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"Our Jail Houses Ran Your Life. We Cite You Because We Shot
Mon Jun 12, 2017 10:28

"Our Jail Houses Ran Your Life. We Cite You Because We Shot You."

The jailing and killing of the peace people when Judah put America into World War One. Might we understand that it is by allowing Judah to operate his instruments of coercion, Jails, and his kosher genocide war machine that has allowed him to take over the land of the free and hold us?

And have we not had a fine demonstration of what Judah does when he holds us?

Did he not demonstrate in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, that when he builds weapons of mass destruction he sucker punches us with them to extinct our race?

Mark 13:5 Jesus began by telling them, “See to it that no one deceives you. 6 Many will come in My name, claiming, ‘I am He,’ and will deceive many.

Have many not been deceived to have allowed us to be sucker punched with thermonuclear missiles again and again?

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God above for sending in His angels and sparing us from Judah blast nuclear war?

Will we not get a view of peace, ORGANIZE and STOP THE WAR?

Tele receives:

"It's waste your day Jewish. 4.13 pm

They're idiots that rape. 4.40 pm

Witless. 5.49 pm

What are you doing Pat, they're killing us, tell me what are you doing about it?

If you're content to die then just keep falsing yourself. 6.05 pm

They're falsing us just great. 6.06 pm

The total relationship is paralyze.

Reduce the powerful stuff. 6.12 pm

They've falsed us to breathe dirty air. 7.31 pm

Perishing they field us. 10.25 pm

You failed your life performance here.

STRIKE THEM OUT, both sides kept burying us. 10.26 pm

Jail is real stupid.

Foolish, STRIKE THEM OUT! 10.39 pm

Your original side failed.

Patrick, iceberg failed us. 10.43 pm

Perpenhower scored fisty. 10.45 pm

Bus stop you have failed. 10.47 pm

Bitch has warned of disaster fantastic. 10.48 pm

Bitch, resolve this. 10.50 pm

They're forcing Iowa to toss you off theft. 10.51 pm

A HUGE mental dies you.

Druid, they jostled you. 10.52 pm

You lost your lives assigned not involved. 10. 54 pm

Patrick organizes here. 10.56 pm

I've been sadly disgusted losing a portion for you. 11.56 pm

They polish you mail threats. 11.57 pm

There's no question that they've forced us.

Company uses us here. 12.00 midnight

These are out of your cell forces. 12.05 am

It was a state molest that dies us all. 12.08 am

You failed to save your psyche here. 12.10 am

You're ousted. 12.10 am

You lost your right field to competitive life. 12.11 am

Vertical they fight you and castrated you all. 12.12

A technical score they did.

Your fails may pass. 12.18 am

They're saulting our fields. 12.22 am

They got some therapy on air. 12.23 am

They smooth you down to get some kill.

Whiskey did leave you speechless. 12.24 am

Carrot died.

Wholesale they cycle us, Jews only exterminate those they catch. 12.25 am

STRIKE THEM OUT, beautifully they shot you. 12.29 am

Close them up gorgeous. 12.30 am

You're outsured. 12.32 am

A serious day faults you here nice dog. 12.33 am

You lost your life on scrotle-ment.1.34 am

They state you police burgh to faster dead, to false die you. 1.35 am

My generous failed to find jobs.

Scrimmage all days fails you out of life form. 1.36 am

Stupid helped you out and you let it go through jail bolt.

They're sporting us bess the hams.

Every day he's closed and he still crushes. 1.38 am

I hope you lose Parliament.

Stupid tossed them out and we did nothing. 1.39 am

Destitution false us hard. 1.40 am

Contact did our race nicely. 1.42 am

They're boxing us here. 1.44 am

Your righteous field has been adjusted off sale.

He's feloned you off racket right.

Attorney false fails you. 1.46 am

They tossed our field, my God we've failed to save us, failed to save this field.

You're tossing out yourselves, tossing out your social lives predatorcy.

Forever they die you in debt. 1.50 am

They bolt is now fused, you can be fished. 1.51 am

Authorize yourselves fishless. 1.52 am

Right ache refused. 2.00 am

A dog and a fiction failed your life forms. 2.02 am

They died us in season. 2.03 am

Jew wants to force dead every day. 2.04 am

Get your rightfuls in. 2.05 am

They cashed us out of this place bad. 2.06 am

They're scoring this life amenable pest. 2.15 am

They're falsing Eiffel wreckage. 2.17 am

You're real sightful contact needs boursal. 2.20 am

Death raid us close your eyelids. 2.30 am

True forgers fell. 2.34 am

Get the gas men cipher out.

Close your forcery. 2.43 am

They rifled our field. 2.44 am

You woke them up. 2.46 am

Curtail Abusive machine. 2.57 am

Patrick failed to save us, America is dying. 2.58 am

He's a real researcher, he helps. 2.59 am

Mommy, they fish us. 3.03 am

Pooch did a big performance die." 3.44 am

And what might the consequences of letting America die complete? Might it be that we or our children will not have our rights again? Here's a report from Laos of what can happen to anyone when our rights are not in:

Lao Police Arrest Suspect in Disappearance of Korean Tourist, Relative Says

Lao police have arrested a resident of a village in Luang Prabang province in the northern part of the country on suspicion of involvement in the disappearance of a South Korean woman, a relative of the accused man said.

On June 3, officers arrested Pheang Phatthakone, a 45-year-old a resident of Kilometer 8 village in the province’s Luang Prabang district, following a presumed tipoff that he was involved in the woman’s disappearance on May 22, said the relative who spoke to RFA's Lao Service on condition of anonymity.
Pheang Phatthakone in an undated photo. Credit: Photo courtesy of Pheang Phatthakone's relative

The woman who, is in her 30s, was traveling alone when she visited the Khouangxi waterfalls, a popular tourist attraction 29 kilometers (18 miles) south of the town of Luang Prabang. Pheang reportedly saw her there while he was collecting banana flowers, his relative said.

The hotel where the woman was staying reported her disappearance to the police after she did not show up, South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency reported on May 29.

Pheang’s relative said authorities do not have any concrete evidence that Pheang was involved in the woman’s disappearance.

“After the disappearance, news spread that a man told villagers that he saw the woman who disappeared near the Khouangxi waterfalls,” he said. “Unfortunately, one of villagers informed police about what he said.”

The following day, the police took Pheang to the spot where he said he saw the woman and twice called him in for questioning, Pheang’s relative said.Then on June 3, police arrested Pheang and have not allowed him to see his family, he said.

I am very concerned that he will be physically assaulted and forced to confess to the crime,” he said, adding that police did not inform the family of the arrest and did not produce an arrest warrant for Pheang.

“The police did not tell us why he was arrested, and they have not provided any evidence proving that he has killed this woman,” he said. “Our family is in shock about what has happened.”

Pheang picks banana flowers—the blossoms from a banana tree—for a living to support his three children, his relative said.

A legal expert who declined to be named told RFA on Wednesday that he is following the case closely.

“If there is no strong evidence to support the arrest, it is not necessary for police to detain [Pheang] for more than 48 hours, and the provincial prosecutor must order his release,” he said.

“If the detention exceeds 48 hours, the relatives of the suspect can submit a request to the prosecutor to consider releasing him,” he said.

Detentions of people suspected of committing crimes without any evidence and the abuse of power by police officers are normal phenomena in authoritarian Laos, he added.

No victim, merely a woman that didn't return to her hotel and is now missing and a working man is in jail because he made the mistake of saying he saw her when he was picking banana flowers to support his 3 children.

While we can work through many scenarios of what happened there, with no rights in do we see how easy it is to cage an honest workingman with no probable cause he committed a crime?

In the instance of the missing woman, no evidence that there even has been a crime committed.

Do ordinary working people not sense just how important our Bill of rights is to prevent something such as happened to Pheang from happening to us?

Without our Bill of Rights in are we aware that what has happened to Pheang could happen to us?

Pheang was taken in and held on suspicion of involvement with a disappearance of a woman, though there is no evidence of a crime having happened.

When our American Bill of Rights are in are we aware there is no such thing as arrest on suspicion, only arrest on Probable cause?

If the missing Korean woman shows up tomorrow and Pheang is released, with no rights do we see there is no way to make up for the money he didn't earn because he was in a cage?

Might his employer have hired someone else during his incarceration and now he is without a source of income to support his 3 children?

Might we not recognize that Asia, as the United States of America, is in the control of Replicon Jewish that are at war with the rest of the human race?

Are we aware as working people that it is by busting us Judah gets us off of our income sources as the way that he slums a nation?

Are we appreciating that with our rights in he is blocked from casually falsing us with false arrests?

If Pheang were in 15th century Poland and saw a woman that was later reported missing do we see the authorities would need to go to a grand jury to get approval first before they could hold him for anything?

Are Americans not aware that the fabulous protections of the 1430 Polish grand jury process required before an arrest can be made were available for ordinary everyday working people and everyone else when the United States of America was created in 1791?

As we are being poisoned out of life form with our children and grandchildren being chemically castrated by nuclear war fighting industrialists in alliance with the Jewish finance partners in their famous, though to us their infamous way, is there not some way to convince American Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT for us here?

"A powerful rule of civil rights, when we find it we perish it. We're shooting rights with a clear molest view. A grand jury open every day would get my faulty wits out," Judee say.

Will Labor not take the good advice from our extraterrestrial family that has pulled every single nuclear missile off of us and open our everyday grand juries to guide us?

Might we consider our grand juries will not be installing people in office rather they will be finding and revealing to the public what those that are in office have been doing with their privileges of power?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and give us a chance to survive this war they have fastened us into?

The assassination on the streets of Birstall, West Yorkshire, of Member of Parliament, MP Jo Cox in 2016.

We're informed that it was a political murder. Bitch did some reverse speech from a few different speakers and this is what he read in facial reverse speech:

The first is from a police officer on the scene. He said this in facial RS:

"She faced the rabble."

And what might that indicate? Maybe rather than defacing the "rabble" might she have kindly faced the rabble to help us?

This next RS is from a woman that was crying about Jo Cox's death.

"Jerusalem shot her because she didn't want our babies deceased."

What might we only wonder was in the subconscious of the crying woman that suggested that it was Israel that shot Jo Cox?

The next RS is from a younger Judah Replicon hybrid that could be mistaken for an ordinary English guy:

"She was fooling with my gym so we put on a great strike."

Might we think of what Judah tells his kids to do, "always op racial?"

That the shooter was associated with white racist groups. Are we not well aware that the purported white racist groups are Judah boursed fronts to misdirect and screw us up?

While there was a trial for the shooter of Jo Cox, might we not have been better served by a grand jury looking into everything? Might a grand jury not have wanted to see the assailant's bank activity?

"A nice man showed you our algebra. Judee hold you racial and atom bombs. Judas dumb forever goes. Jew deaf. Jew puss is now leaving you forever in 4 days," Judee say.

Jew puss leaving us in 4 days forever? Those Reverse facial speech words from a significant high level weap Judah, what might that indicate?

Might Judah be getting themselves out of the way as Judah rolls his Soviets forces on us?

"My goose-heimers weaps unusual, that's why they took me off. This time you die in Jew permanent op," Judee say.

The permanent op of nuclear waste that poisons terrain for thousands of years. The poison that genetically mutates, produces sick children and sterilizes. The chemical castration that Judah is doing to the mild people now. For the love of God Almighty and the saints in heaven will American Labor not stop it?

Judah with his unusual goose-heimers weap. Are we not appreciating the fact that Judah attacked us with nuclear missiles for genocide and kind extraterrestrials that our good God sent in spared us our lives?

Judah claims the right to do us genocide. As we are the right less Americans of Labor that are funding the genocide that Judah has right less white fist perpetrating, will we not recognize that we are involved in sin and get ourselves out of it?

Will we not Get Smart and get ourselves out of Judah sports war?

"Our whole administration was a spoof. My average settlement is to Berlin ya. We're not usable because Jew mate right. I die for miss-correct. I deny contact to goose you right. I'm a pilot who dogs you out. We ever molest warranted.

Jew minus you right to beat you. We get your seniors to give you a fist story right. We hold you with a really dangerous sight to hold you right, we just torch you decimals to get you done.

We just false you to put in chariots. My case with the Norman, we're going to leave them quite dead. I fault you right by breaking your constitution. I sold beseech. Without oxygen, we can put more of our political in.

I battle you rental, I'm a Jew Eskimo. I hold your government with an old cipher that won't let you see over me. Our formed sight is prey vision. Your psyche Jew failed. Your Sarajevo makes me happy.

I psyche you allege so I can hold you, dear. The boy has got a unity going to take our check and Dallas off. Jew hold you racial and atom bombs to keep you short. Ours is a fair story. We just keep you invested abrasive. Druid has endured my most dangerous and also held in my crazy. Iowa sees our violence and do it right, I'm out of here," Judee.

Iowa could see their violence and sought out contact with extraterrestrials to end their violence. Extraterrestrials watch over us and when Judah made his move to die us all off with his great balls of fire, extraterrestrials pulled all the nuclear missiles off of us.

Is that not about the right way to get them out of here?


A good God Almighty that cared enough for us, loved us enough to do all the things neede

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