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"We Just Foul You To Get Your Rights Away, Then Bore You In.
Wed May 17, 2017 10:03

"We Just Foul You To Get Your Rights Away, Then Bore You In."

Are we understanding how Judah has fouled us with death and destruction to terrorize us into accepting living without our sacred American Bill of Rights?

Are we understanding he must get our rights away from us before he can bore us in?

A rare racket that is nearing its virtual end. Thousands of years of going among people of every land and fooling them and putting war into maintaining his animal force control.

Will we not keep praying that American Labor will see the light STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from them?

Might ordinary everyday working men and women not try to perceive the presence of our good God above that has His angels watching over us?

They've pushed the button and you've done nothing. Will we not try to understand the failed relationship that the human race used to have with weap Judah?

Now cutting us down like weeds with a mass die-off of us using his last nuclear war-fighting technology, nuclear brimstone waste.

Having lost his nuclear missiles to Sir Casper who pulled every single thermonuclear warhead out of the sky that Judah tried to immolate us with. Not one American city hit with a missile of the thousands that Judah launched at us.

The atomic bombs that Judah planted in our sewers. The atomic bombs he put inside commuter rail cars and drove them into our cities. The atomic truck and car bombs that Judah tried to set off in major urban areas.

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God Almighty for having His angels guard us and not let Judah have his way with us?

Judah, the genocidal rapist that gets thrills and excitement killing us. Will American Labor not set them out?

Still holding the most important desk in society, the concession to issue our money.

And what is Judah doing with our money other than cycling to make us die?

The mental control Judah has asserted, holding us in place to take more shots at us. Bitch, a mere shill telling the people the truth of how we and our children are being scientifically destroyed now, so far unable to break the Satan hold of Judah mind control of ordinary people.

The people continue to fund our die even with an advanced extraterrestrial civilization here to help us survive this last genocide that weap Judah will ever do.

Judah totally out of his nuclear blast force now. The last of his plutonium 239 turned into ex-plutonium 228 and a half. Unable to provide a nuclear blast force for his great balls of fire.

The great threat that Judah has put upon Americans and the world for over the last half of a century, near instant death in a surprise nuclear holocaust, now off of the children of God on earth.

Americans freed from concerns that Judah will wipe us out with a three-hour nuclear blast shot.

Though Judah has lost his great balls of fire he still holds the purse of American Labor in his hands and is setting about a conventional war using the cruelly manipulated poor of eastern and western Europe to tear the United States of America up.

Inside of America Judah has millions of hybrid transplant Replicon shells that will do the bombings and shootings to assist the German and Russian forces in their wreckage of the United States. Brought in over the last century to help wipe out the people of America.

Americans, showing coward efforts our extraterrestrial family says. Set now to die off in the hundreds of millions over the next few years ahead.

Judah underground shelters already with over 21 million of Judee and his Replicons safely inside their mountain shelters to sit out our mass die off.

Judah and the use of his cage system. Are we understanding how he has been able to effectively subjugate us by his imprisonment torture murder methods that have proven themselves over thousands of years?

And how has he been able to hold such a system in? Might we understand prison and war are the prime tools that has let Judah so rape us off here?

The Labor people back in 1917 that tried to stop America from becoming a war state. Do we recall they were framed up, denied their rights, imprisoned and shot by state governments?

Might we think of 1688 when the Dutch Replicon hybrid transplant Maurice of Orange invaded England and took the concession to issue the money away from the English people and gave it to weap Judah in 1694?

Do we recall the 5th columnist hybrid transplant Replicons inside England that assisted the invasion from Holland to defeat England?

Are Americans not aware that now we have millions of Replicon hybrid transplant 5th columnists inside of America that Judah has brought in to put the final touches on shooting us and our kids?

The mild man of the north about to get shot by other mild men of the north imported from Russia and Poland to get us out. Is there not some way that American Labor can come into helping us by taking the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah? Are weap Judah's plans not easy enough to see now?

Have our elders from the Galactic Federation of Light not magnified Judah's imperfections enough that we cannot see them now?

The terrorism that Jewish put into our world by building enough nuclear blast force to kill us in the trillions and destroy the entire surface of planet earth.

Poisoning our home world out for thousands of years so that no life can exist here anymore.

Is there not some way to awaken the hearts and minds of Labor to help us close them out?

Americans perishing now massively in Judah's last nuclear war on planet earth. Jew going out of cipher form, being died off in tunnel death by our sweet Lord.

Though Judas cipher is being died off, his tissue will continue on, reproducing himself while living inside the safety of his mountain shelter home.

We on the surface inhaling Judah Jewish electricity waste, losing not only our cipher but our tissue also. Set to pass totally out of life form with our kids.

Bitch, a nice boy that remained true to the love of God for His children, will not quietly let his money be used to harm you or your kids.

Makes no difference what land you live in, Bitch adamantly refuses to support Jewish sports wars anywhere.

Judah, who is famous for lying has somehow convinced ordinary people that Bitch is a thug guy. That, of course, is false, he has killed no one.

And yet in some people's minds, Judah lies have made Bitch into the incarnation of evil and wrong.

The guy that Judah hates the most, the guy with the white skin. The guy that Judah has selected to be died off in war.

"I just give you a fight with a Muslim to f--- you off," Judee say.

The "unique value of cooperation" that Judah discovered among the mild men of the north.

The key ingredient that allowed for complex productive activity. The great wealth that can be generated by people that are able to cooperate with one another well.

Judah by imprisoning torturing and killing the useful mild men century after century turning some of us into harmful men.

Until now we have forgotten who we are. Might we not try to recall we are the mild men that do no harm?

Our laws from centuries ago that say there is to be no cruel or unusual punishment of men. Made the law of the land in America at the beginning in 1791.

And now what has Jewish done to us that we have Jewish torture in style again?

Massive atrocities committed against Americans coast to coast in Judah prison houses. Duds for hire that put us in. The numistic relationship that Judah has with his police. Will Labor not end feeding the beast?

Foreign chefs invited into Judah prison investment scheme to die us off in massive numbers. Making it look like natural causes to disguise the method of death.

Judah shooting some of his sports guys and gals recently after they were discovered, to seal their lips so that he can keep his cage ops investments in.

Will Labor not give us our grand juries now?

Genocide from the insurance companies that have boursed the most atrocious acts against the children of God on earth. Will Labor not put our grand juries in so that we can air this all in public?

Will Labor not help us with our grand juries so that we can reveal to our fellow Americans and the world what Jewish have done here?

Will we not pray prayers of thanks to our good God for having His angels let Judah take his best shot and toss himself out of here?


"I go with the pooch guy, the circuit is way over your head. We're in a rut, your genius is brutal." A non-Judah guy said to a Judah that was interviewing him on international TV.

The free energy electricity circuit that Dr. Henry Moray showed to the world in 1928 that could produce in today's electricity market nearly $10,000 dollars worth of electricity every month.

Now nearly a century later as we are being put to an extinction phase using Jewish electricity waste will we not act to help ourselves?

For the love life will American Labor not hear the thousands of warnings from our good God Almighty and STOP THE WAR?

Bitchie's insistence upon peace in our world brought upon him the love of God who had His angels explain to Bitch how to get peace in our time.

"We advise you well, STRIKE THEM OUT!" the angel said.

The technical details needed by the people to get us on the right path of peace also gifted to Bitch from the angels that Father sent in to help His simian children on earth.

"Abstract receipts of Labor," the angel explained what money is. The issue of which is the "Organizing Principle of Society."

Advised well by the angels our good God sent in and instead of acting to STRIKE THEM OUT mild man exhibits cowardly efforts and now we are perishing out of life form for not listening to our good God above.

Bitch hasn't killed anybody Labor, contrary to the 47 people Judah is claiming Bitch put in. NOT TRUE! Bitch has not put anybody in. Judah has done the killings here.

Judah kills his partners when they get identified and would tend to screw up his racket by becoming known for what they did. Judah has a frame up kill racket that is linked throughout our society.

Once you pull a thread you see them everywhere they shouldn't be. Eternally stealing our most useful away from you and me.

The Judah people that hired Hitler to bring war again to the lands of the mild man of the north. After they previously had hired Arthur Zimmerman to send a telegram to bring America into the first world war.

Is Labor not seeing how our good God above has had His angels let Judah get himself out of here for good now?

Is Labor not seeing that it is Labor that is to hold the concession to issue our money and not the muggers that Judah always puts in?

Bitch received a message from Father at 4.08 pm today. Here it is:

"I warned you rightly stupid and Casper pulled them out. Get an end to their evasement NOW!"

Thank you, Father, for sending that message to your Bitch.

Will Labor not hear Father's concern for His simian children on earth that are being perished out of life form in a nuclear waste war in that message that He just sent to His Bitch?

Here are a couple of messages from Sir Jason and Sir Casper also this afternoon:

"Minnows are all dying out. Human debts are used to pull you tightly, great force."

Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Casper, for those messages today.

Will Labor not recognize the late time it is for us and STOP THE WAR?

Tele receives:

"Jew stupid despot. 9.45 am

Deal. 10.10 am

Get the Jew off, they're vampin' us. 12.49 pm

I see you stupidly pushed the button. 1.23 pm

Pat, your sense of earning is to do good deeds.

Hustleable dim wreckage. 2.21 am

Animals spiting us articles. 2.51 pm

Their faulty gene gypped us. 3.06 pm

They're faulty, pull them off of here. 3.09 pm

Breach your seams here. 3.10 pm

Choose nimbly. 3.12 pm

It fissiled right.

They sold us off of here.

Chrome oxygen. 5.51 pm

They're ghosting out for their huge auction. 5.53 pm

I'm with you now. 6.33 pm

They close you up for luxury, score you out for fish. 6.36 m

Goose predator raped us. 6.49 pm

From underground they jilt us. 6.52 pm

The human race is dead. 7.09 pm

You're out miracled. 7.15 pm

The cops race us. 7.20 pm

They invented loss, Wesson Jerry. 7.26 m

Throw out! 7.27 pm

He thinks everything light bulb. 7.28 pm

Dead wolf fall you off. 7.29 pm

Wicked socket, wicked cipher. 7.33 pm

Jeer. 7.34 pm

They arrest you whole brans spirited. 12.05 am

Jew made you jeepers. 12.09 am

You're faded wasted, Druid has lost life function. 12.11 am

British force it fool die. 12.13 am

They blind you fish and simply crushed you bad. 12.17 am

Failed us our miracle state, America dies as a failed life. 12.19 am

They defeated grand jury by sinning. 12.23 am

Engage horsepower molesterus ends. 12.24 am

You're paralyzed, ever they hit. 12.25 am

A hit saves synergy and throws you out. 12.36 am

Jews failed to circ us. 12.37 am

Oh my god they've pushed the button and we've done nothing. 12.38 am

Your life will be falsed in when police spy you up here. 12.40 am

Evidence bourse done a ditch. 12.41 am

Dolts still wasting washed. 12.42 am

Cage nice fisty leaves cities waste. 12.43 am

They scored you, you let them fire suffering. 12.47 am

Jew rape us celebration. 12.48 am

Jew here is shooting wrench. 12.51 am

You're completely failed, you're rolling fist. 1.25 am

75 years of goofy hellish. 1.29 am

Patrick is seriously informing us they've perished us.

You're tossing out your families, you're tossing out yourself. 2.31 am

Why won't you stop destroying yourself?

Virtual thieves are college out fantastic. 2.33 am

Politics here police are raping us.

Simple boys are clearly out. 2.35 am

Stufish fell. 2.37 am

Your life is ended, your life is past.

They hawk you pooch to close you out. 2.39 am

They die us well. 2.40 am

Bitch cited Jews cycling, they've cycled us stupid. 2.42 am

Jail-o-misen. 2.45 am

You're fisted quite dangerously here. 2.49 am

The Russians are here for quite abrasive. 2.52 am

We're out this life fistolin. 2.57 am

It's criminal tossed. 5.38 am

Steppin out force here. 6.08 am

Please nail these vipers. 6.26 am

The merch fell." 6.28 am

Judee restarted one of his dangerous deadly Jewish electricity plants in Japan. No jury or grand jury to hear what the deal was, a judge ordered it restarted. Armed gunmen with military rifles guarding the Jewish electricity facility.

Is it not something to think about that with an inexpensive simple solid state electronic circuit we can heat, light and cool our houses?

Might we see why Judah does not want that? How would he be able to hire men armed with deadly weapons to protect his Jewish electricity power plants?

With the circuit in use to electrify our homes how would Judah be able to menace us that live near to one of his Jewish electricity plants that it could blow up some night and chase us all off of our land?

Have we given any thought to just how deadly Jewish electricity power plants are when they are leaking on us?

Thousands of miles away from Hitachi-GE we now face dying out needlessly. Our food contaminated perfectly. Our air poisoned permanently. A third of the human race set to die out in only a few years.

Sick children born due to the nuclear waste zone we are living in. Is it that we can't see, smell or taste it as to why we have done not a thing to try and save ourselves from dying from it?

Our kind and good Father in heaven above has set us now to live in peace and love. No longer will the kings and queens hold sway, no longer will the religious guide our days.

No longer will the bankers issue our money.


No longer will our teachers and journalists be paid to fool us, no longer will our doctors be paid to shoot us.

The ricepitals of Judah glory will no longer be dying us out for free. A ride to the hospital in the paramedic's van will no lo

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