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Elite FBI Agent Arrested For Murder
Thu Jun 29, 2017 02:54


You read that right

The FBI Agent who openly murdered Lavoy Finicun in Oregon and was later given a medal for the Open Murder has been indicted for 1st Degree Murder.

These First Degree Murderers that disruptend the Ranch in Oregon are now being investigated and brought to court for harassment, Assault, Battery and 1st degree murder.

The contracts that the Big H sold to Russia concerning US Uranium Mining Rights and Neodyn Metal Mining Rights are being rescinded ands the Big H organization is being torn down by the roots.

Those involved in these treasonous acts are now being brought to justice wherever they are - starting with the FBI agent that openly murdered Lavoy.

It has only just begun - TEKEL.

Those Elites that do as GOD directs will live, those that do not will die.

In other News:

1 Congress will only work 147 days next year - itís on the Congressional Schedule.

They are being given this vacation to allow President Trump to not clean house of the Traitors but also to re-industrialize America and make this nation Great again.

2) Walmart will no longer use Trucking Lines that ship for Amazon.

Since Walmart and Amazon were both funded and built by the CIA this is pretty bizarre.

3) Google was warned by GOD if the screw with my profits GOD will screw with theirís

Google has led You Tube to steal ad dollars form all You Tubers - costing me well over $120,000 per month --- but they think GOD is a myth.

Yesterday the EU fined Google $2.7 Billion Dollars.

Expect these fines to grow as long as Google ignore the Living GOD.

Their fate is in their own hands and the hands of their stock holders.

Please pray that they are mentally able to make the connection.

4) Resveratrol could be effective in fighting Cancer.
5) Good Read: In the 1950ís the CIA sprayed an entire town in France with LSD for no reason and here are the results:
It got in the water, it got in the food, it got in the houses and:
The entire town went insane.
Savings Tip Of The Day
What to bring to the hospital:
1) Cinnamon
2) Sea Weed
Please pray for healing in this town in France and that President Trump is safe and casts off the shackles of the European Bankers.
Pray also that when the Budget Cuts hit in October your family is safe from those cuts.

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Dr William B. Mount

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