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"They Pushed Us Sovietly Obviously Out Of Life." That is an
Sat Jun 17, 2017 09:01

"They Pushed Us Sovietly Obviously Out Of Life."

That is an overnight Tele receive. "They pushed us Sovietly obviously out of life."

Any doubt about it? Understanding this as truth might we not want to say prayers of thanks to our good God Almighty, our precious sweet Father who had His angels keep us in?

"The jerk is jerkness my ass," Judee say.

Have some of us seen on what is billed as the "news," people exercising with goats and other forms of animal life running around while they exercise?

Can we only wonder what that Israeli psychiatrist knows that he is putting on the "news?"

The baby goat that gets under a girl doing push ups and licks her lips. Will that really hold American Labor from not doing a STRIKE to get Judah out?

Or how about the dog exercising with a bunch of humans with a video to prove it?

On the same page and just below the dog exercising with humans we have this story next:

Continuing we find on the same page:

"STRIKE you psychology," Judee say.

Can we only wonder what does that Israeli psychologist know that is keeping us from relieving weap Judah of government management?

To get about 16 of Judees kids at the beach with a trained pooch to roll around and wiggle his gear for the shoot plus the camera crew to record it all. Can we only wonder how much it cost American Labor to make that video?

Are we aware that it cost Judah nothing to make that Israeli psychologist's video because he can write all the checks he wants on American Labors bank account for free?

The tens of millions of Americans Judah has put in in America in the century that we allowed him to issue our money.

The hundreds of millions of our fellow high intelligence life forms that Judah has put in around our world using the purse of American Labor.

For those that look at that page with pooch rolling around in an exercise session with humans, might we note not an article about the world wars that American Labor is funding?

While Judah smirks, brags and gloats about his famous superior mental over the rest of us, if not for knocking our bright guys and gals in might his intelligence not seem rather ordinary?

If not for poisoning childhood vaccines with mercury, might more of our wits not stay in?

If not for assaulting our babies in the hospital crib might our brains not work better for us?

If Judah was not administering our schools might he never have a chance to find out who our really bright ones are? And how has Judah maneuvered himself into running all of our schools? Are we seeing it is the issue of money in his private hands that lets him do it?

The understanding is that our extra bright is a constant. They appear in all families everywhere.

Lack of resources and opportunity early shuts many down so they never reach their full potential.

Might we consider that because of our great library systems many discover the world through reading and advance themselves in their abilities?

Have we noted how Judah has been reducing library hours in many areas?

Will Labor not take the receipts away from Israel and let us live in peace and keep our libraries open for everyone?

Have they not been caught well enough that reasonable people will not shut their war off? Will Labor not listen to our good God almighty and let them off right?

They're on the edge of sealing in the total destruction of Americans now. Hundreds of millions of us set to die out of life form due to pollution from brimstone nuclear waste.

What are we to think about the mainstream media that is not following the story of the Jewish electricity cannon at Hitachi-GE that is intentionally poisoning us out of life form?

Of course did we not see on the international news the other day how Judee had a robot fish swimming in the waste at Hitachi-GE?

Japanese scientists invent sunfish robot that will SWIM to the core of the Fukushima nuclear reactor to investigate radiation levels after scorpion and snake shaped robots failed

Are we understanding that we are being cunningly held into being shot with radioactive waste?

The story of Judee guys in Japan inventing a little robot to swim to take a look at the burning molten radioactive belching core.

Why not put boron into the cooling water to slow and then bring the chain reaction to an end?

"Cement it in," Elder Jason said a few years ago to God's kids.

If boron were put into the cooling feed water are we understanding then their nuclear cannon would be shut down?

Will Labor not take a look at the real deal here and try it?

"I think you lost your rights, a right less force is coming in. Pure advice offed yourself."

Thank you Sir Jason and sir Morris for those messages today.

"Why didn't you try it?" Father asked.

Will the answer be because Bitchie cursed and that ended it?

What about the things Father teaches us like forgiveness, have mercy and all the other good things?

"I would have given you anything," Father said.

With brimstone coming out of our mouths choking us every day, is there not some way that Labor will try it, please?

Will Labor not give us something other than radiation disease?

Coming now to our end, is there not some way to convince Labor to step on in? Has master Judah not proven faulty enough yet?

Cunning vicious guys that like to huckster on other people's blood. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and shut that dirty bomb Jewish electricity plant off?

Tele receives:

"Take them off for landing us great. 3.12 pm

They're scoring out our breakfast with electricity. 3.32 pm

The huncher fell. 4.26 pm

If you don't want to die fistic STRIKE THEM OUT! 4.49 pm

Their cruiser failed so throw them out. 4.50 pm

Judee snuck out. 5.55 pm

Their cage day failed us. 6.06 pm

Oh, my Patrick's tossing them out and we've done nothing. 6.07 pm

A fortune is in line in happiness. 6.10 pm

I hope you're not missing this. 6.12 pm

The fist is high for negligence. 6.14 pm

Give Morgan a force reduction. 6.15 pm

Bitch antifreeze on Jew act. 6.19 pm

Scrimmage ahead, you'll basically die jailing unless your right force has been introduced.10.08 pm

Let's get some light years here. 10.10 pm

They're washing the minnows out.

I held you to save your psychus. 10.12 pm

All a complete failure.

Availables thrusting yourselves. 10.13 pm

They scored a fortune and Jew de-exists. 11.25 pm

Embezzle do well to die you out. 12.53 am

A famous of your intimate ear malice you. 1.13 am

Forces of jealousy, that is what our mourning is about. 1.25 am

Bitch boy is holding the thief off the village. 1.26 am

We lost entirely insurance. 1.29 am

Naturally voweled hits developed.

They boursed you all off of this field. 1.30 am

They've pushed the button and you've done nothing.

Deadly has been received and not refused. 1.31 am

They shot a miracle Jewish. 1.32 am

Penetrate us has stripped us off life. 1.33 am

A complete burst off.

Life's fallen listless. 1.34 am

They took us all out with cash. 1.36 am

I done myself easily. 1.38 am

Gentlemen, STRIKE THEM OUT and save yourselves.

You'd better STRIKE THEM OUT if you want to not be abused here.

They're closing this field completely false numbers, false die. 1.39 am

Our resources obviously destroyed. 1.40 am

Their racket's not adequate. 1.42 am

They embellish history in a right way that gets to you. 1.43 am

Oh, Patrick take this country out of this war. 1.44 am

Parala-sick. 1.46 am

We're occupied for faultiness. 1.47 am

Everything is lost for Boston. 1.48 am

Poverty is how they defeat you to wash you right. 1.50 am

Clearly insane people who've held us back with the plan to break us off our existence. 1.53 am

Dunge-ocracy falls through.

I lost you to terrorism dreadfully here. 1.54 am

They're wiping out your life forces and you're wistfully crunched. 1.56 am

We're hitting ourselves awfully vengeful.

Your life forms will be missing from our lives. 1.59 am

Fatal push failed you's quite abusive. 2.02 am

They leave us nicely destroyed wistfully. 2.03 am

It's a nice version of their big house rout. 2.04 am

They expose you to a series of fails. 2.05 am

With alms he's recycled it.

They pushed us Sovietly obviously out of life. 2.07 am

Treason they're appin.

Our state is a helpless failure of fish. 2.09 am

His beastly has got his police force crunching out you guys. 2.13 am

You better believe the physicals have died. 2.15 am

STRIKE the war lechers here.

He soul voids. 2.22 am

They stop us HUGE intimately. 2.31 am

They dumb ciphered us. 2.47 am

Stupid fear here.

Castrate war. 3.57 am

Bury awesome. 4.01 am

Leave your physics slaughter. 4.21 am

Stalkers. 4.22 am

You lost your lion. 4.31 am

Let's fence it. 4.48 am

They dare you right electricity. 5.22 am

It's stufish.5.27 am

Oswald passed us. 5.31 am

Get them out. 5.48 am

We lost and they closed us. 6.42 am

Bitch failed." 6.43 am

And as Father said, "You failed me useful. You failed me jostled. You failed personal."

When a guy is a three-time loser with God where is there to go?

As Bitch has failed God letting his children be sealed into radiation sickness might we want to consider that even before Bitch knew we had a God, God never failed Bitch?

The numerous times that Judah had his Jewish police attempt to assassinate Bitch and for one reason or another Bitch survived.

The despair one feels at the beginning of the day thinking about will this be the day that one has to face the worst?

The Jew that God Almighty let him let himself off of here. Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take them out of management here?

A 77-year-old man shot in the head near his home in Englewood. The reports claimed that it was a car that pulled up next to him and opened fire great.

But what is the truth?

Sniper round maybe with the car shooter to deflect from the real method of death?

For those of us who have been watching them, do we recall forty years ago when they put on the ballot getting rid of the elected coroner's office in Chicago?

Might we understand that with no elected official to call a grand jury the truth of the how and why deaths happened may remain unknown?

In the instance of pulling out the elected coroner's office, might we think of how Judah is always looking ahead how to make you and me?

That we have not put our rights in after Judah pulled them out. Is there not some sense just how foolish that is with Judah privately holding our purse?

"I lost you to terrorism dreadfully here." 1.54 am

"The mild man he's a shy fellow," Judah tells us about who we are. Is it Judah terrorism that has caused the shy guy to not want to STRIKE Judah here?

"If you want him out throw him out yourself," the one Tele sender said a couple of times in Bitch's ears.

If Bitch could throw them out they'd of been gone during the Vietnam war when he first became aware of what is going on here.

But he can't get them out as long as they have all of the free money they want.

In days past might we have had to just pray for the next generation to do better than us to straighten it out? Yet will there even be the next generation with nuclear waste taking us out?

"Clearly insane people who've held us back with the plan to break us of our existence." 1.53 am

Are we understanding that we are set now to not only lose our ciphers but our tissue also?

"Your life forms will be missing from our lives." 1.59 am

And so why does Bitch keep posting if Labor has done nothing after five years and eight months warnings of being put out of life form by Judah radiation sickness disease?

Might it be because he knows that Father saved him when Judee clearly scored him dead several times and as Father saved Bitch might he not save the rest of his American kids this time?

And besides, the Soviets have not attacked yet.

From reading reverse speech it looks as if the plan is to have Germany's boots attack Russia to get their sport happening on us.

Then a two-hour joint forces assault against America and we will begin a new age. Do we need to return to the stone age to understand that's not where we want to go?

"The Druid is not dutiful. The Druid has ever failed to save himself," Judee say.

All the wonderful things we have here inside wealthy America. Could they really all go away with only two hours of a Soviet Judah attack on us all?

That is the understanding here.

America now set up with millions of people that only know they have been driven out of their homes by white boys.

Millions of Judee Replicons hidden within from every terrain, including the ones that American Labor bourse has most recently torn up in the Middle East. Are we understanding they will direct the tearing up of the mild people of the north?

The 60 to 100 million mild people of the north that Solzhenitsyn informed us were put to death by Judah on American Labor bourse a century ago.

Are there any doubters that atomic nuclear brimstone waste will die us in MEGADEATH numbers?

"He pushed us out of here vicious. 7.02 am

We got defeated. 7.08 am

Irritate fouled some roots here. 7.09 am

Terror won. 7.26 am

It's over for nuts abuse. 7.48 am

Pig me hits. 7.58 am

He deadly assaults us." 8.02 am

The big Jewish threat to our existence for longer than the last half of a century, that they could put us out of here in about 30 minutes.

Might their atomic bombs have been to condition our unconscious in a terrorist way to not try to oppose them in any way?

Are we not understanding that you give the Jew an inch and he'll take your life away?

The big threat to shock and awe us out of life with their great balls fire from plutonium 239.

That Judah attacked us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, precisely with 64,000 times the force that he unleashed over Hiroshima in 1945. Might we have finally answered the sixty-four thousand dollar question?

The UFOs that flew over the Capitol in Washington in 1952. Is that not a precise picture showing us 9 UFOs on one side with 2 in the lead? Might the September 2001 World Trade Center event to begin the final destruction of the United States of America have been completed in 1952?

9...1...1. Are we seeing the way our loving family from the universe chooses to speak to us?

Do we recall that Harry Truman was the president in office in 1952 when the UFOs flew over the Capitol building?


Terje Wulfsberg2 years ago
This was a demonstration by our Space Friends aga

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