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FBI NapkinGate - MSM Reaches New Low
Wed May 17, 2017 05:09


EX- FBI Director James Comey wrote a note on a Napkin concerning 3 issues and gave it to the New York TImes

The News York TImes called it an 'Official FBI Memo" even though James Comey was actually fired 1 April and let to stay on until 1 May - then President Trump gave him 7 days to complete his Congressional Questioning and - on the 8th - escorted him out of the FBI Building and officially wrote him a letter stating he is fired.

The Napkin stated that:

1) President Trump leaked "Classified Info" to Sergey Lavrov - Russian's Minister of Foreign Affairs.

To this P{resident Putin has released the transcripts of the conversation proving James COmey guilty of Treason by trying to take down a Standing President.

2) Revive the Seth Rich Story - which was covered in detail months ago.

3) General Flynn was fired for security leaks.

In fact - General Flynn is now working hard behind the scenes to determine who is conducting Treason, collecting data on them, and at the appropriate time these Traitors will be arrested.

So these lies on a Napkin amount to Treason.

We are calling it the FBI NapkinGate.

Better as a Simpleton MSM Reporter to negotiate with the President a way out rather than being locked up for the next 20 years of your life - the Penalty for Treason.

As for You Tube pulling the truthful stories - as they are now doing - there are over 300,000 videos concerning hacking into the Banking System and people's Accounts on You Tube aws of 2015 and they are worried about 3 dozen news sites that tell the truth???

These actions buy You Tube and Google, it's owner - have driven Stock Revenue for Google to below 3/4% for the year. Their investors are really upset over these actions.

So what are they hiding???

First - part of the Trump Wall has just been completed - on schedule.

Second - The Elite's Banking System is beginning to collapse.

Last night

The First Major Bank has fallen in their Financial System and this will lead to the Assassination of those who rule the Planetary Banking System Very, Very soon.

Home Capitol Group - a $20.5 Billion Dollar Bank headquartered in Toronto, Canada can no longer meet it's Debt Obligations.

Do the Canadians bail this bank out or let it fail which will cause a string of Bank Failures in Canada.

President Trump has made it perfectly clear several weeks ago - no more US Dollars for failing banks except her in the USA.

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My fault on the mixed up numbers

Please pray that GOD shows you how to be protected in what is coming.

Focus like a Laser Beam and pray that those lying in the Main Stream Media are brought down as soon as possible either rependt or are thrown in Jail for a long. long time.


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