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To Share Some Thoughts About Our Father Who Art In Heaven.
Wed Jun 21, 2017 10:02

To Share Some Thoughts About Our Father Who Art In Heaven.

Precious sweet Father's name is Harold Star. Bitch mentions Father's holy name with the most profound respect and honor to Father's dignity.

Are we understanding that none of us would be here if not for Father sending His angels in to pull Judah's great balls of fire off of us here?

Father is all kind, merciful and forgiving. Father loves all of His children equally. Father has unconditional love for everyone. It does not matter what someone did or did not do, Father's love is unconditional for me and for you.

Bitch mentioned this video before of Richard who met God while he was out of his body while it was being cooled for surgery where his heart had to be taken out of his body.

Richard Meets Jesus in Heaven - Near Death Experience

At 8.44 into the video, Richard tells of how God hugged him and he breaks down and begins to cry at that moment.

Bitch watched and listened to the video a few times in regular sound and also read the reverse facial speech.

At the beginning of reading Richards reverse facial speech Bitch considered that it was a Judee playing a trick on us. His speech was real identifiable to Bitch as a Judee guy.

Then when Richard tells of how God hugged him as their conversation in heaven was ending and Richard started to cry.

Bitch continued to read his reverse facial speech and it changed abruptly when he started to cry and speak about the unconditional love that God has for him.

Might we think of the story of the prodigal son that returned home and was welcomed by his father?

For those that choose to remain with Father's flock that is what Father has for all. His love is unconditional for all.

Here is some of what Richard said in reverse facial speech:

"I used to be a rabie dog I just didn't care about your life, I just looked for my bonus ration. I scrim you up with some forcery. I'd just breeze you and say oh I'm a Judee. I got wits and you're all wet now. I'd make an arrest to vice you.

It was all part of my sorry op. And then I'd waste them true. That was my big perspective. I'd Spam your whole family with a gosh osh. I'd take your brother to jail and let them give him a good rub.

I'd just throw your case away. I was a persistent foul falsing you. I just had a pitchfork attitude. I was just a general guerrilla, that was all my ape. My sport hypnotized me. I was spirited so bad. I was obviously great to no one false and my general wits were just shot hopeless.

I'd find a nice guy and just say here's somebody for my averages to roll him. My bankroll was giant screwing you guys. All I had was a victim relationship. We'd just arrange you the big hard way and get you shot.

I would serve my management rule. I scold you for past wisdom. I had a funny good time. But now I'm leaving the nice Jews for the nursery threat. Now I'm re-grafted. I'm a baby that on cap Judas is out.

The force is real. I know that Judas is baking ham, but I have a proper life here, I don't sport way. I've got encouragement for wisdom force here. Judas race a boy to a complete fell.

I boursed the ultimate die of the white guy here. If you're Drew, you're a nice guy, I was just stupid to make you fall. That's our tyranny soul. My fist I made out of Washington to always fist you.

PP always made my hydrous sale. I was just full of hurting everyone. I'm actually opposite you see, I suffer bourse freely and basically I'm a Jew oddimist and with Reno, I did a one night stand. Judah has an ice water relationship, with a vowel I just suffer ya.

With Alston I just weaped you. And Judah he's got a sparrow with life. He's a joke for crime. And Judas now....(at this moment 8.44 in the video Richard begins to cry as he relates when God hugged him.)

I told you whoopee and it was a failed life. I'm a complete end. There was a favor here and I prevented joy and I'm sorry I took you out. He holds me....(Richards sobs at this time....) His genius is far above national life.

I see atom luxury dies Jew wit, I discourage this vitamin, it was a racy Fed. It was a foul for sporting you. I'm a grace rise. I'm not going in again, it hurt my heart. I was crazy to sin. I don't sin, I fall, I'm permanent now, my Jew is all off.

My fear is right. I'm weaped out. My margarine sale nourished you molest. Now I fall for my mousing, it used to be a compliment. I see sports as a fault of man. Allison sport I passed you away.

I could remember my visual war, but shrimp ricing ended my war. He said I pass you away, I saved you. My corrept is out, I'm out of Judee now. I just wake up. Harold's love just took my Judee out, I'm fortunate. I'm fortunate to get back in."

Richard Meets God in Heaven Video 11.43 at

To be continued tomorrow at APFN.....

Posted that last night at Facebook as it seemed so important to get it to everyone as quickly as possible. The story of Richard who met God when he was having surgery where his heart and all bodily functions were stopped.

While reading some of the 436 comments found a couple that wanted to share with everyone. The first comment is from a woman who lost her aunt to cancer:

+Whispers Ro-Closet God Bless you, so sorry for your loss. Just lost someone very close to me to cancer, but I know she is w/the Lord. This life is hard to go through sometimes, but before my Aunt Sherri died she said "God never makes mistakes" I have to go with it. Maybe Richard and Sherri have met by now.

Might we consider that true and correct, that is "God never makes mistakes?"

If that is so then why did God send Bitch who has a fault of stupid from enduring prolonged periods of suffering who insulted everyone early on in trying to get Labor to strike them out?

Might it be related to Bitch's principles that he developed naturally from living an ordinary simple working man's life?

Though Bitch was an atheist after he participated in the Vietnam war in 1966 as a kid, he did not have the big enough brains to comprehend that God does exist.

Naturally, after thinking it through, when he was about 23 years old, Bitch made the decision that before he would ever serve war that he would die himself out by stopping eating.

And he thought God was merely a made up story that the clever among us use to keep simple fish in line.

Having watched all the preachers that supported the various administrations in Washington supporting the people that were sending Americans to harm our family around the earth he tossed the whole religious thing as designed to keep us all down by violence and clever words.

And how the preachers have used the Bible to support the war agenda of Washington. And to consider, Bitch was an atheist all the years until Father spoke to him in 2009.

"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death." God Almighty said to Bitch as he was looking at the F-16s sitting on the tarmac at Des Moines International Airport.

The technological obscenities just sitting there in open view for all to see just waiting dispatch to bomb and shoot our family somewhere in this world. Why do we let them do this?

Why do we so willingly let them get away with such heinous acts?

The lies that Judah has told about Bitch. He heard last night that it was not a $20,000 check Judee gave a former girlfriend to molest Bitch's image from 55 years ago, it was a $30,000 check to get a good story to tell.

Might we understand even with Bitch's fault of stupid God has not made a mistake by choosing him to inform Americans to save yourselves?

And being stupid, let Judee use his secret agent undercover Sayans and Maxwell to kidnap him to get him in a cage to cripple him, all preplanned.

Took him off his income source and he had to leave Chicago because of the reign of terror that 911 is coordinating and directing there. Now, of course, Chicago is a wide open shooting gallery with foreign police and military gunning the miniaturized people down in the streets.

Though on the bright side, Bitch gave up alcohol completely. It let his thinking jump a couple notches up. And the best thing of all, he learned of precious sweet Father who loves us all.

"If you ever grasp how stupid you are you'll be amazed, 'B'" said to Bitch when Bitch figured out in July of 1997 that Minot missiles that were shut down by extraterrestrials were triggering devices to bring on world war three.

Studying all the extraterrestrial literature that he could find anywhere. In 1999 hearing Lloyd Pye explain that we have 223 high-level intelligence genetics that was installed in us 200,00 years ago.

Lloyd explained how we have been crafted from a 48 chromosome Being into a 46 chromosome Being to prevent the spread of our 223 high intelligence genes to other species. Understanding that we are a genetically created hybrid species that has extraterrestrial genetics ourselves.

The answer that explained why the extraterrestrials have arrived and prevented weap Judah from burning us all up with his great balls of fire.

By about 2005 understanding that Joan of Arc and her success in battle in 1430 was due to extraterrestrials speaking and guiding her.

Not only speaking to her but also holding the blows of Judah off of her.

And why did extraterrestrials step in and help Joan toss Judah out? Might it have been because of the policy of England's army to engage in Chevauchee?

Chevauchee, a term today that would be explained as "Genocide." The genocide throughout Europe that Judah did using the cruelly manipulated poor of England then.

Bitch learning about the same time period, 2005, that our extraterrestrial family had contacted the centers of power of planet earth in 1350 AD inviting them to join up with the Galactic Federation of light.

This was when Bitch first started telepathic communications with our extraterrestrial family's earth based computer Brainiac, "B", a kindly helpful computer that we can telepathically access for free.

Learning in the same time period that the infant of Prague is the emissary sent from the Federation in 1350 to invite the centers of power of planet earth to join in peace with the Galactic Federation of Light.

In the same time period Elders taught Bitch how to read reverse facial speech to uncover the thoughts within. This was when Bitch uncovered the fact that all of the faces that rule on earth are all of one cipher, weap Judah.

All the management nation and worldwide, all of one type of thought, to hurt the other guy.

Building nuclear weapons in all terrains they can get away with it in. Killing drug dealers claiming they do it because they want to do good things for us.

From what we have seen might we not see false guys and gals only here to sport us well?

Not a short term plan that Judah had, he has had his crypto-Jews in every land for well over a thousand years. Waiting only the day they could rise with foreign troops against their neighbors and slay us all.

A strategy so fantastically evil, might it be unbelievable for a mind not trained in it to understand that there are such life forms in creation?

The Judah life form that arose from the harsh resource constrained, contested environment of the desert. The cipher that before 1,500 BC when Moses was gifted with the ten commandments, Judah had already made the plan to decease all mankind.

Before 700 BC, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus, they are our human elders that rose up with us from our creation 200,000 years ago, and a contingent of Galacticans openly was here helping their little brothers and sisters on the surface of planet earth to rise up right.

Jealous Judah, wanting to possess us as his own property to ensure he was able to have us to molest and abuse, attacked the Galacticans slaying all of them. And that ended the open contact with our family from the universe in 700 BC.

The Galacticans, of course, were not surprised, they put meat dolls in their place, mission specific Beings, that Judah put in.

All these thousands of years that Judah has had knowledge of our true place in the universe. And instead of sharing this knowledge with us what has he done other than race us and set us against one another?

Judah policy of identifying our bright guys and gals, the ones that would figure it out and might tell us what is going on here on earth, and stealing them away from us one way or the other.

"I died them truthful," God our Father said.

Judah, knowing that Father was going to send Supermen in to get Judah out of here for good. Is it not something that Judah knew that in 1930?

Bitch has found in reverse speech from videos that Judee knew of Bitch at least by the 1960s. He has found mention of "Bitch" in NASA videos of that time.

Does this all seem too fantastic to believe? Bitch didn't even know of Bitch until more recent years when Father told him he was him?

Might such incredible nearly science fiction facts not tend to mitigate Bitch's accidentally stupid, never intentionally rude fault?

Hopefully, it does. Might we consider though, God does not make mistakes?

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," Father said.

Might it be maturity that is needed to forgive Bitch for being like the little kid that got his hand caught in the cookie jar? How long will American Labor be cruel to a heart so true? How much longer will American Labor fund scourging the human race, our brothers and sisters all children of God on earth? Will we not pray that Labor will forgive, STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

In the comments of Richard's near death experience visit with God Bitch found this:

Amateur Ambassador1 year ago
+Dora Palacios "If God be for us, who can be against us?"
-Romans 8:31

Might Labor keep that in mind when you walk out on Judah and end funding his sports war?

QuietDesperation NOT10 months ago (edited)
Mine was December 17, 2001, during extensive neurosurgery in Ontario, Canada.

I was told things, saw things and knew things that there could be NO rational explanation.

I spoke' to deceased relations, and was sent back. Dying is delicious and fearless, returning is painful. I had something 'yet to do'. I was 49.

My daughter was born 9 months later, and I had known her gender, NAMEs the mother would chose, and the exact delivery date.

She is 13 1/2 today, AND as 'I knew' then, I have been her only parent since she was an infant.

A blessing, and a joy. There is NO HELL, only separation from the God, who has NO gender.

Spiritual growth here and in the next world is necessary and possible; and interventions here of the Spirit God IS for the asking.

Granted in our best interests, KNOWING that 'life' here has no lasting 'pain' and we are never alone.

NEVER alone. Don't worry, be your best person, follow the 'Golden Rule', be happy. Amen.

:-) I 'saw the Haiti earthquake, nine years BEFORE it happened, for example, not knowing where or when.

I was shown how awful total despair can be, but the 'message' was more how the fraud and greed follows when NEEDS of those of the least of us are corrupted, it is ever so. SIN IS REAL.

EVIL IS REAL. We are here to just try to oppose sin, and LIMIT evil. Love is the reason, but only a process of living till we die.

Never despair, it is in the living love, as best we can, that matters. Share. Enjoy the beauty in the world. BE HAPPY even when that seems impossible.

SUFFERING does NOT please our GOD, as it has no meaning in context, of universal life. But, evil and sin bring it.

Balance that plan of purpose of the life we are given. Enjoy it, share it, fix it, leave it. Love the life. Prepare for the greater life, while fully alive.


"I want you to be comfortable, " God our Father said.

Do we see the suffering that Judah puts on the children of God has no meaning as the commenter said in unive

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