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"Thank You For Getting Rid of Their Abuse. The Idiots Pushed
Fri May 19, 2017 10:33

"Thank You For Getting Rid of Their Abuse. The Idiots Pushed the Button and Wisconsin Goes."

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives.

Now that Judah is identified and known for his repeated attempts to use his nuclear arrows to exterminate us, much chance Jewish abuse will ever be allowed in our world again? Seems highly unlikely, doesn't it?

That they pushed the button might we not consider that Wisconsin sports are out of here now? Seems likely, doesn't it?

Judah invasion of America dragging us down and turning us into a nation, not unlike the old world where the autocrats sported us as minnows.

The power of the cage in America as malicious and vicious as seen anywhere in the old world. Used against Labor to make their war.

Milwaukee, one of the places they executed a man by withholding water to him for 7 days. Will we not pray that God will have mercy on us?

Our founding fathers aware of the ways of the autocrats would accept nothing but a written Bill of Rights. They had their way and it was made part of the contract between the people of the new land, America.

The faulty schools they put in. Gave us dictionaries with no etymology in them. Might they have just wanted us raised smart enough to create great wealth for them but not smart enough to get a fair share for the workers involved?

They even bragged about how they could hire one-half of the working class to kill the other half. Is that really something to brag about that they have gotten the people so destitute that some accept assaulting others to get something to eat?

Should tuition not be easier to get than working on a battlefield somewhere in our world?

That they have been able to squeeze the people so hard to have millions living out on our streets. Is it not something that it gives them pride in themselves that they have been able to abuse us so much?

The selective advantage they produce for themselves by putting in their war machine. Might those be advantages that we just don't need?

Dog 'hugs' his injured owner as he waits for ambulance laying on the asphalt
Published May 16, 2017 Fox News
The tender image of the two laying on the asphalt after Monday’s accident in Bahia Blanca, Argentina quickly went viral.

The 28-year-old man said he was finishing up the last branches when he lost his balance and fell down 6.5 feet, head first.

“I woke up because I had my son, the dog, on top of me,” he told Cadena3.
Has that Israeli psychologist not got some keen eye for proving it's his son?

MGTOWmonk 2 days ago
Misplaced modifier: Dog 'hugs' his injured owner as he waits for ambulance laying on the asphalt

Corrected: Dog 'hugs' his injured owner laying on the asphalt waiting for ambulance.

Nonamenohow 2 days ago
@MGTOWmonk since the grammar police are out, that would be "lying on the asphalt," not "laying"
mark carpenter 2 days ago
My father told me a long time ago that dogs are the only animal on the planet that love their masters more than themselves. Within months of telling me this, he got a burglary call one night while working in Florida as a K-9 unit. My dad never heard the burglar sneaking-up from behind while he was walking an alley between some condos, but the Shepherd did and lunged at him. Unfortunately, the burglar had a 3/4 axe and split the dogs head in half with it. That was the last thing the burglar did in this life. We were crushed losing the dog, but the alternative - I hate to even think about it.
Might we only wonder what the Israeli psychologist knows that he makes up such false stories as the one above?

From the comments might we see what he wants to amplify in the readers mind?

"Laying" or "Lying."

And what about the Axe in the make believe story of a burglar that smashed the K-9 dogs head?
Do we notice the Axe in the picture of the guy "laying" on the ground?

And what about this face looking at us?

Might the Israeli psychologist be trying to trigger self-consciousness by putting a face looking at us?

The injured guy calling the dog "his son." Might we only wonder what the Israeli psychologist is aiming for calling the dog his "son?"
Are we perceiving this story of a dog hugging his owner after a bad fall is a totally made up Jewish bit of fiction?

If we understand this is a made up story with a staged accident can we only wonder what the Israeli psychologist knows about our mental that he uses such a staged false story that he wishes will keep us funding war and genocide in our world?

Part of their childing of us? Could the Axe in the picture be to operate in our unconscious to terrorize us?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and give them the breeze for goofing us?

The rock musician that purportedly hung himself the other day. Might it be a case that we need to sing another verse from "who ya gonna call, ghostbusters?"

“The Medical Examiner has completed the autopsy --- --- ----- ---- ------ -- in Detroit. The cause of death has been determined as suicide by hanging. A full autopsy report has not yet been completed. There is no additional information at this time.”

Will Labor not bring our grand juries in so that we can get it straight? Are we understanding why Judee threw out the coroner's grand juries and put his medical examiners in? Are we seeing how easy it is to ghost with a staged death and make a clean get away before the truth is revealed and made public?
Here is a Tele receive from yesterday:

"Babies turning on their head." 7.28 pm

The day before there was this link in the post:


In the video we see the snake winding up and bashing his head violently on the hard ground killing himself.

Comments about the video suggested that the snake had been poisoned. Another suggested it was the heat of the area that caused the snake to violently slam his head into the ground killing himself.

Psalm 24
Of David. A psalm.

1 The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it,
the world, and all who live in it;

Might the snake be a message to us of what is on us now for failing to listen to the thousands of warnings from God to STOP THE WAR and continuing to fund the sin of war and genocide against our family on earth?

Hosea 4:3 ...'Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away.'

Might high radiation levels have affected that snake's resources taking his food away from him?

Matthew 24:7 ...'and there shall be famine.'

Are we not understanding that we are being scientifically perished in such a way that we may not recognize it until it is much too late?

Animals that know ahead of time when an earthquake will hit. Animal senses that we don't have. Might that little snake know when it is over and is saving himself from any more suffering by dying himself off?

"Babies turning on their head." 7.28 pm

"Be kind to the babies of the forest," beautiful precious sweet Father said.

That we now have the largest ocean on earth poisoned out from over 6 years of radioactive waste being dumped into it and the Jewish brimstone waste generator is still burning pouring more poison in.

Might we have failed in Being kind to the babies of the forest? The planetary destruction that is continuing every day.

Will American Labor not STOP THE WAR?

Judah with his dogs and diapers, his 4 eyes attack. His baby ops that let him weap real rude. Will American Labor not put our rights in so that we can grand jury them right?

An extinction level event that is now wiping the American and European minnows out. The Western world going down in permanent Jewish sports war. Is there not some way that Labor will listen to the thousands of warnings from our good God above and STOP THE WAR?

"Bitch has given the greatest report of our fools day," Judee say.

The 3,200 thermonuclear warheads that were sitting on top of the 1,000 missiles that Judah attacked the lower 48 with in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011. Might April fools day be overshadowed by Judee fools day now?

"I did Jewicide here when I shot you, it's going to course us big. For my coursing great you took away my age," Judee say.

The cruelly manipulated poor Americans that are shooting and bombing our world for Judee sports war. Still going on even after Bitch reported that the reason the Polish government ghosted out is because radar data showed that Poland had been attacked with volleys of nuclear missiles from Judah NATO weap submarines.

"I smooth you then I have an excellent ox to sport with. I'm just going to arrest you now with my Polish shack," Judee say.

For the mercy of God will American Labor not show common sense and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"If you're stupid you're void. I fight you debts with my attorney now," Judee say.

Judee falsing people into prison based on debts. All false law and yet he has been getting way with it here in America using his false bench and false law. Doing his dies using his cages. Sending the debtors home after eating deputy pies to shortly thereafter die in phases.

Will American Labor not put American law in again and end Judee cage dies?

Might Labor not appreciate that when our grand juries are serving us we will be able to get hold of the radar data of the nuclear missiles attack upon our family in Poland and show it to them?

Will Labor not help us to get this Pol Pot cipher on free American Labor bourse out?

They spend centuries breeding themselves into where they get enough of a grip on a nation and then use getting on top to put their neighbors in. Will Labor not let them off right?

There is no peace in the land when Jew is in command. They just fish us vicious for war.

Precious sweet Father who loves us all wants us to live bountiful lives in peace and harmony with our family everywhere in His village on earth.

Father wants a new vessel. Have we not the evidence that Judah vessel is no good at all?

Will Labor not bring in the love of God? Must Labor not STOP THE WAR?

"It's econical wreaking. Get out sports. Real pests are now beating you stufish."

Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris, for those messages today.

The STRIKE Labor to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah brand. Judah's out HUGE. Will Labor not help us and put our system in once again?

Did we see the op with the car attack in New York City the other day that left one person dead? Here is a reverse facial speech from one of the people that were there that day:

"We see the police op with Jew and we want to get them off."

Might we gather from that reverse speech that now there are enough of us that understand the ops on our streets are done with Jew numistic relationship with police?

Are ordinary everyday working people understanding that to plant atomic bombs in our sewers Judah had to have had municipal help? If so will Labor not help us and put our grand juries in to clear the air here?

Our air that is contaminated with hot radioactive particles. Cancer the method that Judah is using here to die us off big. Are we understanding this war die is all sport to Judah and his kids?

"I get you to fight to set. My full offend disgrace you. It's a very nice sport where I can leave you out of here dumb. All the age of my child I want to stupid you," Judee say.

That it is now American working people that are hurting our family in this world by funding Jewish sports war. Will Labor not help us to end this, please? Will Labor not end Jew mental hold of Americans and let peace come in?

Tele receives:

"Get them out of here without fail. 1.13 pm

Patrick, they're bruising our existence. 1.36 pm

Peace from Druid was stolen by thieves. 2.03 pm

You guys are falling out of here. 2.10 pm

Get rid of them. 2.16 pm

They've been taking them off mortgage rate.

Stupid failed. 2.28 pm

You'd better recognize hostiles. 2.29 pm

They got a warble. 2.31 pm

Useful. 2.38 pm

Stupid won, he beat Judee. 2.39 pm

I'm not deceived, I want you to lead us here. 2.51 pm

They'll snatch out vegetables right here. 3.01 pm

Assign the best force. 3.08 pm

The cops will fish you out like a vegetable. 3.10 pm

Wash them out basic. 3.25 pm

Cheers. 3.27 pm

Throw out! 3.38 pm

Nice false deal. 3.50 pm

Thank you for getting rid of this abuse. 6.10 pm

The idiots pushed the button and Wisconsin sports go. 6.30 pm

Babies turning on their head.

Finish it. 6.48 pm

Scratch war. 7.20 pm

They raid us thug. 7.25 pm

Wonderful crooks. 7.29 pm

Sick. 7.44 pm

Wake them and STRIKE THEM! 7.57 pm

They pulled us off with some rackets. 8.01 pm

You'll be in God's care with me. I failed to save us awesome.

Cannibal dies us in. 12.25 am

You have a right to die child. 12.54 am

Hits were all psychage. 12.57 am

Their thugs merry has fallen but we're still dying. 1.41 am

They wiped us kids.

They're burning Boston right down. 2.00 am

Jilted your life has failed you son, your life has failed to save your sex. 2.02 am

Bitch is a real relation. 2.03 am

Bitch has tossed them out for wastin but has failed for real take us. 2.04 am

They Judafied this field out objects.

This is much failed. 2.09 am

You failed to save us my god. 2.10 am

We failed to save the hostages with a true Bitch. 2.11 am

Your opponent is robbing falsely. 2.12 am

The rich have made you ultimately stupidly. 2.13 am

They horrify us. 2.14 am

They like to dismantle us error ways. 2.15 am

The scientist isn't a fish head.

ORGANIZE or perish on booze. 2.16 am

Great touched you right.

Full rush. 2.28 am

The scientist offed their century, they terrorize us. 2.29 am

New Jersey's out to field us. 2.31 am

They see you aren't forcing and you total die fish. 2.33 am

You're falsing out yourself, you're falsing out your spherical. 2.36 am

Your spiritual life is done for efforts failed. 2.37 am

They're dusting your lives, they saved us and you're still fielded. 2.38 am

Close this up, close this hell. 2.39 am

Through conscience, our life is failed completely. 2.41 am

Our beautiful lives are ported. 2.42 am

Your life form for being so sightly is set for a big die. 2.43 am

Suffering multiple death pack of missiles. 2.52 am

They waste us contact racially. 2.58 am

Get out this war here, you're cycled. 5.11 am

They're looking to leave us with a totally ruined nation. 6.38 am

Genus sport. 8.10 am

Terminal false here. 8.28 am

Your letting fear be sold." 8.34 am

By letting them use as much American Labor money as they want are we seeing how they are selling fear in our world?

Is there anyone that is not aware that war is a false that is perpetrated to subordinate us to predatory exploitation at the hands of the autocratic criminal classes?

The small percentage of the human race that is learned, focused and clever enough to understand the true levers of society are to be found in who it is that has the concession to issue our money in their hands.

That this learned, focused clever group made the decision to exterminate us in total and went ahead with their plans in the face of our good God, will we not now put our trust in our good God and STRIKE THEM OUT?

The corporal they hired as their dictator in Germany to get the world into war, Adolph Hitler, was informed by his scientists that Mercury could pull all of their missiles with no problem at all.


When Judah brought his Nazis to America to continue their research, development, and production in ge

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