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A Letter To My Graduating Class of 1971 from Will P. Wilson.
Thu Jun 1, 2017 09:29

http://yt3.ggpht.com/-LdG6V3MaaUo/AAAAAAAAAAI/AAAAAAAAAAA/SgMAf5-Cyk4/s100-c-k-no-mo-rj-c0xffffff/photo.jpg - May 31, 2017 To Nancy Whiteman and to the class of 71, North Shore Country Day School NSCDS Alumni Office - http://www.nscds.org -
(Winnetka Illinois.) from Will P. Wilson - Thank you Nancy and the North Shore Country Day School Alumni Office for sending to me the e-mail missive pertaining to and outlining our recent class of 1971 Class Reunion.

I am now living in the state of Arkansas.

I am in the process of trying to put my life back together after I was able to actually escape from the crime State of Washington after having been an extreme target of the crime families who have control of that part of this country after the entities there completely destroyed my life there and my life time of work.

Our country is in serious circumstances at this time and I would have greatly hoped that I could have attended the class reunion and seen my former classmates. I have been forced to literally escape that part of our country and I am now trying to attend the University of Arkansas in Fort Smith in order to finish up my undergraduate degree in Educational Media and these same parties who played a key part in the destruction of my life are worried about my possibly being able to get back on my feet financially.

This matter also sadly includes my younger brother Thomas Scott Wilson who my father had handed to him several hundred million dollars and this brother is alleged has and still is also allegedly playing a key part in trying to keep me from getting back on my feet due to his and the criminal elements in the Northwest having fear of what they had done to destroy an extensive research program that I had built that in part pertained to my having written nine books for the U.S. Senate on the JFK Investigation that had included my working with the former lead investigator on the Kennedy Assassination for the U.S. Senate Robert E. Lee Lewis (Bob on the Job) who had been unlawfully detained in 1999 for only doing his job of investigating the current organized criminal elements that directly linked the Bush Crime Family to global guns for drugs, and a worldwide human trafficking operation and child pedophile network that also linked the Clinton's and other major figureheads and billionaires.

When they had illegally detained Bob in 1999 whereof, Bob was disappeared into their Federal Detainment system and he has never been seen and or heard from again.

When I had traveled to Texas in 1999 to retrieve my vehicle that I had loaned to U.S. Senate Investigator Robert E. Lee Lewis to do his investigatory work, and then when I had returned I had found that my entire lifetime of work and everything that I had owned was forged to a Trust by a Rochelle Parask, a legal assistant named Vance Beaudreau and his boss who is a Houston Texas Law Firm owner named Joe Izen who is alleged was working with a Mr, Michael Kunath and his trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations due to his father being Jessie Sessions who had been one of the former heads of these Rockefeller and Rothschild globalist criminal operations.

(Rohelle Parask's Two Mafia-CIA operatives named Terry Heston and Bill Schroeder who are both (Admitted) CIA trained lock smiths with the CIA's provided to them handheld automated lock picking technologies and who both work for the Mob owned towing companies in Seattle King County were able to enter into my home at random and bypass the ADT electronic security with their provided to them electronic jamming CIA applications at my former home that they stole that was located at 22025 Redmond Way, Redmond, Washington and then steal all of my car and banking account records and titles and estate information and who played a key part in stealing all of my property and my vehicles.

Another party working with Rochelle Parask was an operative named Simpson. Rochelle Parask worked with the Texas Lawyer Joe Izen and his legal assistant Vance Beaudreau who used a Trust (The William P. Wilson Enterprise Trust.) with my name on it that had nothing to do with me and everything that I had owned and I had worked for was stolen by these people who were working in conjunction with my former wife Jennifer Ann Cohn, and the financial adviser Michael S. Kunath and his Jesuit networked Governmental Intelligence people that had this criminal as had well also included the former Northwest head of the National Security Agency a Mr. Jim Morse.

They stole one hundred and ninety thousand dollars from Lincoln Investment Account located in Ballard Washington, they stole three hundred and ninety thousand dollars from another investment account including the sale of my home in Redmond and the Northwest Judicial System in Federal District Court that had been resided by Federal Judge Coughenhour and as well as the Superior Court Doerty and then the Superior Court Judge Lasnik (Seattle) before he became a Federal Judge Lasnik all just simply threw my cases in the waste basket and erased my cases where I was trying to get my property and my assets back.

The entire Northwest is a Crime Syndicate disguised as a State. Please be made aware of this. An armed military needs to enter this state and clean it out.

Thus these criminal parties stole all of my assets at that time while they were also using electronic weapons technologies on me to disable my mind in order to enable them be able to steal all of my assets that had in part at that time that had also been being held under the management of the Seattle First National Bank and Bank of America the bank's financial management officer a Mr. Sam Theissen until the year of 1996. They continued to steal my assets with advanced electronic access and other means until 1999 while also paying off people with my stolen assets. Maybe my King County Superior Court, and Western District Federal Court records might even be possibly retrievable but I truly doubt this due to the now understood fact that the entire State of Washington is a Criminal Syndicate run by Mafia and Jesuit Crime Families. The State of Washington is run and owned by a crime syndicate the likes of what most people could never be able to comprehend.

They destroyed my life and made sure that I would never be able to get back on my feet financially.

Our entire Judicial System is only being used to serve these crime families and to destroy people that they decide are not a part of their global agenda.

I literally escaped that crime state with only the shirt on my back.

They are worried that I will someday bring justice back upon them.

I still did though, against all odds managed to produce more the two thousand one hour educational documentary TV programs at the Seattle Community Media (http://www.SeattleCommunityMedia.org - http://www.MediaCific.com - http://www.YouTube.com/WillPWilson - http://www.FaceBook.com/WillPWilson - http://www.Twitter.com/AllDayLive -

A colleague of mine an ambassador Dr. William B. Mount had the president of the Russian Republic Medvedev grant me an honorary Doctorate in Social Sciences since he has been watching my TV programs on-line for more then fifteen years and had been following my many news reports and my extensive research in alternative energy research for more then three decades since my having worked with the heads of the JPL and Dr. Richard Benson, and other world recognized scientists like that of Dr. Yull Brown, the creator of Browns Gas

Thereof, I and my colleagues Michael Wells Mandeville and Gary Hawkins in the 1990s were instrumental in developing the Browns Gas Plasma Technology to not only transmute the elements and neutralize Nuclear Material where we were further able to develop Water Plasma Nuclear Decontamination Technologies that at this time is very critical to continue to try get our world to realize that our entire planet is currently in a global extinction event due to the serious current Fukushima Nuclear Contamination that has now made extinct more then five thousand plant and animal species in the Pacific Ocean and I am not finding any help and or support on this. Reference - http://www.ENENews.com -

I am at this time attempting to get my life re started here in Arkansas as that I am surviving on a one thousand dollar a month Vietnam Veterans Pension. I had originally enlisted in the Marine Corp in 1967 after I had completed the Culver Military Academy Officers Candidate program in 1967.

My actual original military records are considered above top secret and I have been watched over by the Dept of Defense for most of my life as that my memory was erased but I was informed that I had received the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1971 at Khe Sanh. If I had not been protected by the highest level of our Dept of Defense I would have been surely murdered by the crime families in the Northwest.

willpwilson 908 Arrest the Satanic Crime Families of Washington State Now? Sat Feb 11, 2017 -
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While the sheep are sleeping, the predators move in - http://www.iahf.com/usa/20010506.html - http://www.apfn.org/apfn/sheep.htm - http://www.apfn.org/apfn/aniskull.gif -

I was instrumental in creating under the license from the Internic to create the National Yellow pages indexes in the GTE and the US West telephone directories in 1991 and I had at that time then helped Jeff Bezos to create Amazon.com and Mark Zuckerburg to create Facebook.com and I have considered that in part they the crime families had to have my records destroyed due to knowing that Bezos never paid me and or my colleagues Mike Mandeville and or Gary Hawkins for what we did to help Bezos to create Amazaon.com, and Mark Zuckerburg to create Facebook.com they didn't want me to have recourse to come back at them let alone their stealing everything that I had owned and worked for my entire lifetime.

It is truly amazing that I am still alive to even write this e-mail missive to you and to my former classmates.

Major judgement is coming to this country and to these criminals.

Give my best regards to the rest of our class and if you want to take it upon yourself to copy this message to them then please do.

If any our classmates are interested in working with me to develop what I am working on at this time then please let them
know that any help and concern is highly appreciated.

The University of Arkansas are now denying to me my student financial aid program on a convoluted decision that I am no longer eligible to receive Federal Student Aid and my younger brother Tom Wilson is also denying my being able to seek student funding from the Wilson Family Educational Trust that my brother Thomas is the managing trustee of it and he is even denying that this trust even exists yet he takes it upon himself to brag to people that he manages a billion dollar Wilson Family Trust.

Yes, my own younger brother sits on hundreds of millions of dollars and he cannot even try to help his older brother after his brother has been targeted by organized crime elements.

We are indeed in a time of serious judgement.

Sincerely (Dr.) Will P. Wilson - Please Reference my previous correspondence to a Colleen Perry who is the editor and the publisher of the B-Savvy Magazine in Fort Smith Arkansas.

May 15, 2017 To Colleen Perry, Publisher & Editor, and to Candise Montemayor, Managing Editor - (http://bsavvymagazine.com/) from Will P. Wilson. I hope to call your office phone number today - (479) 653 - 1221 - to follow through with what we had discussed at the Fort Smith Chamber of Commerce Employment and Business Conference 10 days ago at the Fort Smith Convention Center concerning the B-Savvy Magazine program considering and focusing on the developing of an effective and dynamic on-line and interactively archived, indexed, streamed and Federally Copyrighted media infrastructure for this region and area of Arkansas. - I will look forward to further discussing this perspective and possibly future endeavor with you and your Fort Smith Chamber of Commerce magazine. Thank you and sincerely, Will P. Wilson - willpwilson@gmail.com - (206) 383 - 4817 -

April 23, 2017 I have been producing broadcast and educational media for more then thirty five years and an investigative journalist, author, research scientist, and business founder for the same amount of time. .

http://www.MediaCific.com - I am a published author journalist, having published many thousands of news reports and more then two thousand one hour educational Public Access TV programs and many published research reports, business plans, marketing plans playing a key part for example in the authoring of the 1990 1991 U.S. Senate Organic Farm Bill, and thus also playing a key part in the creation of what are today some very big companies like the American Spirit Tobacco Company and other now worldwide recognized companies.

I also have an extensive scientific research background - mediacific alldaylive willpwilson - https://www.google.com/#q=mediacific+alldaylive+willpwilson

I was involved with the founding of what are today some very successful businesses and had the first licensing from the Internic in 1991 to create the first National Yellow Page Indexes in the GTE and USWest Telephone books. Please get back to me if I can be of help with any of your media and journalism projects, and sales and marketing.

Sincerely, Will P. Wilson willpwilson@gmail.com - (206) 383 - 4817 I can probably help your company media projects in many ways.

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May 05, 2017 To Colleen Perry, Publisher & Editor, and to Candise Montemayor, Managing Editor - (http://bsavvymagazine.com/) from (Dr.) Will P. Wilson, television producer, writer, author, journalist, research scientist, and co-founder of several global enterprises and research programs., (http://www.MediaCific.com) -

Colleen, I am greatly honored to have had the chance to talk with you today at the Fort Smith Chamber of Commerce Employment and Business conference at the Fort Smith Convention Center.

I will look forward to talking with you further on the very good possibility that i may be able to work with you and the leading edge people who contribute to the B-Savvy Magazine to develop an effective and leading edge media program in ways that it would make sense to talk with you about what maybe can transcend in this area.

Thereof, in a focus that may in fact help the State of Arkansas and this part of the country in commerce and media and lead the nation in economic development in ways not yet known but that can and that will be soon. .
From the architecting of a highly creative and innovative

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