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All 50 States Preparing To Shut Down
Mon Jul 3, 2017 02:06

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All 50 states are now preparing for shut downs.

What happened was that the Affordable Care Act (O Care) was passed in 2010 and has remained unfunded for the past 7 years.

The last president has been taking money from other programs to fund the Universal Health Care Bill and since there was no budget this was easy to do.

Now that the Congressional Budget Office has been tasked to create a Budget for 2018/2019 there is no funding bill to fund the Universal Health Care Bill

Further - on 22 Mary Federal Court not only ruled that the Universal Health Care Bill is dead but the States must pay the Doctors back for their expenses before they spend any more money on state issues.

Thus - almost every state Congress is now in session and there seems to be no solutions.

The original Federal Court Order was given 22 May 2017 but thanks to President Trump the order was delayed for 90 days - which means all states officially shut down 22 August 2017.


Illinois has chosen to try and raise Income Taxes by 32% AND pass a $30 Billion Dollar supplemental Budget Bill that the Governor has promised to Veto.

STATE LEGISLATIVE BODIES ARE ON OVERTIME LOOKING FOR SOLUTIONS…… which means that if they pay their state Congressman for their overtime they are breaking the Federal Court Orders and the Governors are subject to arrest.

In a world with $217,000,000,000,000 in debt - it is time those in congress pay for what they have done.

As for the other news - it hardly compares to what is coming.

Again - this is brought to you by Noble Gold - get your House in Order for what is coming because it will be hard times very soon.

Be ready for food shortages from 1 October through 1 May 2018 and pray for a Soft Landing.

Please pray that all that the Elites do to others is now heaped upon their heads.

Please also pray that the Elites continue to fall apart.

Finally - your prayers are working as President Trump moves forward to help stabilize the World’s Economy. Expect 3 months of limited food and limited power - lots of black outs.
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