbecile Bourse sight is washing you away. 9.05 pm

Major sport you legitimate. 9.06 pm

What you got is pura-hate. 9.07 pm

Stupid blaze us out of life form. 9.09 pm

Stupid failed officials corruption. 9.10 pm

They've tossed you out of personal life form. 9.11 pm

You're right falling fistal. 9.12 pm

Communist Soviet state remains truthful. 9.14 pm

They fouled you by scheduling here. 9.15 pm

Everything is geminaled retarsh. 9.16 pm

Stupid municipals will be casing life forms. 9.17 pm

They're tumoring Deutschly. 9.18 pm

If you listened to Pat Sullivan you would get this blinder off. 9.19 pm

Authorize yourselves to end damage to resources. 9.20 pm

A Beautiful capture made us fell dumb. 9.22 pm

Lost your amalgage. 9.23 pm

STRIKE THEM bear fist. 9.24 pm

Beautiful hitchhiker tore us out. 9.25 pm

A boursed criminal consequently. 9.26 pm

If you don't force elephants out they'll re-offend you. 9.27 pm

Sangaword crushed the fail. 9.27 pm

Sanctimony encourages beautiful league. 9.28 pm

It's a fail fairest day. 9.29 pm

You were suckered on the fail brute. 9.30 pm

Assaulting you sale Pittsburgh here. 9.31 pm

Originally industrious people is being held by merchants sale. 9.32 pm

Jew failed us strictional. 9.51 pm

Suddenly STRIKE THEM OUT! 9.52 pm

Brain dead is mucilage. 9.53 pm

We failed to make bail. 9.54 pm

Without over site, Loomis died you failed.9.56 pm

Pat is so critical he died us. 9.57 pm

Lost, now it's scaffolding. 9.57 pm

Toss them out for Genesis. 9.58 pm

Patrick wants us free totally. 9.59 pm

Jew's fist failed exhaustive. 9.59 pm

Genocide makes you exhausted pensious. 10.01 pm

He insults us available fell. 10.03 pm

Murder offend is exhausting our fields. 10.04 pm

Vets bruised us with guided missiles. 10.08 pm

We're dying permanistic. 10.09 pm

English lost their verticals. 10.10 pm

A lascivious person, toss them out suspectness fist. 10.11 pm

Jew's fist cored you bad. 11.02 pm

Your relationship is hugely stamped cancer now. 11.03 pm

You are taking a loss, you lost to fistive. 11.08 pm

You basically leave police fist you with ads. 11.09 pm

You fall weak mentalology leaving this Jew to fail you with you funding it. 11.10 pm

They make some videos and hike us bad. 11.11 pm

One person had to strain to nice this field. 11.12 pm

You fail to save us, you're forced out. 2.56 am

The scientist psyche has established Judah is virtually lethal. 2.57 am

The scientist reports air is viciously reduced. 2.59 am

Criminal holds your lives through sin. 3.03 am

Let's try to save us. 3.07 am

Financial leaders molest humans. 3.07 am

We're dying substantially Boston. 3.14 am

Oh my god, they've saved us and we've done nothing to save ourselves. 3.15 am

Martians right save us here. 3.29 am

Washingnens die us. 3.30 am

Stupid offends bugs with garbage. 3.34 am

You're passed to save this field. 3.35 am

We've been tossed. 3.41 am

You lost your real safety to criminals. 3.42 am

You're right for this field option. 3.45 am

London striking my real estate. 4.01 am

They merch us lamb chops. 4.02 am

Get them out of here, they're rifling us. 4.07 am

You failed the big cipher, cite you core-less. 4.09 am

Trouble devils perceived. 4.11 am

Martians took care of us. 4.17 am

Super made you accommodable. 4.21 am

There is redemption in holding your blanket. 4.40 am

Conscious efforts false you in here. 4.47 am

Conspear is relatively option-able, you let them make your silver hatch arrangements lethal here." 4.50 am
"Television sold breeze. Force risers bored you out.

Transporting is vengeance sight."

Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris, for those messages today.
"Useful, they reduce us. 4.55 am

Ment they die usual. 5.01 am

They ever got you in a state for falsin. 5.03 am

Pat, you leave us douchel succumbing. 5.06 am

They're taking us all off ruin-anonymously here. 5.07 am

Corpora-mental faults. 5.11 am

We're total pitched sort of viciously. 5.13 am

Failed your mente, failed your mental. 5.17 am

Jerk, great stoop, they great assault you physical now. 5.18 am

Harsh loony business way, put them out of the field. 5.25 am

It's a HUGE fail for pestering. 5.26 am

They're molesterous creatures. 5.27 am

You're irrivincibles. 5.33 am

So this is what he wants to do, defate us? 5.34 am

Thank you very much, get them out, STRIKE THEM OUT. 5.36 AM

They just fiend us death all the time. 5.38 AM

Their prisons hostages us. 5.40 am

Their miller's fist is refused. 5.42 am

Much ruin air-fistic. 5.50 am

Criminals washed us away with an app sense. 5.55

I got a warrant to show. 6.00 am

Register fell. 6.10 am

Patrick, they still be pushing us horribly. 6.11 am

Pittsburgh died the white castle right, cored you to die.

They cite us false. 6.15 am

Jail establishes nice war zone. 6.16 am

More courage will bring out the sale, you're incredible. 6.31 am

Idiot attack found us completely shut down.

They just encourage you well fist. 8.07 am

You have failed to surprise yourselves. 8.09 am

Patrick, STRIKE the foulage. 8.10 am

They're hanging us materials leave. 8.12 am

You failed my Celt.8.14 am

Stupidly dispirited nice fold them out. 8.15 am

It's an erection mass die your field. 8.16 am

Jews fight us bad. 8.49 am

It's a nice degrade casual." 8.59 am

If only there was some way to get the spirit to STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR.

"Stupidly dispirited a nice fold them out." Is that not about it exactly?

"It set you back a ways," elder said previously about Bitch fault.

"A nice fold them out." Will we not pray that we can get one here yet?

Thank you for the prayers to help us get ourselves to peace.

"I have a psyche that celebrates a HUGE pull your country. Kennedy, I shot because he was forming a higher thing. Bitch pitch my site because I refuse higher homes.

I'm stupid to psyche with Morgan bad. Puratocracy ops, my first fall be 400. Judee just sight you up with a dangerous force, H----- show you I'm corrupt. He deciphered us for our throw ways. A nice guy I rub,"Judee say.

Have some of us read of one of the big reasons JFK was enthusiastic about space research is the side benefit of raising workers skills and with it workers incomes?

And with workers increased abilities comes more productivity for the benefit for all of us with more material available to feed, house and clothe all of us.

"Kennedy I shot because he was forming a higher thing."

Might we think of Dr. Mallove who was thinking of a higher thing by introducing free energy into our world?

That Judah with his cult took over planet earth and has held 80% of the children of God in poverty, might that fact give us an idea why we need a fold out of his cult?

Instead of introducing higher technology to reduce pressure on our resource base Judah poisons our resource base out while making weapons of mass destruction available as the preferred response to increased population resource base pressure.

Will we not say prayers to our beautiful Father for sending His angels in who let Judah expose himself to us right?
Cicero shares with us the three qualities we need to achieve great things are reflection, force of character and judgment.

Are most all of us not 180 degrees opposite Judee? Do many of us not reflect on our actions with the intent to try and determine what happened when we have a failure?

So might we consider that Cicero would accept that we have the intent to achieve great things as correct? Likely.

So what about the other two needed qualities to achieve great things, the force of character and judgment?

Those of us who refuse to accept being passive and quiet about war even facing death threats might that not indicate we have the force of character to achieve great things? It could. Why not?

That Bitch insulted everyone and dispirited a right fold. Might Bitch judgment not fail Cicero's necessity of right judgment to achieve great things? Looks like it doesn't it?

Might the words two out of three ain't bad fit in here? While they might fit in but with one out of three of Cicero's requirements to achieve great things missing might that lack of judgment not prevent any great things from coming about?

"The spitefish killed the STRIKE and let us do a home run," Judee say

"It is not by muscle, speed, or physical dexterity that great things are achieved, but by reflection, the force of character, and judgment." Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 BC-43 BC)

The higher house that John was aiming to bring in. Higher income for workers by enhancing our abilities to produce more of everything for all of us.

As workers incomes as a percent of production have been steadily declining for decades might we see in our pocket books how Judah stealing John away has negatively affected our workers' incomes?

Might we see at its roots Judah business model is based on his ability to produce increasing numbers of hungry stomachs in our nation and world?

Our good God Almighty, our Sovereign high Lord wills that Labor issues our money. In God's will might we see the love of us His children as to how our money is spent as why Father wills that Labor issue our money only for peace?

That Father's angels have advised us that we should have 160 workers decide on how our money is spent instead of weap Judah.

Might we see God's love is that workers judgment is to supplant Judah poverty, eternal fist war theory?

While Bitch reflection gave him an analysis that his insult to you's was due to anger combined with fear. Might we consider that stupid is produced by enduring prolonged periods of suffering as Father explained, it skewers one's judgment leading to making unfortunate decisions then?

Though might take a look at the bad judgment Judah made going ahead with attempting to take the whole breed of Americans out in one middle of the night three-hour shot?

Can we only wonder how angry Judah must be at us?

How long are ordinary people angry at others when something goes astray? Might it be no more than a day or two at most? Might our most gifted not ever even get angry at others at all? Sure.

What reason could there be to get angry with someone unless they intentionally set out to harm another? If it was not intentional and only accidentally stupid that made some people angry should that not be something that should be easy to get over quick?

What benefit could there be to solve the problem that created the anger in the first place with more anger?

Might we think of Martin's speaking of the "rage of mind" as useful to bring a person to act but then the calm of mind was necessary to remedy what it was that caused the rage of mind in the first place?

While Judah knows that putting people into an outraged state of mind can cause thinking to not produce as good of a judgment that a calm mind can have, might we see in his fist activities how he can hold our mental with his fist disease?

Might we only try to imagine the wondrous, glorious and magnificent love of our precious sweet Father that had His angels let Judah hatred for us pull his own cipher out of our world?

For our real good thinking that gives us good and useful judgments might we see from what we have been gifted with in this transition out of eternal war and into perfect peace, that love is the correct thinking to base ourselves in to find the best judgment for ourselves all of the time?

The three elements to achieve great things. Reflection, the force of character and judgment.

Will Labor not step in and give us the force of love based judgment to issue our money found in working men and women?

The Jewish judgments, their theory that gives us hatred and war in our world. Will Labor not give us judgments based in love and peace?

Will Labor not take the issue of money away from weap Judah and issue it yourselves so that we can effectively re-sight ourselves in peace? Will Labor not give us judgments based on love instead of hate?

The toast museum we are living in now. Will Labor not help us to shut their toast maker down?

Will American Labor not end their nuclear brimstone waste score on us and end their last attempt to genocide us?

The cannibal cult from the harsh resource constrained contested desert region of planet earth.

The cult from thousands of years ago that chose to not obey our good God's commandment to "love one another."

Finally left himself go after seriously trying to destroy all of us in a huge holocaust.

The ontological difference he claims that is between them and us. Will Labor not take the paper and end it all?

Several Judah have revealed in reverse speech that this is their last week with us. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT, get hold of the concession to issue our money and STOP THE WAR?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and try to save us?

"This is the last foul they'll throw, you're leaving Washington use the scaffold to leave you irreducible. You're leaving decisions to natural lying heads."

Those are some reverse speech of non-Judah speaker.

Will Labor not put our rights in so that natural lying heads are not making judgments about anythings that concern us?

Will Labor not try to find the spirit that will fold out the hatred in our world and bring in the love?

If so must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you, God bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy

Thursday, May 11 Psalm 62
Proverbs 3:214:27; 1 Corinthians 12:2713:7
You are my hope; O Lord God, you are my confiden

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