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A question frequently asked
Sun Jun 4, 2017 09:10

[quote] Originally Posted by Gray View Post
You know that when you predict that the Feds will attemp to kill you or your family, and then it doesn't happen, we can still see what you wrote before, don't you? [/quote]

It's in this way. When a thief was trying to steal, someone reminded public by shouting "Beware of pick pocket". You also can claim because nothing happens, so there is no stealing attempt.

The problem is if I don't talk about it, something serious would have happened. And at that time I have no chance to argue with you.

What I can do is to put the fact there and link it with my analysis. If you think it's nonsense, debate with me or just leave it alone. I have no ability to create all these events and make them such a story.

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