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"They Closed You Rightfully. Bourse Jailed Your Head." Thos
Fri Jun 2, 2017 10:56

"They Closed You Rightfully. Bourse Jailed Your Head."

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives. That we are funding war and genocide has Judah not closed us right?

"Your white past will fight you and leave me with an olive branch," Judee say.

That we are now right less people and Judah has us funding and fighting his sports war. Will we not take the olive branch for ourselves and let the fight be seen upon Judah that tricked white into funding and fighting his sports war?

Will Americans not STRIKE THEM OUT and liberate ourselves from Judah's eternal war upon the children of God on earth?

"Bookish rules closed them up, visually you're letting them hold themselves in." 1.03 pm

If we go by the book isn't being attacked by those who claim they are doing everything they can to protect us not a cause of action to close them out for fraud?

Are we not accepting as true that we exist at this moment due only to the love of our good God that sent His angels in to protect us from the nuclear blast extinction weap of Judah?

If we understand that we have been falsed and attacked in a surprise manner to die us all off in the middle of the night are we not duty bound as sentient Beings to act with due diligence and close the Jewish genocide tyranny up?

Have we not gotten enough of a clear picture of what Judah does once he gets hold of the bourse of a nation that we will not STRIKE THEM OUT NOW?

The "ontological difference" that Judah claims exists between them and us. Will Labor not grasp common sense and courage to act collectively and disarm them now?

Their staging terror events so that they can have a bunch of uniforms walking around sticking guns in our faces. Will Labor not reject their methods of intimidation and get them out NOW?

Contrary to what Judah says will the Druid not demonstrate he is dutiful and can save himself from the terroristic mental control of weap Judah?

Our kind, precious sweet Father that wants all of His children to live in peace. Is it not wondrous how Father had his angels let Judah expose his true self to us?

Of all the people that Judah hates, and that is all of us, are we not fully aware that it is the mild man of the north that he hates the most?

By forcing us to go to war generation after generation. Have not yet figured out his route to scoring us good yet?

The Wall Street sports. Will Labor not let them off of us right?

The financiers of Adolph Hitler and every other political huckster that has appeared in our world. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

The General Labor STRIKE and the end of them huckstering on our blood. Will Labor not give us our STRIKE to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?

England held by the Organizing Principle of Society since 1694 in Judah hands. America held by the Organizing Principle of Society since 1913 in Judah hands.

"The rats are micing." 4.24 am

The "hoi polloi" the ancient Greeks called us. The many of us, the majority. Now with no rights at all. Only those that control the issue of our money have rights.

Might we understand that Judah puts in widespread poverty as his business model as a way to strip us of our God-given rights?

Judah on zipper. Will Labor not end financing his war on us? Must Labor not end funding his warons?

Breeding his loveless cipher into every terrain. Setting his sights on getting us to fight with each other. Will Labor not let them off right?

Missed us with his blast due only to the love of God for us. Shooting us with his waste to leave us ruined while he is sitting safely inside his mountain hotels.

While Judees cipher will be died off in his tunnel death, his tissue will live on to recreate itself with a new cipher given time.

We on the other hand, the hoi polloi, stuck on the surface, face loss of not only our ciphers but our tissue too. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and give us a better deal here?

Tele receives:

"Get it. 12.01 pm

Great false died errant. 12.06 pm

Trip them out for their centrifugal way.

Jew shoot us title, Jew shoots us diapers. 1.08 pm

Sadistic life function here, make it go away. 2.09 pm

This white guy is telling you they're rolling you to death. 2.21 pm

Pet future. 3.18 pm

Raid Jewish. 3.19 pm

You've been loused for real. 3.20 pm

Income just you. 3.21 pm

Abusive failed usage. 3.24 pm

You either STRIKE THEM OUT or you died yourself. 3.27 pm

They're falsing a cage rule here.

Let's win! 3.36 pm

Patrick, our rights are falling investor investive.

Snatchin' has failed. 3.37 pm

With civil rights, they bore us.

You're tossing out yourself enemy. 3.52 pm

Wing tips.

Patrick wakes us to a new see. 5.11 pm

Filthes sight shot this place racket. 5.16 pm

You're wasting out your sanity goldfish like. 5.43 pm

Judah failed you ISIS sport.

Imaging holds slaves.

Defend yourselves. 2.03 am

Windsors died for cash. 2.04 am

Make the surplus go to zoo fish. 2.05 am

They closed you rightfully. 2.06 am

Patrick save this field. 2.07 am

Bourse failed right to compass. 2.58 am

Bourse jailed your head. 2.59 am

TPTBAYDN. 3.00 am

Simp us fail us. 3.01 am

They went missile for percent. 3.03 am

Patrick warned us here of their jealousy. 3.04 am

Their offend is capable of dying us here.

Horse rate. 3.15 am

Very abusive you're hoisting out yourself here. 3.30 am

It's an awesome fail. 3.42 am

You ever lost to their college win. 5.33 am

They're sporting us out of existence. 5.57 am

Stupid failed us on treason lunch hour. 6.15 am

We've been tossed, the bridge has failed." 6.53 am

"You stumbled bad abuse, they sure touch. A lethal strike is legalous.

Industry involving Jew bigot dies you citizenly."

Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris, for those messages today.

"You failed, they're stuffing you's fantastic." 6.57 am

Could it be that the ordinary everyday people do not yet perceive how seriously we have been harmed?

And how seriously have we been harmed? Is it believable that the majority of us may not be around in only a few years from now? Is that not a pretty serious harm?

"I'm going to switch you all," Judee say.

As Judah has always won against the mild people of the north, both Druid and Slavic, should we not try to focus on what Judah has set us for here?

"I leave you federalized so I can manage you with passport thug. Germany's rights set me on the top. With chorizo I always did ricin. For my whole time, I've had a felon industry, that's clear. I mal contempt you greasy.

I closed you rhinosphere here completely. Tranquility is lost through uniforms. I take your life through perjury. Bonus on grease keeps our Euro-auto Finch in. Jew force Jamaicous now thrown out.

My Judee's over now for my cinch. 3 people in Iowa I sport burlesque dumb. We're raping off your life as victim. With no rights, municipals can fail you. We fouled your whole environment off, I'm not usable, too failed.

We threw you away with right fables. I'm pugilistic, we blew all ciphers. We promise you our fool hates here. I'm bad fear. With my sheriff I do quite fisty battle functions. I suffer you this week a fool payer," Judee say.

Can we only try to guess what Judee calls "fool payers" are set to have to suffer this week? The continuous bombings and shootings in our world. Are we not aware they are most all being funded by American Labor?

If we understand this must we not lift the siege of our world by taking the concession to use our money away from weap Judah?

The bridge set us to be destroyed first with blast and now with waste. Blast we could do nothing about and only the love of our good God has kept us in.

WE can do something about the waste war that Judah is waging against us. We know we will do something about it sooner or later. If we know this, can we not do something right NOW before we have anymore destruction of our environment?

The lethal poisoning of our air. Our rhino-sphere that Judah closed. Our nose he is attacking with poisoned air. Will Labor not take the paper away from these deadly guys and gals?

The Soviets, not unlike Americans, trained on Jew paper, are ready to carry out attacks upon America directed by Wall Street.

Will American Labor not give us a RISE here and take the authority to issue our money away from the Jews?

How many Jewish nuclear wars need we survive before we awake to the mercy from above that has spared our lives?

Judah on Principal. Must Labor not take the threat away? Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end Lucifer's astounding success?

"Our shark is fair. I just fist you obsolete with a horny barb. Nemator, I always put my hand to sin. The Jew regime is canceled for my cancering jest your whole state. You lost your life from my big crimmen. Our traffic life has given us more cements.

With a grand jury, I ever put in a favorous. The United States I exposed to some Jew genital core truth, we're pushing out America right. We're circling you to mush. On my infant side, I'm a desk op.

I got some bourse, I'm gonna hike you, I'm gonna out your kid. I'm a stalker here, I'm coring the state dead. I'm going to use Russia to hold you. Your whole country I'm going to do in 4 hours and roll you back in time.

A mighty man I have suffered, I intend to take out your whole house. I stump Irishman for mere rule. H----- rate us spoof fish that have no identity. Your strike for vigilance will smash our day. We weap your head on nudee false and then Bitch made an appearance and made us fall right.

Hail advisement, I'm a Jew that wants you bankrupt. I got 40 people belief, obviously, professor don't follow our belief, the 40 were congressional right. Bitch is on my heritage for my mincing. For Southtown I'm dead, it was my big force. I'm a chisel on graft here.

Our genie is out because of the courage of a right man that took us away. Druid we just falsed your state and took you totally out. Our purple eyes were Bitch optiment, and tossed; because of Patrick our fight is done," Judee say.

Will Labor not put our civil rights in and end prison camp investors rights?

"Your Requiem, I'm sad we're terminated right," Judee say.

Will Labor not take over the issue of bourse into your safe hands and let the criminal cipher off of us right?

The numerous people that get shot and stabbed in America. Are we not aware most are due to free bourse in Judah hands?

Jew wants to sell a new prison that he claims we need to take the dangerous guys off the street. And how does he market his new prisons? Have we not seen how he hires his hoods to shoot a bunch of us up?

Are we seeing one of the many ways that Judah has available to him to prevent us from having our rights served by useful and true lawyers?

Once the authority to issue our money is out of the hands of Judah are we seeing that we can be served by our useful and true people?

Judah, closed by the book but still holding himself in on the visual and the vowels he speaks to Labor people.

Will we not keep praying to God to give Labor the courage to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?

"I'm completely failed," Judee say.

The stabbings on a train recently. The shooting of a train conductor. Are we perceiving Judee ops? The vegetablizer that Judah slips to us that makes us fight. Will Labor not end funding Judah chemical life?

The love of precious sweet Father that welcomes us in. Will Labor not take us to the side of our good God and let Judah off of here right?

Plane crashes, train crashes, the cars and trucks that slam into us. Accidents or something else? Can we only wonder how many are ops disguised to look like accidents?

As to the Uber driver that was stabbed, did he die from the stab or something else after he arrived at the ricepital?

With our grand juries in are we aware that we will have the ability to know the truth?

The incredible brutality that Judah so enjoys. Will Labor not end buying him toys?

His big toys he attacked us with in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011. Nearly 6 years ago in a few days.

Will Labor not go by the book and set the visuals and vowels Judah says about Bitch aside and take the authority to issue our money away from him?

"SCORE!" Just heard Judee say at 8.58 am

Will Labor not end funding Judah's score of God's kids?

"I perped you over right false. I deserted you's hustling. We chromed them finch. We've already stumbled and fell for our rage," Judee say.

Their rage and anger at us that drove them for thousands of years to seek us out and die us off.

Will Labor not listen to the love of our good God above and try to save us from their brimstone nuclear waste rage?

"Despairing us you lost your life form, you lost your license to dumb." 9.19 am

Might we consider that due to their inability to accommodate others that they have lost their corporate charter to operate here now?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," God Almighty on high said.

Bitch beside himself that he has not been able to bring Labor to act to help us yet. His humble apologies not good enough to overcome Judee terror mechanisms.

Though from reverse speech we know Druid has his committee now meeting. Will we not pray that Labor will act and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"If you don't get Jewish out this beautiful nation will be destroyed," An angel that Father sent in informed us.

Judah now has his players all boursed up to take our mechanicals out. To separate us into a Balkanized America. Multiples of countries instead of one.

Different countries across America. Turning us backwards to an earlier time. To take away our wealth from us.

The reverse speech that Bitch has found reveals they intend to have us finished off by the end of June now.

All branches of their Pentagon war machine have attacked us. The foreign troops and police they have set to bring in now. Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from international weap Judah?

To save our physical lives will Labor not STOP THE WAR?


God bless you, God bless us all. thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Friday, June 2 Psalm 71:918a Proverbs 24; 2 Corinthians 6:318 In the day of my trouble I seek the Lord; in the night my hand is stretched out without wearying. Psalm 77:2 Paul wrote: May the Lord direct your hearts to the love of God and to the steadfastness of Christ. 2 Thessalonians 3:5 Father, we are wholly dependent on you. Through every stage of life, we need your eternal presence. Amen.
5.28 pm

Bitch reported for the last two days now that he was reading RS that indicated the Druid committee was meeting to put a strike together.

Bitch found in some reverse speech today what seemed to be indications that one of the Druid's that is serving to bring on the strike has suffered a heart attack.

"It's so obvious he had a heart attack.

With a heart attack we stumbled some."

Both of those are news reporter comments.

He also found other reverse speech that indicated Bitch's boo boos have stopped the strike so far.

"My pooch let me catastrophe scare you. With a dog I actually incite you hopeless to keep you all confused. Our sports failed the Irishman's words."

Bitch also found that the planned attack on us is being financed by Germany and has an Italy component.

"Our site from Naples is perishing you off Thursday. Our Russian on Marks is going to penalize you, that's how I hold you."

There also were a couple of RS in the evening international news concerning the intervention by our elders from the Federation:

"You were invited to get off Jerusalem, now we do a big fold. Atlantis came in to help you and they pulled our big fist off of you, because of our purity fist Patrick wins."

The players also know that their plot is known now. Here is one RS:

"Our Bolshevik cover is dead."


And here is an interesting RS read from the subconscious of a weap Judee broadcaster:


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    • "They Closed You Rightfully. Bourse Jailed Your Head." Thos — Patrick Sullivan, Fri Jun 2 10:56
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