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"Quite Stupid They Made Us. They Suckered our Lives. Benefit
Mon Jun 5, 2017 10:38

"Quite Stupid They Made Us. They Suckered our Lives. Benefits Fist."

Those are overnight Tele receives. That our predecessors were unable to stop the war in 1917, might we see that was what has allowed Judah to work stupid on us?

That we have been under a continuous volley of nuclear blast weapons and have done not a thing about it. What might explain that?

The ancient desert dwellers that came up into the lands of the mild people of the north and ended our 30,000 years of peaceful existence and put us into a permanent war.

Judah tells us it was his cages, brutality, and viciousness that turned us into the fist he has assaulted our world out with.

The biggest genocide of them all in Russia and Ukraine after Judah took over and privatized the issue of our money in 1913 and funded the upheaval there.

Using the power of the purse he physically drafted and forced Americans to go back to the old country to play more war sport in 1917.

Now America so reduced financially all that is needed is the economic draft to get his white fisting for him.

White, ever having failed to Jew, now set for an even bigger genocide than happened in Russia-Ukraine, hundreds of millions of us set to die totally out of here over the next few years due to nuclear waste.

Our mechanicals set to be busted out to finish off permanently what was the best deal ever for the human race, the United States of America on our sacred Bill of Rights.

Mild man, failing vigilance has let our race be set to be destroyed completely. Crypto-Jews that resembles every terrain variation we are, fooling us all of the time.

Extraterrestrials that have pulled the big plutonium 239 blast force off of us giving us a chance to save ourselves and mild man failed the test. His children, his heritage, set to die off needlessly. Will we not yet take the good advice of our elders from outer space to Get Smart and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"Foolish fail-able, too dumb." 1.16 am

Judah tells us that his analysis is that it was whiskey and fear that prevented the white guy from saving himself.

The white guy that has ever failed to the Jewish force. Forced into prisons when Jewish took over our lands of the north in 700 AD.

God Almighty of heaven and earth has given us the peace. Must white man not end funding destroying our world?

Our useful white guys Judah shot them or they are in prison now.

Bitchie, no perfect guy by a long measure, but a nice boy that will not quietly accept fisting or the imprisoning of human Beings.

Judah, putting his false law in, sets up a full blown usury system by taking control of the issue of money in 1913 that keeps vast numbers of people in debts and then gets them into his courts with his fictions of law judges that orders debtors to pay bills for which they have no money and then claims it is "contempt of court" and jails them.

Have we not figured out that is how they get to eat a deputy pie and become an insurance collection in the bye and bye?

Will Labor not put our grand juries in to look at the massive dies associated with the false law of the Jewish benches? Will Labor not put our American rights in?

The tens of millions of Americans that Judah has died one way or the other ever since he privatized the concession to issue America's money in 1913.

Bitch's mother disturbed all his life due to Jewish putting the family into the economic depression of 29 and shooting several family members in Jewish sports world wars.

Bitch, her youngest boy spent decades trying to figure out why this is such a mean, vicious world. Might we understand it is this way because of who it is that issues our money?

ET taught Bitchie how to read the facial reverse speech which he used to uncover the evidence of Judee boot springs disease.

The high numbers of shooting deaths in the neighborhoods of our family from the land of the good people. There it was, found in reverse facial speech, secret crypto-Jews living there and spying on their neighbors setting them up while pretending to be Negroes but really are Judee in disguise.

Judah secret plot to separate the people of America from one another. Judah lynchings and burnings with his white Replicon transplant hybrid shell people.

Using his Replicons he goes in and races the people violently. Using his benches and prisons to abuse and separate everyone.

If only we could keep our mechanicals in we might have a chance to recover from Judah. But reverse speech reveals that Judah intends to bust our mechanicals out before the end of June.

Will Labor not open our minds and have faith in Father's love and bring our Grand juries in?

Might we understand why Judah took out the coroners grand juries?

The great sport of killing human Beings that Judah enjoys. Will American Labor, not end funding it?

Hundreds of millions of innocents dead by the power of the American Labor purse in Judah's hands. Do Americans really think that by doing nothing we will survive this last nuclear brimstone waste war?

Was 2,000 years warning not enough time to set ourselves right and STOP THE WAR?

Last night reread "Inside The Space Ships" by George Adamski, 1891-1965

Here's a link for those who would like to read what George saw when he traveled through outer space with our extraterrestrial family and friends. 284 pages.

George traveled with human Beings that live inside Saturn, Mars, and Venus. They look like us because they are us. Living for tens of thousands of years on other planets right in our solar system. Here from George's "Inside the Spaceships".

The Martian now spoke for the first time since our meeting in the hotel. "We are what you on Earth might call 'Contact men.' We live and work here, because, as you know, it is necessary on Earth to earn money with which to buy clothing, food, and the many things that people must have.

We have lived on your planet now for several years. At first, we did have a slight accent. But that has been overcome and, as you can see, we are unrecognized as other than Earth men.

At our work and in our leisure time we mingle with people here on Earth, never betraying the secret that we are inhabitants of other worlds. That would be dangerous, as you well know. We understand you people better than most of you know yourselves and can plainly see the reasons for many of the unhappy conditions that surround you."
Our extraterrestrial family in this area of our galaxy are peaceful for 9 million years now. Peace is what prevails out there except on planet earth in Jewish hands. Elders do not traffic in pain or cruelty and never take life. Here's an extraterrestrial speaking to George:

The Venusian's eyes sparkled and a tiny smile flitted across his mouth as he caught my thought. He continued without interruption. "With the sole exception of inhabitants on Earth, we have found the peoples of other worlds to be very friendly. They, too, have gigantic space cruisers for the pleasure and education of their fellowmen.

As we visit their planets and are welcomed, they also visit ours as friends. It is to the Earth alone that these passenger cruisers never approach. Nor will they be permitted to do so until your people have a greater understanding of fellowship as well as of the Universe beyond the limiting confines of your own little planet.

I was struck by the fact that all the instruments I had so far seen throughout the ship appeared to be operated by push-buttons.

And nowhere did I see anything that even faintly resembled a weapon of destruction. But, after watching the repelling force of nature in space as controlled by radiations from the ship, I had a strong feeling that this force could very effectively be used for self-protection, should such a need ever arise.

Firkon answered this thought by saying, "Yes, that is so. As yet, the need has not arisen. Moreover, if the issue is merely our lives as against the lives of our brothers-even those belligerent ones of your Earth—we would allow ourselves to be destroyed rather than to slay a fellow being."

The implications of this simple statement affected me deeply. I could not help but reflect sorrowfully on the so different viewpoint of my fellow men on Earth; of the divided peoples, the nations even now engaged in a race to produce more dreadful weapons of destruction which would bring death, affliction and sickness to ever-increasing millions of their fellow beings throughout the world.

I wondered if our world was the lowest in development throughout the Universe.

Reading my thought and continuing without interruption, this great teacher said, "No, my son, your world is not the lowest in development in the Universe. Yours is the least developed of those in our own system, but out beyond there are some worlds whose peoples have not yet grown to your standard, either socially or scientifically.

Also, there are worlds where development has gone far in the field of science and remained low in the field of personal and social understanding, even though space has been conquered.

"In our system, the peoples of all planets except your Earth are traveling space freely; some for short distances only, while others achieve great distances that take them to systems beyond our own.


That we have Judah in control of our states where he holds prisoners on death row for 35 years and then executes them. Are we not getting the sense that Judah only wants to insult us?

Will American Labor not help us and end Jewish control of planet earth?

The fear that Judah's brutality and viciousness produce. Will Labor not courageously cut them loose from the meek?

Eat one loaf of Germany's best neutron activated bread and most people will not be here in a year from now.

The chip in the credit card that energizes the beverage machine to give us Germany's best neutron activated drink. Will American Labor not end funding Jewish high technical war?

"I make you quite fistable, that's how Jew gets you to fail. Jew operty on child worked wonderful on righteous to set you down. We always shoot you income, that's how our poverty prevails," Judee say.

The deuce, the 2% plus their 5% collaborator force. Will Labor not close them all out and let the children of God on earth live in peace?

Will we not shut down their 24/7 Jewish X-ray machine that is poisoning us from Hitachi-GE?

Their ricepitals that perp us great. Will Labor not give us a better day? Their double oxygen tank in the wagon ride to their ricepital. Will Labor not get them all out?

The rewards they put on us so they can get chronically poor people to shoot us. Will Labor not free us from their genocidal disease?

The cruelly manipulated poor Dr. King called them that have to fist for Judah sport to get some income to eat. Will Labor not free them from the tight fist of weap Judah and put the God-given right to an existence stipend in?

Are we not figuring it is the poverty that Judah forces in with his police prison war system that has put so many out of use to us all?

Will Labor not give us our grand juries to hear what it is the executive, judicial and legislative branches of government are up to here?

Are we perceiving the significance of them having undergrounds to hide in while we are destroyed on the surface of the earth?

Will Labor not try to help us at all? Is the cow not yet aware that we are being niftily slaughtered?

Judah's little kids taught to set up other little unaware kids. Judah's cunning child invites our child home to have lunch and his mother puts some head weap in our child's food that makes his or her brain not work quite as well as it should. Will Labor not help us to get ourselves right and close out the errant life form on planet earth? Will Labor not end funding the ghastly acts that Judah does to us?

"Jew failed your life forces mercilessly." 4.12 pm

We're set now to be busted out mechanical. Have we not heard the steady drumbeat of propaganda that the Replicon hybrid transplant shell weap Judah in Korea is a threat to us all?

Might we not compare it with the 1915 sinking of the Lusitania and the 1917 Zimmerman telegram once again that forced us into Judah's first sport world war?

The hybrid transplant weap Judah Japanese shell that attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941.
Isoroku Yamamoto (1898-1943)
He died when American code breakers identified his flight plans and his plane was shot down.

Might we only wonder did he really die in the crash? Rather than die in the crash might he have ghosted out in 1943? Might we surmise that his part in triggering the Second World War war was planned in the years he spent at Harvard in the early 1920s?

The investigators that purportedly found Yamamoto's body. Do we understand why Judah does not want grand juries? Might we understand they weave such effective fictions that many people even today believe them?

The reports the other day that Polish authorities opened some of the coffins that were returned from Russia claiming it was the government people that crashed and died on the plane that were inside the coffins.

Might we note it was government authorities that opened the coffins and peeked in and not grand juries of the people?

Is it any wonder they laugh at us with such easy to do tricks to false us? Are we seeing why Labor must have the authority to issue our money so that we can hire the people ourselves to investigate for us and tell us the truth?

Will Labor not help us with our grand juries so that we can end the threat that Judah weaps presents to us?

While guns are noisy and get our attention producing terror, might we understand that it is the silent ways that Judah kills us that get the really big scores on us?
"I can no longer obey, I have tasted command and cannot give it up."

Might that be what the "Proper Behavior Committee of the Federation" had to consider as to what it would take to let Jewish off of here?

Judah, with his known history as a perpetual motion machine of offense fully aware that it is only a matter of time before the people figure it out and close his boot springs up.

And Judah solution to his end times? Do we see it is to kill as many as is possible to forestall him being closed out?

Might we note that it is weap Jewish that totally control Japan today and are poisoning our family there as they are poisoning us here with their Jewish electricity waste?

Is Labor understanding that Mercury has afforded Judah the opportunity to close himself out by the book?

One extermination level attempt against the people that are paying their salaries, Americans. Are we understanding they have lost their management rude for getting caught red-handed in their genocide attempt?

The Tele sender that said, "Thanks for watching their missiles." Bitch has been watching their missiles ever since November of 1965 after doing the mathematics of nuclear war.

Predicting to himself that one day they would be used on us all. Will Labor not help us to end all of the woe, the strife in our world that Judah is causing because he has free money from American Labor?

The thing that caught Judah, might we consider was his impulse to offend us by trying to blow us all up in the middle of the night with the shock and awe blast force of 70,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs?

And why did Judah go ahead with his genocide attack knowing that our good God did want us destroyed?

At the root of Judah's fail was it any other than his anger at us?

Might some question how could Judah be angry at us especially those that he never met before?

Do we recall Papa said to "get the crazy out?"

To be angry with us for several thousand years. Might that not be considered by some to be stupid?

Might that be the secret of the Federation's plan to free humans, hire a stupid thief to catch a stupid thief?

Might the anger that Judah has that caused him to fail, be produced b

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