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"Your Multiple Fails Scored You Out Of Here." That's a Tele
Sun Jun 25, 2017 10:39

"Your Multiple Fails Scored You Out Of Here."

That's a Tele receive from overnight. "Your multiple fails scored you out of here."

Might we consider that there really is nothing complicated about this scenario we have on earth, a small number of highly organized human predators, weap Judah, conquered, took over the entire human race worldwide by bringing on 5% of the general population to collaborate with them?

If not for Judah's ultimate solution for us, extinction, that brought about the extraterrestrial intervention, might we consider the majority of us may not perceive that we are a conquered population?

The numerous extraterrestrial races that have stepped in and prevented our being exterminated by weap Judah using the tens of thousands of nuclear weapons that he bought with the purse of American Labor especially for our death.

The number "4" that shows up in relation to the extraterrestrial intervention to spare us extinction.

Have we given any thought to the fact that we are the 4th generation since the Galactic Federation of Light dropped one of their advanced spacecraft at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947?

First generation 1947-67. Second generation 1967-87. Third generation 1987-2007. Fourth generation 2007-2027.

Might the number "4" that has been "MARKED" by our elders from outer space indicate the 4th generation will be the generation that will figure out that weap Judah has been and is fooling us?

Reports of UFOs that were 4 miles high in the sky. The UFOs were seen that were exactly 4 miles from the airport.

The number "4" is found throughout the UFO literature. Could ET be informing us that generation 4 will be the one that will finally share in the jest at what Judah has put on us?

Generation "4" now half way through our generation in 2017. Another 10 years and the 4th generation since Roswell will be complete.

Might we consider that when generation "4" is completed at the beginning of 2027 that everyone will perceive the jest of Judah that took over planet earth?

Elder informed Bitch several years ago that the perception of what Judah has done here, conquered us and put his false narrative in to facilitate holding us, will be perceived by most of the general population by 2020, seven years before generation "4" is completed.

Once our general population perceives just what it is that Judah has pulled on us, might Judah not be laughed out of office worldwide?

For Star Trek fans, might some recall an episode where the ending was where Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew laughed at the gods that ruled a planet that they were on to break the spell of the rulers over the Beings that lived on that planet?

While searching the net to find that episode, happened to find this brief description of a Star Trek episode:

Whom Gods Destroy
TV-PG | 51min | Action, Adventure, Mystery | Episode aired 3 January 1969

Kirk and Spock are taken prisoners by a former starship captain named Garth, who now resides at, and has taken over, a high-security asylum for the criminally insane.

The plot of inmates taking over the asylum and impersonating the warden closely resembles "Dagger of the Mind", right down to the "agony chair" prop which is reused from that episode.

It is mentioned early in the episode that Garth was/is a genius. One wonders, as the story progresses, if a Garth who is out of his mind gives Kirk & Spock so much trouble, just how formidable would a sane Garth be?

Whom Gods Destroy, They First Make Mad

" Plato's Stepchildren," the episode where we meet the Platonians, a sadistic race of dwarfs that use telekinesis to get control of the crew of the Enterprise to sing and dance and kiss each other for the Platonians entertainment.

5.50 am
Two and a half hours now searching the net looking for that one Star Trek episode where at the end to get themselves free the crew of the Enterprise on a distant planet somewhere in the Cosmos figure out all they have to do is laugh at the gods of the planet to break their spell over man.

So they laugh uproariously and the episode ended where the laughing at the rulers got them free at last.

The Replicator invention from Star Trek. The introduction of Advanced technology to feed, house and clothe us all.

Does the thought of such technology not bring us to wish to say a prayer for the repose of the soul of the late Dr. Eugene Mallove (1947-2004) who informed us with his "Open Letter to the World" in 2004 that we were only a few months away from unlimited clean free energy?

We were only a few months away from unlimited clean free energy Eugene informed us with his Open Letter to the World in 2004.

Might we not appreciate we are even more technologically advanced now than in 2004 and we can have unlimited clean free energy even quicker now?

Bitch just examined some material from a link to the website that Eugene used when he was alive. It made him wonder if there was any possibility if he could still be alive?

Will Labor not put our grand juries in?

The sadistic dwarfs that use telekinesis to animate people to do their will. The agony chair. The criminally insane that have taken over the madhouse.

The high-security asylum that the inmates have taken over.

The rocking of his hat back and forth rapidly making tapping sounds on his head while he moved his pointing finger back and forth as if he were aiming a machine gun and firing.

Filmed in the 1930s, might Harpo have been trying to tell us what was coming soon, the Second world war?

If only Bitch were mute like Harpo might he have been able to save the white race from extinction by nuclear brimstone waste?

Why are the white set to die so large and why not the others? Might it be that it is the terrain of the mild man that is most seriously being harmed with nuclear waste right now? Are we getting the message that it is white that Judah is intentionally dying the largest now?

Might we understand that Father will save his meek children no matter what? If we are funding and fighting war might we understand that because 2+2=4 Father won't save our lives?

The third of the human race that is perishing out now. Is it really and truly not be perceived by those that are being destroyed?

If only Bitch had not had his stupid mistakes and instead was able to bring the wise fish to get a view, might wise fish already have explained to the mass of the population how we are scientifically, systematically being died off now?

The high-security asylum for the criminally insane that the inmates took over in a Star Trek episode.

The "agony chair" for the episode in outer space. Might the chair need to recline to facilitate adding a board and some water to satisfy Judah excitement and thrills in our modern times?

The sadistic dwarfs of our Star Trek episode that use telekineses to force people to do things they don't want to.

Does that not sound like something we have been seeing on a regular basis in our world for many years now?

The sadistic dwarfs so intelligent, but how to keep the civilian hostages from figuring out the brain probe equipped terrorists that are committing unspeakable acts against them, are being sent from the laboratories of the sadistic dwarfs?

The sadistic dwarfs, exhibiting nearly extraterrestrial intelligence realize that even though much of the food the hostages eat has dull put into it at the factory, a certain number of hostages still figure out that the sadistic dwarfs are the ones behind the terrorism and share that information with other hostages .

The dwarfs not to be outdone, use telekinesis to send children to entrap the hostages that figure out what the sadistic dwarfs are up to while also using telekinesis to manipulate child sex set ups. Then using the videos created to hold the mental of the other hostages in.

With such a scenario, given time, would it not seem that the hostages would figure it out eventually?

Sure, ordinarily they would, but the sadistic dwarfs on the planet have already figured out that food is the root source of power, and they take into their private hands the authority to issue the tickets to eat, threatening to take away tickets to eat of anyone that might reveal what they are doing.

Would that one thing, who gets to eat right and who does not, not give them exceptional power over the other life forms in the terrain? Certainly.

That they maneuver themselves into being the only ones with the power over the issue of the tickets to access food, would that not give them inordinate power over the hostages? Yes, certainly.

But wouldn't the hostages not see it eventually and take the tickets to eat away from the sadistic dwarfs?

What if the sadistic dwarfs learned how to shapeshift themselves so that they looked like people of every terrain? Might that not disguise them from the rest of the other life forms?

Sure it would but who would ever believe such a fantastic science fiction story?

Judah himself tells us that his rule is jest. War, atrocity. It's a joke. His battles with purported terrorists. Are we understanding that he is joking with us?

His need for waterboarding to find out information about the terrorists next moves. Might we understand all that need be done to find out what the terrorists next moves are going to be is to look to see who received the paychecks from Judah to do some ops?

Bitch with multiple fails scoring himself out of here. Judah, nearly flawless in his assaulting the human race for thousands of years.

Though might we consider that his one fail in thousands of years of shooting us, when he attacked us with 1,000 nuclear missiles equipped with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, he did indeed finish himself off with us, right?

The night of June 11, 2011, when Sir Casper and His diligent Martian team grabbed every single missile out of the night sky and put them in his museum inside of Mars.

Every intercontinental ballistic missile pulled out of the sky while still in the boost phase at 80,000 feet up.

50 Martian spacecraft, each one pulled 20 missiles for the total 1,000.

Bitchie did not learn of Judah's nuclear missile attack on us until Mercury telepathically informed him of it in October of 2011, 4 months after the attack.

Do we notice the number "4" involving ET once again?

And has Bitchie not put the report of Judah attempt to extinct us up at APFN almost every day since then? Yes, he has.

There was only one day a couple of years ago that Bitch did not post, and that was because he thought that the third of the human race is locked into being died off and so why keep posting?

The following day elders from outer space suggested to him to keep posting and so he has kept on posting.

Sophie Piper that reached Bitch while he was sleeping and shook him awake. Might we see that she was affording Bitch the opportunity to see that elders technology can lift us right up from where ever we are at and deliver us into the safety of elders domains?

Elders from outer space are still with us and so Bitchie will keep reporting anything they share with us.

Father told Bitch that he failed Him, "Useful, jostled and personal."

With Bitch's multiple fails how is there to be any reasonable expectation of bringing Labor to give us a general STRIKE to STOP THE WAR?

Might we consider that while Bitch failed, Father or His angels did not fail us? Will we not keep praying that the love of God will save us yet?

Night Of UFOs In Brazil Is Considered One Of The Most Legitimate Incidents In Years But No One Talks About It Anymore
June 23, 2017
"My performance is bringing a revolution once you analyze. Bitch will be coming to get this nice war out with me. It's just the general fist force they're rolling. I roll you bad for my investments. This is doom all Israel way.
We're truly bad with a case to fight you off. This is truly evidence in a visual way that Jew state is bad. We just have rights to roll you analogous. I always set you fearful with Chinese communists to make you. It's reasonable to a stupid life to make you with an insurance man. The taxpayer is ultimately responsible for our gyms. For our option Bitch is going to step us all out.
My sight says its right to fist you with a bunch of lunatics. It's easy switchen from government, you can't stop my fist. Dual fisting in a couple of weeks have out your air. My keen years have a Boeing professional that will give you some Frederick's moments. Our right is to close you down with our industry war. Because of the space man I basically left.

I advise you more dangerous to get you more ditcherous. I control you in 2 cycles. I raise you right so I can put you out so smooth. You see me fascha. I'm always freight Jew on your head. My right view over humans is to take your sight out.
Our great commercial just threats.
Our form is insurance and our military lets us do you. I'm canceled complete. I always wake you ocean because I'm a conaspear. My management gives me my allege for free. I mercy you collect with a baby. My dangerism must positively go in. I'm the last of the Freud from Israel and Berlin. I suffer the Bitch that's bound to foul my day. I just do maximum rude to insure. We're in a contest with brassieriolla."


From the reverse speech of those Brazilian military people might we understand they knew all about why our extraterrestrial family was flying over several cities in 1986, including Sao Paolo and Rio De Janeiro?

Sao Paolo has nearly 12 million people living there and Rio De Janeiro has about 6 million people living there.

Are we understanding that Judah long ago made the decision to attack those cities in Brazil with thermonuclear weapons to kill as many of our family there as is possible?

The speakers that appear to be ordinary Brazilians, might we understand they are all to a man, weap Judah in their hybrid transplant Replicon shells?

So now we are half way through the 4th generation after Roswell. Did we note in the reverse facial speech they knew about Bitch arriving to close them up?

Might that bring to mind what Father said, " I died them truthful?"

Are we perceiving that Father had His angels inform Judah just how it was going to go as he closed them out of His village on the surface of planet earth?

"They have no defensible rights. They're no friends of mine. They did not bend in the wind and so they will break in the storm." God Almighty said of the end times of the weap Judah cannibal complex cipher.

Tele receives:

"Noses felled. 2.28 pm

Port them out for Cicero. 6.48 pm

Camel state was refused for mess. 6.57 pm

You failed. 7.07 pm

Totally mind centered, totally mindset. 7.19 pm

I lost you. 8.05 pm

Get the fist out son. 8.05 pm

You bombed yourself off. 8.06 pm

A historical nice head. 8.07 pm

Patrick bust your welcome. 8.08 pm

A single scored you. 8.10 pm

Patrick sored us, powerful cancel lets antagonize.

They've wiped our field. 12.19 am

Turkey much sold it to himself. 12.52 am

Atheists spite your field. 12.53 am

Heart attack falsed you off north. 12.56 am

Failed this life fisted. 12.59 am

Nuclear weapon. 1.02 am

Get them off of here. 1.07 am

A rapist field shot you rightly. 1.09 am


They're giving you a heart-kidney fall. 1.13 am

Abusively you die in sin. 1.14 am

A heart attack squash you out. 1.19 am

Transport you off this field orchid. 2.20 am

They've signaled your eggs to go. 2.53 a

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