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"The Least Oxygen is What I'm Leaving You. On My Palace Side
Sat May 27, 2017 11:25

"The Least Oxygen is What I'm Leaving You. On My Palace Side I'm Toasty," Judee say

Failing to get us on their nuclear blast side due only to the love of God for us, are we seeing they are going full speed ahead on their nuclear brimstone waste side to get us?

"Scored you lethargy," Judee say.

Are there some that do not yet perceive the purposes of the intervention into our world by our extraterrestrial family from outer-space?

Briefly stated our extraterrestrial family has stepped in to prevent our extinction due to genocidal nuclear technology being introduced into our world by weap Judah.

The invasion and takeover of the United States of America by Jewish that allowed them to take over planet earth using the purse of American Labor to pay for fist.

The 5th columnists that Judah breeds into all terrains pretending to be natives of whatever terrain they inhabit, previously known as crypto Jews, that we call Replicons today.

Working internationally and internally putting nation against nation to accomplish their goals of domination over their fellow man who they set then for their extermination plan.

If their domination was merely to enrich themselves, might it not be of any real significance? Probably.

Jewish have a different strategy of all people on earth. Genocide against all of those that fall into their hands. Understanding their strategy might we be able to perceive the love our good God has for us and why Father sent His angels to care for us?

The plan to destroy us all made before the invention of nuclear weapons.

Judah with his blistering hatred of other humans Beings. Unchanged since antiquity.

"They did not bend in the wind so now they will break in the storm," God Almighty our Father in Heaven said.

Judah tried to destroy Americans in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011 with 3,200 thermonuclear bombs that he shot at us from out at sea.

Sir Casper pulling them all easily.

Then Judah again tried to destroy us massively by attacking us from two of his British submarines with 960 one hundred kiloton thermonuclear bombs on June 11, 2014.

Sir Casper with His diligent team bursting every shot over Florida that night.

Is This a Mothership over Florida Town?
Published: 5:24 AM 6/12/2014
Originally uploaded by CollierCountyFlorida on June 11, 2014

Two Giant Objects were spotted on radar over a small town in the southwest region of Florida on June 11, 2014, between the hours of 8-10 PM


The video on You Tube showing the thermonuclear warheads fired from a couple of British submarines off of our East coast being burst off over Florida has had 2555 views since it was posted on June 12, 2014.

The significance of having survived all out nuclear war. Videos showing thermonuclear warheads being burst off over Florida and the video has not gone viral. Might it only be explainable by Judah's claim that there are no extraterrestrials?
Colonel Ross Dedrickson USAF
Saucers over DC 1952
December 5, 1950 government document showing early UFO events.

VIDEO 11.38 at

Colonel Ross Dedrickson USAF in the interview tells of his involvement with our extraterrestrial family beginning in 1952 when the saw UFOs over Washington DC.

Ross was sent to Stanford business school by the army and then was attached to the Atomic Energy Commission.

His responsibility was for all nuclear weapons in the US. Security, auditing the manufacturing and storage facilities. He was an assistant to the chairman of the committee of liaison with the AEC to the secretary of defense.

In the video interview Ross informs us that he would receive regular reports of UFO visits over nuclear weapons storage areas and also over the nuclear weapons manufacturing plants.

Ross then goes on to reveal that there was an attempt to explode a nuclear weapon on the moon.

Did the US Air Force attempt to nuke the moon?

The nuclear missile shot at the moon was decommissioned by our extraterrestrial family once it was in outer space.

How many can we only wonder do not perceive that it is extraterrestrials that have kept us alive throughout all Judah's attempts to smoke us out with his great balls of fire shot?

The secret of extraterrestrial visitation. Are we understanding they arrived here on a mission to save us from being exterminated by weap Judah on nuclear technology?

In the video of Ross his last words to us are: "The truth is to come out sooner or later."

And what is the truth? Might we try to understand that we do have a precious sweet Father above that loves us all equally?

Elder revealed to Bitch that since they dropped one of their spacecraft at Roswell, new Mexico in 1947 that Judah has made over 4,000 attempts on their lives.

Here is what a foreign head of state said in reverse speech to another head of state recently:

"We can't score an angel, you have to get them lethal to score them right."

Our extraterrestrial family's technology so advanced that weap Judah doesn't have a chance.

Bitch previously reported that he met Martin from Mercury at the main public library in downtown Des Moines. This after receiving a telepathic message from Martin.

When Bitch was walking in the library he saw a Judee librarian guy standing behind the book shelves intently looking at a man that was sitting at a desk.

Bitch passed the man sitting at the desk and made a roundabout pass, turned around and came in the direction of the man that was sitting at the desk that Judee was staring intently at.

The man looked up at Bitch and Bitch immediately recognized the wonderful eyes of a high intelligence. It was Martin. Bitch took a seat and visited telepathically for some time with Martin.

Then Bitch walked in the direction passing Martin sitting at the desk, thanked him and left the library.

Martin is our kind elder that helped Bitch write. He suggested using question statements to address the things that might help everyone. Does that not sound like it is useful to us?

Thank you, Martin, for helping so much. Your kindness is appreciated a bunch. We love you.

"I'm out for boomin' heavens wits right," Judee say.

That our extraterrestrial family has demonstrated the ability to pull nuclear missiles easily. Understanding this might we not consider how childish Judah is acting in regards to real significant high-level powers?

What about Judah that has plenty and spends their time preventing the starving from getting some bread to eat?

That Judah is doing evictions of the homeless living outside by the riverside. Does that not scream "GENOCIDE?"

Judah, spending all of his time on earth shooting the other children of God. Even reaching out into the heavens trying to shoot the angels too.

Blocking our most useful technology by shooting the scientists that would help bring it in to us. Holding us into sports war every day. Is there not some way that ordinary everyday working people will change this for us?

"It's fabulous castrate I'm doing on man," Judee say.

Is there not yet a suspicion that we may be bald sooner than later from the radioactive dust we are inhaling?

Jew with his heart attacks, his fibers to give us pancreatic cancer. Is pancreatic cancer not one heck of a hard way to go?

Do we not have a consensus yet that Jew has tried to steal us out with his nuclear blast technology?

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," precious Father said.

Are we not yet convinced that Judah is dying us off with his last best shot, nuclear brimstone waste technology from Hitachi-GE?

The way our extraterrestrial elders inform us. Their Meta-transiliatory communication to let us figure out what they are saying to us.

What might we imagine is the message here of 8 lights in the sky over Los Angeles in the shape of a V?

Multiple Unknown Lights Pictured Over Los Angeles
May 25, 2017

The number 8, what could it mean? Something set to happen on the 8th of the month?

Will Labor not end us having to guess when Judah is going to shoot his next attack, STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from them?

Will Labor not give us our good deal with the love of Papa where we get our clean environment in and our $100 trillion dollar economy in 4 years?

Judah taking down our economy in ways that may leave us not able to recover for decades. Must Labor not pull the funding for the fist guy?

Our new society Labor that has no punishment for anyone. Those that took Judee sports checks, forgiven, have mercy, settle it with bourse as elders suggest and we move forward together in peace then. NO shunning or revenge.

Will Labor not please help us right? Will Labor not let Bitch mis set go?

While Father could have tossed Bitch's mis set out, there is no part of false at all in Father"s house. What you see is what you get. No gentle smoothing to convince you that things are other than they are.

"You're rightless, you passed us, we've been pushed out," Judee say.

Even though Judah has pushed themselves out by getting caught red-handed attacking us with their great balls of fire, we remain rightless.

Some historians consider the darks ages began in the 5th century AD because of the loss of rights of the working people then.

No longer the process available that workers had to bring their grievances to a public forum to be addressed. Technology slowed down, lack of development. Lethargy throughout society due to the loss of protection of rights.

Might we see that is precisely the condition that Judah has forced us in to here in the United States of America?

Are we not understanding that Judah is historically a no good force upon his fellow man?

That precious sweet Father let Judah throw himself out. Is there not some way to convince Labor to step into fill the vacuum of power left by Judah going underground?

"WE chose peace with no regrets. The delights of the universe," Elder said. How does that compare with Judah thrills and excitement when he kills a bunch of us?

Will Labor not let the thrills and excitement of animal primitivism go and bring us into the high-level delights of the universe above?

"Try to perceive me I love you. Sooth me. Wake me when they've struck. I want to save your lives. I would have given you anything," precious sweet Father said to us.

That Sir Casper was able to transmute all of the explosive plutonium 239 on earth into non-explosive onium 228 and a half. Must Labor not now get us a new staff and let Judah off right?

"I urge you fall," Judee say.

War is a false, any that disagree? If agreed then why does it go on?

Is it because we are cajoled to let it go on?

The promise, the hope of freedom and liberty. Our good nation state done in by Judah and his royal sports. Will Labor not let them off right?

They didn't want us to have rights from the beginning. Only the persistence of the state delegates got them in for us. The freedom to live and thrive for a better life for all of us. Will Labor not be the force for good that will put our rights in again for us?

The right to do as we wish as long as we are not stepping on someone else's rights.

When there is a question about it, is it not better to have 23 impartial people consider all sides of the question before there is any physical action taken?

Will Labor not put our people's grand juries in?

WE have an insane group that has taken over our nation and our planet too. Jew, in his usual way, wants to take us out with his play. They are bent on destroying us before they are forever away from us.

The Galactic Federation of Light has spared us from nuclear blast war more than once. Now we face dying in a nuclear waste war.

Jew, has he not always existed as an enemy to the rest of God's kids? Did we not get the answer when he attacked us with his thermonuclear bombs?

That we have stood down after being alerted to our imminent mass demise, must we not act before Judah hits us once again?

UFOs flying in trying to wake up God's kids. Judah set to give us a shove from which we may not recover from.

"We have lost white people for all time. We will never harass you again," Judee say.

Might we consider that with our kind and good God's will that when Labor is issuing our money we will never have Judah and his partners sporting us again? Certainly, is it not clear they're done?

Do ordinary working people not yet see the wondrous gift our good God has given to us? What's better than the gift of our lives that Father gave us when His angels let Judah let himself off?

No more insurance sport. No more teasing us. No more of their Hercules, Titan or Minuteman missiles hurtling at us.

No more sky brats in the planes we fly in. No more head-ons to silence us. No more Jewish sauces, no condiment force. Only the love of our good God above to guide us in love.

"I'm a Kaiser, it's fair you're ever afraid to face us. I just feign Jack Benny, I scored you out right," Judee say.

Once you have the concession to issue our money in your hands do we see they'll be no new bosses coming in?

"I'm going to close you up from Plymouth before the end of my time. We have a relationship where Congress seizes you and throws you out," Judee say.

Will Labor not get hold of the issue of our money and let us see just how Congress is serving you and me?

"Jew decept you with our animal, ya, we screwed you in. Official violence I always use because I got money. Without Papa's angels, we can strap you in narrow ways. We push you white sides. We believe in devil's wits to make you die, it's the end of our time," Judee say.

Will Labor not bring Papa's angels in to help guide us right? Will Labor not put our sacred United States Bill of Rights in once again?

Our American Bill of Rights proven so useful that they were able to free a kidnap Labor theft victim of masterhood in 1854.

Our Bill of Rights destroyed by the bench that Judah controls with his paper wrench. Will Labor not take masters tool to make war away from him, the concession to issue our money?

They'll be no new boss coming in, for those that want to know what to do are we not aware that by praying to Father we may receive it?

The telepathic receivers to the East of us that hear our prayers and send them on to the angels to help us. Heard by our kind and good God above.

"You're my scholar," precious sweet Father said to His Bitch.

So off to the library humble Bitch will go to look for more things that are useful to all of Father's children on earth.

Brainiac and Tandem and several other extraterrestrial computers monitor the telepathic transceivers that communicate with earth.

Bitch communicated through the energized telepathic transceiver communications system with a lovely lady from Venus that he had the opportunity to be graced by her presence when she visited him here on earth.

It is a powered telepathic transceiver that when you hear it it is as easy to hear as a radio turned on with a good volume to hear when you are standing near it.


Juliet spoke to Bitch through it in May of 2008. For those that are tuned into our family from space, have some of you not heard "B" singing to us? Is he not a jolly comput

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