"You're Tossing Your Life Form For Dog." 3.23 am Tele Receiv
Wed May 31, 2017 08:09

"You're Tossing Your Life Form For Dog." 3.23 am Tele Receive


This is being written on Wednesday, May 31, so tomorrow will be Thursday, June 1st, 2017. Will we not pray that Labor is on STRIKE Thursday, June 1st?

Can we only wonder how many of us woke out of a sound sleep thinking about what a catastrophe it would be losing our electricity for an extended period of time?

Trump orders nationwide preparation against power grid collapse initiated by cyber warfare
Monday, May 22, 2017 by: JD Heyes

(Natural News) The administration has sent its clearest signal yet that the White House takes seriously mounting cyber threats against American infrastructure, with the issuance of an executive order last week from President Donald J. Trump directing specific federal agencies to prepare for attacks on the nation’s power grids.

An earlier assessment by the Congressional EMP Commission, authored by chairman Dr. Vincent Pry and former CIA Director James Woolsey, found that a major long-term loss of the power grid by an electromagnetic pulse event (sun storm or nuclear attack) would kill nine of 10 Americans within a year if no power were restored.

“The executive order not only requires [Trump’s] departments and agencies to help those critical infrastructure owners and operators, and the most important ones, but to do it in a proactive sense,” Homeland Security Advisor Tom Bossert told reporters last week. “The message is a tilt toward action.”

Photomaineac • 8 days ago
"unforeseen disabling of the electric grid"?

This is why Police departments everywhere have gotten assault vehicles!

Unforeseen my ars!!!


As they already tried to kill 10 out of 10 Americans with their great balls of fire, might killing 9 out 10 Americans not be bad for them?

“The message is a tilt toward action.”

Will Labor not take that advice and tilt toward a general STRIKE action to get the concession to issue our money out of weap Judah's hands?

While looking through the sightings at Filers Files yesterday came across this photo in New York:


Medina — On May 17th 2017, around 7 PM I walked outside on my deck and noticed the southeastern sky was making a twister type cloud. I went and grabbed my camera and took a few pictures and nothing was out of the ordinary.

I went back to the other side of the house and looked up, and yelled to my fiancé. “Look at the sky!!” He also saw this amazing sighting for only two minutes or so, the twister had formed and a blue glowing ball was coming closer and closer.

It appeared and disappeared, being closer every time. The blue glowing ball, or orb, ended up being only about 500 feet higher before it disappeared.
For those of us that have been watching the nuclear missiles that Judah has launched at us, does that picture not appear to be a smoldering missile's warhead smoke trail?

"We then watched and took more pictures because the clouds looked like they had something in them. After it all started to blow over, or break apart… there were smoke like clouds that looked different than any other we have seen, and then they were gone.

We felt extremely exhilarated and excited about what we had seen. We saw these awesome glowing blue orbs in the pictures and we then decided to share the beauty." Thanks to MUFON CMS

Might we see how our kind elders put the blue orbs in the pictures so it would be posted?

"There were smoke like clouds that looked different than any other we have seen, and then they were gone."

Might we be wondering if those smoke clouds that looked different than any other they have seen be due to them coming from a thermonuclear warhead?

Sir Casper transmuted all of Judah's plutonium 239 blast explosive into Onium 228 and a half when he left at the end of April. Might that smoke be from Onium 228 and a half?

"Smoke like clouds that looked different than any other we have seen..."

5 hours of a general STRIKE and all of the threats, the wars, all of the menace of weap Judah will be gone from our world. Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

The intrusions into our power grid purportedly by cyber hackers in Iran. Might we not be wondering if it is weap Judah of Iran that is doing that?

The lynchpin that is holding weap Judah terror machine in worldwide. Are we aware it is American bourse?

While an electronic cyber attack can take down our power grid temporarily, what about physical attacks on the grid itself? Can we wonder how long our power grid will be down then?

With millions of well boursed on American dollars Replicon hybrid transplant shells now hidden inside of America should we not take away the purse so that Judah cannot hire them to take us down?

The burning hatred that Judah has sown against us by using the cruelly manipulated poor to offend our family with war throughout our world.

Are we not figuring he did it so there would be a large number of volunteers inside of America to help take us down when the time is right?

The loss of our life forms. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and try to keep us alive?

"Judee's stupid has to leave because I fumbled you's. Judah is still doing great corruption. Pat's verse gives away my gruesome force reporting that I am totally bad. His mother's psycho has weaped off our force.

I've got a full tank of wolftane true. I'm racing out your full day. Judee superstate you to ruin within the next month. Shrimp is accustoming you guys right. We took the white passage out with anthem.

Our purse ailment failed. I show you a grasshopper to hold you to kill you. Gentlemen surgery I'm leaving just appetitious. Jew has failed your force field to offend. When I bore you with my sucker lunatic I'm Popeye. Within two days it's obvious I'm rolled out of here.

Once you roll me away its sealed my adventure. My idiot's fun out here. We false you racial to put a bad dent on you. I have big rights you cannot perceive are my truth.

Once you STRIKE me my sheriff's out rude. Our statutory is our goosement. The white kid I false with thieval that's how I win. For our soul roll time our fist is out. I'm fearing them all rights.

With exposure, I raped your sight. We're now seeing a committee of Druid. I just get the see eye to fair me. You ever have been abolished. My insurance and Parliament types hold in my management.

I have excitement Jupus you electricity. Our force is out now for our big op. My scandals cite you. Jew force make you die as cattle. We ever take you out with nice division. Petty louse you to score rate you.

English fish I fully fun away, that's how I break you. I had a summons to hold you but bourse on Bourgeois I stink. We're passed for breaking all the rules. I always cite you as an Allie of our state so I can use you for some bruisen'.

I have Drupid insurance so I have a plentiful house. Druid failed war force so I show people you're rimpous. Forever I've died your nipple separation. Judas shot your force grease. I had a right to you so I pushed it, that was my biggest error," Judee say.

The button they pushed because they had a right to us. Will Labor not take the money issue away from them and end their right to us?

"We're now seeing a committee of Druid."

With the committee of Druid not step in and STOP THE WAR?

Every terrain on planet earth they dominate with their hybrid Replicon transplant shell creations. Might we understand that is the reason why planet earth is in war all of the time?

If we can see the war maker of our species, weap Judah, can we not act with the love of God and take our money away from them all?

Have the angels our good God sent in not magnified Judah's imperfections enough that ordinary working men and women will not act and take the authority to issue our money away from them NOW?

"I fear them all rights," Judee say.

The terrorism that is at the root of Judah rule. Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from them and end the terror rule they put in?

Whites are dumb to Jew physical force we put in, that's our chappy. We mentalize booministic, war gave us our theory. Once I put a peril on you and your kid you fall off rightly. My great shear with Germany let us all fall insure. You're our mulch died.

I fail you with great corporation checks. My business side gives me freedom to op fist. Whenever we purchase you you always have a big diamond that we casual in. Forever I have Jew molest. Forever you over fail my Judah-pop horn," Judee say.

Tele receives:

"Uncle Pat warned you right. 6.47 pm

A sleep loss, the next kills. 2.12 am

An energy loss will break us here. 2.14 am

A racial thief is going to fist you off this planet. 2.16 am

Obviously busted your kids rageously. 2.18 am

The British will fall out your life forces. 2.20 am

With police, you're fit to be tied. 2.23 am

Patrick's deal rights us. 2.24 am

Loss of mechanicals must yield. 2.26 am

Oh, my god, the industrialists failed us.

Stupid age, stupid elves. 2.27 am

You paralyze yourselves. 2.29 am

Real life frosting out. 2.30 am

All around us they're playing with us.

Stupid mentaled really scare us. 2.31 am

Let's desire to win. 2.32 am

They're closing us yentals.

They're folding us vicious.

Tragedy will munch us. 2.33 am

Guarantee they are fascist fashion. 2.35 am

They are truly smoking us rightful. 2.38 am

Your life is coming to an end. 2.40 am

Treason reels the righteous. 2.41 am

The homey has failed us racially. 2.42 am

They toss us bad. 2.49 am

STRIKE THEM OUT, get another police force.

They desperate us badly. 2.50 am

Tight fails. 2.51 am

They're closing out cite you. 2.52 am

They took out cannabis to march you. 2.53 am

Sports rape us. 2.54 am

Our whole family is tossed out here. 2.55 am

They just admonish you. 2.56 am

They're screwing us up erasable. 2.58 am

We die Frisco fistally. 3.01 am

Insurance was part of their appetizing. 3.16 am

Patrick, they falsified outrageous so they could shoot us. 3.17 am

This field is wiping out your life form. 3.18 am

They're forcing here real tight-fully. 3.19 am

Ghettos break our will. 3.20 am

Testicle force breaks us right in Viceroy. 3.25 am

They won us fiendish. 3.27 am

The Soviets are on real cot. 3.30 am

They like to hose us horny. 3.32 am

We lost our vitals vicious here. 3.35 am

Oh, my God, that will have us out. 3.38 am

It's over with disgracefully. 3.40 am

Die your falsing. 3.45 am

They're raping us thief. 3.47 am

Portage failed. 3.49 am

Their truth is really rifling. 3.50 am

You're tossing your life form for dog. 3.53 am

Imperative they cite force us. 3.54 am

STRIKE tomorrow. 3.56 am

Thank you. 3.57 am

A prejudice fails you. 4.41 am

Their fouls rate. 5.00 am

Your right false deal muffles your sources. 5.10 am

Cable pulling you out. 5.38 am

It's a tenement hold. 5.43 am

STRIKE THEM OUT for Auschwitz. 5.45 am

Ostrich is a thief. 5.46 am

Failed to sports riding. 5.47 am

ORGANIZE to dump shooting. 6.27 am

Slave rules. 6.48 am

Bitchie you fail for fit. 6.55 am

Judah jails our right fish. 7.04 am

He's warring corrupt weird. 7.30 am

They made our conscience fall weapatory. 7.55 am

Take them out of disguise. 7.56 am

We're nervous. 8.01 am

Patrick fails you rightfully dead. 8.11 am

They sport us rabid. They sport us rabbit." 8.23 am

"We're nervous." The Tele sender said.

For those that are nervous will we not pray to precious sweet Father up above for the courage to STRIKE THEM OUT?

Psalm 25:15
My eyes are always on the LORD, for he rescues me from the traps of my enemies.

Will we not keep our eyes on our good Lord to get us free from the trap of weap Judah eternal sports war?

I am the Lord, I have called you to open the eyes that are blind, to bring out the prisoners from the dungeon, from the prison those who sit in darkness. Isaiah 42:6,7

Remember those who are in prison, as though you were in prison with them; those who are being tortured, as though you yourselves were being tortured. Hebrews 13:3

Will Labor not remember the prisoners that are being tortured on our dollar bill and bring them out as is our good Lords will?

"The prisons have ruined my children. Let the fishies roam free," sweet Father said.

"We suffered you guys lives pushed off as fall. Shagging you out filthy. I lost my theft room. I false you for my life. Fought you viral. I fed you offend. I took your settlement by taking your rights away. I'm the boss until capture.

I butt you out of range. I severed you big time. I punish you with military force. I just smoke your mental to leave you. My hope is all perceived. Once we set you up appetize we can do anything.

I move inside you, that's my accomplishment. I did some foul pedals with GM. We cancel you cautious. Everyone we capture with a mercherous eye we take out. The professor has stepped in and given you the right to proceed," Judee say.

Will Labor not reach out for the love of our good God that is with us and STOP THE WAR?

America with our creation of great wealth. Will labor not set us right by only using it for peace?

The guy weap Judah that set us with his terrorist act. Will Labor not let them off right with their act?

ADRIEN ARCAND, Canadian political leader in New York Speech, October 30, 1937 "There is nothing else in Communism -- a Jewish conspiracy to grab the whole world in their clutches; and no intelligent man in the world can find anything else, except the Jews, who rightly call it for themselves a "paradise on earth."

Jews are eager to bring Communism, because they know what it is and what it means. It is because Communism has not been fought for what it really is -- a Jewish scheme invented by Jews -- that it has progressed against all opposition to it.

We have fought the smoke-screen presented by Jewish dialecticians and publicists, refusing to fight the inventor, profiteer, and string-puller.

Because Christians and Gentiles have come to fear the Jews, fear the truth, and they are paralyzed by the paradoxical slogans shouted by the Jews."

Might that partially explain why Labor has as of yet not let them off right, might it be the paradoxical slogans shouted by Jews that has paralyzed us here?

The way they claim they stump our wit. Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from then and end their hit?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," precious sweet Father said.

Will Labor not help us to leave them and their sport of war off of us?

We the simian children of God on planet earth. Have we sensed the significance of the fact that we are only one of 1300 nurseries that our good God has children growing up in?

If only we will see who we really are will we not STOP THE WAR?

200,000 years now with our high intelligence 223 psychiatric genetics. Will we not use them to see the truth that we were made to love one another, never harm each other?

The guy with his war machine and prison houses. Will Labor not let them off right?

The ultimate removal of us from life. Are we understanding Judah claimed that as his right?

Judah rushed us into the nuclear age. Are we perceiving that was so he could sweep us away?

He's lost his field for his rushed attempted blast attack of us. Will Labor not help us to get the rest of him off of us?

"It's all a vicious scheme." 10.02 am

The promise and hope of the land of the free, America on our most sacred Bill of Rights. Turned by weap Judah into a vicious militarized racket to sell uniforms and kill God's kids.



The thought of our loss of life form that would have happened in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, if our good God had not sent His angels in to protect us.

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