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"We Just Give You Whiskey To Rule You. My Tyranny Is Already
Tue May 16, 2017 09:10

"We Just Give You Whiskey To Rule You. My Tyranny Is Already Accomplished, I'm Leaving You, Jew Central Folded You."

Those are from Judee reverse facial speech. Whiskey available legally everywhere. Who would ever guess that Judah has used it as a chemical warfare agent on us?

If it was using whiskey merely to rule us to enrich himself would it be of any real consequence? Probably not.

That he used whiskey to rule us to commit genocide against us. Might we connect some dots and see why our extraterrestrial family has stepped in to wake us up if we want?

That his tyranny is already accomplished. Are we understanding that we have been exterminated by him?

In the face of the love of God for his children on earth are we understanding that with over 5 years warning from the highest level of our house, our good God Almighty, we have accomplished funding ourselves into extinction now?

The deuce, the 2% of our species that decided they were going to perp the rest of us out of our lives and have gone forward with our extinction using the technology of nuclear to perpetrate genocide against us simple children of God.

Judah, fancying himself that his mental is so superior to the rest of us that he could get us to buy him the rope to hang us and pay for the hangmen to do it.

Though might we not have to give Judah credit for has he not accomplished us?
Bitch reads the facial reverse speech and in the last few days he has been picking up the number "6,000."

He also picked out of reverse speech the word, "Bourgeois."

Yesterday he was reading some reverse facial speech and got an entire sentence that explained what the words were about. Here it is:

"6,000 bourgeois are leaving America every day."

So that is what the "6,000" and "bourgeois" are about.

That 6,000 of the bourgeois are leaving us every day, so what might the significance of that be?

Might they know something that the rest of us are not aware of yet? Leaving a sinking ship?

Do we recall reading about the "phony war" in Europe where the bourgeois left Europe right before Hitler moved into their countries for sports time?

England and France declared war on Germany in September of 1939 but did not begin operations until May of 1940.

During the phony war, the economically able people picked up their things and slipped out of Europe to sit out the war in Africa and south America.

Might that be what we are seeing now with the American bourgeois quietly leaving America now? Stepping away before the fighting begins inside our nation now?

The Soviets are ready to provide the backing to the German troops that Judah has set to handle us. Are we not yet understanding that we now are set to experience right inside America what we have funded Judah to provide in numerous countries around our world?

Under cover of the war refugees that Judah has brought into the lands of the mild man, both in America and Europe, are we aware millions are hybrid transplant Replicons that will handle dashing us to pieces here?

A couple years of sport inside America and they will head into the underground shelters while we breathe brimstone to give us the last of our life forms. Are we not figuring what the plan is for us here yet?

Will we not pray that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from Judah and end the war in our world?

The wolves that have gotten a hold of the lambs. Will we lambs not use our 223 high-level thinking to save ourselves this time?

The meek that are to inherit the earth as our good God wills. Will the meek not step up and help us now?

Judee with his famous force to deceive. Telling the people all sorts of falsities about Bitch. Mirrors whatever their hot button is and convinces them that Bitch is no good.

Bitch, though a deeply imperfect guy, positively will not accept Judah war lies. Judah claims that Bitch is a specimen of the perfect degeneration of what he has accomplished against the white guys.

Bitch saw first hand Judah war lies in 1966 in Vietnam. And has spent the rest of his time serving to stop the war in our world.

Bitch, bright enough to intuitively see that nuclear blast war was meant for you and me.

The attack with 3,200 thermonuclear tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles that our Martian neighbor Sir Casper pulled out of the sky so that Judah could not bash us. Do we recall that was almost 6 years ago that Judah tried to die us all with his 3 hours shot in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

That we now face a combined eastern and western European attack with ground forces from Germany, England, France, and Russia, right inside of America, is there not some way to convince Labor to stop funding what's coming at us?

"Ein Zwei I'm going to bring in to step on you here. We're going forward with our favorite ruse. Jew people have a famous hold on you. Friday we're going to attempt to make you die," Judee say.

And what about the American military fist that has been sold to us by Wall Street as here for protecting us?

That the US Navy attacked us from their submarine platforms with nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles, might we not consider they have not done much good for us?

And what about the US Airforce attack with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles in August of 2007 that was turned back when our extraterrestrial family locked out the electronics after the US Airforce launched a nuclear-tipped cruise missile at us?

Do we recall that world adventurer Steve Fossett left the Hilton ranch and pretended he was lost and had crashed giving cover to the largest search the Airforce had ever conducted looking for the thermonuclear tipped cruise missile that our elders from outer space had shut down?

That was August 30th, 2007. The well known US Airforce nuclear attack against Americans.

Might we wonder are the US armed forces really here to protect us or merely more ruse for Judah to play his sports?

And so what about the Marines and Army as protectors? Is there anyone that is not aware that Judah has their special forces working with foreign terrorist groups shooting us down on our streets?

Will Labor not help us and take the concession to issue our money away from Judah so that we can put our America the beautiful in once again?

Judah with his crypto-Jews, his hybrid transplant Replicon shells. Might we understand it has been his bed that has given him his hell warriors as to how he has been so successful in putting nations into war against each other for so long?

"Basically I swell with weapership," Judee say.

Judah with his strategy of breeding hatred, war, and genocide. And yet has it not proven to be a winning hand for many thousands of years for his brand?

Using the new world of America, once the land of the free, and taking a couple of centuries to destroy all of our rights.

Cleverly getting a hold of the organizing Principle of Society, the concession to issue our Abstract Receipts of Labor. And using the force of Labor to build his genocidal war machine.

The American people who would have been exterminated in total in a 3-hour nuclear shot saved only by the love of our good God.

Father sent His angels in and Americans are still alive only because of this. Will Labor not pray to our good God above to have the faith to act and try to save us now?

"I've warned you thousands of times to STOP THE WAR. My kids, treat them super nice. Try to perceive me, I love you," Precious sweet Father said.

Will Labor not tune into our good God above and STOP THE WAR that Judah loves?

The weapons of mass destruction that Judah convinced some of us we needed to be free. Are we not yet aware of just how badly Judah has defrauded us yet?

The deadliest toxin ever invented, MOX, came to us from Judah brand. Now being shot onto our fields and into our air. Set to die a third of the human race out of here.

That we have have been in fear to act against Judah here. What might that tell us about the brand of the mild man of the north?

The man that suffered the largest Judah genocide in the last century now set to die out 100%

"Your efforts have been coward," The angel said.

Might we note the politeness of our elders, they didn't call mild men cowards just said that our efforts are coward?

"We always pulverize a chicken. We had fun with the white guys," Judee say.

If not for elders keeping watch Bitch would have been poisoned out long ago.

"Don't let it touch your lips," elder said as Bitch went to take a bite of the prepared food.

Neutron activation. One meal will change your life forever.

Bitch threw it out, washed the pot out and smelled a metallic smell that he could taste in his mouth.

Will Labor not help us to clean Judah hatred off of our food shelves? Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and help us reduce the incidence of Alzheimer's disease?
Are American workers understanding that as long as we lay down for Judah we will be raped out?

"Pat, you fault with us in jam. His mother sees as stupid as Jew. We cite you all perversity. Patrick fails most of our shoo. The professor shot our camel pretty good, that's what caught my fault," Judee say.

The camel that tried to make us all die in a three hour focused and well-planned shot. Lavishly funded by American Labor. What's wrong with that?

Will Labor not pray to our good God thanking Father for letting Judah get caught?

Has Judah's fault of genocide not been magnified enough that we will not now get together and take his rifle away from him?

Must we not break off his coming attack upon us before he launches it?

Judah ever has a warhead to op us. The funding that our Labor provides for war. Must American Labor not be the party that just says NO?

"Get a sight of war achievement, they're cycling you off useful pitch way. Just get them off."

Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris, for those messages today.

Tele receives:

"Vigilance rolled your habit. 5.20 pm

You're coming through truly. 6.46 pm

Bolsheviks age. 6.58 pm

Score. 6.59 pm

They're booming us for loss of income. 7.03 pm

Cite this done Patty. 7.04 pm

Refused the Irish and set you for force. 7.06 pm

You're pushing your offspring out now. 7.07 pm

A major, you lose your portion. 7.08 pm

Push them out! 7.09 pm

They've rightfully seized us. 7.10 pm

They're poisoning us so our real intimate deal is a minus.

Once they're inside they'll turn maximum deal loose. 7.14 pm

They're forcing us out of here. 7.18 pm

An honorable peace. 7.29 pm

STRIKE THEM OUT, they're dying us off. 7.31 pm

A ruse transfer failed us. 7.32 pm

They're dying us awful failed. 7.33 pm

They're dying us all friendless. 7.34 pm

A beam adventure poisoned. 7.36 pm

It's just a big app.

They're throwing us now. 7.57 pm

They'll enslave us. 7.40 pm

Patrick tried to bust them right for wholesale. 7.41 pm

Their cylinder's wasting out your life forces. 7.42 pm

Embezzling they're chasing us out of here.

You really pushed him out and he left us an abortious atomatory with Fritz fiercing us. 7.57 pm

Let's sweep them out. 7.52 pm

Irish respected heart and so denied fist. 7.53 pm

They buy a person and hustle thee. 7.55 pm

Mental rate thee images. 7.59 pm

If you're curious, the Russians are blindfolded. 8.01 pm

Capitalistic raped us. 8.04 pm

Patrick failed the white fin. 8.06 pm

Bitch made his attorney failed. 8.08 pm

Merchants failed hanging you. 11.50 pm

Jew failed you rightly. 1.04 am

Faulty all die. 1.05 am

Your generation's set to be taken away. 2.04 am

Child's league close you spiteful. 2.07 am

Nightmare is screwing us out.2.08 am

They made this up. 2.12 am

Rifling they racially pushed us. 2.13 am

All suckers for a military phase of you. 2.55 am

Your life has fallen because your rights are off. 2.58 am

Get in a safe world. 4.57 am

Gorgeous crunch. 5.18 am

Genus scored natious. 5.38 am

It's an elephant ruse. 5.44 am

It's a tidy bowl." 5.46 am

"Market deals have a jail to leave us speechless. Anchor refused for die, set yourselves free."

Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris, for those messages today.

The gorgeous crunch that Judah is doing to us. The elephant ruse that has put us in. The free money from Labor that Judah is using to seal contact out of our world.

Will Labor not take our cash away from Judah and let the words of our elders from the universe be heard?

The words that are trying to save us. Will Labor not end the speechless of our family above?

Will Labor not challenge weap Judah for the authority to issue our money? Peace, will American Labor not make it happen?

Does it make you angry the way war is dragging on?

Is there not some concern that it may reach you and your family personally eventually?

Are we understanding that we have a well proven failed management in weap Judah sports tribe?

Who wants to be giving love a bad name? Is there not some way that Labor will end this shot through the heart by the war that we are involved in?

"Our words happening take off energy. The British boys I use for my force. The white gals were always my femur. I'm a child that's putting cholera in now. We just go and de-exist," Judee say.

Will Labor not take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah and end them putting collar-a into our society?

Are we understanding that their road ahead is to de-exist now?

3,500 years ago our good God Almighty gave Moses the rules of the road to pass on to all of His kids.

Knowing that we have free will to do as we wish, Judah chose to ignore Father's will for His children on earth. Are we understanding Labor that Judah cipher brand is now going to de-exist itself in tunnel death?

While Judah's weap cipher will go out of existence his tissue will survive in the safety of his shelters inside our earth.

Are we understanding that we that remain on the surface of our planet now face the loss of not only our cipher, our heritage, we also face the loss of our tissue complete?

Do we not understand that we are sealed into losing our life forms in a well planned lavishly financed nuclear war?

The nuclear blast war that was Judah's first choice for us is now passed.

Are we understanding that Judah is ten and a half neutrons short of a full blast?

Neutrons ordinarily are considered to be whole numbers. There is what is termed "mass defect," or "Mass inefficiency" that appears in the difference in the mass between parts of an atom individually or combined.

When protons and neutrons are combined their mass is less than their mass as individual components.

Understanding this might we speculate that the ex-plutonium 228 and a half has a neutron intertwined with the standing waves of our planet to act as a control link on the plutonium explosive force limiting it to a slow burn?

The missing mass is turned into binding energy. As elders give us a half neutron in ex-plutonium 228, might half of the neutron interleave with the zero point field?

Elders share things with us in ways that we can figure things out that will help us.

Our next level of our aircraft instead of pressing against our atmosphere will be pulling up on our standing waves. Our zero-point fields. Planetary inertial fields that reach out into outer space and were called by Aristotle the Aether. The static field.

Is it not something to ponder that in 1928 American researcher Townsend Brown produced the gravitational effect using high powered electricity?

At the same time as Townsend was showing results in gravity research, Dr. Henry Moray was producing free energy with his solid state radiant energy device.

What are we to consider has happened to us by Judah keeping our real advanced science out of our world?


If Townsend and Henry and the many others had only been allowed to bring us the many gifts they found from the laboratory of peace into our world, what might our world be like today?

Instead of living in

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