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Illinois Elites About To Get Paycuts
Sat Jul 1, 2017 02:52

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That is Correct.

In our lead story a Court Ruling left the State of Illinois Congressman speechless.

As the State fails to pay over $15 Billion I Bills the courts have ruled that the Illinois Congressman will share in the burden.

No pay for other state employees means no pay for their Congress.

State Congressman have no immunity to budget cuts.

So who do you think will have budget cuts: Those on welfare or the Democratically Controlled State Legislative Branch????

It appears that ALL Blue States are about to face this - Democratically controlled Washington, Oregon, California, Connecticut, etc.

Further - when the Federal Congress cuts all Federal Funds to Sanctuary States, Counties and Cities - the Mayors, County Executives, and state Congressman will not get paid and what company will bribe their states Congresses to do anything if their state budget is in turmoil????

Justice Has Been Served

In a world with $217,000,000,000,000 in debt - it is time those in congress pay for what they have done.


In other news:

1) President Trump will now be asking Congress to add Tariffs to those products coming into the United States that are sent here using Foreign Government Funds to destroy the American Industrial Base.

So - for example - if a Toaster is made in China using 80% funds from the Government - Trump will authorize Congress to charge an 80% Tariff for that toaster.

The President will now level the Playing Field.

2) Both Mexico and Venezuela are now running out of oil

President Trump will now run an Oil Pipeline to Mexico to help support their failing companies and has worked out a deal where the Oil Companies will charge a Discounted Rate to help their economy.

Just as Russia provides a discounted rate to the Ukraine for Natural Gas to help their brothers in need, the US will provide Cheap Fuel to Mexico.

3) The EU and Russia and now sanctioning each other.

What this means, for example, is that if a toaster is made in Russia it is Wholesaled through a country like Iceland and then shipped to Europe.

Sanctions never work, not in the day and age of computers

4) The New York Times has finally admitted the Russian Story about stealing an election was totally fake a complete lie, Fake, Felonious and False - thank you X-22 Report

5) CNN Managing Editor called American Voters: "Dumber Than Shit."

Jimmmy Carr, a Hate Filled Associate Producer at CNN, absolutely hates President Trump and openly said: He's Just F..Ing Crazy."

So you are Dumb Shi....s and the President is Crazy.

Guess tat tells us what CNN thinks about We The People.

CNN has Fallen down, Fallen Down, Fallen down
CNN has Fallen down
The Fake News Network

6) Wheat Prices are soaring around the world as South Dakota Wheat Harvests are severely reduced due to bad weather - the Food Prices are now about to jump very high.

7) Finally - Moscow has been under attack by the Elites in terms of weather.

Please pray that all that the Elites do to others is now heaped upon their heads.

President Putin, PM Medvedev - time to attack back. Pinpoint the Elite Head Quarters and deal with these folks ever so harshly of Russia will fall within one year, so sayus the I Am That I Am, who was, and is and is to come.

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Finally - your prayers are working as President Trump moves forward to help stabilize the World’s Economy. Expect 3 months of limited food and limited power - lots of black outs.
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