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"Peace Died, We Should Be Ashamed, We're To Blame." That is
Thu Jun 15, 2017 12:21

"Peace Died, We Should Be Ashamed, We're To Blame."

That is an overnight Tele receive. The people that are funding Jewish sports war in our world. Are Americans aware that is us?

The guys that always set a satchel bomb off in a theater, school, church, hospital or shopping mall to get their way with us. Might they frighten so many so much that there is just not enough of us that want to challenge them for the concession to issue our money?

"Coward efforts," elder said as to the way Americans have stood aside as Judah munch us.

Might we not hope and pray there is a STRIKE before Judah completes pulverizing us?

7.50 pm

Bitch posted at the erasable sites, Facebook and Simple site at about 7 pm and listened for comments to this post.

At 7.40 pm he heard from elder, "Awfully rude."

Then a human said at 7.47 pm "a harsh truth."

So some of the things found in reverse speech concerning the fire at Grenfell towers will not be in this post.

If there is some way to present them without being rude will post them in tomorrows post. Thank you for sending the Tele receives to help Bitch not put rude in his posts.
Live London fire latest: Whole families unaccounted for as MP calls Grenfell Tower disaster 'corporate manslaughter'
David Lammy MP: 'This is corporate manslaughter'
In a powerful interview on Radio 4's Today programme, Tottenham MP David Lammy described the disaster as "corporate manslaughter".

Mr. Lammy has a friend who is missing after the disaster.

"We should call it what it is, it's corporate manslaughter, that's what it is and there should be arrests made, frankly."

Dennis Murphy reported missing by his family
Pictures of another missing person are circulating.
He is Dennis Murphy. He has been reported missing by his family.

MP tells of artist friend missing at Grenfell
More from David Lammy's BBC interview.

He spoke passionately about the disaster and told how family friend Khadija Saye, 24, has been missing since it broke out.
Khadija Saye who is missing following the fire at Grenfell Tower

Mr. Lammy said he had known Ms. Saye, who worked for his wife, for a "number of years".

He said she was a "beautiful young woman with an amazing career ahead of her, wonderful artist, her work is on show in Venice at the moment, and we've heard nothing".

"We hope and pray that she is amongst them (in hospital) and not perished in that building as I suspect hundreds will have done by the end of this count."
Mr Lammy also told the programme that those who lived in the block were not the poorest Londoners, but were "the lucky ones who actually are in social housing, most of them will be the working poor in London, so this is absolutely the face of poverty".

Hasina Begum is desperately looking for her sister, who she believes was living in the building with her three children.
Hasina Begum is desperately looking for her sister

Prime Minister Theresa May speaks to Dany Cotton,
Commissioner of the London Fire Brigade.

Prime Minister May has promised a "proper investigation" after the building went up in flames early on Wednesday morning amid growing concerns about how the fire could have spread so rapidly.
Prime Minister Theresa May speaks to Dany Cotton, Commissioner of the London Fire Brigade CREDIT: DAN KITWOOD/GETTY IMAGES
A wall of condolence at the scene CREDIT: BEN CAWTHRA/LNP

On the same page a little farther in we find these:
On this day in 1215: Magna Carta is sealed
Dominic Selwood
15 JUNE 2017 • 12:10PM

The article tells us that Magna Carta was sealed on June 15, 1215.

For many British people, the roots of our democracy lie in a medieval document that was sealed on 15 June 1215. In it, they say, are enshrined the principles of parliament’s supremacy over the monarchy, of no taxation without representation, and of everyone’s right to a fair trial at the hands of a jury of their peers.

Magna Carta came about because King John’s barons were in open revolt. They had sacked London, and the country looked to be on the brink of yet another catastrophic civil war. Numerous attempts to broker peace were tried. One involved John meeting with his barons at Runnymede on 15 June 1215 to draw up a document that became known as the Articles of the Barons. As it happens, the parties agreed it, and made peace.

The Magna Carta of June 15, 1215, and The Grenfell Towers fire of June 15, 2017.

802 years ago our predecessors in England gifted to themselves the right to trial by jury of their peers before the loss of life, liberty or property.

And now today, our right to a jury trial before loss of life, liberty or property, not available to the inhabitants of what has been touted as the land of the free, home of the brave, the United States of America on our fabulous Philadelphia Freedoms, our sacred Bill of Rights made the law of the new land in 1791.

"I set you with a false guard fantastic so it lets me molest you," Judee say.

Does that sentence by weap Judee not seem to agree with what Karl Liebknecht said a century ago that, "the true function of war is to subordinate ones own domestic population to exploitation at the hands of the dominant class?"

"I set you with a false guard fantastic so it lets me molest you."

Bitch found some more reverse facial speech in videos of the fire in the towers.


Those RS came from residents displaced by the fire.

These next RS came from officials:


Are we understanding it's too late to reconcile with Judah and his false that only seeks to die us off?

One attempted extermination of us using his great balls of fire that he put into commission using the pretext he wants to do good things for us. Is the ordinary life form not receiving the message that Judah is not of us?

Are we understanding American Labor the relationship with weap Judah and his XXX

But it's too late, baby, now it's too late
Though we really did try to make it
Something inside has died and I can't hide
And I just can't fake it, Oh no no no no no

"White dog failed you." 6.22 am

"Get fouled lousy. We score mortgage municipal," Judee say.

"Holy Mary mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death Amen."

Can we only wonder if the Grenfell fire was XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Even after traveling to a new continent and purportedly throwing the old country's generic autocratic XXXXXXXXX out, America not able to hold peace or our rights in.

1215 the Replicon hybrid transplant Judee king John informed by the Barons that he would either sign the agreement to trial by jury of ones own peers or they would battle him with swords until he did.

Might we consider that the way the original Bill of Rights of England originated that king John agreed to sign it only under extreme duress? Sure, have we given any thought to how distressing it may have to king John to have to consider facing the English Barons in a physical contest?

From those facts might we derive that the Magna Carta then was not a perfected agreement due to the fact it was signed under duress by king Johns side?

Sure. And what then could be the consequences of an agreement made with one party to the agreement signing under duress?

Would the agreement not then be cancel-able, invalid in a legal sense? Sure.

If we fly through time 5 centuries and 74 years after king John faced the swords of the Barons at Runnymede and signed Magna Carta, and find ourselves in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1789 when the same issue is presented to the American Constitutional Convention, the demand to put in a Bill of Right, the rights found in Magna Carta plus a few more. Might it serve our peace interests to remember there followed no threat with a sword to put Americans rights in?

And so what might the consequences of that be?

Might we consider as no force other than persuasion was used to gain fabulous rights for the inhabitants of the new land of America, that as the agreement was made with no physical force that it could not be rejected futurely by only one side because it was made legally from the very beginning?

If we look at the Constitution of the Unites States of America might we consider that the Bill of Rights is a perfected document legally? And how so is that?

That the agreement was made in 1789 to add amendments to the Constitution that put in our Bill of Rights, do we recall that it took two years to get everyone's agreement signed?

From 1789 until December 15th, 1791 all of the interested parties had the time to read and investigate thoroughly what the Bill of Rights were.

Might we consider that the two years it took to complete signing the agreement was more than enough time to have the Constitution ruled out if it was a fraud?

That our Constitution is written, recorded, made public and signed by all interested parties at the time, between 1789 and 1791, might we consider that it was and is a valid agreement between the inhabitants of the United States of America and the corporate employees of the state?

If a document is made by force, once the duress-ed party to the agreement chooses, would the agreement not then terminate for all? Certainly.

As there was no duress, and the time for signing the agreement was two years, might we consider that if one side breached the agreement, then the agreement is still good as the original contract stands perfected in law, reason, common sense and public opinion?

And so what is the remedy here? Might procedure not be to merely require the removal of those that breached a publicly recognized lawful contract?

So what's the issue then, why has this not happened yet?

Are we understanding it is because the violator of the agreement holds the concession to issue our money in his private hands as a despot and tyrant, and uses our own money for false and terror to win?

When the Dred Scott Labor racketeering case appeared on the supreme courts radar in 1858, might we understand that the judges on the supreme court were well versed in our law and they knew that the Bill of rights were perfected as law, policy and procedure?

The need to be a citizen to enjoy the Bill of Rights in America, not found in our Constitution at all. Made up out of whole clothe by the Supremes at that time.

Might we see the Supreme court judges at that time using a false pretext claiming that the white force intended at the time the constitution was born, to deny working people of color our American guaranteed, God given rights?

Did we not note many times that it was an all white Missouri jury that voted to free Dred in Missouri at that time? Yes, we did.

Did some of us notice how Judah had his kids marching around the other day with staged protests against Muslim Sharia law?

Might we understand it is not the Muslims that have harmed our society or closed our civil rights out but rather the Jews on free American Labor bourse?

If we think again about the creation of our constitution, we have already spoken about how the crafters in Philadelphia held their sessions in private. Can we only wonder why?

That the majority of them gained their wealth by the ill taking from right less Labor, could that have something to do with why they held their constitutional convention sessions in secret?

Might they have refused to put a Bill of Rights in the original Constitution because they knew that ultimately it would free their unfree forced Labor resource?

And what were the consequences of denying Dred his right to a jury trial decision, rights that he tried to claim as an inhabitant of the United States of America?

Did that Supreme court decision re-enslaving Dred not open the way for Judah sport for what we call now the "war between the states, the American civil war?" Yes, it did.

And what first fortunes arose from that dreadful war? Might we think of the Rockefeller's, the Bush family, Morgan and company and so many more war sports profiteers that are still going strong over a hundred and fifty years after the civil war ended?

Are we understanding American Labor the day that we STRIKE THEM OUT that we will begin again the agreement with our Sovereign sweet Lord to live with our God-given rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness once again and forever more?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and let the dead beats, Labor racketeers, swindlers, and welchers off right?

Will Labor not end funding their shooting and terrorism? Must Labor not hire Judah's nuclear artillery at Hitachi-GE shut down?

Will Labor not help us to end this corporate political international sin wave directed by the only party that has the authority to issue our American Labor money for free, weap Judah?

Might we consider that Judah strength was his ability to imprison or kill all that saw his sin?

"You were after me for Jew fist so I abolished you. We take a boy into detention and obviously pitch," Judee say.

The manner Judah works over time to set us up to put us in. He spots our flaws, our imperfections and each time pushes his wedge in. Each time getting us farther away from the truth. And what is truth?

The truth is we were created by our good God above to love one another and live in peace. Is that all there is to it? Yes, it's as simple as that.

We, now set by Judah to breathe in sickness from his atomic cannon shooting us from Hitachi-GE. Will Labor not help us to put ourselves on the right street as our predecessors did in 1789 by demanding and putting in our civil and human rights?


The street that was se

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