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Trump Appoints Election Fraud Commission
Fri May 12, 2017 05:45

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President trump only hours ago signed an Executive Order initiating the creation of a Committee to investigate Voter Fraud in America.

It was revealed that during the last election the Big H only received around 13-15 Million votes. The rest were fake ballots, dead people voting, and counties simply lying about how many people voted.

Funny thing - so many counties reported more votes for Democrats than they had people eligible to vote.

All those women and Illegal Aliens who stuffed the Ballot Boxes have already been identified, their names and addresses coded into the US Department of Justice Computers

Thousands of Cameras across the nation used to monitor these election sites are already stored in the US Department of Justice Computers.

Kris Kobach, after running the first Illegal Alien through thecourt system for voter fraud - will lead the commission. Arrests will begin soon.

Another Huge Campaign Promise Fulfilled: Run a test Case through the courts, collect data, correlate the data, and begin arrests nation wide.

Folks -

We are in a war - a war against those who would destroy freedom.

These Satanic NAZIs declared it and have already killed millions across the globe in their needless wars to cement their power.

They seem to hold all the cards - they own the media - including You Tube and Google - and the TV seems to be loaded with News Reporters who seem to be SIMPLETONS and have an IQ below room temperature.

We beat these Satanic NAZIs on the battle fields of France, Poland, Russia, Italy and Belgium, and Russia and thought we put them to bed in 1945 - but the spirit of Adolf Hitler lives on in the hearts of the Satanic Left.

National Socialism and the One world Satanic Religion is still being pushed by these Simpletons.

Now we must all rise up and beat them back here in America as these Satanic Liberals once again raise their Ugly Little Heads to destroy this planet.

We didn’t start the fight - but with GOD we will finish it and literally burry these Satanic Leftists not just here but across the globe.

In other news -

1) Here is the map showing the Import of Muslims vs. Terrorist Attacks.

More Muslim Refugees = More murders, Rapes, Terrorist Attacks

Muslims want you to praise Allah or die - so again only a Simpleton News Reporter would support this insanity.

2) ICE has arrested 1,348 Drug Dealers nationwide - of which 384 were Illegal Aliens and another 61 were Legal Aliens.

All 1,348 arrested had more that 5 Prior Felonies - so much for the 3 strikes and you’re out rule.

The MS-13 Mexican Drug Dealing Gang is going to prison for a long, long time of the Judges will simply go away for a long, permanent vacation off this planet.

President Trump was asked by Black Leaders to help clean up their streets - and this is exactly what he promised he would do.

If we hit a “Budget Impasse” this October and Welfare and Social Security Payments to Foreigners is terminated then drug sales of Illegal Drugs will dry up and these gangs may all together go away as well.

The arrests of Drug Dealers has begun - another Huge Campaign Promise to the Black Communities has been completed.

3) The IMF is asking Germany to raise taxes up to 10% on all German Bank Accounts. Exactly what this mean we do not really know.

Remember - the IMF is a Private Corporation owned by the Roithchilds so who really knows.

Money in banks can be seized.

Gold and Silver buried in your back yard or in a Piano or behind a wall cannot be seized.

Of course - once the United States stops all payments to German Banks in accordance with the Marshal Plan - which apparently Secretary John Kerry stated is still going on - these banks will dry up like a tea leaf on a rock in the Sahara Desert. On a warm July Afternoon.

My guess is that in October these funds will dry up to Europe and President Trump finally ends the Marshal Plan after 70 long years of draining the American Economy.

President Trump has already cancelled much of the US Foreign Aid - including the US payments to China, Russia, India and a dozen other countries to fund their Abortion Clinics.


As you recall - President Trump gave the states the right to defund their own Abortion Clinics.

Please pray for those on the front lines who are fighting these Simpleton Satanic NAZIs at every step.

Please also pray that those in the VA in Seattle who want President Trump dead either repent or are themselves destroyed immediately.

Focus LOVE like a laser beam on the water supply for the Federal Building in Seattle - 915 Second Avenue.

Please also pray that you are not caught up in this mess that is coming that you have Food, Water, Toilet Paper, Ammo, Heat and Communications.

One last request - pray for the MS-13 Gang that they themselves repent and turn to GOD. There is plenty of work in the Prisons for the Chaplain - and they could get paid to do just that.


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