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More Contact With the Lady From Venus Bitch has been graced
Wed Jun 28, 2017 10:23

More Contact With the Lady From Venus

Bitch has been graced by the presence of several of our extraterrestrial family over the years.

The lovely Martian lady he had the chance to see on a Saturday in May in 1997 when he was working at an amusement park.

Our elders from outer space travel to all the places we go. Amusement parks, shows, museums. They eat in restaurants with us. If they are wearing tinted lenses so that you miss seeing their lovely intense eyes, you may notice nothing different about them.

Might some wonder, "Aren't they noticed?"

Depending on what species they are, unless you were looking for them in particular, you may have little idea who is an extraterrestrial and who is not. If they are new to earth, you may notice a glitter of their skin, particularly if seen in sunlight.

Jupiter, Mercury and Venus, are us. They were created with us 200,000 years ago. They have the 223 high level intelligence genetic package that we have.

And the difference between them and us? They have more neurons in their brains from living in rich peaceful societies.

How many more neurons do they on average have in their brains than we do?

Elders from Mercury, Jupiter Venus neuron count starts at 6 times what we have in our brains on average.

And we have how many brain neurons on average?

100 billion.

Last night Bitch heard from the kind lady from Venus that came to see him in the summer of 2003. She can speak to Bitch using the telepathic system of amplifiers that are installed.

Previously she spoke to Bitch telepathically with the amplifier turned up and from Venus her voice was heard loud and clear.

Bitch asked her her name and she said, "Kiffy McLaddin."

Kiffy is 263 years of age. She looks about 30 years of age. Kiffy is mentioned here with the most profound respect and honor to her dignity

All the extraterrestrials that are here during this transition out of a planet at Jewish sport war into a planet at God's peace are all over 200 years of age. That is a requirement to be operational in our world at this time. Though their children do visit our amusement parks and ride the rides just as earth human children do.

Judah has tried to kidnap or kill extraterrestrials forever. Elder told Bitch that Judah has tried over 4,000 times since Roswell in 1947 to trap or kill one of them.

The only extraterrestrials that Judah has gotten his hands on are those that our elders sent in for him to have and hold. Mission specific Beings. Tissue robotoids to serve extraterrestrial purposes.

"Meat dolls" are duplicates, copies that are sent in when our elders pull one of Judah's players.

King Henry V was pulled in 1422 because "he was on a roll," and a meat doll was put in his place. Bitch met one of Henry V's descendants in a Chicago theater was he was about 12 years old. The fellow appeared to be about 20 years old at the time.

Kiffy told me that her family migrated from planet earth to Venus 12,000 years ago. Our original Venus family left earth and first arrived in Venus 47,000 years ago.

Venus is the first of our creation from 200,000 years ago to go extraterrestrial. The understanding is that Jupiter left earth and went extraterrestrial 13,000 years ago. Mercury left earth and went extraterrestrial 10,000 years ago.

"We chose peace with no regrets," Mercury said to Bitch some years ago.

Kiffy told me that the original Venusians have twice the average neuron count as the more recent arrivals as she is one of. They have 1200 billion neurons from their long time living in a bountiful peaceful society.

The top extraterrestrials of our house, the Galacticans themselves, have on average 1800 billion neurons from their long time in peaceful bountiful societies.

Was looking through my notes for what exactly what Kiffy said. Couldn't find the exact wording but in essence she said that they are, "awed by the grandeur of the universe."

That is her and even the highest orders of extraterrestrials are "awed by the grandeur of the universe."

Kiffy is from a family of the serving wealthy that were invited to live in Venus 12,000 years ago.

Sophie Piper's family was of great wealth that served the people in Sweden in the 18th century. Sophie was born in 1757 and reportedly died in 1816.

Sophie is living with our extraterrestrial family now. Sophie has been gifted with life extension technology and appears to be in her 40s though she is 260 years of age. Sophie is mentioned here with the most profound respect and honor to her dignity.
Sophie Piper born 1757

In a Star Trek episode Captain Kirk and the Starship Enterprise traveled to a planet where there were a couple of crew members that survived a previous crash on the planet.

The crew members that had crashed and were living on that planet looked real good and healthy and when it was time to leave to go with the Enterprise crew they chose to stay on the planet.

They turned off the machines that were keeping them healthy and they appeared in wheel chairs very sickly looking. That was the reason they chose to stay in that world.

Our extraterrestrial family actually have that technology in their world. If some one from earth is paralyzed, carrying an oxygen tank with them to stay alive and they visit elders world, invisible machines do all of the technical and the paralyzed can walk without needing crutches or a wheel chair and breathe without an oxygen tank.

Is it not something that many of us thought that Star Trek was fiction?

Our family living inside Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus using life extension technology to live 800 to 1200 years. Jupiter, Mercury, Venus are the exact tissue that we are and live much longer than we earth bound people do.

They are biologically our brothers and sisters. We all lived together on earth for 12 million years in our earlier primitive pure ape form.

They love us and this is who has advised us to STRIKE THEM OUT!

At this moment in time, many Americans now living with rights not unlike that of serfs or even slaves of olden times.

Does that bring to mind what Papa said when Bitch had his blooper some years ago: "What happened here?"

The plague in Europe in 1347 that decimated the population there. Some historians consider that the plague is what brought about the end of some serfdom due to such a large loss of population.

Workers could negotiate a better deal. By holding workers in serf conditions in Europe, might that in and off itself have set the stage for the mass die off due to to plague?

That is if the people were free might they have avoided being decimated?

The most important thing we have, our lives, will we not put our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in again to protect them?

If only we did not let Judah take away our rights after he did some urban renewal by his usual arson mass sport as demonstrated at the world Trade Center on September 11, 2001, might some legal groups not have already gotten the Jewish electricity genocidal dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE shut down by now?

That is with our rights in might a civil suit have been brought to discover why GE has not made any funding for Boron available to put into the cooling water of their dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE that is set to die us off in MEGADEATH numbers?

It just dawned on Bitch at 6.11 am that about a month ago he pulled a reverse speech indicating Judah was going to do a subway attack.

He put that reverse speech in his post also. And yesterday we had the New York subway train that slipped off the track.

Might those passengers have been spared their lives?

If that train had not jumped off the track might Judah's satchel charge have automatically gone off at the next train stop?

Israel dropped the World Trade Center in New York City killing a couple of thousands of people at one fell swoop. What would a couple of dozen commuter train passengers be to Judah and his cubs?

Do we recall the ghost El train in Chicago that went through 5 safety shut downs to gently crash into a stopped train in the station?

Might we not surmise that El train car had an atomic bomb on board that was destined to be set off in the loop downtown?

Might we perceive how Mercury has helped us to survive Judah's atomic bomb attempts on us?

Might we surmise elders deactivated that atomic bomb and then crashed the El train so that we would have a clue as to just what Judah is doing here?

Is there not some sense that it's last chance here before our tissue goes? If so will Labor not act, STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from Israel?

Learning from our extraterrestrial family that there are tens of billions of Ethereans living in our known universe.

"Ethereans," might we recognize that as another term for extraterrestrials?

That our extraterrestrial family knows all about these other worlds in our universe. Is it not something to think about that silent service Judah has known much about them also for a long time now?

That Judah knows and has known for many thousands of years that our high level extraterrestrial family lives always in peace.

That Judah knowing full well that our good God wants peace for us, rejected the love of God for us and put in his strategy of eternal war in opposition to peace.

Will we not praise the magnificence, the wonder and glory of our good God that rid planet earth of Judah and his folly?

The removal of the errant cipher from earth forevermore without laying on hand on the errant life form.

Our precious sweet Father, our good Lord welcoming us in to His house of peace and love. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and close up Judah's house of hatred and war?

Tele receives:

"Cannibal died. 6.57 pm

They passed void. 7.23 pm

Judas is just setting us out, we're no good conquered. 8.09 pm

His threats annoy us all. 8.10 pm

It takes gumption to void parasite. 8.14 pm

The white man is fataling us richly. 8.17 pm

They left this state here for you fused.

They forsake us. 11.18 pm

Parking lot large you're set to get. 1.19 am

The white guy has failed us. 1.20 pm

The original bossy threw you off sheep core. 1.22 am

Martians fumbled you guys. 1.23 am

Your economy has about 30 days and Jerusalem fouls you out. 1.24 am

Visually they STRIKE YOU OUT. 1.35 am

STRIKE THEM OUT and pain days come out of here. 1.36 am

Army fists died un-excuseable. 1.37 am

Patrick's fairage is reporting Germany is bursting us. 1.38 am

Jews fouled you off this planet and stole you out of contact easily wonderful. 1.39 am

A heart attack will roll you oxygen.

Berlin will punish you purse great in a few months. 1.43 am

They harm us out of existence. 1.44 am

A deathtory has come in here. 1.46 pm

Put this out of here. 1.47 am

You accepted Jew pugil us final.

They've fataled you out of here from a London house. 1.48 am

A great vulgar dies. 1.49 am

Their prison app is to eventually score you Russian.

A little Jewish man has made your cage rules. 1.50 am

Their destiny has forced your biology out. 1.51 am

Superbly death squads rape us out fierce.

Rights have fallen riflely riceful. 1.53 am

Stupid fist us irrightful.

You're accused of perping strike force. 1.54 am

Their guns raped us. 1.55 am

They punish you dying ham. 1.56 am

A mirror day fall on you fantastic. 1.58 am

Serve it virtual. 1.59 am

Electricity holds you to tear you away. 2.02 am

You're riceously white force out. 2.06 am

Their challenge wake us. 2.07 am

Germany forces vegetable carts. 2.08 am

Racial purity falsed you right out. 2.09 am

They've got the white fallen ouch so torpid. 2.10 am

They're storming us bad. 2.11 am

You've funded racial of great. 2.12 am

STRIKE the field and finish them out. 2.06 am

Jews nest you. 2.14

They're forcing us out for a cheer finish. 2.15 am

They wipe us for jealousy. 2.18 am

Total British score you rice here. 2.20 am

To communist sport you failed to save yourselves. 2.22 am

You tossed your life and field right. 2.24 am

Uncage you will be done with them gone. 2.25 am

They shoot a debt wit. 2.35 am

They sported us out restaurant. 2.58 am

Oh Pat real ditch done. 4.55 am

Jew hos is shooting you all out of life. 5.07 am

They've set us fouled HUGE. 5.34 am

Completely out they squash you. 5.35 am

Invest high. 5.46 am

Stall vision bleeds. 6.28 am

You're fouled more ways to come. 6.59 am

Get out nuclear insurance. 7.04 am

Criminals force you opposite with thief. 7.27 am

You failed us, failed to straighten the rules of this place out. 7.39 am

They're just forcing them out with temper. 7.49 am

They rape us for an insurance claim. 7.59 am

Judah died you Switzerland for his fust rule." 8.04 am

Elders from outer space that have done so much for us. Will Labor not help us to straighten the rules of this place out? Will Labor not put workers rights in?

Might we consider that when workers put workers rights in they will also be putting all of God's kids rights in?

"You got your rights financial-ed for homicide. 8.50 am

You're fiercing out your house witless." 8.53 am

"I am completely defeated crime. It was stupid of me to try and make you dead," Judee say.

Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and give us some chance to survive this last nuclear war that Judah will ever wage against us, his nuclear brimstone waste war that he is using his atomic cannon that is disguised as a Jewish electricity plant at Hitachi-GE to shoot us and our fields dead?

The white face that Judah has shown to the world as white supremacy that is harming our family everywhere.

And are we accepting the reality that we are right less people right now? Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money into the hands of a Labor Committee of the Whole and put our God given American guaranteed rights in again?

From reading reverse facial speech there is expert opinion now that surmises that Judah prisons in America will be closed out in only a few more months.

Also from reverse facial speech there are indications the Washington crowd are planning on stepping out in 3 to 4 months.

Will Labor not help us and take control of the issue of our bourse and put up the funding so that we can be set to begin our grand jury process in September?

Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT, take the concession to issue our money away from sport Judah so that he no longer can write free sport checks on American Labor?

The guys that have ever failed to save ourselves, now set to go out 100%. Will the mild people not step up and put the contract in use that was agreed upon and signed into law in 1791, that our rights are to be forever protected by American law?

If the whites fail to protect ourselves from weap Judah on free American Labor bourse are we not understanding then out of life form we will go this time?

Father is dying only Judah's weap cipher. He gets to keep his tissue while hiding in his undergrounds.

We on the other hand stuck on the surface with our air now perfectly poisoned are set to not only lose our ciphers but our tissue too.

Judah says dealing with us is "like taking candy from a baby."

Will Labor not give us a quick response and take away the tool that Judah has used so effectively to degrade, degenerate, defile and vicious us, the authority to issue our money?

"I'll be quiet after this." 9.21 am

Might that be the lady that said to Bitch, "Ship Ahoy, your way shot the country here." 11.26 am

Instead of quiet how about sharing with others just how incredibly cunning is Judah at fooling us all here?

The 5% guys and gals in Congress that get their income with a noose. Will Labor not take over our economy so that they can get their income in other ways?


Our precious sweet Father that has His kind angels watching over us all.

"Sooth me. Wake me when they've stuck," sweet Papa said.


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