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"We Failed Our Psychus Instruments." The instruments Judah
Sat Jul 1, 2017 09:15

"We Failed Our Psychus Instruments."

The instruments Judah uses to psyche us. His water board, his B-52. His nuclear missiles, his shock and awe.

A people, Americans, wealthy beyond belief and we do nothing as he takes our wealth away from us and destroys us.

Do we recall that Judah telling us that mild man has ever failed to save himself in the face of Judah lies and threats?

Will we not pray for our thirty minute breakthrough and this time get ourselves to peace?

The London Mixt money cases that ran from 1602-1604 that informed us that the authority to issue money was the "Organizing Principle of Society."

Redacted from the court record by Judah so to not alert the people of England or the world to just what the authority to issue money is. The "Organizing Principle of Society."

The death and destruction that Judah brought into the north lands when he arrived in force 1500 years ago.

The north lands people held in war since 760 AD when Judah had all his hybrid transplant Replicon shells created and placed firmly in control of the governmental operations.

"They had perfected the predator relationship already." Sir Maximilian informed us as to why the centers of power of planet earth chose not to join up with the Galactic Federation of Light in 1350 AD when an offer was made to them by Sir Maxmilian.

"I died them truthful. They're no friends of mine. They have no defensible rights. They did not bend in the wind so they will break in the storm. Try to perceive me, I love you," Our good God Almighty in heaven said to us.

Will Labor not give us the "storm" that will break this fisty errant life form weap Judah once and for all?

The "wood" that we are to them. Will Labor not give us our juries again?

Over 6 years of burning nuclear waste on us. Refusing all pleas to shut the dirty bomb down. Several countries offered to send engineers in to get the nuclear reaction shut off.

Did we not notice that Judah would not let them in?

Americans now set to die off the majority of us. Sickened by the alliance's nuclear waste brimstone radioactive industrial dust.

The old immovable object that Judee is. Will Labor not bring on the STRIKE STORM that will break him and move him off of us?

With tens of thousands of hydrogen bombs all designed to wipe us out, the best and brightest scientists of planet earth working the technical to get it done, how do we explain that we are not already radioactive dust?

Will American Labor not say prayers of thanks to our good God Almighty above for sparing us from Judah's fist lust?

Though might we not give Judah credit for has he not fought us tooth and claw to the bitter end? Hoof and beak? Diaper and dog?

The "wood" we are to them. Will American Labor not end funding their sin?

"My process with a white boy is I just rape a gentleman off," Judee say.

And for all the world the person who said that appears to be white.

Will mild man not identify the hybrid transplant Replicon Judah that are destroying us and help us to retire them out of political and government offices?

"The prisons have ruined my children. Let the fishies roam free," God Almighty our precious sweet Father in heaven said.

"Fences coming out for shooting bubbles." Tele receive. 6.03 am

The Washington Wall Street perp. Will American Labor not take it off?

They've done all the could to destroy us. Will American Labor not let them off right? Will Labor not end funding their nuclear war on us here?

Bitch asked elder the other day who was "Jehovah?"

Elder indicated that Jehovah was one of us born inside Venus. He was a Venusian.

The understanding is that Yahweh was a Martian that watched over us in the early days.

Yahweh and Jehovah were before Father Baldec who gave the Ten Commandments to Moses about 1,500 BC.

Father Baldec was a Galactican. He was a member of the Supreme council of Elders of the Galactic Federation of Light.

Father Baldec was our Father until 200 BC when Father Christopher, also a Galactican, took a seat on the Supreme Council of Elders of the Galactic Federation of Light.

Judah rejected the Ten Commandments that Father Baldec gifted to Moses. Because of Judah's consistent pattern of assault and battery our elders chose to leave the surface of our planet in 700 BC.

Father Christopher sent His only begotten Son Jesus to give us the message from God to love one another. The actual Father of Jesus, if the understanding is correct, was a Venusian. The Venutians are human Beings that were genetically engineered with us 200,000 years ago. They became extraterrestrials 47,000 years ago.

Father Christopher was our Father until 800 AD. Then our Father Harold took a seat on the Supreme Council of Elders of the Galactic Federation of Light.

Father is Dying, He is in the last years of His precious life. Father wants to save us. Father loves us all equally. Father has the agape love for each one of us.

"Good luck," elder said to Bitch at 5.25 am today.

The luck we need to bring Labor in to STRIKE THEM OUT and close this errant guy's shooting of us out.

Will Labor not bring our bountiful new economy of life in?

"STRIKE!" 6.58 am

The Labor we need to put us right. When we break down on the road the Labor that shows up to give us a tow. The Labor that produces the good things that we need.

We must STOP THE WAR and get ourselves to peace. Understanding our lives depend on it will Labor not STOP THE WAR?

"Your rifles field typhus everyday, get useful, push them out.

The apologist in you will haul their equipment, eventually you'll close their cruel ship."

Thank you Sir Jason and Sir Morris for those telepathic messages today.

Judah and his theoretically correct sucker punch. If not for God would that attack in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011 not have scored us dead?

Certainly. Anyone doubt that 3,200 thermonuclear 300 kiloton warheads exploding over our heads would not have wiped us out right?

Father has given us a chance to survive Judah genocide Labor.

"Why didn't you try it? Father asked about the STRIKE that His angels advised us to do.

"I gave you the peace, must you fail? Father also asked.

Do we recall Judah has told us in reverse speech that it will be 3 to 5 hours and he will hand over the concession to issue our money to a Committee of the Whole from Labor?

His need to harm people because they're handsome or beautiful, spirited or too useful. The white boy gentleman that must be raped off.

Will white fin not Get Smart as elders suggest and close this racist violator Judah out right?

Might Labor try to please understand that Bitch is a telegraph operator of sorts here?

"You disparage my shill that is trying to convince you to save yourselves," Father said.

"You're my scholar," sweet Papa said to His Bitch.

Will Labor think about it, Bitch is merely here to share the information that if Labor will accept it we may have a chance to survive this last nuclear war that Judah will ever wage against the children of God on earth?

A Plane Crashes in WWII-era Denali
Denali National Park & Preserve
Excavation in December 1944 of crash site of C-47 Skytrain at Denali National Park
Kirk Dietz
Snow covered wreckage of silver plane with men around it

A 44-man mission traveled through dangerous conditions to seek the wreckage of a US Army C-47 aircraft after it crashed into Mt. Deception.

Denali National Park
On September 18, 1944, an Army C-47 left Anchorage for Fairbanks with a civilian pilot from Northwest Airlines, and 18 servicemen on board. The aircraft struck a mountain (now named Mt. Deception) 16 miles east of Mt. McKinley. An aerial reconnaissance taken a few days later confirmed that all aboard had immediately perished.

The Army Air Corps’ Col. Ivan Palmer, however, demanded to know more details about the crash, so he asked current Park Superintendent Grant Pearson to fly over the area. After that October 2 reconnaissance, the Army asked Pearson if he could head a rescue party to the crash site.

The men found undisputable evidence from the crash—blood on the fuselage, a canvas suitcase, a whiskey bottle, and other items—but a recent ten-foot snowfall frustrated all attempts to locate any of the victims’ bodies.

The whiskey bottle that was found in the wreckage of the crashed C-47, was full of whiskey. It was propped up by a couple of towels as if it had been staged after the crash. Who could of propped it up?

The question of why no bodies were found. Might they be guests of our extraterrestrial family now?

The crash site, "Mt Deception?"

Might we read a "MARKING?" from our extraterrestrial elders?

The question of the "staged" bottle of whiskey. What sort of a message from our elders could that be?

Years after reading of that Army plane crash with the staged bottle of whiskey, and having stopped drinking alcohol all together, not even once a year, things that were mysteries began to appear.

Then going into the Des Moines Public Library, and as if an invisible hand was guiding Bitch, pulled a book off the shelf that gave a report about pharaohs whiskey experiment in ancient times.

The Manhattan project of Egypt in the BC era. And how Pharaoh built pig shelters and varied the amount of alcohol given to the pigs to see what would happen.

And what did Pharaoh learn?

He learned that the more alcohol he gave the pigs to drink, the further away from the more comfortable accommodations they lived.

The hand that invisibly guided Bitch to find the book on the shelves at the public library.

Might we perceive that Father wants His children to be aware of all the tricks that Judah uses on us?

Might that be why His angels guided Bitch to find that book that told us about Pharaoh's Manhattan project?

The "staged" bottle of whiskey that was associated with extraterrestrial activity at the site of the Army C-47 crash on Mt Deception where there were no bodies found.

Combine the knowledge of discovering what Judah knew about Pharaoh's whiskey Manhattan project with elders revealing to Bitch "Abstract Receipts of Labor, The Organizing Principle of Society," are we seeing how the love of our good God has manifest itself for us? Are we seeing that God wants His children to know the truth and act on it in His name?

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.

Will American Labor not try to remember the law of God that it states clearly,"Thou shalt not kill," and STOP THE WAR?

The social structure affects of alcohol. Might we understand that Judah has known about them for thousands of years ever since his days with Pharaoh?

Some surveys indicate that 80% of mild men drink alcohol at least once a year. Do we recall that Judah has revealed in his reverse speech that it is alcohol that allowed him to get his kill in upon us here?

Every land of the mild people of the north under the thumb of Judah look alike Replicon force.

Just a thought to share here, have we not heard many times that it was Africans that sold the people into slavery centuries ago?

Might it have been Judah hybrid transplant Replicon African shells that sold the people into slavery then?

The white hybrid transplant Replicon shells. Are we not fully aware they are the group that has attacked us with their nuclear blast force?

Are we aware that is who is still attacking us with their nanoparticle Nuclear artillery?

While we see Asian hybrid transplant Replicon Judah's that are doing the hands on artillery work at Hitachi-GE, are we not aware that it is Germany's nuclear war fighting industrialists that are helping them poison us out?

From reading many Judah reverse facial speech statements, they have indicated that their dog story is almost out of time.

The "thirty minute breakthrough" the Tele sender sent to Bitch. Will we not pray that Labor will have it NOW?

"My children, treat them super nice. I would have given you anything. Love one another. I want to save your lives."

All things that precious sweet Father has said to his kids.

"You're my scholar," Father said to His Bitch.

"I encourage you to get rid of perjure rule." 9.56 am

Thank you Father for that message just now.

As we are existing in a Jewish tyranny state are we not aware that useful people are traveling at their own risk?

Are we understanding that we must get the Jewish tyranny state closed if we are going to go any further in this world?

The question we touched on yesterday, as elders from outer space have shut down over 40 Jewish electricity nuclear power plants in the last few years to prevent Judah from putting a bunch of them into melt downs to die us all off, then why did they not put Hitachi-GE into melt down days before Judah shot us with it?

Might it have been as we can do it ourselves and so they let us help ourselves now?

The 9 million more years we have left to love one another before we exist no more. The beginning to the end of our life forms, 21 million years.

WE are now at the 12 million year mark as inhabitants of planet earth that have been together all this time. Will Labor not please STOP THE WAR?

The American Hutterite pacifist Hofer brothers that would not wear the uniform of the Army or fight in any war. Tortured to death in Alcatraz.

36 year old Jacob Hutter who they were followers of, burned at the stake in Austria in 1536 because he refused to harm his brothers in war. His wife executed two years after him.

Will Labor not close out this Jewish war racket to sell uniforms?

The cipher of weap Judah, all full of arrogance, spite, abuse and molest. Will we not say prayers of thanks to our God Almighty for affording Judah the opportunity let his cipher off right?

Might even the least informed of us not at some point in time awaken to how we have been abandoned, left stranded on a burned out planet to die?

Will Labor not give it a try?

The STRIKE Labor. Will you not take the advice of our super intelligent extraterrestrial elders that Father sent in to save us from Judah blast nuclear genocide and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Tele receives:

"Jew apious will make us all sick. 10.30 am

We've been sacked. 10.36 am

Palacide. 10.45 am

You're falsing out yourselves, you're falsing out your rights. 11.05 am

Your life is falling out of sight. 11.07 am

It's certainly over fail.1.09 pm

He scores the best suggestion compromise, STRIKE THEM OUT! 1.52 pm

They sport us here, plastics push us. 2.19 pm

It's an error. 2.23 pm

They're forcing a rice sale, they're forcing a death.

Shanty big heart's telling us what's going on here. 4.12 pm

It's the end of Jewish wars. 5.38 am

Fish, take it! 6.25 pm 6.46 pm

Cheers. 6.49 pm

This is all for sacrifice. 6.49 pm

By fisting vegetables the cage won. 6.54 pm

You're a sage. 7.07 pm

Sport war makes you fouled. 7.24 pm

True dolt. 7.43 pm

Jab softly. 7.47 pm

Goose baby tossed you out. 8.06 pm

They're tearing up our field, our season. 8.08 pm

Son, they bought you's some hell. 8.12 pm

A terrible life is coming in for everyone. 9.05 pm

Jew toss you out of here fest total.

They shot the biz. 9.12 pm

Dying rightly.

Particles delight for sin. 9.13 pm

Exhausting out yourselves really needy. 9.47 pm

They raped our family unconscious. 12.48 am

They're dying unconscious. 12.49 am

Patrick died their recipe. 12.51 am

Jews off age. 1.30 am

They've got missiles because they're psyche-age. 1.31 am

For benefits we've already been fouled bad.

Psychous poisoned us. 1.32 am

Me sense op war siege.

We failed our psyche-us instrument. 1.36 am

Your real tumble here puts in a museum. 1.39 am



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