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What Will It Take To Bring Labor In To Stop The Extinction P
Wed Jun 7, 2017 09:39

What Will It Take To Bring Labor In To Stop The Extinction Phase?

An extinction level event, one Jewish electricity plant in a perfected meltdown, planned long ago.

Might we not now be able to spot Jewish electricity sport?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and help us get Jewtopia out?

Anthony Clifton who named America "Jewtopia" for us, now no longer writing for us. Can we only wonder what happened to Anthony Clifton?

Will American Labor not close out Jewtopia and bring Utopia in for us?

Inside the space ships Adamski, George, 1891-1965

I wondered whether, and to what extent, if war should actually come to us, they would feel justified in stopping us.

The master answered my mental question by saying, "As you know, with our knowledge of the use and control over energies far more powerful than any our brothers on Earth have as yet learned to use, we could, if we wished, nullify your force with our greater force.

But remember what you have been told. We do not kill our fellow man, even in self-defense. We are trying, and shall continue to try, to prevent such a war by bringing to Earth men the knowledge of what they would be doing. For no man wages war except in ignorance."

Page 93

A light came into his face and his eyes seemed to be
looking at some inward vision of beauty as he continued softly, "And no man lives who has never once dreamed of what you call Utopia or the nearly perfect world.

There is nothing which man has ever imagined which is not, somewhere, a reality. And, therefore, nothing that is not possible of achievement. For you too, on Earth, this is possible. For us on the other planets of our galaxy, it is so now.

American dollars funding American bomber aircraft to fly into neighborhoods where men women and children are living and crush hundreds out of life with the fury of American industry in the private hands of the errant life form, weap Judah man.

Are we not accepting that we have made contact with extraterrestrial civilizations that live in peace all of the time and have created utopias for themselves?

Americans ourselves set by the same cipher that massively destroys men women and children for sport in the Middle East today, to take our lives out tomorrow.

Is there not a prayer to be said that will bring American Labor to take our paper cash away from Jewish and end their fight?

Jewish physics focused on the cheapest, most economical way to commit genocide.

Will American Labor not try to develop the facility of mind needed to realize and to accept as true that there are Beings above us that do love us and want us to survive?

George Adamski was only one of thousands of people that have had contact with our extraterrestrial family that is here trying to spare us from being destroyed.

George was actually able to travel into outer space with elders in their spacecraft and meet a "master." A kind loving Being that spoke to George so that George would report to us earthlings who our elders really are.

Have we not figured out yet that the Judah guy that calls us "wood" and uses our income tax to perp the most horrific sins ever perpetrated against the children of God on earth doesn't love us?

"We gracefully protest dummies with a cot, that's why we make a nice war. I'm a Jesuit sport with Russia to die. I'm trying for a HUGE exhaustion now because Seattle is seen. I just adjust the alms so you fail. Mercury sits on me so I fall for human scam. Bitch rolled me right, he shrimped me tailor," Judee say.

Did Mercury not give Judah the right fit when Judee went to his tailor? When Judah attacked us all out with one thousand nuclear missiles loaded with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, did Judah not get tailored right?

The "unique value of cooperation" that Judah found when he traveled to Germany over a thousand years ago. Might that be near the top of the list of things that makes Judah jealous so?

Is the mild man not yet perceiving that our life forms are being scientifically destroyed?

Here's some reverse speech of a survivor of the Hiroshima atomic bombing:

"Jew's not usable so he's getting rolled with the palace. They hold you out for an estimate and give your state a dry run."

Might we understand now that the 1945 atomic bombings of Hiroshima-Nagasaki were dry runs for what they were planning to do to us when they had enough atomic bombs built to do it?

Will the mild people not try to free us from the financial grip of weap Judah?

Will the mild people not look past all the terrible things that Judah has said about Bitch and instead look to heaven and the love of God that has afforded us the opportunity to stay alive even after Judah has attacked us with nuclear blast weapons?

Will mild people not try to perceive the love that our kind Father has for you and me and everyone?

As we perish out with our children and grandchildren in only few years now is there not some away to bring the mild people to act to take the mechanism to wage war away from weap Judah, the concession to issue our money?

The abomination of desolation that we are in now. A third of our water on planet earth poisoned out now.

"White people we sport you out of all wisdom," Judee say.

Will American Labor not give us our world of peace? Nearly 500 innocent people in Iraq dead in their homes with their children. Bombed out by the checkbook of American Labor.

Once we are totally left stranded on a burned out planet to die Judah will flee to their holes to laugh at what they have done to us.

Is there not some way to convince Labor that it is a good time to STRIKE THEM OUT?

The unique value of cooperation that Judah discovered when he invaded the mild people of the north lands. Can Labor not give us the cooperation and help us try and save our ourselves now?

The cooperation we need to help issue our money ourselves as Labor leader William Sylvis advised before he was stolen away in 1869.

Will Labor not step up here and with the love of God in our hearts and take over the concession to issue our money?

"Everyday I'm thieving you and Bitch is saving you forever," Judee say.

Using high-tech weaponry for massively slaughtering our innocent family thousands of miles from our shores, is it not breaking through that we seal our fate to be part of the third of the human race to be died off if we do nothing to STOP THE WAR?

"You disparage my shill that is trying to convince you to save yourselves," God Almighty of heaven and earth said.

Our creator, trying to convince us to save ourselves and all that we do is passively fund destroying ourselves and our world day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year.

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4" God our Father said.

The multiples of genocide that Jewish has foisted upon the mild people. What might explain our death?

Judah says that it is "whiskey and fear" as to why he has won.

They've lost their place with us for attacking us genocide with nuclear missiles.

Will we not respond as reasonable life forms and let them off right?

Everyday Judah closing more stores and restaurants. Might we see it is income sources he is drying up?

Will we have to live through another 1929 Jewish created depression as our predecessors did to understand that Judah tight is not a right life for us to live?

The animal games they play to hold us into shooting ourselves right. Will we not engage our high level 223 psychiatric genetics and use them to let them off right?

Are we understanding Judah have assigned spots for themselves in the many underground shelters they have built around our nation and world?

Do the American people not as of yet understand that our environment is being poisoned in such a way that our resources may not be useful for thousands of years?

Are we not understanding that the only people in America that will survive the Jewish nuclear war we are in now are those that either can get themselves into the undergrounds or those that our good God decides to keep alive?

Is there some that do not yet know that we have been successfully put to a nuclear brimstone waste genocide?

Was 2,000 years warning in our Bibles not enough time for the white force to let the Jew off right before he finalized us out of our lives?

"I weap you with great care. I'm just a fool now that Mercury let you see my government ways. You guys have proven too weak," Judee say.

Will Labor not get our backs up and prove strong enough to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?

Tele receives:

"Give these beasts a throw. 3.00 pm

Atrocity. 6.24 pm

You stumbled lethal States, we tried to save you fantastic but you're dying filthy. 10.44 pm

To air you're fistable without a grand jury. 10.45 pm

Cannibals nicely drilled your ass outed. 10.46 pm

Stupid fault you payroll.

They pitch you out of life. 10.47 pm

STRIKE THEM OUT, a video tape failed a boy.

A Jew fable put you in a ditch. 10.48 pm

An animal STRIKE a dutiful.

A baby set you for a permanent fail. 10.49 pm

To Italy, you failed. 10.50 pm

You fall out nice carriage. 11.37 pm

Close these guys.

They make you defeatable by controversy, Jew fist is already out. 11.48 pm

It's HUGE the way they mush your ment.

More of us in the knot. 11.52 pm

I want you to give us some level-age and pull the degrade off. 1.10 am

You're in failure. 1.11 am

Deserving of the chair they made mental broken porridge.

Sell peace as an advantage. 1.16 am

So wake up guys we're dying here.

It's a true fail among us. 1.17 am

The Martian company failed dangerous.

You're dying wood. 1.18 am

Contact has made us folly. 1.20 am

Do an enterprise STRIKE.

Poverty fouls a great force. 1.26 am

Sap wars have fouled thee. 1.27 am

Pitch disgrace off of here, mental yourselves. 1.28 am

A celebration has been broasted. 1.31 am

A terrorist bunch faulty falls us out disease. 1.32 am

Their function they know is to destroy us. 1.33 am

For cattle, they're midget for contact. 1.34 am

It's obvious they don't fool anybody in heaven. 1.35 am

I failed rise, you failed my socious. 1.37 am

We're coming up with stranger knowledge. 1.39 am

I appreciate it the cat's felled. 1.47 am

A stupid age. 1.52 am

Patrick help us have pure failed. 1.57 am

All Russian forces are obvious.

Fist indicts us. 2.14 am

The push guys dies ends. 2.15 am

Good work, it works. 2.16 am


Realize there is a real monster fiend that is apping away. 2.18 am

Medusa on rice is good perishing ya. 2.19 am

We're failed electricity. 2.20 am

Police force died us out playfully.

Your perish is all stupid days. 2.37 am

We're dead. 2.38 am

Enemy life for pushing the button. 2.44 am

If you're afraid of this laker you've got a right to be. 2.46 am

Pooch launch us burros. 2.47 am

They're scourging away your journey to death. 2.48 am

They terrorize us terribly. 2.49 am

They embezzled us seriously. 3.14 am

ALL RISE! 3.22 am

Take the tragedy op off. 4.11 am

You got to put Judee outside. 5.05 am

Roll his cage. 5.12 am

Let your brain help you. 5.20 am

They surround us fetch. 5.25 am

It's fistol; it's shot with nuclear. 5.23 am

Fetch rape this field. 5.30 am

Tree fiscal. 5.35 am

Police power stole America. 5.37 am

It's a flood. 5.42 am

The wise guys used the right theories on you. 5.48 am

Augsburg failed. 6.18 am

ORGANIZE and set your life forces up. 6.30 am

You're supposed to be listening to psychish. 7.04 am

You're a real day. 9.12 am

Politicians fist. 9.25

Corporations stump us. 9.28 am

Pat, you lost to spite us. 9.38 am

Trolts. 9.39 am

Push them out they're faulty dudes." 10.25 am

"If you're afraid of this laker you've got a right to be. 2.46 am

It's a flood." 5.42 am

Will Labor not listen to the kindness from the top of our 223 house, our precious sweet Father that loves us and had His angels first pull Judah's great balls of fire off of us and then turn Judah's plutocrats blast 239 into non-explosive onium 228 and a half?

"I fearless die you. We roll persons with a mirror dead. We don't fair. I'm just an ass wipe holding you. I suffer you my story with UNICEF. I'm a legitimate foul, I rolled you capture. I'm exclusive to paralyze you.

My police mental fell out. Our weap falsed you right. I'm perpetty, I push you right because I'm Jewish. With words I stupid capture you. The white guy I purpose scam war right. You let me image you so I took you off.

Rooky just faded me and my jail. Our campus lies have burned you up. We managed to op you failed us. I shoot you energy. Flood you because you fail to Jew ruse-a-lot. You've broken our fail of abuse," Judee say.

While Mercury has broken Judah's fail of abuse by letting us see what Judah is all about, might we not notice we are still letting him abuse us and our family in this world on our American Labor dollar?

Hundreds of innocent civilians dead in Iraq the other day from American Labor funded planes dropping bombs on them.

Will America Labor not repent for our sins before we are all pushed into the grave by weap Judah on our own purse strings?

The most horrific sins perpetrated against our family inside of America and outside of America using the purse of American Labor to accomplish them all.

All indications are that weap Judah has sealed in a third of the human race to die out of life form over a few years now.

The understanding is the big die from inhaling brimstone hot radioactive particles will be in 2020, a couple years after that we will all be gone.

That we have made no claim to our God-given rights to life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness. Are we understanding that we have by default accepted Judah's right to die us off now?

As we continue to silently fund all of the sins of war in our world is there not some sense that we throw ourselves away when we fail to STOP THE WAR?

The widespread contamination of our food to negatively affect our thinking to make it difficult to figure out the truth.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop any day now. Can Labor not be convinced to STRIKE THEM OUT and take away their boot power?

Father wills that Labor issues our money.

Are we seeing the Royals, Parliament, Congress, the executives are all out of the authority to issue our money now for attacking us with the force of genocide?

"He fouls you mortee." 11.15 am

The plan to drop the twin towers made decades before they brought it down on September 11, 2001.

The pins that were blown on Saylorville dam on a chilly bright sunny early Saturday morning in November of 2006. The August 30th, 2007 attack from the Airforce B-52 bomber from Minot North Dakota that launched a cruise missile to bring the wall of the dam down.

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for having His vigilant angels on guard that day?

The launched cruise missile shut down by elders, the other 5 nuclear tipped cruise missiles put into electronic shutdown and not launched.

"I task a disaster to lose this Iowa wood," Judee say

Will American Labor not take the bourse from Judah so that we can try to survive his horny lust to extinguish our lives?

Is it not obvious that the white force has failed completely to survive either the blast or waste that Judah is shooting our way?

"I just have a rich bear for my war contest. Except for the disks I'd of had a boom boom. His mother I fisted in 4 states, he broke us out, he chased our cot for sell. We weaped the US states obviously but we can't fight free energy," Judee say.

The threats that Judah builds in decades before he uses them against us. Might we see that with free energy available he would not be able to create them?


Rather than dangerous dams to store flood waters with free energy might we not dig river

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