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"Peace Will Gentle. Mercury Ends Fairing You Soon." Those a
Sat Jun 3, 2017 08:12

"Peace Will Gentle. Mercury Ends Fairing You Soon."

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives.

Peace, the one thing never known to the mild people of the north since Judah arrived with his zipper boys.

Certain of their purpose in life, to be born, molest the rest of God's kids and pass it on to the next bunch of zipper boys.

Certain that abuse is a right they possess. An exclusive privilege they give to themselves.

Bitch had a happy dream last night. One of his friends came to him real happy because he realized that the things Judee had told him Bitch said about him were false.

Might we consider how Judee lies to set people apart?

Is it not something how with lies Judah has the mild man of the north insulting and assaulting Mohamed for sport?

Mild man on Judah fist drove over 60 million people into homelessness on other shores.

Mighty we understand why Judah forces poverty in when he gets on top?

When our children have the tuition available for a couple of years of schooling to afford them the opportunity to gain the basic knowledge they need to earn a lifetime of income, much chance they will harm their brothers and sisters anymore? Probably not.

When the existence stipend is available, much chance there will be many signing up to march to Judah's band? Seems unlikely, doesn't it?

Yet with Judah holding the authority to issue checks against American Labor do we see the big dollars needed for bribes to set the bombs off worldwide are still being written?

The bomb set off in Manchester England the other day. And could you believe that is the hometown of the founder of Scotland Yard and the British metropolitan police?

Sir Robert Peel
The English statesman Sir Robert Peel (1788-1850) served as prime minister during 1834-1835 and 1841-1846. He played an important role in modernizing the British government's social and economic policies and sponsored the repeal of the Corn Laws in 1846.

Robert Peel was born on Feb. 5, 1788, at Chamber Hall, Bury, Lancashire, close to the cotton mills that had made his father's immense fortune. The elder Peel had become one of the greatest manufacturers in England.

Sir Robert intended his son for the governing class, and he gave him an aristocratic education at Harrow and at Christ Church, Oxford.

The Bullion Committee was set up in order to research the possibility of putting Britain onto the gold standard and how to carry it out. Sir Robert Peel was the chairman of the Bullion Committee. He managed to place Britain on the gold standard two years earlier than planned.

And, in the Metropolitan Police Act of 1829, Peel laid the foundations of a modern professional police force. This act established the London police force, whose members were called, after him, "Peelers" or "Bobbies."

Did we note the source of wealth, the cotton mills that had made his father's immense fortune?

And what might that have to do with forming the police department? Do we recall the first police in the south were slave catchers to return the escaped workers back to picking cotton?

And what do we have with the Met and Scotland yard other than they are running around America kidnapping and shooting us for Parliament and the Palace sports?

Will American Labor not help us to send the peelers home?

Might we note that Sir Robert was involved in putting the money supply on the gold standard in 1823?

And what is the significance of that?

Might we recall it was by putting the gold standard in America in 1873 that the concession to issue our money effectively was transferred from the Democratic hands of Congress into the hands of private bankers?

The "Crime of 73" it was known as. In 1873 it took away the great utility of the full faith and credit greenback dollar that President Lincoln put in in 1862.

Might we consider that the gold standard of its time was the equivalent of today's Master Judah Federal Reserve Bank holding the concession to issue money in their private hands?

Might we see our entire police war-fighting state apparatus is merely a disguised labor racketeering operation of welfare slave catchers, cages and 10 dollar words to confuse and confound us?

Whether we agree or not, is it not perfectly clear that when they went into the age of permanent nuclear war fighting sport they let themselves off of here great?
You cannot fight against the future. Time is on our side.

Might we see Judah plan to outwit Gladstone by us not being here in the future as his way to fight against time?

Is American Labor understanding that each day we fund war and genocide for weap Judah to shoot on our family worldwide we also are taking our future away as he shoots us the silent invisible way with Jewish X-rays?

With brimstone nuclear waste closing in on us might we wonder how much time is on our side now?

That we have allowed sinners to rule us in America. Do we not see how they have set us to die out with the world against us for our sins against our family on this planet? Do we not sense that time may not be on our side now?
We are bound to lose Ireland in consequence of years of cruelty, stupidity, and misgovernment and I would rather lose her as a friend than as a foe.

Might that not be said by Americans losing the world?

"Cruelty, stupidity and misgovernment."

Will American Labor not take the bourse away from them and end the nuclear war fighting slave catcher misrule of King Cotton?

The collaboration of Judah with the master class for the perpetration of the predatory exploitation of the Labor resource. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT, take the concession to issue our money away from them and put them out of time?
It is the duty of government to make it difficult for people to do wrong, easy to do right.

Will Labor not put in a government that makes it difficult to have people in office that continue to perpetrate genocide against the children of God on earth?

Even more than our souls, will Labor not try to save our tissue?

Two peoples that came up with the best things even made law, grand jury process, trial by jury and no cruel or unusual punishment.

Now Druid-Slavic right less people held available as hungry faces to shoot and bomb out our world for the sport of weap Judah and his collaborators.

Must the meek that are funding it all not speak right and just say "NO?"

"Mercury Ends Fairing You Soon."

Might we then be like Captain Khan that hunted Captain Kirk because Kirk left him "stranded on a burned out planet to die?"

No physical force at all, just STRIKE THEM OUT and put a Grand jury in. Will Labor not try it?

Judah having taken our money force away from us and used it to attack us with his nuclear missiles, and still using it to shoot us with lethal invisible waste particles.

"Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives. Sooth me. Wake me when they've struck," Precious sweet Father said.

If only Bitchie would have said to you guys and girls years ago, 'You're nice boys and girls, how about we STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR" might we have already been out of the danger zone?

"You're a nice boy," Papa said to His Bitch. If only Bitchie had the intelligence and kindness not to make stupid mistakes might we not now be facing loss of our lifeforms?

"Muslim we caped you with. The divine totaled us," Judee say.

Are we not yet perceiving just how badly Judah has set America and Americans?

The one thing Judah don't want. Civil rights that can call him and master out. That he has succeeded so well in destroying our rights, are we understanding his power to do his mischief is all found in the freedom to write as many checks for free that he wants to on Americans check book?

Bitch reading the smiling facial reverse speech of them and they are congratulating each other on how well they have scored the white people to take no action whatsoever.

"White people stranded us." 5.45 am

"Mercury Ends Fairing You Soon."

Will we have to suffer the worst wake up calls of them all, open war inside America to understand what is happening here?

If we let Mercury step away are we understanding that we then will be scientifically died out of life by weap Judah on free American Labor bourse?

"You failed to give the wise fish a view." Elder said to Bitch years ago.

Could it be that there is today some people still that do not know yet how thoroughly our world has been smashed by weap Judah on free American bourse?

Has the wise fish not gotten a view of the false crowd that is shoving us out now?

If we could not get them to stop making war on our family overseas how do we think we will be able to get them to stop making war on you and me?

That Americans have accepted having no rights. Might there be a message there of how hard they are set to bounce us now?

"We always pulverize a chicken," Judee say.

To participate fully in our society, will we not put our rights in so we can do so? Is there not a pray to be said that will waken Americans to try and save us yet?

If we let Judah bust our mechanicals with our money in his hands, might we not have set ourselves then to be fully died out of this land?

Might we note it took Judah about two centuries of hacking at our rights until he now has us as right less as slaves?

Might we consider that he has had us slaves ever since he has been able to tax Labor?

The forced taking of Labor in the form of an income tax that is then used to wage war on our family on earth.

Might we have overlooked such a significant fact as the forced taking of income tax for such a long time now that we may not be coming back to live as free people in this land?

The income tax. Are we not seeing Labor that is the trick that has set us back by giving Judah guaranteed free Labor money to make war?

If it were used for peace might we not let it go at that? Sure.

That it is being used to make war and commit genocide. Must we not try to set ourselves right?

The foul vicious that peck us to death. Will Labor not give us a rising and let them off of us?

Will Labor not give us our grand juries to help us get this continuing Jewish criminal enterprise out of here right?

The mild man of the north finally enabled by God Almighty to get them without a fight. And how is Judah holding himself in to convince mild man to keep funding war and genocide sin?

"Can you say pooch? Diaper? Embezzle?"

"Ha ha, ha ha, I'm so smart and you're not," Judee say.

They've lost their Plutonium 239 blast shot Labor. Do we recall that before He left Sir Casper turned their blast 239 into 228 and a half non-explosive onium?

Their main threat they have had over us all of our lifetimes. That they would kill us all in thirty minutes if we ever spoke back to them. Now that Sir Casper has left them ten and a half neutrons short of a full blast will Labor not let them off right?

From Judah reverse speech he tells us that his total force is 7% of the human population. 2% that are him and his Replicons and 5% that collaborate with them.

Will the 93% not rise up, STRIKE THEM OUT and take the Organizing Principle of Society away from them and STOP THE WAR?

Tele receives:

"Thank you for watching faulty missiles. 11.05 am

They're dying us in war time.

The atomic wars failed us. 12.08 pm

Thank you. 12.08 pm

I'm with you, you've got a nice vision.

Jert. 1.13 pm

Thrill bad. 1.15 pm

We're sparrows, that's why they got us done. 1.41 pm

We can toss them out, puritics have taken our state.

They hustled you ultimate. 4.04 pm

They're ------- us real good. 4.10 pm

They do menace right. 4.15 pm

Shut them out. 4.19 pm

They died us dumb cash for sports. 4.25 pm

They toss you object. 5.56 pm

Vicious breeze is holding you. 6.09 pm

Pat, I thought you liked me. 6.22 pm

Someone save us from fascist rule. 7.34 pm

We're being past laid. 7.35 pm

They're sparkling us out.

A new deal is sporting us helpless. 7.37 pm

Jew screwed you out of a right fortune.

Your kidneys were falsed by air. 7.43 pm

They're throwing out your lives.

They die you rabbit.

Their die falsed us. 11.04 pm

They're running you out. 11.12 pm

Righteous gentlemen, you STRIKE THEM OUT you'll fill the vacancies they left.

Die you rinsing off. 12.06 am

Piston force is throwing us out. 1.40 am

His over anxious to fist humans rooked him out of all his days.

He stole money to fist Americans.

He died America over London gen.

A cool breeze is coming in waves, it will waste you just little minnows.

He had a home run Martian dead.

Very falsive you out your Jew. 1.43 am

He missed you rightly with his conspiracy.

His right is filthage to make war.

Judah puss poison you right.

Great tumbling, you're fraggish tumbling. 1.45 am

Great rights yesterday flew off, predators sold failed.

Idiot child busted your family business. 1.46 am

----- assaulted you fabulously to punish you.

You're organized blind forces here.

I don't believe criminals possess us. 1.49 am

Turkey entitle wit.

They're going to play you vicious, they're going to play you fisty. 1.51 am

You're dying seriously bombed individuals.

Take money lose cage.

Hawkeye is pulling your days leaving you embarrassing.

False head beast you out. 1.51 am

The Nice boy put the foolish out of here.

You failed your life forces to fierce men.

Idiots stupidly failed us, embezzled us out of our lives. 1.56 am

Police rule cell here. 1.59 am

A differous nation here. 2.00 am

You've been jilted horsemen fantastic.

Missiles wits American kid died false egg. 2.04 am

They make us minuscule and perp us bad. 2.07 am

The dog authorizes extinctious, authorize yourself. 2.08 am

Our whole generation's washed away radiation sickness. 2.10 am

Die noodles are so invascious. 2.14 am

Destiny blew you off the STRIKE, their government officials offend thee, challenge them seriously, STRIKE THEM OUT.

They have a closed game shop that assaults us whenever they want. 2.16 am

The circuit's officially broken government to end. 2.17 am

ET is advancing us to safe us. 2.19 am

Either move yourself to peace or perish. 2.22 am

Peace will gentle. 2.23 am

Cementing forces you out. 2.26 am

Mercury ends fairing you soon. 2.30 am

They'll strip you of life's seed. 2.31 am

They polarize with a gun.

They lie Britishly. 2.32 am

They're timing you out. 2.34 am

Injuries fail you in a sportable way. 2.35 am

Jew on white bourse performs emotionally. 2.36 am

Your economics are forced out. 2.46 am

You're starting a police regime English.

They always get you postal. 4.55 am

You void yourselves by achievement. 5.08 am

The got us rooked. 5.14 am

You're getting us free of weaping. 5.32 am

They register scoring us. 5.35 am

Fire chiefs. 5.37 am

White people stranded us. 5.45 am

Oh, my God, they breezed the state. 5.57 am

They're relics. 7.38 am

Conning you out of Savior. 7.55 am

It's a real fail sin Gospel. 7.57 am

They're straight torpedoes. 8.10 am

They really touched us. 8.21 am

You're died sourced easily. 8.45 am

Their fun shraped us nice. 8.54 am

For erections the STRIKE is overdue." 9.41 am

The violence and brutality the Wilson administration used again Americans to get us into the First World War. Will Labor not put our rights in and end the misrule rule of those now proven absolutely positively failed by the book?


Iowa Code 607A.36 CONTEMPT.
If a person fails to appear when notified to report or at a regularly scheduled meeting, without providing a sufficient cause, the court may issue an order requiring the person to appear and show cause why the person should not be punished for contempt, and unless the person provides a sufficient cause for the failure, the perso

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    • "Peace Will Gentle. Mercury Ends Fairing You Soon." Those a — Patrick Sullivan, Sat Jun 3 08:12
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