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"I Urge You To Mentalize It Here." 4.20 pm "Armed Forces Ar
Thu May 25, 2017 10:39

"I Urge You To Mentalize It Here." 4.20 pm

"Armed Forces Are Now Waving Your Field Off All Financial."

That is a Tele receive from overnight. Might we understand that Judah is using the financial levers to help harm our economy so that we can not recover this time from his nation busting ways?

"I'm doing all I can to fall you Reichous. You're not useful to me natious," Judee say.

Might we understand that as a nation we collectively can exercise a right force? From that are we understanding why Judah does not want the American nation to exist?

Bitch has read in the reverse speech of international leaders, all Replicon hybrid transplant shell Judah, they want our union dissolved.

The biggest target of weap Judah worldwide is the United States of America on our sacred Bill of Rights.

Might it be that if they can succeed in fully destroying the United States of America then they can succeed in not having an example of how well Americans live when our rights are in?

A report of a bomb going off in Indonesia yesterday that killed 3 police officers. Are we perceiving how Judah polarizes a situation by planting bombs and then walking a few unaware police officers into it to create a fury?

Might we consider the unaware Americans that Judah has walked into improvised explosives traps overseas wounding and killing some of the Americans and then sending the survivors into villages enraged with the death of their buddies and committing atrocities against the innocent people of the village?

Might we see in the killing of the 3 Indonesian police officers a method to enrage police to then incite them to brutalize the innocent people of Indonesia?

Might we understand that Judah took over the entire surface of planet earth by creating the new world white fist in America?

The mild people of the north, the people that Judah has now set to go out 100%. Will we not RISE and liberate ourselves from the evil force of weap Judah?

Judah has repeatedly reported in his reverse facial speech that it is "fear" that his analysis has revealed why Americans have not acted to liberate us from them.

The unblinking stare of a venomous snake that freezes their prey frightening them so badly that the prey does not flee from the viper's attack.

The prey so scared of the viper that it holds itself in place for the lethal venomous bite of the snake.

"Le Vaillant confirms this fascinating terror, by a scene he witnessed. He saw on the branch of a tree a species of shrike trembling as if in convulsions, and at the distance of nearly four feet, on another branch, a large species of snake, that was lying with outstretched neck and fiery eyes, gazing steadily at the poor animal.

The agony of the bird was so great that it was deprived of the power of moving away, and when one of the party killed the snake, the shrike bird was found dead upon the spot-and that entirely from fear for, on examination, it appeared not to have received the slightest wound. The same traveler adds, that a short time afterward he observed a small mouse in similar agonizing convulsions, about two yards from a snake, whose eyes were intently fixed upon it; and on frightening away the reptile, and taking up the mouse, it expired in his hand." Posted by The Miner at 11:18 PM

Might the extreme terror that weap Judah has put into the lands of the mild man be the reason why mild man has failed to act to save himself and his children?

Might it be the unblinking stare of the weap Judah death machine that has made us not unlike the bird and mouse that died just from fright? The snake did not touch either the bird or the mouse yet died from the shock of fear of the Viper.

Might Americans just be shocked by the terror of weap Judah on unlimited free bourse?

In the article of the bird and mouse, the shrike bird was four feet away from the viper. Why did it not just fly away? Why did the shrike not try to save itself that day?

Frightened to death by a predator that it could have escaped if only it had tried to.

"Why didn't you try it?" Father asked American Labor about the STRIKE to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah.

Will Labor not have faith in the love of God for us that Judee viper is already dead?

"The Cobra and its Prey In pursuit of its prey, the Indian cobra sometimes seems to be following an old adage: Never give up, never give in."

Our high-level intelligence that our good God gifted us with. Will we not use it to think peace?

The mongoose that is not hypnotized by the cobra. Closes in and finishes the cobra off. Will American Labor not recognize that Judah Cobra has lost his best sting?

His great balls of fire to get us all out before we realized he was and is all snake and mirrors. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end their menace and threats to us all?

Tele receives:

"Kick them out. 6.40 pm

You're leading here, the truth shall lead us. 6.45 pm

I perceive you.6.52 pm

They hammer wits sad. 7.03 pm

They punish you right.7.11 pm

They're going to leave our families hopeless, homeless. 7.24 pm

Pompous on nuclear waste. 7.28 pm

Druid naked thrown out. 7.30 pm

We've been stupid jilted. 7.31 pm

Patrick warned us and Jew hustled us dead. 7.37 pm

A violent world is taking us away harshed. 7.39 pm

They offed our STRIKE and now they're hustling our deaths. 7.40 pm

Equal rights are the floor of our being. 7.42 pm

Waroholic. 7.43 pm

They've surrounded your field. 8.29 pm

They weap quite false. 8.30 pm

It's a no atmosphere shot that is falling you out of here, they're enjoying firing for free.

We leave criminals in here because of the pooch. 1.53 am

Surgery includes wart to fist you.

They've been refused so they're air dying. 1.55 am

Campbell state will give you the mumps freely.

The minnow is history exhausted. 1.56 am

Oh, Pat, they're fiercing us out. 1.58 am

You have not been able to bury memory and so far fist is dying you out. 2.00 am

It still makes no difference, you are perishing in war. 2.26 am

Armed forces are now waving your field off all financial. 2.32 am

You're right attached, right attacked. 2.33 am

They're throwing us out, Morgan. 2.34 am

Their goose egg faulted you mirage. 2.37 am

Jewish people fold you up complete false rule. 2.38 am

You've almost failed your life forces. 2.47 am

The police made you suffer big. 2.48 am

Inducive error. 3.38 am

Oh, I see what they're doing, every day they snatch us off. 6.03 am

All your criminals are coring out all your days, you're a roll. 7.03 am

Get them out of here." 7.32 am

"I just want to perish you right then I'm out of here, I'm rolled. I fold you opposite because I function terrorist. I just douche wits. Beautiful I scrunge your rights. Our terrorist function yields abrasive.

I toyed. I did you. We stay folding your rights. We cage them yellow. Our circuit juvenile lethal. Bitch you remain civilized to waste our day. Your lethargy is almost purity death. 6 months Jew will fall all power.

Dangerous stoop has thrown our gypsy power straight out. I'm always forcing you into a new addiction. My semen do a fist for free. I use cash to protect my boom cipher.

Your peace was right faulted our way. We just hate you professionally so we're closed now. Jewish sin has just rights Jewish. I used Bush to psyche them. Jew believes our lie is our substance. You failed to reduce me because of proper force.

Judee dumped you guys away even with the capture of New Hampshire head. Jason fall us overnight for wicked stalk out. I just cap some heimers here but Bitch has got our whole house out, it's the end of our force day.

Bitch found our pizzas. We just fool you for a rats-a-fool life. I was famous until super head. With our Reich we breed dead. We spite heimers. Wherever weights are forming We're here to roll you out.

Rights fall imbecile with our Jets, falls you out of time, lets us catch you debts. In 24 hours I can boot you into my Jeffers right. My D.C. ops manage you with force. For Papa you didn't rise so I go ahead with my force London.

Because of my procedures, my Jew consciousness has failed so I just continue to do procedures. I'm a tight fist admiral for sports; we blew them away. From Europe I shot the white guy, Bitch debased me.

I simply die for Maryland because I was not correct. We gracious core you and keep you beef fed until we can get you in our room for a big boom. You lost your fate, we sumped you. Pat, we'll right you with a heart attack and toss you out, Bridget got pulled off.

I'm a Jew, my states got more war coming. I'm the boss still even though I'm leaving you. I hold you false and psyche with brassieres. I terror you with my fungible app. My pistol's on automatic for a percent.

I de-psyche because I'm anxious. I just cash you insure because that's my purpose right. I nest egg you to pull a purpose off of you. I'm Trumanesque bristles for an egg. Warfare lets me core hatch you.

I'm stupid without my horsepower. My embraceable you failed totally so I just throw you out. My chemical score here held in my bourse day. I want a furtive end with you all out, Bitch knows about my chlorets and my backdrop.

Organize and I'm a right sue. Kelvin blew my wit because he helped so much. I hold your rights to score you in over time. The honorable, I shot them dead. My fierce, I just use a cop to pull you out. I ever have a 4-inch pipe to bore your sinus," Judee say.

The bombing the other day in Manchester, England. Have we noticed how it lets them do all sorts of home invasions and arrests with little legal procedure?

Here is some more reverse speech from news reports of that attack:

"This was actually West Germany sable days. We testify all Sax. We're tumbling you excellently wretched. Portsmouth has got a foul fist coming through right. Ever I have used an Englishman to keep my village out of sight.

The jail has given me the ability to foul your thoughts. We aim always to take the minnow off of his rights. A veteran always scores fame. Druid we suffered war with royalty. Subway loss fist barrios."

Can we only wonder what they have coming up next?

"Portsmouth" has shown up in reverse speech several times in recent days. "Portsmouth," Virginia or is it "Portsmouth," England?

As Portsmouth, Virginia is a long time center for Jewish war sport terrorist activity on planet earth might we not check to see if they are rolling some more sport in?

And what about the word "subway" found while speaking about the bombing in Manchester? Might that be on the list of places they plan to sport?

Did we notice the bomb that was detonated in Manchester came from Germany's nuclear war fighting sports?

"This was actually West Germany sable days. We testify all Sax."

That was what a Manchester, England public official said in reverse speech.

Will Labor not put our grand juries in and end Judah hiding his fist village behind Englishmen?

"Ever I have used an Englishman to keep my village out of sight."

Will Labor not help us so that we can get a good look at Judah in Switzerland and how he cooks? Will Labor not let us see behind the Englishman to see the village of who it is that is really screwing us up?

"Jew state disgrace us, just roll you with a corpsman. They organize you ever to roll you off with a Thompson. Bitch's mother's side has told us they're just screwing us animal."

Those were the reverse speech of family members of victims of Manchester.

"I'm going to pitch my union on my bourse-a-side. For racial we're taking the white fierce off," Judee say.

Are we understanding it is the rights that mild man has put in for those that inhabit his lands that Judah has focused all his force on taking out?

Over 800 hundred years since mild man put in the Magna Carta of 1215, to give the Barons their protections of the community they live in.

Might we consider that the divine concept of justice spread the rights of the Barons to all of the rest of the inhabitants of the land? Certainly.

The foreign, alien invader Judah. Focuses his sights on denying the mild man the rights that he put in and made the law of the land in the old world and now the new world too.

The rights that Judah claims for himself. To shoot our useful in the head. Will Labor not reject Judah's violent rights and help us to send a clear message, we want our civil rights in and we want them in now?

Will Labor not try to perceive our good God above and help us to clear the simple Judah thug?

The guy that keeps shooting our light bulbs, weap Judah. Will Labor not help us to end their terror state right?

"You're not useful to me natious," Judee say.

Are we seeing Labor why Judah had to destroy our union? Have we not noticed he does not have rights for any of the rest of us at all?

Are we understanding that in Judah state without our sacred God-given United States Bill of Rights in that we have the force of serfs then?

The moment that Judah fetches us are we understanding once physically bound we are slaves once again?

Are there some that may think rights are only for criminals to escape deserved punishment? Are there some that may be fooled by Judah staged events that make rights appear to be tricks that only criminals use?

Haven't we read the official laments of the guy that was held but they violated his rights and so they had to let him go and then he went and shot some poor girl or guy dead somewhere?

If only he wouldn't have had those tricky rights in might that poor girl or guy not be dead?

Understanding what we know now are we not aware that Judah stages shootings for effect?

Might we understand that's why he commits so many terrorist sins?

The conflicts in our world. Have we not figured out that Judah is funding both sides of them with our American Labor dough?
Father Walsh with General Douglas MacArthur in Tokyo, 1948

Fr. Edmund Aloysius Walsh, S.J. (October 10, 1885 – October 31, 1956) was an American Jesuit Catholic priest, author, professor of geopolitics and founder of the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, which he founded in 1919–six years before the U.S. Foreign Service itself existed–and served as its first regent

Might we not recognize the Irish Jesuit as a hybrid transplant weap Judah Replicon shell?

Will Labor not help us to peace? If so will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

Thousands of years they have spent seeking only to destroy us.

The Judah build up of nuclear blast weapons. Is Labor not understanding how serious they were about putting us all in?

Their Jewish electricity nuclear brimstone waste that is set to take us out of life form. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

"Bitch right. 9.00 am

It's a core to pitch you. 9.09 am

Cash awards fist you off for free. 10.23 am

They're doing Druid here well." 10.43 am

And how well are they doing Druid? Are we understanding they are doing well enough to cash 100% of us out if we do not put our rights in and STOP THE WAR?

Will Labor not try to perceive the love of precious sweet Father and get us out of this eternal sports war?

The claim that ISIS did the bombing that killed 22 people in Manchester the other day. Are we not aware that ISIS is merely one of the many faces of weap Judah on free American bourse?

Will American Labor not give us a chance at life?

The lethargy that Judah has boursed in for his casual nuclear brimstone waste attack upon us that is going on right now.

The casual leisurely lifestyle way that Judah attacked us with his great balls of fire in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.

Will we not say prayers of thanks to precious sweet Father for sending His angels into spare us from Judah blowing us away?


For those who wonder if God wants to save us then why doesn't Father have His angels get rid

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