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"In America They've Most Developed Their Theory of Torture."
Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:04

"In America They've Most Developed Their Theory of Torture."

That is a Tele receive from overnight. "In America they've most developed their theory of torture."

The United States of America born with a Bill of Rights that made as our law over 2 centuries ago that there was to be no torture in the new land of America.

Is it not something how easily good ideas get tossed aside?

Judah and his theory of wood. He becomes our friend just to die us dead.

His time has ended, he is being died off by our good Lord. His cipher goes, his tissue goes inside to be reproduced and some time in the future will emerge to travel the universe in peace with the rest of our outer space family.

And what of us on earth now?

Are we white fin not being died out nice?

The deuce, the 2% that are the only group that have the private authority to issue our money. Are they not dying us right?

"Foolish. It's error." 2.23 pm

Those are a couple of Tele receives after putting this post up at the daily test page.

Thanks for the heads up. Bitch took the post down and now is taking about 5 different things in todays post out that may be "foolish," and "error."

Is white fin not aware that we are set to go out of life form in the range of 100% of us?

Will American Labor not listen to the thousands of warnings from our good God above to STOP THE WAR?

Bitch, a nice boy with a fault of stupid committed to bringing the truth in.

And what is the truth? Are we perceiving the truth is we have a good God that loves us all? That is the truth.

"Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives," Father said

Judah walking his sniffing pooch around our houses looking to see how to best fist us out. Will Labor not take the free money available from American working people out of Judah's war fighting hands?

The thousands of years that Judah has terrorized the captive populations so that he can punish us right.

The universe outside with unlimited possibilities and yet, Judee's not curious and chose to not go there.

Might we understand that the mission that Judah gave to his cult was to kill all of us right?

So throughout thousands of years of our history Judah has remained mostly unseen sporting us out.

Each generation developing more efficient ways to kill us in non detectable ways. Injecting us with Mercury while in the crib so our brains never work as well as they should.

Making his law that if the parents don't want the kosher mercury vaccines then Judah gets to take our children away.

Not something new, have we not watched this for years all across America? Sure we have. Numerous news reports of it. So why then does it still go on?

Might we not easily see it is because Judah are the only guys and gals that get to write any sized checks for free?

The bribes needed to pay the people that will molest us for dollars. Must they not cost a lot? Sure.

And with the deep pockets of other peoples money, do we see that Judah pays all the bribes needed to get us molested right?

Will Labor not give us our grand juries so that we can open to public view the sport of weap Judee?

With unlimited free money Judah hires people to make up lies about other people and uses them to hold himself in.

Judah, for his nuclear blast attack upon white fin and everyone else in America, is it not clear that he has put himself out of here for good?

Seems that it should be that way doesn't it?

And yet it is not. White fin now losing his ability to reproduce himself right. His children being sterilized by nuclear radiation spreading around our nation.

Background radiation thousands of times higher than it was before Judah shot his Hitachi-GE dirty bomb off over 6 years ago.

No money available for the FDA to see how much radioactive waste is in our milk anymore.

"Roast kidney disease," as the congressperson said several years ago revealing what is ahead.

"23 million." Elder just said reporting how many weap Judah have now slipped away into their well prepared undergrounds.

Might we not have to give Judah some credit for with only 2% of the human race has his cult not taken over planet earth?

Yes he did. Do we not have the proof in that he holds privately in every land the Organizing Principle of Society, the concession to issue every nations cash?

Yes he does hold the Organizing Principle of Society in his private hands everywhere on planet earth.

Might we not have to agree that Judah was a big fish on earth? Sure. Was he not the biggest fish of them all? Certainly. Did he not prove it by taking over us all?

If only Judah did not block Velocity power supplies from coming in when they appeared over a century ago, might we not all be wealthy and Judah would be honored, revered and loved by all?

If he did not put us into eternal war and sport us homeless might he not be a hero with us now?

If only Judah did not make us the most imprisoned people on earth might he not have survived his slip?

The slip he gave to himself that pulled him out of our world. His attack with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, when he tried to die us all off right.

Americans being saved by our good God who had his angels pull every kosher nuclear blast shot off.

Judah, persistent with his abuse and molest, had his back up shots of brimstone nuclear waste on line for melting down to poison us all out swell and great.

Now wiping Americans out.

And yet might we consider that our elders from the Federation used computer simulations to reveal these end times to us 2,000 years ago?

Judah knew from the Bible that he would only be allowed to get one third of us dead when it was time for him to go. But did he not give it the old college try when he wired dozens of his Jewish electricity plants with Stuxnet so that he could melt them down and poison us right?

The dozens of Jewish electricity power plants that have been tripped off of line in the last few years by our extraterrestrial elders from outer space.

Might we understand what Judah already knows, he will die off no more than a third of the human race as he goes?

By shutting his Jewish electricity dirty bomb shots down have our elders not demonstrated technical mastery over Judah nuclear war fighting technology of genocide?

Certainly. Did elders not previously demonstrate mastery over Judah's nuclear blast technology by pulling all of his nuclear missiles out of the sky? Yes they did.

Do we not have the proof in that we are still alive?

The Tsunamis that flooded the generators that provided emergency power to cool the reactor at Hitachi-GE. Rather than an accident, might the melt down at Hitachi-GE not have been planned long ago?

That the Tsunamis struck on March 11, 2011, that is 311, might that not give us a clue?

Earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and tsunamis, might we not appreciate that Judah has HAARP doing many of them?

As our extraterrestrial elders are watching Judah sports close, what might we think that they let him get that one dirty bomb shot off on us all?

As elders have tripped dozens of Jewish electricity plants off of line in the last few years to prevent Judah from putting them into melt downs, can we only wonder why they did not trip Hitachi-GE a day or 2 before it was put into a controlled melt down?

Tele receives:

"You failed for racive. 5.54 pm

It's great. 7.12 pm

They burned off this field and twice you've failed. 7.19 pm

We've been raped hemisphere. 7.23 pm

His genius won't be here. 7.26 pm

A geni-roll app rude. 7.27 pm

Easy hit failed. 7.28 pm

They wash us dies here to perp us. 7.29 pm

It's a scary fall. 7.30 pm

You now have lost your life forms seriously. 8.04 pm

Oh my God Patrick, we have been destroyed already. 8.05 pm

Aggress you's . 8.07 pm

Our mind is foiled that made us. 8.13 pm

Judah holds us fetcherly. 8.15 pm

We're weapon defeated.

Jew right died you menacing. 1.15 am

The reason you're tossed is because forensic Jews know how to bubble, they get you in air and fall you all. 1.16 pm

The Army failed for victim abuse. 1.18 am

If you ORGANIZE your degenerators will go away. 1.19 am

Pat is dutiful, he chased hard. 1.19 am

Judah ever excites visually to campus. 1.20 am

Jews failed merchanistic. 1.21 am

A Soviet police state will do awesome badness.

Take them out for Principal fun. 1.22 am

They're taking your genus out of history.

Their rackets fell and you let enemies accomplish you. 1.23 am

Their weapatory sold us out nicely. 1.24 am

The professor clearly protect you from harsh.

Their stupid pets hold you for harsh rule. 1.25 am

Your failed life is tensious.

Demolition will harness you.

They prisoner assaulted us. 1.26 am

Their deaths forsake us. 1.27 am

Their terror bombs give them right mousing. 1.28 am

Their poison risks fire, their poison risks violence.

You totally off yourself fantastic.

Jew dieful will completely finish out of this earth frame. 1.29 am

They scored fantastic to make you right criminals.

With the professor their capes are done. 1.31 am

Contact will put misery out. 1.32 am

Port tech will make you suffer right bad. 1.34 am

With horsepower they stabbed us. 1.35 am

They riced gravity, they riced you missiles really fine. 1.36 am

You're terrified by psych-ops. 1.37 am

It's fallen, fist tumbled away with their bench. 1.38 am

You failed fair-a-tory.

Racial force you into a Jewish safe. 1.39 am

Rice falls you filthy. 1.42 am

Stupid made master leave. 1.44 am

Jews save right faultage to keep opping. 1.45 am

An Irishman folded Roosevelt ruse. 1.46 am

Your entire rabbit patch is coming out. 1.47 am

They fold you's delightful. 1.48 am

They'll punish you off of here. 1.49 am

They're threatening to die you off of here hold-a-sets.

A brassiere failed you rightly. 1.52 am

Fisting you failed you Reno. 1.59 am

They're doing a fantastic racial on us. 2.00 am

Your budget fails, parasite pushed us all out. 2.02 am

They've made us here hopelessly de-stated. 2.05 am

They're recycling pesterous now. 2.07 am

You're forcing out yourselves rightfully. 2.09 am

Lethal forces have tumbled you HUGE rightly dead. 2.13 am

They've scammed us awfully sinful. 2.17 am

America they've most developed their theory of torture. 2.19 am

ORGANIZE. 2.18 am

Animals die us hiking. 2.27 am

It's finished. 2.34 am

Shear fault fantastic. 3.10 am

Thief's are fisting you's. 3.57 am

You're closing up safeness now. 4.18 am

They've defeated the most wonderful rights for free. 4.24 am

Contact releases us from them. 4.29 am

Rude app us fall. 4.33 am

Luxury has fallen us devilishly. 4.38 am

Clawed wrench. 4.51 am

It's real summon molesty. 5.41 am

It was a beer dream." 5.51 am

9.45 am

Did a little food shopping and visiting and received some Tele receives:

"It's so battery your caging theory. 6.19 am

It's over, it's paid for. 6.28 am

It's an error flushed. 6.33 am

We're regressed. 6.04 am

Authorize yourselves. 6.06 am

Martian bore. 6.24 am

Harsh, but good. 6.39 am

Fairly insult. 6.51 am

Sport weaps out, tyrerror rats out. 7.23 am

They're taking white off to hurt your economy." 9.52 am

The guys and gals that Judah wants to hurt the most. Are we understanding it is the white host?

The mild people from the north lands that have the "unique value of cooperation" according to Judee.

No signs of war in the north throughout our 30,000 year history until Judah arrived and took over management in 700 AD.

Did Malcolm not speak some truth to us that he discovered when he left America that whites are not the root of racist as it has been made to appear, rather that it is something peculiar about America that is racist and not the white man himself?

Who had the money to print all of those signs up that only white could use the facilities? Might we perceive that Judah has used free money to put the entire false scenario of color on us to separate us?

Will white not get us right and STRIKE THEM OUT of here and take the concession to issue our money away from them and put our God given rights in?

How about Labor getting hold of the issue of money and making up our own little sign that says "Thank you, Lord, for thinkin' 'bout me. I'm alive and doin' fine?"

The vast wealth we have being systematically destroyed as we quietly continue to fund Judah's racist sport wars.

Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from them?

STRIKE THEM OUT today Labor and is it believable that in a year from now we'll have an economy producing $100 trillion dollars here?

That is what Mercury suggested to Bitch that once we have peace in we'll put our advanced clean, safe energy technologies in and bring on the nearly half of our work force that is unemployed to create great wealth for us all.

And if we fail to STOP THE war what might we guess we will have this time next year? All poisoned air and millions more homeless?

The 2% that have a theory that they can continue to abuse God's children on earth if they have 5% with them and 13% that will grip for them.

Will Labor not help us to get a new theory?

Will Labor not end the scarcity theory that Judah has forced in upon the children of God on earth?

"Harsh, but good." 6.39 am

A lady said that saw Bitch shopping.

Actually Bitch is not harsh, he just made a lot of noise when he was put to the test by weaper guy and his sport clubs.

Bitch now thinks about Father's way when any question arises as what to do. What would Father say about whatever the question is in the head? Years back he did not know about Father.

Now knowing about Father he seeks Father's counsel by praying to Him. Might we understand also that the Bible is Father's words that were gifted to us all?

The understanding now that the preachers who have been supporting the administrations that have made war in our world using the Bible to back up their positions. Might we see them now as not really revealing what our good God is truly about?

Will Labor not let the fibbers off right?

"We have to have a bourse shell to shave you. You're about ready to take my wit out. We hold you boof to bring refills in. I push you out with a George urge, we're giving the white men a fight.

A baby I spirit you to hold you dead. I'm virtual fine with vegetables. I always throw you with soldiers because that's my muffin time. I put the white boy in war to spite. I'm off because I flame so much, I got a true minnow psyching me.

I just ever false you on usury. I made you with morphine and left no prints. I took you out with St. Albert's force. Forever in your state our genus has died, soon cash is going to fall out. I take them out of the cradle. We cooled him thief to stay safe with you.

I touch you assaults, that's how I take your main wit off, this time I won't be coming back. From Moscow I've got a force to steal. We're just aiming for some more motel sport here. I'm porting here because I put you out in a few minutes.

I'm going to hold you until ruptous comes. Our porch mental fell Euripides. We remain special to pull your heads fetchilly. My whiteness I do score corrupt. The police office we get more chances with receipts. The police want to minus you theft falsely.

Our permashot you failed so I'm all die fist. Beautiful deal we crashed and sealed. Tomorrow we leave with Prudential. Our op is to perish you. I've got 3 or 4 months before I'm going for my racket.

We just roll you because we like action. A real attorney has taken our sport fest out. He's a gen-a-fit, he's made my right die. Because I stay with my war Bitch toss me.


We spot you many dates lets us keep our war sport on. To get hold of your corporation we always field money. My dog has got a Tess. I just authorize my boot to core you, I sold you out but our day be out of here," Judee say.

Might we n

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    • "In America They've Most Developed Their Theory of Torture." — Patrick Sullivan, Fri Jun 30 10:04
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