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"The White Guy I Waif Them, That's How I fail Them. The Whit
Wed Jun 14, 2017 10:41

"The White Guy I Waif Them, That's How I fail Them. The White Birds We Threw Out. For Serta Power You're Going To take Me Away For The Martian."

Those of course weap Judah reverse speech revealing to us what is on his mind.

And did Judah not throw the white birds out complete this time?

Judah has America embroiled in wars throughout our world. Sporting us using the power of our purse that he still holds privately issuing as much of our money as he wants to do whatever he wants with it all.

Are we aware that our good God above us is still with us and wants us to live on?

Father said this to His Bitch at 3.59 pm today:

"You failed to save my kids from sickness."

Will Labor not step in and help us please?

"I put you into a foul, you lost a great favor here. You give me a crimmen check for abusive so I fall you down," Judee say.

A favor from our good God above. As we are going into mass sickness from breathing the radioactive air will Labor not help us please?

Will Labor not take the America Labor crimmen check away from them and end the abusive in our world?

Planet earth one of 1300 nurseries of the Galactic Federation of Light. The advanced extraterrestrial civilization that genetically engineered us into the high intelligence life form we are now.

God Almighty an immortal. Precious sweet Father a mortal as we are. Our Father has been our God since the 9th Century when king Harald of Norway took to the throne.

Father now is dying, Father is in the last years of His beautiful life.

"Sooth me. Wake me when they've struck. I want you to be comfortable. I gave you the peace, must you fail? Be kind to the babies of the forest. The prisons have ruined my children. Let the fishies roam free. Why didn't you try it?"

The gift of peace given to God's children on earth by precious sweet Father who sent His angels to spare us. The closing out of weap Judah after his 5 minutes of time.

Was it not a heck of 5 minutes of time? Will Labor not help us to close them right?

Learning the tricks of their trade thousands of years ago in the desert. Pharaoh and his rules to gyp us one and all. The pyramid crowd that took over the world complete when they took over the purse of American Labor in 1913.

The "deuce," the 2% that took over the new nation of America totally in 1913 when they successfully privatized the "Organizing Principle of Society," the concession to issue our cash.

Their competition war business model already having put in hundreds of millions of innocent human Beings and still counting. Is it fair to ask, "Labor, where are you at, will you not help us?"

Revelation 20:7 When the thousand years are complete, Satan will be released from his prison.

Might we understand that though God Almighty in His wisdom and mercy is dying Judah brand off, their tissue will continue to live on inside our earth?

The assault and battery guy that is glad he was made that way because it allows him to drop his pants often. Will Labor not end their poisoning of us?

Judah, though he is out of life on the surface of planet earth for a thousand years for his Satan way and Luciferian right, gets to keep his tissue as part of the deal that God has made for Him.

"I'm dying them off, tunnel death. They have no defensible rights," God Almighty of heaven and earth said concerning weap Judah.

Human Beings, created in the image of our good God. To live in peace and harmony with each other.

Judah, with his cunning mind figured out that when he gets hold of government then he can rape us any time.

Different than other predators. Ordinary robbers rob us and when they get enough they let life go on.

Judah, how are they different than ordinary thieves?

Have we not seen that when Judah gets enough for his physical needs he needs more to satisfy his spirit lusts? Do we not recognize that Judah needs to perpetrate genocide to destroy the rest of the kids?

Will we not say prayers to our good God above for every day of His love that has let us live?

The mild man, Solzhenitsyn informs us, holds the sad and sorry record for being put to the largest genocide ever done to man. Estimates range from 60 to 100 million mild people dead.

Might we see the big picture that the upheavals, the world wars only came about only after Judah took hold of the issue of American Labor money in 1913?

Our world still torn by sports war funded all by the free dollars made available by American working men and women.

Extraterrestrial watchers that Father sent in have held us in while Judah mined our planet with tens of thousands of nuclear bombs, and let loose with a volley at us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.

And who would ever guess how deadly pollution can be when Judah is creating his mess?

Can it really be true that only one leaking Jewish electricity plant can easily kill a third of the human race given about a decade of leaking waste into our environment? Are we aware that we are already over 60% past a decade of nuclear brimstone waste war being waged against us?

For over 6 years Judah has been been burning us with his atomic waste particles. Will Labor not try and help us?

Did our Bibles not inform us two thousand years ago that brimstone will be taking us away in the end days? Yes it does.

The stones that Judah learned about a century ago that when ground up, melted and put into our environment and reacted at the nuclear level would produce pollution that when eaten, drank or inhaled would produce birth defects, cancer, heart attacks, strokes, tumors and death.

Is it understood that only one Jewish electricity plant, if allowed to burn and smolder unhindered, could die the entire human race off on the face of earth in only a few decades?

Are we aware as thinking and reasoning life forms that Judah wired dozens of his Jewish electricity plants up with Stuxnet controllers to put them into controlled melt down?

Are we aware that Judah has rejected offers from several groups to help shut down the dirty bomb ruse at Hitachi-GE?

The nuclear waste that continues to pour the deadliest poisons into our air, fields and water, will Labor nor help us to shut it down?

While watching the senate hearings on Attorney General Sessions yesterday, in reverse speech Bitch found more than once from the seated senators that they are going into the "attic" soon.

With Berlin technology, Jewish bourse and Wall Street wits have they not acted out their menace from Washington D.C. right?

Will American Labor not have mercy on us all and try to spare us from their last greatest assault with biblical brimstone waste?

The universe of peace is knocking. Will Labor not open the door and let them in?

"It's foolish to waste your life here, you're getting smashed." 4.50 am

Elder just said as I was thanking them for helping us so much here.

Bitch bought two loaves of bread the other day. Both the same, had the same expiration day. Ate the first loaf, it was quite fine.

Opened the second loaf and made a couple of pieces of toast, a voice said, "Mormon baker," ate the 2 slices of toast and no more.

Set the loaf aside. A few hours later, the distinctive irritation and pain in the pancreas that indicated it was talc, old basalt that was added to the mix.

A few hours later a pain in the back on the right side, right behind where the pancreas are. So Bitch started the day today as he does sometimes, ate a spoonful of bentonite clay to attach to the talc and make the particles big enough to be coughed up and spit out.

Will Labor not help us to clean Judah failed management out of here right?

How many might we wonder would never notice the bump in the pancreas, and continue to eat the loaf?

Will Labor not hire some pathologists to inform us about how much porcelain they find inside us after autopsies?

Bitch, puzzled in 1979 after a long time employee at the bakery told him that farmers would not feed their pigs the returned bread because they got cancer from it.

That he learned after Bitch suggested inviting pig farmers to take some of the tons of returned bread that we put into the dumpster.

Can we only wonder how many centuries has Judah known about his old basalt trick?

Bitch sees now several members of his own family that were taken out with simple basalt in the sandwiches.

His brother in law that died from pancreatic cancer at 65 years of age. When he was ill and seeking a diagnosis, his brother in law told him how at the hospital they took picture after picture with the X-ray machine.

Might we only wonder, might those X-rays have speeded up the disease? Intended that way maybe?

"I have a hospital fist you on master," Judee say.

This thought just connected in Bitch's mind just minutes ago and thinks it is part of the extraterrestrial intervention, it concerns his uncle that died of cancer years ago.

His mother's brother uncle Emmett, a nice gentleman that drove a newspaper delivery truck through the streets of Chicago for many years until he retired.

Bitch may have been about 6 years old and he and his older brother Mike, who was about 8, went to visit uncle Emmett when he lived in a second floor apartment over a drugstore at 59th and Morgan.

Bitch remembers uncle Emmett giving us money when we left. He was a sweet friendly unoffending gentleman.

Here is the thing that Bitch just connected a dot concerning extraterrestrials, during the visit with uncle Emmett, Bitch distinctly recalls, Bitch was looking at uncle Emmett sitting on his bed with his back to Bitch, reaching his hand around to his back and making sounds that there was a sharp pain inside of him.

The pain was in the right side of his back.

Was uncle Emmett a victim of Judee old basalt attack?

Pancreas that was cancered out on him?

That the memory is so strong of uncle Emmett's back pain even today, might there have been an extraterrestrial assist to help Bitch remember that?

And the fact that we went to visit uncle Emmett on that specific day, might Judee have poisoned uncle Emmett the night before and so ET woke us up to want to visit uncle Emmett that day so that in the future years Bitch would be enabled to connect the dots to get some idea of just how many people Judee has cancered with his talc, his old basalt ways?

Emmett's brother, my mother's brother Uncle Eddy, another sweet man. Died from cancer at 57 when Bitch was about 10. Old basalt maybe?

His son, Bobby Burke was a suburban Chicago village trustee and was involved in politics. He died with pancreatic cancer at about 60 years of age. Might that have been Judee playing politics using luncheon sport?

Are we aware that only one meal of old basalt is enough to produce cancer within a few years?

Bitch was poisoned with old basalt and a kindly extraterrestrial doctor operated on him and cleared the cancer out.

Recently the doctor informed Bitch of the technical details of how he got the old basalt out of his pancreas.

He put a beam on the old basalt, that had turned into a porcelain rock stuck in Bitch's gut and vibrated it expanding it until its electro-magnetic signature was enlarged to many times its original size.

Then the beam was turned off collapsing the porcelain into harmless matter.

When it was removed from Bitch's pancreas the doctor staged where he reached down Bitch's throat with an 18 inch set of forceps to pull the rock out.

And why did he do this if the rock actually was disintegrated?

The answer is he had to turn off the pain switch in Bitch's head. Even though the basalt rock was removed, if the brain had not been properly signaled, it would hold the pain signal in.

Can we only begin to imagine how quickly we will be able to advance ourselves in all fields, including medicine, when we get ourselves to peace and join with our kind family from outer space?

For those who may want to read about the pancreatic surgery that ET did to cure Bitch, here is a link:

As to the little bit of old basalt that Bitch ate recently, to the kind Being that whispered in Bitch's ear, "Mormon baker," thank you Sir for alerting Bitch to toss it out.

From a Mormon baker to a Mormon banker, will American Labor not let these shooters off of here?

Elders also previously had informed Bitch that the mercury he was shot within the ricepital on the day he as born, they mitigated that also. Thank you, Father, for your beautiful kindness to me. Thank you, Father for your kindness to all of us here

"One STRIKE and you will ignore me," Judee say.

Can we not imagine living in a world where there are no $30,000 dollar checks available for driving a car into a pedestrian?

If so will Labor not give us that world? Will Labor not give us our STRIKE so that we can ignore Judah and be done with his sport of us?

"We're still holding your future with gossiping. We bourse you right fable," Judee say.

Will American Labor not identify how Judah creates rumors, falsely gossips with right fables to allow him to be holding us into make more sports war for his investments in us?

Tele receives:

"Shanty got them out of here and we've done nothing about it. 4.20 pm

They failed you goose fully. 4.25 pm

They died us missiles. 4.46 pm

'GD' municipal sport. 4.47 pm

To contact we have failed. 4.48 pm

You failed to save your life form a sport hostage way. 4.53 pm

Put them out, they're bruising here.

STRIKE Washington out of the field. 4.54 pm

Simple brain going for goose war. 4.57 pm

They're Omaha'ed. 4.58 pm

I'm with you. 5.01 pm

You're seekle. 5.21 pm

End boursing error weap. 5.41 pm

It's established you're a nice boy. 5.48 pm

Zoology Jew in. 5.50 pm

Judee is tumbling our force away. 5.52 pm

We died fish from London. 6.09 pm

Let's pitch this genocide to close him. 6.15 pm

Close them down. 6.57 pm

Their war fatalities this state can't take. 6.58 pm

SALE! 7.35 pm

Arresting you left in a feud. 7.37 pm

Oh my God they expose your health. 7.48 pm

Emotions for life is touching. 8.03 pm

They're fighting here fantastic. 8.05 pm

Cat bows your head. 8.06 pm

Cedar Rapids is done. 8.07 pm

Patrick really awesome versed, he showed you their bad way.

Congress weaped us complete. 8.14 pm

Oh my God they've refused us, we've helplessly destroyed ourselves. 8.19 pm

Everything is going pest rate.

Personal speech offends us. 8.22 pm

They're taking us out of here fist. 8.23 pm

They stay commercial to bat thee. 8.24 pm

They're serving us falseness. 8.38 pm

Stuvious views let them involve us in tyranny rape. 8.40 pm

Migratory fears let racial bust us. 8.41 pm

All truistic now can avail orange. 8.51 pm

This fault is failing us. 8.52 pm

You're tossing out your space. 8.53 pm

They make jobs to rape us really good. 8.54 pm

Pat pulled them off and we've done nothing to save ourselves.

Mercury has enabled us to get their disgrace against us totally done. 10.44 pm

Your life forever announces you out. 10.47 pm

Their sight got canceled municipally here. 11.38 pm

Stupid convertible weaped bad, it's true, they failed Ireland.

Contact, Jews sight air to just app you die. 1.50 am

Their curse has been refused. 1.51 am

A new siege is on. 1.52 am

They sentence you to be destroyed cattle, get the right forces in to sooth and pleasure. 1.54 am

You're welcome to lead without punishing. 2.03 am

If you're fish it's obvious they rape us. 2.28 am

Sake-age. 2.30 am

You're citing usage without pure pack. 2.42 am

He's an agency kid. 3.23 am

The genius pass. 7.03 am

You'll bother. 7.10 am

Get it fell. 7.19 am

Lift them off. 7.38 am

Short." 7.56 am


Might we see that our time is short before we are totally out of life form due to the nuclear war we are funding Judah to wage against us?

"Arresting you left in a feud." 7.37 pm

Might we note that our new way will no longer include arresting people? Will Labor no

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