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"I Had Some Averages and I Was Quite Stupid and Bitch Put Me
Fri Jun 16, 2017 09:21

"I Had Some Averages and I Was Quite Stupid and Bitch Put Me Out For My Wake."

Are recognizing weap Judah speaking about what has happened here to him?

His averages scoring us and his quite stupid of attacking us all out with thousands of nuclear warheads to destroy our life forms in a well planned Jewish wipe out of the mild man of the north.

The only party that can issue our money, weap Judah.

Extraterrestrials that have stepped between us and the Anglo-Zionist terrorist network's alliance partners in nuclear war fighting to spare us from being exterminated.

Will we not pray that the intelligence factor will connect with the courage factor and reach the level that ordinary workers will STRIKE THEM OUT realizing that we don't have to take their sport war anymore and close their tyranny despot days out once and for all?

That the Anglo-Zionist international nuclear war-fighting terrorist state network has lost their explosive plutonium 239 to the kindness of our extraterrestrial protectors, will we not now close the embassy out?

Will American Labor not wake yourselves to help us now?

Will Labor not let us go in peace with our good God, our precious sweet Father that loves us all?

Must American Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and STOP THE WAR?

Tele receives:

"Terror out. 12.21 pm

Help us, help us divorce them, help us to let them off. 12.42 pm

Death wrench faults you large. 1.15 pm

They're tossing this field so STRIKE THEM OUT! 1.56 pm

You're Muslim failed. 1.58 pm

Thank you. 2.41 pm

They fouled out rule weapatory. 3.03 pm

Our kids are burning vertical. 3.18 pm

Nutters fused dead. 3.31 pm

They scored the people dead. 3.36 pm

You need to get this fist war out. 4.12 pm

Jews know how to block useful. 4.24 pm

Refugees are going to core rate you. 4.26 pm

It's an awful die Israel. 5.07 pm

Your future is have 3 people call and they take you off of here. 5.11 pm

Patrick, you threw out the foulest day. 5.24 pm

An error missed. 6.52 pm

Celebrate. 7.26 pm


It's awfully rude. 7.39 pm

Awful rude, a harsh truth. 7.47 pm

Shut them all. 8.07 pm

It's dead wit. 8.52 pm

Stupid is taking you completely out now. 8.52 pm

Animal fraud, get them out of this field. 8.59 pm

Guys psyche bad host.

Salary side you all have failed. 1.01 am

Their fugitive assignment goes cruel over time. 1.02 am

Vegetable leaves you heavily savaged.

Cowed bad, just tossing weak. 1.08 am

The home is occupied savagely, they savaged it.

Embezzlement future is HUGE government. 1.17 am

We're ricives. 1.18 am

Their forgeries will soon tuna fish ya's. 1.19 am

It's filthage life poisoning you's. 1.20 am

They assemble tyranny to make dumb fantastic. 1.21 am

You lost your right forces, you're mirrored.

Dungeons are gorgeous filled with the net. 1.22 am

Summer abusive fails your life. 1.25 am

It's obvious we're burning ourselves up. 1.26 am

Pat's page was savaged dog. 1.28 am

Save yourselves from bad battery, end perjury assignment before it throws you out.

Enemies fault you typhus. 1.30 am

Jerks have wasted dull police cars completely sourcing lads. 1.31 am

They're throwing you guys up and out, HUGE you have failed life considerably. 2.36 am

You got this fail in much. 2.37 am

Jews took off occidental free state. 2.40 am

National failed us witless, fouled us easily, failed us HUGE. 2.42 am

They cashed you. 2.42 am

They threw us Manson lose-ables. 2.43 am

They're embarrassing with homeless. 2.44 am

They challenge you right, they use the organs of state to murder ya.

It looks now like you lost. 2.45 am

The czar state is set to bury us cash.

They almost have the destruction completed. 2.47 am

You lost your nation fistol for free.

Fist bums terror rate us.

Government failed to save us, we're perishing cot.

They welcome you quite fisted.

They missiled you bad senile. 2.49 am

Gorgeous rusing took out the wood.

They cheer a right dead. 2.50 am

They constantly late us. 2.51 am

They bash boys.

Their wit is refused for bad perish.

They counsel us badly. 2.52 am

They're always into tax.


You die foolsy.

They fail us airly. 3.25 am

Contact did save us, we're all dead. 3.27 am

Thieves tossed us nicely.

Military canceled us true. 3.28 am

Dolts whose life begins to end properly. 3.29 AM

Gen-a-roll bootsy. 3.30 am

A perish late you. STRIKE THEM OUT, they tossed you jailish. 3.32 am

You're being pushed over here. 4.22 am

It's blast rule force, I want them off, they would have won. 4.42 am

Hawkeye doesn't love you." 5.06 am

"It's blast rule force, I want them off, they would have won." 4.42 am

Will American Labor not try to perceive that Father truly does love us all?

If not for the love of Father are we not seeing that Judah would have already won?

And what would Judah have won? Would it be any other than the extirpation of the mild man of the north? Might we note if the 3,200 thermonuclear warheads had not been pulled out of the sky in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, it would have killed most of us all in America?

Will Labor not do the will of our Savior and good God and let them off right?

Our good God Almighty is speaking to us. Is there not some way that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT to help us now?

"I'm literally dying now because they took off my force because I shot you dead. Vera Cruz naturalized my spoof, from London I had a story book. I victor-ed them. My Savior came in because you rolled me.

We try to offend them so we can sponge. Oklahoma City was all fierce. We dunge right, that's our wisdom. We're fine going with a dog to mess people's minds. Thank you for the outrageous.

My maple leaf is true Elizabeth off. Our war in Asia and electricity threw power to us. With Moscow my force was always fatal with my wits. When you authorize bad Judah will be out your psycho for God's wish.

Forever my thoughts have failed, the boy sees it in his journal. For just abuse I'm closing. I just had energy to fight you. The bears hold me responsible. I'm a parasite that ruined you Truman style. My mind truly affect rabbit scrimmage.

My mind fools me with addiction so I shoot everything. Our terrorist side has op freed us dead. We had some error ways and Bitch handled it. Jew Irishman now has got us fantasticious out. My negative is through. I was a genuine false sweetheart.

We alway pushed you spec your highness. Shrimp out my psychology. My monopoly bored you with a counselor, my grease did the bump. We're cooked here now for our commercial summons. We're Jewish and always threatening you with a noose is cool.

I made my initial assess from Hamburg. Iowa solves my boot thee side. I spend my days defacing your minnow right. Our theory is penetrate for a fine die so I rude you. Our success die you all except for Mercury.

Judee hitch on super fall when he threw Murtha. I fall because I truly hate you bench owl. I false you injury to get a business rate check. We're just into crimmen ya.

I fish you by reduction, that's our brutal sport, that's why I put a chain gang in. I cite you with a big offend, that's how big Jews work. I use your employ for Jewish die," Judee say.

We Americans have been paying a forced tax on employment to Judah since 1913. Are we all on the same page understanding it is our income tax that Judah uses to shoot war?

If so are we understanding why our good God above, our sweet Lord, the Sovereign of planet earth wills that Labor issue our money?

Are we seeing our Sovereign has ruled that His beautiful simian children on earth are to live in peace?

"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others, I'm dying them off, tunnel death. They have no defensible rights. Ethically they're criminals. They're no friends of mine. I died them truthful," God Almighty of heaven and earth said.

In yesterday's post Father said:

"They compete with my house with your core vision of peace." 7.31 pm

If we remember who we are, the people that lived for over 30,000 years in the cold terrains that were never known to once have made war. Will American Labor not help us to return to the truly good old days of peace again?

Are we seeing how Father has left Judah deal with himself for competing with our core vision of peace?

When Father spoke those words to Bitch the sound of Father's voice is of a magnificent quality that of its own would alert a reasonable person to wish to be with the spirit that speaks so wisely.

Father, of course, has spoken to Judah, by sending Moses in with the rules of the road.

"I want the crazy out," Father also said.

Judah, aware that he must control government to sport us. Is it not obvious otherwise grand juries would already have pulled his sport off of us?

"You were after me for Jew fist so I abolished you."

From that simple sentence might we understand why Judah needed to get us all shot bad?

Are we understanding what was behind his counselor advising him to attack us with nuclear missiles to die us off in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

That Judah has been able to sell us such things as nuclear weapons to kill us in the billions. To convince us that we need swords to exist with our fellow man.

Should the false of such a position not be obvious to us all? It seems it should but do we note, we failed to Judah false words and images?

Judah not content to try and get us out with nuclear blast, for he knew that Mercury was watching him well, so he backed up his blast with nuclear brimstone waste to waste us out.

What might explain why we have not yet properly responded to Judah's death instinct for us?

Judah gloats that he took over the thinking of the mild man so well that he has been able to keep us funding and fighting world wars.

Could it be that Judah has falsed us so well that the truth, when presented, is not believed or accepted as fact?

"Love one another," Father said. Is it really as simple as that? Certainly. Do we not see we don't need swords in our traveling packs?

"Judee wit hos you great, fool you, pull away your nice. He gave you a raw view with his interest. Bitch is a true child that folded Judee out for his fistol. Their symbols, they failed." Those RS from a Japanese Atom bomb survivor.

Have we not seen how Judah has pulled away our nice by using our income tax to send fists to harm our family on this earth?

The fix Labor, do we not see it involves each and every one of us to take the concession to issue our money away from Judah to end his fistin and slummin of us?

"The usury rate side has fallen, just treat the minnow nice." Those words from an Asian central bank.

Is that all there is to it, "just treat the minnow nice?"

"My kids, treat them super nice. I want you to be comfortable," precious sweet Father said.

Will Labor not help us to treat the minnow right by ending the war that we are funding against them?


Will Labor not ORGANIZE to STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from the international war-making Jews?

Are we getting smart enough to understand that if we fund this Jewish sports war to go on for just a few days more we risk not only losing our cipher but our tissue too?

The loss of life form. Do some of us recall reading in our Bibles how one-third of us will die off in the last days?

Are we understanding yet that we now have but two choices left, either stop the war or set ourselves to go to our deaths?

"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you," the angels said.

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," God our Father said.

Concerning the wondrous voice of Father, Bitch stopped praying in 1966 when he was 18 years old after seeing the Vietnam war first hand.

Believing that God was as Father said, a "mythological construct," and not real at all.

Reasoning that if we did have a God, and he truly was good, then why did he let the war go on?

Hearing God's voice in 2009 caused Bitchie to reevaluate his thinking here, and now he says his prayers once again.

And instead of Bitch atheist wondering why God didn't stop the war might we not see it now as the opposite?

That is, rather than asking "why does God not stop the war," might we not have to ask ourselves "why does American Labor not stop the war and instead lets it go on against the children of God on earth?"

"Thou shalt not kill," God Almighty said to Moses thirty-five hundred years ago.

Will American Labor not help us to reestablish the covenant with our good God above?

Our very last chance to survive the brimstone nuclear waste war that Judah is waging as he goes away from us for good. Will Labor not help us out here?

If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money away from them?

"We have some iron workers coming in that's going to put some germanium on the state. I'm a puss that possess you properly. We proceed Michelin with some Dutch head. I'm official, I get to do sports with official harm.

We had a force so we shot you away. I did some grams on some Philippines. I symbol fish terror. I make a big fool of you because I'm short for my woman, that's why I pull you out.

I just need to punish you for my dates. My cable scene's my pussy op. On the Drew side we win, got you cored. I fired you quite fooliness. I'm a violator on full-time pop because I'm crooked.

My psyche semper stupid in trying to find ways to set you back. My psyche is truly a perilous force. I'm forcive because I'm sick-a-ment in a foul way. We fur ball you screwball to die you ash. Jew bubbled his mansion this time because he has to commit crime.

Our relationship we had was just to cite you punishment. The Bitch, I pray a mission to hustle him viperative. With Patrick, I'm a bourse wit so I win. They cored me because I'm foul goldbrick. For putting Reno over we're quite dead.

I'm fooling you with a dog because I'm not natural. You fall asleep I set some kerosene in the place to prove I'm faulty. Patrick told you about my fool right, ya, it's my industry I used it to try and burn you down with. For Irishman Jew is awful to put on a state.

My whole attitude is to rape you, race you. We break you with a heart attack and use you for sport. I'm negative because I'm feudal. From my Jew day, I had to do criminal sport with Martha. Jew core to make a minnow and H----- won't let me shoot you.

I have a stone age going good here. With my sport, I threw away your whole government right. For my bourse rate, I got my own paper, I use Paris to shoot you dead and put you in peril. I just score you and cancer with a nice waste house for free.

For my bore day, they threw my palace out. I'm a threw-off-a-men, I just basically force. We bourse and hold you with a star. Iowa discover our roots and our fabulous source dumb. We'll back you down when we get you in debt.

Because of my big core I'm forced to leave. My white spot you fine. We try to do our best to push you stripe. Scientist has pulled out our enemy route. Bitch house not be feared by our genocide. We just want to push you out and keep you feared. Your whole economy is about bit off," Judee say.

"With a 35-year-old rush, they fall the assignment down. Your lecher route was sported well. Major was a boof that was sported out fair." Non-Judah reverse speech.

Images of Bitch from 35 years ago. Will Judah be allowed to get by with holding Labor with those grotesque images from long ago?

Or will labor make the decision to free us once and all from Judah and his war molest disease?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," God our precious sweet Father said.

Will we not keep praying that Labor will do the right thing, STRIKE THEM OUT and save us all?


God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you


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