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"I Close Your Mind. I'm Going To Bash You Off." That, of co
Thu May 18, 2017 11:36

"I Close Your Mind. I'm Going To Bash You Off."

That, of course, the thinking of weap Judah. Found in his reverse facial speech. His true thoughts about us and what he is planning to do us.

Judah reveals in reverse speech both here in America and in the reverse speech of his Replicon hybrid transplants that control Germany totally, that it is people of Polish extraction that he is using to bash the world now as the troops that are serving the pentagon.

Poland, the country that put the people's rights in in 1430 and brought about the golden age of Poland. The grand jury process that required the state to go to a public grand jury to make their allegations before they could go any further.

The king, princes, the holy men or finance guys, clerks not allowed to cage anyone unless a grand jury of 23 first said it was OK to do such a thing.

With such freedom for the people from being put to arbitrary arrest might that explain why Poland began a golden age then? Sure.

Is freedom and liberty, justice, not the keys to wealth generation everywhere? Of course.

Do we see why Judah puts in war on a society? As our nation falls into the sewer making permanent war for Judah sport are seeing it is war that he needs to impoverish us?

Poland, high cooperate accommodate, put into such dire circumstances by putting war into Poland, again and again, using Wall Street to put Americans to make war in Europe first in 1917 and then in 1941.

Now young guys looking to earn income so reduced economically that our sons are economically drafted to serve Judah fist. Are we seeing the dire need to get micro-scrooge Judah off of the issue of our money?

The tight fist that Judah puts on a nation. Keeping enough of the workers satisfied to keep them working, while he puts vast numbers of other workers into unemployment as the way to keep the wage labor rate down and dispirit us.

Judah reveals that all he needs is 10% of the workforce employed for him to be rich. Might we see his selfish by making others live poor?

The 10% of workers that make him rich. Do we see the day we walk out in a general strike it will reveal Judah Achilles heel? Are we perceiving that Judah will have to give up his authority to issue our money?

When Labor has the issue of bourse in its hands as Father wills do we see we can have employment of those that wish to participate in productive Labor?

And for those that for one reason or another are not in the Labor market do we see that they will have as everyone else, a right to an existence stipend so that they have the necessities of life as Father wills for His children on earth?

When workers act to put the stipend in and to care for their fellow workers that are on the sidelines because Judah wants it that way, will we not have spirited days from then on? Certainly.

The unhappy boursed lethargy that Judah puts in. Are we seeing the love of our good God for us that Father gave us the right to pursue happiness?

Judah with his Malthusian economics. Thomas Malthus that claimed if there are more of us then our world will be too crowded so they must do all they can to reduce our population any way they can.

Judah, who tells us he is exactly opposite, certainly he is exactly opposite all of the rest of God's children.

Our advanced technology, much of which has been gifted to us from the intentionally crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft at Roswell in 1947, will we not be able to easily feed house and clothe all of God's children if only allowed to come in? Certainly.

Judah, blocking our life-giving advanced technology and spending American Labor money on how best to genocide our brothers and sisters in this world, shoots out our best scientists as policy.

The secret that he has kept from us is that his state has never intended to protect us, that is all false and now being understood.

His plan all along was how to best set us up for our big fall.

Americans, having limited access to truth, fooled into buying Judah's war fist for him. Set now for a vast die-off due to the effects of radioactive waste.

Doesn't come upon us right away, it is a Satan devised poison that may take some time to really get us. Once in upon us it is permanent. It poisons out us, our children and grandchildren. Might we see in the introduction of Jewish electricity power plants the way that Judah has put genocide on us using radioactive waste?

The Trojan horse story of our time, Jewish electricity that they told us would be too cheap to meter. The gift horse that was given to the ancient Greeks that hid their defeat inside.

Are we not perceiving that our defeat by the Trojan horse of Jewish electricity waste will be to take us out of life form this time?

Bitchie, with his blemishes not hidden or disguised, kept in by the angels that our good God Almighty sent in so that he could alert God's children as to what we are facing here from Judah and his genocide sport.

Judah, with his perfected use of terrorism deeply ingrained in our unconscious minds, have we been too frightened to challenge Judah for the authority to issue our money?

The angels that our good God Almighty sent in have saved us from Judah attempts to blast us out with Judah great balls of fire. Will we not now break Satan's spell that is still holding in the children of God on earth and end funding Judah sports war?

American Labor still funding Judah worldwide sport of war and genocide. The cruelly manipulated poor destroying nation after nation putting more homeless refugees on the run to join the tens of millions already dispossessed from Judah war sport. Millions of war refugees brought into the land of the mild man in Europe and the new land of America.

Many Replicon Judah hidden inside sent here to fist us out at the right time.

The cruelly manipulated poor, need for income just like the rest of us and only Judah has the purse. Must Labor not take the purse away from Judah NOW?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off." Father said. Will mild people not try to protect ourselves from any more catastrophes that Judah enjoys putting on you and me?

Judah police making lists and fisting out our peace activists.

The white persons Judah hates most set now to be pushed out of life form 100%. Judah's centuries-long strategy to make the white look like the perpetrators of crimes against the rest of God's kids.

His putting his white superiority in and hanging people of color using white faces to do it with.

Malcolm believed that it was white people that were the problem until he traveled outside of America and found that white people were not racist. It was something inside America that was making things that way.

Might we wonder who had the free money to make up and post those signs that said: "White only inside?"

The 1300 years that the Jew people have molested and assaulted white people in the lands that we have lived in peace for 30,000 years. Making it look to all the world that it is white people that went to our brothers and sisters lands to hurt them there.

Our family in England that has tried so hard to make a society fit for everyone. Put in trial by jury in 1215 and no cruel or unusual punishment as their law in 1689.

Easily tossed aside by the weap Jew that has no use for Druid fair law. Now the cruelly manipulated poor sent from England to shoot God's kids on any shore.

The new Americans in Philadelphia in 1789, having endured Jewish war and rights abuse since the 7th century, refused to create the United States of America without a written Bill of Rights in the deal.

They got for us not only the English Bill of Rights and Magna Carta, but also the Polish grand jury process for our rights as Americans.

Judah, not to be outdone, boursed out the courts to fool us right. Our rights are beyond compare as Americans yet they are now gone because the Jew told Americans he wants to protect us, do good things for us.

Judah demanding his rights, his freedom to rape.

And at this moment in the face of the love of God for us is still getting away with it.

"I'm Jew doing a full-time ruse big time West. In paupas I die the West so get used to it. The white Druids I want to pull off on purpose. I fumble your rights here. You fail to accept your bible so I injure you in time great," Judee say.

Might we consider that because we fail to accept the truths of our bible that Judah injures us in time great?

Our injury in time. Are we not aware enough to understand that we are facing sickening now from the nuclear brimstone waste war that Judah is waging against us?

Are we understanding that Judah is using our wealth to force in a pauper's field in America?

"I just give you a fight with a Muslim to f--- you off," Judee say.

Certainly, we are bright enough to put an existence stipend in. Will we not use our bright and put the stipend in and bring the American troops home and end assaulting out our world?

Are we not getting Judah's strategy of using cruelly manipulated poor white faces to commit war sins against our family in this world to create as many enemies for us as possible and them let them loose on us right here inside of America?

The mass slaughter of our brightest kids. Will Labor not take over the concession to issue our money and get the hybrid transplant Replicon teachers and administrators out of our schools so they will no longer be able to pull our brightest kids out anymore?

The day that Bitch was poisoned with ventilator shaft ricin there were 4 deaths that night of people that were library patrons the same day as Bitch.

Why not a word about it in the news? Might it be because our money is in Judah's hands and it was intentionally kept out?

The continual abuse of our brothers and sisters in our world coming from the white faces, that are completely rightless people now. Will Labor not put our God-given rights in and end the micro-scrooge economic policy that Judah uses to draft our kids to fight?

Will the whites that are plugged in economically not help us to straighten this out here? Will you not help us and take care of the cruelly manipulated poor so that Judah can not trick them to kill our brothers and sisters in this world?

"I just false you out with my dope charities. My genus, the riches of the West I score down. Jew miniature your state. Once April passed, you can't get the ruin off of you. I took away your state. Bitch pulled my raid out for too much sin," Judee say.

As April has passed are we understanding that Judah scientists are reporting that we are now in a state of permanent ruin?

Those little children of ours. Are we prepared to face the gruesome facts that some of them may be lost now due to illnesses from nuclear waste attacking their health?

Do we really not perceive that Judah has scored out the West with his brimstone waste war disease?

"Jewish have noise invisible to desecrate you. My fiend is off of Washington because you rolled my war. Sucker with the Bitch fall you off. To get my nest egg I screw you with a tornado.

The palace had mercy on Milwaukee sport. My summons strategy at you was confessed. I hold you great force out with gypsum. Because of your jab Bitch, I lose all my assaultee and my fortune for all time. I always assault you with a great minnow fist," Judee say.

The great minnow fist from Washington-Wall Street that is creating more homeless around our world every day. Will American Labor not help us by taking the purse of American Labor away from weap Judah and his kids?

"I just take away a grease spot, that's you. I'm bushwhacking the rabbit with a dark force. We use white kids forever, even extraterrestrials couldn't defeat us, we just make more war. I smooth you then I have an excellent ox to sport with. I'm just going to arrest you now with my Polish shack," Judee say.

Sending the cruelly manipulated poor Americans overseas to assault our family conditioning them rightly and then returning them to America to use them to arrest us with their shack. Will Labor not help us out of this downward spiral that weap Judah has got us locked into because he is the only one that can issue our money?

And what are we to think that even with an extraterrestrial assist that spared us from extermination we have not been able to bring Americans to help ourselves?

"Jew fist was too dumb, it died. Bitch pushed out my form with wisdom. It's the last of Judah sports," Judee say.

Father spoke to Bitch yesterday and Bitch posted Father's words. Here is the message from Father again:

"I warned you rightly stupid and Casper pulled them out. Get an end to their evasement NOW!"

Judah smoothing us so that he has an excellent ox to sport with. Will Americans not get smart and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and end his sports?

Are we all in agreement that Casper, in fact, did pull Judah out of here forever now? Once understood that Judah attempted to wipe us out total much chance he will ever again be holding the authority to issue money in his private hands?

"I just expose you right massive. Bitch don't believe in sheeny police and he wants us out of here for our capers. Jew holds you threats, it always gives me trouble. We fist you out with all possible speed.

It's the last of Judah sports, big oxygen; we fantastic mort you, that's what we use white kids for. I just take away a grease spot, that's you. Judah guy put you away, I'm a fierce man. For luxury, humans I thoroughly score you up. They're taking my big sign, my mope is over,"Judee say.

From reading Judah reverse speech are we gaining some insight into where we are in this transition out of eternal war and into permanent peace? Are we seeing that Judah knows already that his big sign and the rest of him is out of here for good?

Judah spent three and a half thousand years of ignoring all of the rules of the road from the house of our good God above. All Judah does is make war against the other children of God on earth. Will Labor not stop it now?

Might we note his specialty is getting a hold of the receipts and not giving any away to other children so that he can get white children to beat other kids up for him?

"White children don't have any receipts so we get them to beat you up," Judee say.

Will mild people not look into the good book, get smart, STRIKE THEM OUT and put the receipts into Labors hands so that Judah cannot hire anyone to beat any of God's children up ever again?

Tele receives:

"Our staff is out of caution. 5.01 pm

Serious tissue loss here. 5.05 pm

We'll all be in Detroit. 5.37 pm

It's threw over for Army cat. 6.33 pm

Star wars fell. 7.01 pm

Babies turning on their head. 7.28 pm

You're obviously missing your kerchief. 12.26 am

You'll be taken by cabs policeman and destroyed to the last man exclusive. 12.28 am

Leaving Wall Street in, they're rolling rates to die you.

They're tossing you out, give us a miracle. 12.31 am

Sever beast. 12.33 am

The worst thing to befall us, to be in the grip of Jew with no rights. 12.39 am

Genifie yourself. 12.42 am

You chill yourself greatly for what's coming in. 12.46 am

Idiots offering menacing. 12.47 am

Storage you with bad police now. 12.48 am

Completely false. 12.51 am

Hitchhike. 12.53 am

They de-sight us. 12.56 am

We fell nuggish. 2.34 am

STRIKE THEM OUT, the financial has failed us. 2.35 am

STRIKE EM! 2.44 am

You're self-exposing yourself to war. 2.45 am

God Almighty saved us when Judah pushed the button and he's folded us up. 2.47 am

We might appreciate the warning for our crippled sight. 2.49 am

They tossed you very much to take you very well. 2.50 am

Protect and keep him. 2.55 am

The dog rubs peep sight. 2.56 am

They're flaming us out. 3.05 am

Peace will get merch out. 5.31 am

Dolt fool us bad. 6.28 am

Free us from app. 7.01 am

He's cycled the whole place bad. 9.35 am

STRIKE! 10.07 AM


"They attach you to financial to fall you bad. They'll cite you steal. STRIKE THEM OUT to

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