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"Super Ignored the Scratch to Get Us Free." "Take My Hand,
Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:40

"Super Ignored the Scratch to Get Us Free."

"Take My Hand, Precious Lord"

Precious Lord, take my hand
Lead me on, let me stand
I'm tired, I'm weak, I'm lone
Through the storm, through the night
Lead me on to the light
Take my hand precious Lord, lead me home

When my way grows drear precious Lord linger near
When my light is almost gone
Hear my cry, hear my call
Hold my hand lest I fall
Take my hand precious Lord, lead me home

When the darkness appears and the night draws near
And the day is past and gone
At the river I stand
Guide my feet, hold my hand
Take my hand precious Lord, lead me home

Precious Lord, take my hand
Lead me on, let me stand
I'm tired, I'm weak, I'm lone
Through the storm, through the night
Lead me on to the light
Take my hand precious Lord, lead me home

That was Dr. King's favorite song. "Take My Hand Precious Lord." He wanted it played at his funeral. He mentioned it the night he was stolen away.

1. The Garbage Collectors Killed

King was assassinated in Memphis where, as it is often noted, he was preparing for a march in support of striking sanitation workers.

The deaths of garbage collectors Echol Cole and Robert Walker, who were crushed by a malfunctioning truck, precipitated that strike.

In addition to recognition of their union, the workers were demanding improved safety standards to avoid similar tragedies.

Benjamin Mays, president of King's alma mater, Morehouse College, delivered the eulogy at his funeral on April 9. King "would probably say that 'If death had to come, I am sure there was no greater cause to die for than fighting to get a just wage for garbage collectors,' " he said.

7. The Mysterious 'Raoul'

Ray, King's killer, tried to implicate a man named "Raoul" in the assassination, claiming to have been framed by the mysterious figure.

Law-enforcement authorities have never found anyone matching Raoul's description.

12. The Final Wishes

During King's funeral, mourners heard a recording of the last sermon King delivered in his church. In it, he spoke of how he hoped to be remembered after his death, saying, "I'd like someone to mention that day that Martin Luther King Jr. tried to give his life serving others. . . . I want you to be able to say that day that I did try to feed the hungry. . . . And I want you to say that I tried to love and serve humanity."
Here are some pictures with a link to a video with an object in the sky near General Motors of Canada headquarters in Oshawa, Ontario Canada taken on Saturday, June 6, 2017.

The next is a picture of what appear to be flares in the sky at a celebration at Stonehenge in England.


The narrator of the video mentions that an Army base is located in the area and suggests that the flaming objects in the sky may be flares.

This next is from Bristol England where craft have been reported appearing in the skies recently.

Video 10.54 at
The Statue of Liberty
The edge of the object seen near General Motors of Canada headquarters. Does it have some resemblance to the bonnet of our Statue of Liberty?

Might we note the weathering of the object in the sky that is seen near General Motors of Canada headquarters?

"Meta-transiliatory communication from our extraterrestrial elders?

Might our elders from outer space be giving us some idea to where to look for those that are still intent on exterminating us in a general holocaust of nuclear war?

Might we understand that General Motors has long been involved in the genocide of the human race on planet earth for profit?

Might we try to remember that it was Westinghouse Corporation of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that provided the technicals for the attack upon us with one thousand intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles that tried delivering 3,200 thermonuclear warheads on us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

Who hasn't heard the term, "Birds of a feather flock together?"

Will American Labor not awake, STRIKE THEM OUT and try to STOP THE WAR before these industrial strength nuclear war fighting genocidal industrialists take us all off right?

James Earl Ray, convicted of the assassination of Dr. King informed us that was only a patsy. Do we recall he told us that some guy by the name of "Raoul" up in Montreal Canada directed the assassination of Dr. King?

Several years ago Bitch did a photo analysis of the mysteriously missing Swedish Jewish industrialist Raoul Wallenberg and found incredible similarities with a fellow known as Carlos Allende.

Dr. Morris Jessup, who wrote the book "The Case for the UFO," had been contacted by the mysterious "Carlos Allende" shortly before he was found dead in a rest area of a New York state turnpike.

Bitch had the comparison pictures of the mysterious Carlos Allende and Raoul Wallenberg posted at Flicker and went there recently to get a link to show them and found they had all been removed. ?

Are we recalling that right before the takedown of the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001, that forced the United States of America into a state of permanent eternal sport Jewish war, that secretary of war Donald Rumsfeld had resigned from the board of directors of the Swedish industrial giant ABB?

And so what could be the significance of that with the assassination of Dr. King, World Trade Center 911, Carlos Allende, the Philadelphia experiment, Morris Jessup, the strange UFO that appeared near General Motors of Canada headquarters recently and the spacecraft seen in the skies over Bristol England and the flares seen at Stonehenge just the other day?

Could there really be a link between them all?

Might we note that the former attorney general of Ireland sat on the board of ABB with Donald Rumsfeld and also resigned shortly before 911?

To state it all in brief, might we understand all the events and persons mentioned above are involved in one way or the other with the Jewish plan to exterminate us with the use of thermonuclear weapons?

If we add Karl Liebknecht to the mix with his theory that the true function of war has little to do with purported external enemies, rather, according to Karl, war's true function is subordinate one's own domestic population to exploitation at the hands of the dominant class might we be able to make some sense out of the long-running extraterrestrial intervention into our land?

That is if Karl's theory of the true function of war is correct, would that not indicate that all of the nuclear missiles and bombs built by American industry, rather than being built to be used on other people, they were actually built to use on Americans?

Benjamin Mays, president of King's alma mater, Morehouse College, delivered the eulogy at his funeral on April 9. King "would probably say that 'If death had to come, I am sure there was no greater cause to die for than fighting to get a just wage for garbage collectors,' " he said.

"There was no greater cause to die for than fighting to get a just wage for garbage collectors."

While Bitch stands to be corrected, does anybody every recall Dr. King saying that he was "fighting" for something?

Did the good Dr. Martin not talk of loving one another most all the time?

Was his death merely about a just wage for garbage collectors or something larger for us all?

Sure, Martin wanted a just wage for garbage collectors. But did he not also talk about a guaranteed income for everyone? Yes, he did.

Is it not something to consider that Martin's plan for a "guaranteed income" from before he was stolen away in 1968 sounds remarkably like God's will that Labor take into its hands the concession to issue our money and put an existence stipend in with something in it for everyone?

Do we recall that Father said of His existence stipend with something in it for all of His Simian children on earth to "consider it a God-given right?"

"Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness plus an existence stipend with something in it for everyone. Consider it a God-given right,"precious sweet kind Father said.

Our God given rights Labor. Did Bitch accidental rude bust our welcome into the universe so bad that there is absolutely no hope of survival for us at all?

Rather that Dr. King being stolen away because he wanted a just wage for garbage collectors might his death have more likely been due to his explaining to us why war was wrong?

If Dr. King had been gifted with an average life span of another 37 years and he had lived to 75 might his words alone have caused us to STOP THE WAR?

As to life span, if Labor leader William Sylvis had not left us at 41 years of age in 1869 with what was described as "burning bowels" by his physician, might the next 34 years of an average life span have been enough time for Labor to take Williams advice and get a seat at the table where our bourse is issued from?

Our "bourse," our cash, our money. If only William had harped about the need for Labor to have a seat at the table where our money issued from for another 34 years might Labor have grasped the significance of who it is that has the concession to issue our money and taken the real power in our society and our world into its own hands?

If only Labor had listened to the good advice of William Sylvis before he left in 1869 is there much chance a Labor Committee of the Whole that was issuing our money would have supported the grandson of Martes Rosenfelt, Teddy Roosevelt, to pay unequal wages in the building of the Panama canal based upon the color of a mans skin?

Seems unlikely, doesn't it?

For that matter, much chance a Labor Committee of the Whole would have financed the Yahudis that Teddy Roosevelt invaded Cuba with in 1897?

The Yahudah tribe, from the southern part of ancient Israel. Might we see where we might find the true etymological root of "hoodlum?"

If a Labor Committee of the Whole had taken William Sylvis's advice to be part of issuing our money much chance they would have financed Tedy Roosevelt's "Great White Fleet" to sail around the world in 1908 to show off the big guns that Teddy's crowd built?

The pre-placed bombs that were onboard the Lusitania that was reportedly sunk by a German submarine in 1915 helping to bring America into the war.

Much chance any Labor money would have been used to plant bombs on the Lusitania if only the advice of Labor Leader William Sylvis had been listened to before William was stolen away in 1869 and Labor had a say in issuing our money?

The infamous Zimmerman telegram that was the final straw that was used to force America into the war.

Might we recall that the Zimmerman telegram was intercepted while passing through the communication lines of Sweden? "Wink Wink?"

2,000 years of warnings from our good God above found in our Bibles if we choose to open and read them warning us about the brimstone that is now coming out of our mouths.

Will Labor not just say "NO," to brimstone coming out our mouths and just STRIKE THEM OUT?

The Labor activists in American history that have tried do help us. Have we not noticed a significant number have been imprisoned, shot or hung?

Jimmy Hoffa that was advised by his pals in the Teamsters union to STRIKE THEM OUT to get his prison suit off of him.

Jimmy, not having received his angel's wings, decided against doing such a thing.

Walter Reuther, already had his angels wings and was known as absolutely incorruptible.

Wasn't it something how Labor leader Walter's plane crashed right before landing taking him away?

For Labor to participate in the authority to issue our money advised to us by Labor leader William Sylvis before he left us at the relatively young age, only 41, in 1869.

If only a Committee of the Whole from Labor had the participation in issuing our money decades ago much chance that our world would be menaced by Jewish electricity dirty bomb shots now?

The many times that Dr. Henry Moray was shot at while driving his car that led him to have bulletproof glass installed. If only Judah did not have unlimited free money to hand out for whatever he wanted to do with it might there have been nobody shooting at Dr. Henry Moray?

"Ship Ahoy, your way shot the country here. 11.26 am

You frighten them." 11.39 am

Those two Tele receives from yesterday. Might we only wonder what Judah could have told that lady that said Bitch's "way shot the country here?"

Or the guy that said: "You frighten them." 11.39 am

Antony Clifton who told us all about "Jewtopia." Now no longer to be heard from. What happened to Anthony can we only wonder?

The hybrid Replicon weap Judah pilots in the Brazilian Airforce that were sent up to check out the many UFOs that made an appearance in the skies of Brazil in 1986. How about this for a reverse speech from one of them:

"It's easy switchen from government, you can't stop my fist."

And how did Judah ever take over every government on planet earth?

Are we seeing it was when the United States Congress voted in 1913 to give the Organizing Principle of Society and the government of the United States away to be held privately by international weap Judah?

The extinction of the majority of Americans leaving no offspring to carry on. Do some Americans not think it true that is what Judah is aiming to do to us here?

Isaiah 49:24 "Can the prey be taken from the mighty man, Or the captives of a tyrant be rescued?" 25 Surely, thus says the LORD, "Even the captives of the mighty man will be taken away, And the prey of the tyrant will be rescued; For I will contend with the one who contends with you, And I will save your sons. 26 "I will feed your oppressors with their own flesh, And they will become drunk with their own blood as with sweet wine; And all flesh will know that I, the LORD, am your Savior And your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob."

Will Labor not listen to the Mighty one of Jacob, our Savior, and Redeemer, our sweet Lord, STRIKE THEM OUT, take the authority to issue our money away from them and STOP THE WAR?

Tele receives:

"He's got a dialog with the people. 4.20 pm

The white race is abandoned. 4.43 pm

We're being extirpated. 4.47 pm

AUTHORIZE, you're accomplished war.

They awesome defeat us. 5.03 pm

Oh, Pat, Patrick sing for us. 5.23 pm

Virtually finished. 7.29 pm

Local ports you bad. 7.39 pm

Just miter. 7.50 pm

You failed your state by shooting, Jew tossed you's out. 9.43 pm

Daring you failed. 9.44 pm

If they get to next beef they close you out. 9.45 pm

Your bright boys, animal closed out. 9.50 pm

Sporting took out your state. 9.52 pm

With race war they failed you's. 9.54 pm

Agency involved in heroin knows how to toss right. 12.12 am

Stupid life is evasive. 12.15 am

Jew tossed us, Jew tossed your life form. 12.50 am


You're shut's. 1.01 am

Super ignored the scratch to get us free. 1.03 am

He is useful, he revealed congressly. 1.07 am

Bitch fouled scrimmage. 1.09 am

Put out their gym, it's scoring. 2.00 am

Continue bad and you're out mouse. 2.01 am

The tossed us out. 2.15 am

They fought you nice ditch. 2.16 am

Save your life's adventure, their communist error roll side is false. 2.17 am

Toss them out void. 2.55 am

Jail rights err this field. 2.59 am

Very falsed out finish. 3.00 am

They stupid you false to toss you out.

Pat, London's fell. 3.32 am

Patrick scores you guys up, stores you up. 3.35 am


Jealousy warred you out.3.50 am

Complete wreckage. 5.

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