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"Casper failed to Chase Me so I'm Blowing You Off." Our ext
Sat May 13, 2017 09:59

"Casper failed to Chase Me so I'm Blowing You Off."

Our extraterrestrial Martian neighbor Sir Casper pulled all Judah nuclear missile shots off of us and yet failed to chase weap Judah away and so weap Judah is blowing us off.

Will we not pray that Judees vitamins lose their hold and Americans will be the ones to let Judah and his sports genocide war off?
Look at Plasma Nuclear Decontamination Technologies at this time in our history where our entire planet is now in a worldwide Fukushima Extinction Event at this time and most people do not have a clue that their entire planet is now in an extinction event.

And, we as a people need to now immediately wake up to this serious circumstance and begin to seek remedy for our communities concerning purifying our water and our air with plasma nuclear decontamination and filtration technologies.

And, that these technologies will also be found to provide future breakthroughs in healing and life longevity and including the future regeneration of human tissues, organs, limbs and eyes.

It is time that we the people say that enough is enough and the global monopolies should begin to let up on their control of how people are conditioned to think according to only limited understanding and to now begin to see beyond our envelope of former human nonthinking and non-seeing.;article=157629;

That is from a Will Wilson post on APFN. Is it believable that our whole planet is in an extinction level event from only one Jewish electricity power plant being held into meltdown for over 6 years now?

Is the nuclear waste generated from only one Jewish electricity dirty bomb power plant due west of us really lethal enough to put us into an extinction level event?

Might we consider we had the answer to that 2,000 years ago in our bibles when it was revealed to us that fire, smoke, and brimstone would take us away?

"The white guy we molest dead, that was our option. Drupid, we always get you off all the time because you won't fight dangerous. If you're a Druid I just perish you off," Judee say.

Tele receives:

"Gerbilly. 10.56 am

They snipe us fed.11.13 am

You chaired us fetal. 11.23 am

They're malting us. 11.27 am

Wipe this thieving. 12.45 pm

They''re screwing us ISIS now. 1.25 pm

Exorcise your jails. 1.27 pm

Remark them cash. 1.33 pm

Stoshu too?

They embezzled all tumors. 2.05 pm

Over fail incredible. 2.48 pm

Economics care. 2.53 pm

Their taking failed.

Too sick died.

Predator failed. 6.53 pm

Get smart, get a complete life form. 7.02 pm

Oh, my god, this atmosphere failed us. 7.05 pm

Jew mozzled his head in a psyche ward, a real neat kid. 7.08 pm

Nifty numb nuts failed to save us. 7.25 pm

Gentlemen's great house is out for sick. 7.27 pm

Cottages here be fired. 7.28 pm

All the fish died Houston uselessly here. 7.29 pm

A lot of fake. 7.37 pm

Revenge die. 7.38 pm

You lost friends stupid deals. 7.39 pm

The white guy has failed to save yourself, the white guy has failed to save your life. 7.41 pm

They lost us rightfully here. 7.44 pm

The average is stapled out. 7.45 pm

The desolation is HUGE. 7.45 pm

Dumb, dull despots are bringing his Russians here. 7.46 pm

For jail dies STRIKE THEM OUT! 7.48 pm

Rice Giuseppe pulled us out. 7.49 pm

You're closing up your freedom. 7.50 pm

God damned jerks fielded thee. 7.51 pm

They put a nuke hit on us. 7.52 pm

They fault rejoicing. 7.54 pm

Stupid fish die rancid. 7.53 pm

They wiped out your light bulbs, they wiped out your field. 7.54 pm

They sauce to crypt. 7.55 pm

They error right tumal.

Scorpiously they exhausted us. 7.57 pm

You're dying. 8.02 pm

They toss you out through resource die. 8.06 pm

Dying your bushel. 8.07 pm

Boursed out your little failish. 8.08 pm

ORGANIZE yourselves, they're giving you a porter drill. 8.09 pm

You lost your way to Waco, you lost your way to make a field. 8.10 pm

Brief Manson. 8.11 pm

They're dying lethal whiteness real dead. 8.12 pm

They de-sight you nicely. 8.11 pm

Great, shell went land lubbers with the sheriff. 8.13 pm

Heart attacks was an anxious field.

They tossed us right without leaving you legendary.

Pittsburgh great force is still weaping us out. 8.15 pm

Communist powers have failed us forever. 8.16 pm

They just battled us purity days. 8.17 pm

They dunced us. 8.18 pm

They're honest officials, honest to fistdom. 8.19 pm

Rice field is just scrimmin us. 8.20 pm

Mirrored us off available life form. 8.21 pm

Purity totally vicioused us.

They closed us failed. 8.22 pm

They target easy.

They're fisting cable. 8.23 pm

Bust you underground to fail you. 8.24 pm

A Jew oversight scores us. 8.28 pm

Our water is failed. 8.29 pm

STRIKE THEM OUT to finish their weightiness. 8.30 pm

With their animal life, they're criticizing us. 8.31 pm

Grin and bear. 8.34 pm

Oh god's not going to hold us! 8.39 pm

Criminals wiped your valley, buckled you separate. 8.40 pm

They separate to foldish you. 8.40 pm

Retire these continentals mentals. 8.41 pm

STRIKE THEM OUT, neutralize their fear wits.

They're sacking incomes. 8.52 pm

You've been informed they've played a delightful joke on you. 8.53 pm

They've ruined our heritage, they've ruined our inheritance. 8.54 pm

They're termin us all.

Tear day. 8.55 pm

He lost his fight but you kept fighting his scrimmage for him. 8.57 pm

The fader was real false. 8.58 pm

You were supposed to take out your decorations.

STRIKE THEM OUT, push Washington out. 8.59 pm

They stalked you right. 9.00 pm

Great velocity yourselves. 9.01 pm

Patrick tossed you out for being slaveables and God helped us. 9.02 pm

Indecious scrape us. 9.03 pm

Stretch them all, stretch them out.

You hawk yourselves. 9.03 pm

Get a mind, push back.

They're dying us racials, put them out. 9.05 pm

The selfish ones they've imported into here.

Duds ye. 9.23 pm

Cycle boy wars you.

Freedom keeps them offin us.

He risked jail and you're completely forcing out yourself. 9.32 pm

They've got us doing London disgrace.

They're crazy with a Jewable failed sale. 9.36 pm

Grease has been assaulted badly. 9.38 pm

If they drop off spite we're going to go.

Jew scored you opposite refused. 9.50 pm

Patrick you raged so abusive your wholesome they pulled off. 9.51 pm

They set you out fatally fused if you're into bossing women.

It's a great error. 9.53 pm

They are low bribers. 11.21 pm

They're serfing us failed. 11.23 pm

Air raid's over failed us. 4.23 am

Precious wars you, wars your field HUGE. 5.04 am

They boursed you greasily. 5.25 am

Our family has errored us. 5.26 am

The angels financial division rice faulted you. 5.41 am

Your pp eye holds you much. 5.49 am

Patrick, we're dying. 5.55 am

You failed to hostile molesters. 6.15 am

Beautiful hoax sad. 6.40 am

The white guy's tearing us off fissiled. 6.42 am

WE failed, you failed your rising here." 6.45 am
Did some of us not figure that once everyone knew that it is God our Father in heaven that was speaking to us here that Labor would respond to the love of God and STOP THE WAR?

And yet that hasn't happened. We did not rise and take the concession to issue our money away from Judah and so Judah is going forward with his extinction level event of us.

Though might we want to consider that when the Federation did its computer simulations of the end days of Judah in our world that they figured one-third of the human race would die out sick from brimstone waste?

The selective advantage Judah gifts to his tribe giving them exclusive privileges and rights to foul other human Beings.

Might elders computer simulations have figured that selective advantage strategy would last for thousands of years and serve Judah to get a third of us out?

The third of earth's water poisoned out already. Do we recall reading in our bibles that would happen to us in the end times when the third of us would be died off?

"Oh god's not going to hold us!" 8.39 pm

Does that not look like it is correct that God is not going to hold us?

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," God our Father said.

"I took you out massive, I offend abuse. I defiled your rights magnificently. Careless, our mongoloid blanked us," Judee say.

So while Judah has been blanked out by his carelessness in deciding to shoot us out with his great balls of fire, it has not stopped him from defiling our rights or stopping his abuse offend.

"With your great Norman I built the jail," Judee say.

Might our great Norman not have let himself fail when he joined Judah to build the jail?

Judah and his Replicon shells are 2% of the fail. The Normans another 8%, the alliance it is known as. 13% are grips who serve who ever issues our money.

Can the other 77% of us not get together and help ourselves and take the concession to issue our money away from Judah and his Norman pals?

As only about half of our workers are employed might we consider that about 40% of working people are who will make the decision on who issues our money?

Might the 13% not gladly reveal to our grand juries how Judah sports his jails? Understanding how Judah fails our income to sport us might they not see themselves as from the mass of ordinary workers?.

Will Labor not give us our grand juries and invite them in?

"Our natious is treachery. CERN, I had four off in the woods. We course you with multiple falsid. An Iowa sheriff will fail you with a boot from Salt Lake. Police ruse is being pulled in.

100% I psyche the field here. Jew pull you out pornographer. Personally, I belong in an administration of thugs. I'm a Jew fist for excitement, with me out you'll be safer.

We scored manifestly already, we got income off. The Nice man failed. I mash you out bad, given time our Germans will desolate you. Because you insulted them I used a dog and told them you were dangerous," Judee say.

"Freedom circuit will get them out of philosophy." 7.28 am

But how to convince the people that Bitch is not dangerous, that is only a Judee lie?

Bitch with his insulting verse that created error tude.
Is there not some way to get around that and bring Labor to liberate us from war?

"I lost you in April, a HUGE mensch. I lost my volts." 7.33 am

"Hollywood's an awesome fable for us, it helps us breeze you right. We just simp you out with a fall day. The dog's keeping me in spinach, that's how I hold my rights. With my police, I have the freedom to close you up.

Your human rights we always mosh. I sold Bitch thug. Iowa perpetizing, we're just happy missiling you out our theory way. I always possess you with fearless ops, I got Mohamed to put on you now," Judee say.

Might we see what Judah strategy is by having his mild men harm our family from the Middle East?

"I got Mohamed to put on you now."

And a guy that is informing everyone what Judah true strategy is, do we see how he falses a useful guy out for free?

"I sold Bitch thug."

Will Labor not accept the truth that Judah falsed about Bitch?

"I fall you off all the time with Jew tendencies. We polish you jet com. I use Berlin for a Budapest ruse. The professor's rate is obvious, he's showing you we won't share. Moscow's got some fight and Jew wants it to happen," Judee say

Will Labor not pull the paper so that Judah can't get Moscow fight happen?

"I made you child wit. Heroin thieves come out the barrel of police. You failed my mooch heister here. I made you child wit. I have rights to boom boom right wits. Police be for my rice enemy. I work you with the Baltimore police department for true excitement. It's usually in bed we catch you to boom you with a Judas war check," Judee say.

A third of the human race now set to go away from the toxic effects of brimstone nuclear waste. Judah using the highest technical methods available to wipe out our race that is living on the surface of our world.

Invisible, tasteless, odorless, and yet so deadly that it kills us and our offspring. How is that for a tricky weird way to get us? Breathing the air that we normally breathe. Cancer to score us.

The leaping wolf that has given himself the mission to score us all out of life form. The rape that is his style. Now putting away the mild people 100%.

Will Labor not help us to get ourselves free?

"I've warned you thousands of times to STOP THE WAR." Our good God Almighty said.

Will we not pray that Labor will act, STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Saturday, May 13 — Psalm 64
Proverbs 6; 1 Corinthians 14:6–19
There shall once more be heard the voice of mirth and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride, the voices of those who sing: “Give thanks to the Lord of hosts, for the Lord is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!” Jeremiah 33:10
John the Baptist said, “The friend who attends the bridegroom is full of joy when he hears the bridegroom’s voice. That joy is mine, and it is now complete.” John 3:29 (NIV)
In the end, we shall all be made one, whole, swirling in perfect harmony. Until then, promised one, move among us and heal us, as we live into our covenant of love with you. Amen.
"Deal, deal for rising. 7.58 am

Please stay here. 8.01 am

Spare this right field fish. 8.29 am

Patrick report cataster well. 10.22 am

You failed to leave us off this, you failed to leave this bash. 10.40 am

The oxygen will not be renewable through the states. 10.41 am

I fault your wit isolate us. 10.52 am

This fellow's sincere, he offered our views on how to take them off.

The vicious raid. 11.55 am

Poverty washed us. 12.01 pm

You let them capture and exhaust you out. 12.03 pm

The robbers failed us. 12.17 pm

Treachery exhausts us. 12.25 pm

Your pressure failed to save us, they're still stumbling us. 12.45 pm

Manipanuls. 12.46 pm

You've all been purged nice. 12.54 pm

Registry dogs you failed. 12.56 pm

You gave your opinion of us. 1.01 pm

Slummin HUGE. 1.06 pm

You're a stumbled veg." 1.25 pm


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