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"Our False Time Is Up Because Our Air Is Fisting You Rightly
Fri Jun 23, 2017 09:13

"Our False Time Is Up Because Our Air Is Fisting You Rightly," Judee say.

With the background radiation thousands of times higher than it was before Judah put his hot radioactive nanoparticles into our breathing space, is it not certain it is only a matter of time now before Labor takes the Jewish bank out of our economy?

"Let's roll," Elder said to Bitch at 1.58 am and Bitch's feet were on the floor before the clock reached 1.59 am.

Bitch constantly praying to Father to wake His children to act and STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from Jewish for their persistent genocidal assault upon us.

"We're trying to remove our bank from your mind through fear," Judee say.

And might we not have to give Judah credit, for have they not kept the question of them being the only people that can issue our money from linking up in our thinking as the reason that nuclear brimstone waste war is storming us out?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT, take over their bank and get the fear off of our minds?

Has the fear that they have put in not been keeping the significant facts of our dying out from brimstone waste from the frontal conscious part of our minds?

Well on the way now to dying out with our family and friends here in America. Judee's 911 still coordinating and directing shooting us down.

"To the professor, I'm quite faulty for shooting your air time. If you have less income I can wake you from my morgues. With my vet fees, I screw you in. My nice poop jars you. I have an arrangement to warship peace," Judee say.

And what is that about Vet fees? Are we aware that Judah uses his animal welfare centers as cover for his sporting of us?

Have we ever wondered where he gets some of the wonder drugs he uses on us? Might we perceive that the drugs for animals are not as closely watched as what comes from pharmacists?

And what about Judah's nice poop that jars us? Might his sore eye pictures from 35 years ago jar us into immobility?

"You got tore off mind." Tele receive 1.20 am

Might that be why Judah uses his poop to jar us, to tear off our minds?

What could be the reason that God chose Bitch to carry His message of love to all of His beautiful simian children on earth?

Might it be because Bitch is insistent on one thing, not harming our brothers and sisters anywhere on earth?

Do we recall that Father said, "My kids, treat them super nice?"

Might we see that the one thing, no harming any human Beings, was the one thing that brought him to God?

The reason why God had His angels keep Bitch from being pushed in by Judah's nuclear sports war machine.

Bitch insistence on following the rules of American custom found in American law. No cruel or unusual punishment to anyone.

Bitch's refusal to quietly accept his money to be used by some son of Bush to make war in the Middle East or anywhere else.

Might we see that one significant fact, he will not accept harm being done to anyone, as to why precious sweet Father said of His Bitch, "He remained true to me?"

Might we not try to focus on the love of Father for us for are we not yet perceiving that the love of Father is the only reason that we are still alive?

"Bitch got my fist on tape so I got to go," Judee say.

The all-out nuclear attack from two British submarines that let loose with 32 Trident ballistic missiles that carried 960 one hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads that Sir Casper and his diligent Martian team burst safely off high over our heads in the night sky of Florida on June 11, 2014.

And how many have seen the video of that night that Judah tried to destroy America right?

Is This a Mothership over Florida Town?
Published: 5:24 AM 6/12/2014
Originally uploaded by CollierCountyFlorida on June 11, 2014

Two Giant Objects were spotted on radar over a small town in the southwest region of Florida on June 11, 2014, between the hours of 8-10 PM.

The objects caused a powerful, yet silent electrical storm as seen in the video. The video was provided to the public by the observers working at the radar tower. The event lasted about 2 hours.

Local UFO investigators contacted MUFON to inquire about any reported sightings in the area. There were none yet.

Researchers theorize that what is seen is the product of the UFOs recharging in the upper atmosphere.

The exact location of the event is being kept confidential as to not jeopardize the livelihood of the tower operators.


Bitch has posted about a half dozen times a link to this video of the nuclear missile attack on us that was burst off by the two Martian motherships that precious sweet Father sent into spare us from being destroyed in the nuclear war that Judah long planned to force on us, and so far, only about 2,500 people have taken the 7 minutes and 47 seconds to look at it.

The fact of having a video and being able to see a nuclear attack that was defended by extraterrestrial spacecraft, might the video be the most significant video ever recorded that has been made public?

The facility of mind needed to perceive that one is being perished out with our families.

Will we not pray for an instinctual response to try and save ourselves from being fully perished out by nuclear brimstone waste?

Bitch loves you Labor, he loves all of God's kids no matter what color or where we come from or what language we speak.

He chose before he was 24 years old after thinking and studying war for many years that he would starve himself out of life before he would ever again be involved in hurting God's kids. And he was an atheist at the time.

And what about his nearly four years active duty and service in the United States Navy? Is there not some pride in that?

Might we not legitimately ask what pride could there be in being involved in the soul-destroying Jewish sport of war?

10 Ovnis que han sido grabados desde el Avión
10 UFOs that have been recorded from the Airplane | Wake the future

VIDEO 7.47 at

Of the 10 UFOs that passed commercial passenger airplanes while in flight, it appears that three of them are fakes, the other 7 are real UFOs.

That video is approaching 3 million views.

Might we perceive that the UFOs that appear in the sky near commercial jets as they fly is a way for our elders to MARK that plane?

And might we wonder why our elders from outer space MARK a jet passenger plane?

Might it be to inform us that there is someone or some group of people on board that plane that we should look into?

And why would we want to look into people's business that is on the MARKED plane? Might it be because they are involved in the nuclear war fighting business?

Might it be that we may find some of our nuclear war fighting types on planes that our elders MARK out? And what might be the significance of that? Might they be on their way to a conference where they are planning their next nuclear war attack to die us all off right?

Will American Labor not step up in maturity and help us close these nuclear war fighting genocide guys and gals out of here with their sport war hell?

To save our own lives must American Labor not end funding Judah's sport war?

"We contend that it's quite stupid to favor Judee," Judee say.

Will we not pray that Druid and Slavic mild guys that are funding and fighting all the Jewish sports wars in our world will grow confidence that will serve us all to STRIKE THEM OUT right?

The facility of mind needed to recognize first that we are being systematically, scientifically destroyed in a brimstone nuclear waste war. Will we not pray that Labor will perceive that dreadful fact?

And after Labor perceives it out will we not pray that Labor will have the intestinal fortitude to follow up and STRIKE THEM OUT right?

The high technical ability to be at the controls of a large commercial passenger jet. Would it not seem that technically trained pilots might recognize early on the hazards of letting ourselves be sprayed with nuclear waste?

If so can we not hope that pilots will help lead this strike, signaling to all levels of Labor to walk out until Labor has the concession to issue our money in the hands of a Labor Committee of the Whole?

Tele receives:

"This is what it is, they're wiping our air out? 12.32 pm

Police story strangled us. 2.57 pm

You failed virtually cow. 3.00 pm

It's badgeful. 3.15 pm

It's poison, it's sport. 3.16 pm

Rat bait. 4.04 pm

B vitamin minus.

Fear cashed you out. 8.32 pm

Bull defeat ya. 8.59 pm

It helps seeing a nice man.

They aim at white. 9.25 pm

They field an African right. 9.30 pm

What a shameless field that mocks ET. 9.32 pm

If you want me to pay my bills give me sight-us. 9.37 pm

D---- here shot your riches, shot you awesome.10.15 pm

It's a vida die. 10.49 pm

Visually he accuses us. 11.20 pm

You got tore off mind. 1.20 am

You failed life.

You failed suckage.

Racial against you. 1.28 am

They horrify us. 1.32 am

A fable failed thee. 1.40 am

An end of life function. 1.42 am

Nosey failed us. 1.45 am

Let's roll. 1.58 am

Full reference die. 4.33 am

Warbird is staged. 4.35 am

I think you failed, communists raped you. 4.46 am

We're vegetables smoked whole now. 4.48 am

Get them out! 4.53 am

It's a radical push. 4.59 am

Get out fear here." 5.08 am

Is there any good news to report? In a way, yes there is. And what is it?

Bitch has been picking up in reverse facial speech that an insurance company that has been playing sports has gotten itself found out well.

And what is the good news there?

Several of the sports people that have received checks from the found out insurance sports company are high-level political people in several different countries.

Here is what one of them said in reverse facial speech:

"Because of ------ insurance, I have lost my title."

And so what does loss of title indicate?

Might we understand that when they lose their title it makes it hard for them to be as brutal to us as they would like to be?

So the good news is?

Might we not consider it good news that getting found out and losing title may give us a some extra time before they go ahead with their long-planned Soviet and combined forces attack upon America? Is that not good news?

Do we not see the bad news though, that because American Labor is still funding them with unlimited free money it may take a little more time but they will just go ahead and attack us anyways as long as Labor keeps giving Jewish banks free money?

If we think it through, might we just be spinning our wheels if we keep talking about what Judah did?

That is, for those of us that are at least at the level of an ordinary 15-year-old Judee boy or girl are we not aware that Judah did attack us to exterminate us with thousands of nuclear blast weapons in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011? Yes we are.

So to keep talking about what Judah did, if it does not help us to bring Labor into help us would it not just be spinning our wheels? Looks like it doesn't it?

So what is it that may bring Labor to the realization that Labor is the true power in our nation and the world and act like the real power by taking the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and company?

For those that may have the answer of how to get Labor involved in this sinking situation that we are in, will you not please send your ideas for Bitch Tele receive? Thank you.

Will we not keep praying that Labor will hear the love of God for us all and STOP THE WAR?

"Thank you, Patrick Sullivan, for putting goose power in." 6.44 am

"You're welcome." Or as elders say when they get an opportunity to help us, "it was a pleasure."

If only Bitch had not wounded the meek with his angry stupid words might they have tried to help us here?

"It's a glitch," elder said to Bitch at 12.19 pm

The etymology of the word "glitch,' the dictionary informs us that it comes from Yiddish and means "slippery place."

"A temporary setback, a minor malfunction in a macine."

Will we not pray that Labor will try its hardest to see Bitch accidental rude as only a temporary setback and not a permanent fail?

"Glitch" is also defined as a "spike in an electrical circuit that produces a temporary failure when the circuit has an unexpected new load placed upon it."

Might Labor not try to accept that the load that was put upon Bitch by Judah with his armed foreigners trying to kidnap Bitch from his home as the unexpected load that suddenly caused Bitch to glitch and cause the stupid circuit in his head to fail?

Will Labor not please try to see Bitch rude fail as only temporary and accept as elder said, "it's a glitch?" Thank you.

Here is some reverse speech from international news of survivors of the battle for Okinawa in 1945

"The way Judah operates, this is the last time you lost your life. Jew use ditcherous white men to sport us. Vicious lecherous women make war here. Jew shoots war to make your IQ more ache'ee. Ein Zwei is suicide.

Lots of life is right dead. Jew fighting mushroom in war to make you all die. Nice guy wound you trying to explain our skin, get ruse out. I was burned out for a percent. Their candle is false."

There was a story on the international news of a beautiful Asian newscaster that died young of cancer and in a video made before she passed away she said in reverse speech, "they spring death on me."

"Our rhesus fell. I'm an April. I goose the hermit, I'm a Shermanesque figure. My genius had diapers to core die. Viciously we're closing the minnows dying them right. My chili horsepower gave me my potential life.

I just fold you away, that's my cow truth outrageous. I just shoot you cheap wars to hike you. Too much faulting cannibals. My taxpayer rules let me mosh ya. It was all paper why I fell for my purity.

Taking off your resources I'm assigning you a poo poo state. I just give you pies to drano you. The white guy I sport dead because I'm jealous. I fall on account of my sight. I'm suffering you out with my genofire.

Our verse fell Judas. I'm a package of screw-ids. ------ took off my title for insurance dates. Jew psyche is leaving Jew wits. I thrated you warfare. Judas piece bores you. I sack you police thoughts.

I fight you chain saws. I was a human testament out minimum. Tomorrow I'm opening up a new lease to skoosh you. Jew racket poopatory blew you off. I just chapel and drano universe.

I tailed you. I'm very shoot you fails. My fire force you complete. We accomplish you. I'm off inacious. My rice official gives you Germany. Our false time is up because our air is fisting you rightly. Since I compete a lot I'm not useful.

My theory is to fight war to make you fumble. Our friends arrangement was a wall until you're dead. The pooch guy showed you my power to fool you. They're throwing us out because we're a bit too strange.

I took out all the states just by embarrassing you's. I just awed you's failed. We molest you mentally out of your state and that lets my torch hold. I've already arranged your scientific ruin. I bore you lethal but now my core arrangements out.

With a Euro-baby I mice you. The Irish guy I pulled out. Jew approach you and Watt fails," Judee say.

Have we given the forty minutes of time to understand just what a fail we have with a Jewish watt dying us off?

The invisible ticking time bomb of hot radioactive nanoparticles that we are inhaling with each and every breath we take. Are we not perceiving that we are going out in the billions this time and not coming back?

Is there not some way to convince American Labor to stop funding the genocide of ourselves?


Is there not some way that we will try to get in touch with our good God above and at least try once to save ourselves?

The reason ma

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