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Richard Sheridan
Thu Jun 8, 2017 15:08


Presented to the Dallas County Commissioners’ Ct by Richard P. Sheridan, P.E., N.Y.
A 14 Year Dallas Activist

I believe that we are now in a major crisis situation because of the new state law SB4, Dallas County has until September 1st to come up with ways to protect it’s “illegal” immigrants. The law states that local police are required to work with ICE, and allow police to inquire about the immigration status of people they lawfully detain. Local authorities are forbidden from adopting policies that prevent a police officer from asking about a person’s immigration status. Sheriffs, constables, police chiefs, and other local leaders can be slapped with a Class A Misdemeanor, and possibly jail time. They could also be fined $1000 for a first offense, and up to $25,000 for subsequent infractions. Will this new law discourage “illegals” who are victims of crimes, or who witness crimes from contacting the police? POLICE ARE NOT REQUIRED TO ASK ABOUT THE IMMIGRATION STATUS OF ANYONE LAWFULLY IN THEIR CUSTODY, BUT THE NEW TEXAS LAW MAKES IT LEGAL TO DO SO.

Are “illegal” immigrants good for our economy? Here’s what famous economist Milton Friedman has to say: “Before 1914, we had a free immigration policy. It was good then, and why isn’t it good now? Actually, it is good today because “illegal” immigrants don’t qualify for welfare, and for medical care. They take jobs that most American won’t work at. Bad laws make socially advantaged acts illegal, which, in general, leads to the undermining of morality.” Another economist Raul Hinojosa had this to say, “IF YOU TOOK AWAY THE “ILLEGAL” IMMIGRANTS IT WOULD BE THE WORST ECONOMIC DISASTER IN U. S. HISTORY!” This was confirmed in the great movie, “A Day Without A Mexican”.

So here we are in Dallas, with police morale being at its worst in many years, with police leaving the city as never before, with our police population much lower than it should be, and with some officers saying that Dallas is now a dangerous place to live, and the State, Governor Abbott is requiring our police to divert their attention from the really important crimes, and waste their valuable time arresting “illegals”, and putting them in the county jail.

Here’s what I feel Dallas County can do to protect it’s “illegal” immigrants:

1. Ask all cities within Dallas County to have their police not to ask about the immigration status of anyone in their custody as it is an option for them to do so.

2. Have our county sheriff refuse to turn over to ICE anyone brought to jail considered to be an “illegal” immigrant, and not a harden criminal i.e. unpaid traffic tickets, etc.

3. Issue identification cards for all “illegal” immigrants which state that they had a criminal background check, and that that they are a resident of Dallas County. Anyone who lives in Dallas County and who doesn’t have a picture ID is asking for trouble!!!

I have purposely put “illegal” in parentheses, as it is a relative, time sensitive word. What was “illegal” yesterday is “illegal” today, and vice versa. Let’s remember, prior to 1836, a white person who came to Texas was considered to be “illegal” by the Mexican government. Today, our federal government considers Mexican immigrants to be ”illegal”. Also, let’s consider the major changes in our marijuana laws. It was Illegal in all states prior to 1996. Today, marijuana is legal for medicinal use in 29 states, and for recreational use in 8 states.

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