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"They'll Now Erase Contact. A Horrible Fail." Those are a c
Sun May 14, 2017 08:38

"They'll Now Erase Contact. A Horrible Fail."

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives. They'll now erase contact. A horrible fail."

Our creators from the Galactic Federation of Light. Our home world. The world of heaven where God our Father lives. Located 38 light-years away in the direction of the North Star. An 8-hour flight from earth to there.

The extraterrestrial world that has sent the disks to save us from weap Judah's plan to immolate us with his nuclear missiles.

Might we not recognize the space Beings that have stepped in to save us as the angels sent to care for us by our good God Almighty?

Our loving Father that has afforded us the opportunity to step on up into a world of peace forevermore.

Will Labor not ORGANIZE, STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from them?

Tele receives:

"They'll now erase contact. 1.42 pm

A horrible fail. 1.46 pm

Go them all out. 1.50 pm

They ever made us jail, close your rights. 1.51 pm

The catfish. 1.52 pm

You're a big help here for calling their story. 1.53 pm

They're dying off a fierce den. 1.56 pm

War jails. 2.05 pm

It's a fail dumb ruse truth. 2.06 pm

Merchant failed it. 2.10 pm

You scored lucky, I think you take a pass. 2.21 pm

Cheer policemen. 2.27 pm

Nice job taking out their cash. 2.36 pm

They've fallen.

Weed number. 2.41 pm

Purity fell good. 2.42 pm

Nice catch, thank you. 2.44 pm

Storages have come undone. 2.58 pm

Cats corrupt. 2.59 pm

The old man weaped us. 3.01 pm

Terry awesome pebbled. 3.02 pm

A forced carriage do corrupt. 3.03 pm

Pat, they're blazing us off financing.

You're being shorted out of contact. 6.03 pm

A great hold fell. 6.12 pm

Terminal theft. 6.19 pm

Fast tumored they'll get us all done. 6.24 pm

That's a fatal definition.

Close them out, all sinful racket. 6.29 pm

The evidence fells forever. 6.30 pm

You failed to salvage us, the slavers die us. 6.31 pm

Luxury volcano dies us hits. 6.32 pm

You were cut full rabies. 7.36 pm

Your right force has been failed fraud.

They core us field, they core us failed. 7.41 pm

They fabulously failed your arse arson. 7.42 pm

You accepted boy munching you by mush. 7.44 pm

From voltage, he has held us. 7.54 pm

They're wiping away our life forces. 7.56 pm

You're out statistic. 7.57 pm

Cheery closed us.

They tossed you out fatally. 7.58 pm

Hike your decision rights. 8.01 pm

Collect on contracts. 8.02 pm

From a final fall-a-site you were spared. 8.07 pm

We spared you from fisty filth.

Stupid hikeman failed. 8.08 pm

They've passed. 8.09 pm

Jewish diction air-i-fied us. 8.10 pm

You falsed yourself out of life failed. 8.11 pm

You lost a rightful hand. 8.12 pm

Nice is passing passive.

Bus rides rising. 8.13 pm

They permanently short changed us. 8.15 pm

Race us pyramidally. 8.16

Bracing up dead ourself. 8.17 pm

Great forces are now pressing the life out. 8.20 pm

They're rifling dutiful wages.

They put out the right voice of conscience. 8.22 pm

White Jews are falling us now. 8.27 pm

It's corey weap heimers sale. 8.32 pm

They saled they mush racy. 8.35 pm

Shrimp age failed to save us.

Nice tumor.

You failed a simple new age here. 8.38 pm

Their control force is off the dog and shutter. 9.08 pm

Get harass government gone. 9.11 pm

They're off us failed, their German snipers will stop now. 9.12 pm

They're tossing out your story books right. 9.16 pm

He's charged his mother failed. 9.18 pm

What a horrible failure, you're hustled. 9.19 pm

Bravery failed to save our lives, Druid's too scared. 9.20

We never do force bad. 9.29 pm

Jews are incredible fiendish peace strike. 9.30 pm

Incredible embarrass failed us in. 9.32 pm

Fear right polished wood. 9.33 pm

Jefferson saved us from defis rates. 9.34 pm

You lost your right false analogy. 9.35 pm

A nice proceed can be revealed. 9.41 pm

God won't molest spice. 10.24 pm

Special fooliness with nurse. 10.26 pm

They've thrown the fist of the Jews but you did lately. 10.27 pm

Perish your race failed. 10.31 pm

He's exposed the beast image all lies. 10.32 pm

It's foolish to let them rob income. 10.36 am

Brown chromium failed us. 2.37 am

You failed yourselves. 2.38 am

They chose the white persons to destroy yourselves. 2.39 am

It's all over fail. 2.48 am

They pushed the button and you've done nothing, they pushed the button and you failed us easily. 2.51 pm

You failed me wholesome rights. 2.43 am

With a heart attack, they fist us right in. 2.50 am

Chrome is sad.

It's a kidnap racket. 2.52 am

Oh, my god, they're storage racket's scoring us." 3.01 am

Shortly before climbing out of bed a fellow spoke to Bitch about "Brown chromium." Bitch was half asleep and wrote some of it in his notebook.

What he told Bitch is that he worked for a cheap Jew as an independent contractor feeding veterans that were soon to be discharged.

He was paid $1000.00 for each veteran that he slipped a meal of brown chromium too.

He apparently was an actual line server.

So what is "brown chromium?" Are we aware that chromium is what Judah has been putting into selected food and beverage items to give us weap heimers?

The returning veteran now entitled to tuition to learn to earn, might he and she be hampered by a brain that has been hurt?

Are we seeing how Judah treats the cruelly manipulated poor when he is done with using them to serve his armed forces?

Judee calls returning veterans "heroes." Might he be making sure that they never challenge him for a political position by feeding them "Brown chrome" before they return home?

Will Labor not take away the free cash that Judah uses to hold us here?

"They make police weapatory disease conquish. They're gyping hustlers, STRIKE THEM OUT, they're usual kids field free."

Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris, for those messages today.

The white persons that Judah put into war starting in 760 AD in the lands of the mild man of the north. All the great laws of the mild people, trial by jury, no cruel or inhumane treatment, a grand jury to make the call before anyone had a hand laid on them.

Elements of Polish and English law made the centerpiece of the new law of the land of America found in our Bill of Rights.

And what do we find today other than Judah has thrown them out leaving Americans rightless?

Judah now using England to do sport ops in support of his investment strategy with Polish Americans having to go overseas as soldiers to earn their daily bread.

If only we remember the rights our ancestors gave us might we not yet overcome the mental force that Judah has held us with here?

"30,000 cookies" lying Judah tells innocents as to how much was involved with Bitch when sneaky crooked Judah had Maxwell kidnap him and chase him out of Chicagoland.

Bitchie finds it to be hundreds of dollars or less. A fair look he will gladly accept for an honest jury to determine.

He is wondering, did the management of the agency he worked for have anything to do with setting him up for a false arrest, armed robbery, kidnap and deadly assault in the lock up?

That Judah has been able to convince Americans to buy him the nuclear missiles that he attacked us with, understanding that might Americans not refuse to accept Judah lies about "30,000 cookies" concerning Bitch?

They've fired their "pebbles" at us. Done all that they could using the deep pockets of productive American Labor to wipe us out. Might we not say a prayer of thanks to God that we are still alive?

For those that want to survive this nuclear holocaust of Americans and Europeans will we not pray to our good God above to save us?

Must we not continue seeking to end the Jewish ruin of America and our world?

Those that survive this ELE that Judah is working on us, might we expect that we will become full extraterrestrial Beings living in peace with one another? Certainly once the lying guy is gone.

An extinction level event using nuclear brimstone artillery disguised as Jewish electricity. How tricky might we consider Judah is that he caught us with his invisible particles blowing in the wind?

"The answer my friend is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind."

Might they not have earned a right to their cheery smirk?

Bitchie, a truly nice boy, "he remained true to me," God our Father said of His Bitch, unable to overcome his personal fault and Judah incredible lies about him.

Attila the Hun from Englewood Judah has some convinced about Bitch.

A mild, gentle boy that over a half century ago when he thought it through, refused to accept assaulting people, young or old, as a way to communicate with them.

Bitch, peace activist early on, put on Judah's list for an early assault out. The teenagers in the hallway of Howard Johnson's motor lodge in Arlington heights in 1974.

All holding rifles and standing by as the paramedics rolled one wounded rifle boy out that was just accidentally shot moments before Bitch stepped out of his motel room door.

Bitch, looked at the middle aged guy that was with the teenagers and his eyes opened wide when he looked at Bitch guy. Bitch has just been spared his life by Mercury preventing Bitch from getting shot.

Bitch, not aware that extraterrestrials had just saved his life.

All the years that Mercury held them off from shooting Bitch out of this world. Bitch so unaware of the true reality of our world until recently.

Bitch, from studying extraterrestrial literature for many years figured out that it was extraterrestrials that guided Joan of arc in her battles with Judah in 1430 France.

Bitch figured it out when he was in his fifties. Is it not something to consider that Judah kids know the inside story about Joan of arc before they are 15 years old?

Do we recall that Judah said he came to Europe for some foul sex? To keep talking about them might it merely be beating a dead horse?

The guy that knows eventually he will be totally gone from the rest of God's children on planet earth. And yet we still let him smoke us gone. "What happened here," precious sweet Father asked when Bitchie had his faux pas.

While looking up the definition of faux pas learned that the plural is 'lex faux pas.' And also from the comments that it was used in an episode of the television series, "everybody loves Raymond."

"Police are hawking you." 5.57 am

Will Labor not step in and take the police state storage system model off of Americans? Will Labor not put our grand juries in and let Judah off right?

"Genius tossed us. 6.01 am

They're poisoning us out. 6.04 am

They die us Wisconsin. 6.12 am

Leave us truth. 6.15 am

STRIKE THEM OUT, peace us. 6.18 am

With embarrass they score you out. 6.33 am

They're through with reign. 6.38 am

You're rightly getting Judee rape ass out. 6.45 am

They're sinnin'. 6.47 am

Pull them out, they've established defeat. 6.48 am

Oh, they're raping us bad. 6.57 am

For heart attacks STRIKE Martha." 7.07 am
"I failed you out of here, I got you my best way. I stole you rightful with British, I stole you rightful with hits. They're stealing my mirror site. We abolish you great force corrupt, push your word. Our foul strategy included in our mission we sold you a fold.

Jerk, I raped you off all confused. I respect opable life. Snuffed my score. Credulous saves us, I'm a vicious official. The thrill is in the wasting power. I'm just frauding you, there's fraud in the air. We pull them DOA for our commissions. We tie you up.

You're ever fooled. I perished you lethal forces. I punish you right off this spherical here. We fell, it was HUGE. We chumped you with cash. Fraudulently we falsed your wits. Bitch, you're very usive great fail voyager voyaging," Judee say.

How usive might we consider unlimited free energy will be when it is available to all of us everywhere on earth? Will Labor not bring the age of man in? Will Labor not bring us the peace that we must have to survive?

The usive boy understanding intuitively in November of 1965 that if we did not stop war, war would stop us.

An atheist boy that did not believe there is a God above. Learning only in 2009 that not only is there a good God above but that our good God loves all of His kids.

Father wants His simian children on earth to know that He loves us all equally. He wants us to live in peace and harmony with one another. To care for each other as we are brothers and sisters.

Might we try to grasp the enormity of the fact that we are genetically hybridized high intelligence Beings that were crafted by an advanced race of extraterrestrial Beings?

We live on a planet that is a nursery of the Galactic Federation of light that is raising high-level life forms, us.

One of the breeds of planet earth got a little ahead of the rest of us using his high thinking ability to fool the rest of us a bit. Weap Judah knowing full well that his false intelligence strategy is always outed by the light bulbs of all the societies he has infested to commit sin.

And his route to hold his false in? Is it any other than to fist all of our light bulbs all of the time everywhere?

He spends centuries committing evil on his bed to put his errant purpose into all societies and then using them to set nation against nation in war.

From cradle to grave the man that only wants to tomb us dead, weap Judah.

"Kick them out for genny side." 7.21 am

The grand jury legal process established in Poland in 1430. The golden age of Poland beginning about 1450. Might we see the great economic progress we can make when we live in free states?

That Judah loves to sport homeless may we understand why he does not want free states where people enjoy the advantages of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

The Polish grand jury system that brought the golden age of Poland on. Might we consider it was swept away in war by attacks from other Judah controlled states?

Such a good practice to free the people, the grand juries to examine what the allegation is before the state does anything.

The best ways of freeing of the people rediscovered by the Americans and made the cornerstone of our law in the new world in 1791.

Grand jury supported by Thomas Jefferson and George Wythe that gave grand jury process a theoretical basis this time. Found in the notion of legal standing.

Nation states are public corporations and have their laws written in books. Jefferson and Wythe reasoned as a book cannot have a crime committed against it, how then does the state go about prosecuting something that the state calls a crime?

Where does a state get its legal standing from?

Say for instance someone stole a car from your garage and the facts are undisputed. If you don't own the car then how can you sue for damages?

As a courtesy, you let your neighbor park it there for free with no guarantees or strings attached. What interest would you have if it was stolen?

Might we say "none?"

The door was open and he left the keys in it. And someone went in and took it.

As you lost neither the car or rent, what could you sue for as a loss if you had no loss? Nothing right?

Might we see in enforcing a criminal statute the same sort of relationship the state has in relation to other peoples property?

Might we consider that the state has even more of a hurdle in prosecuting a statutory rule in that the state itself is not a person as you and me are only an organized set of rules in a book?

The question of legal standing. Might we wonder why Bitch keeps on harping about this?


While some may find the greatest trick of Judah in the new world was the one of imposing an income tax when he staged the dialog for decades as hinging on the question as whether it was a direct or indirect tax, might we not have to look earlier in the 19th century at how he turned the question of legal standing on its head in the deci

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