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"I'm in the Refrigerator with Bitch, I was a Complete Fool w
Tue Jul 4, 2017 09:34

"I'm in the Refrigerator with Bitch, I was a Complete Fool with my rule," Judee say.

Shot us with his best shot ever, his great balls of fire and finished himself out of our world. Is his Jewish mental not something though that he is still destroying us with his back up shot of brimstone nuclear waste and we remain frozen in fear of him?

While Bitch had his accidental moment of disrespect that mis-set everyone, and his dumb report of what is going on, Judah claims that the root of his still holding us to our die is "much fear."

Fear, the paralyzing force that has prevented Labor from Organizing and authorizing ourselves to challenge Judah for the concession to issue our money.

Judah using babushkas children to staff his shooting and bombing groups on the ground, Simultaneously poisoning babushka out at the genetic level to end her life form permanently. How is that for a demonstration of Jewish mental?

Tele receives:

"You're right. 3.22 pm

Breeze death. 3.47 pm

Sad. 510 pm

You boo boo'd it. 5.49 pm

The loser uses false attachments. 6.21 pm

You lost your life and your genus failed. 6.22 pm

Rolled your income. 6.25 pm

Tard us right in. 6.26 pm

If I errored like that, THICK! 6.29 pm

Real genius Jews just like to arrange fish. 12.05 am

ORGANIZE! 12.11 am

You're being totally destroyed by scum. 12.13 am

I'm shopping for a casket. 12.13 am

Racially Puritans forced you off of this field. 12.15 am

Oh, my God to be punished like this. 12.18 am

They die you op dirty. 12.19 am

You're safe on wisdom. 12.20 am

STRIKE THEM OUT, they're toasting us. 12.24 am

You lost your favorite symbol, freedom. 12.27 am

Get them out, stop this missile slaughter. 12.28 am

Attorney rubs. 12.30 am

The degenerous is failing us.

They're failing us cops here. 12.31 am

Judgments without rights threat us. 2.32 am

We need rights to plant us here. 12.33 am

A lunatic hike. 12.35 am

The professor rightfully solved this fierce. 12.37 am

In prison, they die us debt. 12.38 am

It's a mass atrocity punishment. 12.39 am

It's a nice fist die. 12.40 am

Pat gave them a nice cancel. 12.41 am

You took a path, you passed out of life.

Patrick tossed them for horrible. 12.42 am

Criminals, they harmed us. 12.43 am

You're an invalid because of deep crusting. 12.47 am

He dies you embellishing corrupt. 12.48 am

ORGANIZE yourselves to end punishing.

NO rights lets them physical buy.

Because it's so dumb they core profusely.

They shot us investment purple. 12.53 am

They ravaged you completely off. 12.54 am

They just murder Birmingham for symbols. 12.55 am

The won the argument bess. 12.59 am

They swindle from the basement dull pay.

AUTHORIZE yourself. AUTHORIZE your safety.

They cored us missiles bankrupted.

Master dies us wholious. 1.03 am

Our right economy is closing Palestine. 1.05 am

Save your life, put contact in. 1.55 am

Push honesty here. 1.56 am

Today you see garbage. 1.57 am

Close your opposite joy. 2.00 am

Communist forces molest you painfully. 2.01 am

Your Fritz failed. 2.02 am

Pat was thrown, you failed to save your life forces.

Fatally dumb. 2.06 am

White people extinct themselves. 2.10 am

You're dying failed for reason. 2.12 am

Prudential failed, Scotched us. 2.14 am

I'm with you, Patrick. 2.15 am

They zoom attack. 2.16 am

They merch us more edible.

Oh, my God, they threw our babushkas away. 2.19 am

Diers stalling us. 2.20 am

De-mock-ra-state flush us out. 2.31 am

You let the police shoot go on and they've pushed the button. 2.22 am

Felony rub falls you out. 2.23 am

Missile joy washed you's out. 2.24 am

Transport yourself obviously false street. 2.24 am

We failed Jew force and the Irishman saved us. 2.26 am

It's your white man that sold you out physical here. 2.28 am

You failed this nation, you're quite dumb. 2.32 am

They out contact obviously. 2.34 am

The Jew exterminated us televisionly. 2.36 am

A baby cycled you off your riches here. 2.37 am

Oh, help us here. 2.38 am

You lost your titles to jail. 2.42 am

Their dog analysis beat you up. 2.43 am

Merchants rifled this place. 2.44 am

They're wiping the white majority. 2.45 am

He fouls us racially and puts us into debt. 2.46 am

They pushed the button and you've done nothing. 2.47 am

The whites are naturally right falling. 2.50 am

They're raping us here, the rich man is completely out of his field here. 2.53 am

Drew out. 2.54 am

Bourse will sale (sail) us. 2.55 am

Genius canceled us easily. 2.56 am

Wake this field, you're tumbling out yourselves. 3.01 am

The nice guy has given the white fish an opportunity to live here. 3.11 am

Get them right out. 3.44 am

Cheap rum." 3.54 am

"I failed your life because I fairly forced you out. I'm a straight for sale. I tossed you out and to think you ignored me. The humans have failed so I port you out; portee. I'm done. If you're intellectual we cage you. I'm dull," Judee say.

Judee himself claims he is "dull," and that he chose not to meet our extraterrestrial family from outer space when invited to. What type of guy would pass up meeting with extraterrestrials? Dull boy?

Might that have something to do with why he spends so much of his time and our money hiring laboratories to first create dull and then hiring food service workers to put it into our consumables so that we have a wide range of dull in our food and beverage?

Might Judah have been wanting to cast us in his own image, "dull?"

Judah with a lot of knowledge of our extraterrestrial family for thousands of years. The Centers of Power of planet earth, Vatican, Royals, and Judah, invited by the emissary sent by the Federation to earth, Sir Maximilian, to join the Federation in 1350 AD.

Judah, and his alliance partners in skinning the minnow, already had perfected the predator relationship and did not want to change anything. So they rejected the offer made by Sir Maximilian in 1350 and continued on generation after generation dominating man by false and force. A permanent state of war they decided was to forever be the lot of man.

The weapons of destruction of the entire mass of the human race living on the surface of planet earth made their appearance in the middle of the 20th century. The exploding of atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

The decision made to destroy the mass of the human race with the newly invented atomic weapons. How is it that such a significant issue was never explained to the ordinary people?

Might we have been fooled somehow into believing that physical force will some keep us safe?

Our rights. Is it not war that has caused them to be removed from service to us?
"War is the art of conquering at home." Thomas Paine. (1737-1809)

Isn't that not another way of saying what Karl Liebknecht told us in 1915, "war's true function is to subordinate ones own domestic population to exploitation at the hands of the dominant class?"

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.

He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself. Thomas Paine

Might we see our liberty does not come out of stockpiles of plutonium 239 rather it comes out of all people engaging in acting to protect one another whatever shore we are on anywhere in this world?

If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace. Thomas Paine

Might we consider that it is war that Judah and his alliance partners have set their hopes on using to crush forever the thought of the freedom and liberty of the United States of America on our sacred Bill of Rights?

Our fabulous Bill of Rights when in place and properly boursed. Are we seeing they will afford us all the opportunity to live in peace and plenty?

The public purse that is used to make war. Will Labor not take it into your hands and issue our money?

To establish any mode to abolish war, however advantageous it might be to Nations, would be to take from such Government the most lucrative of its branches. Thomas Paine

Will Labor not take the purse into your hands so that we can have peace in this world?

We have it in our power to begin the world over again. Thomas Paine

Will we not begin it over in our time in peace?

Has our good God Almighty not given us the peace? Yes, Father has given us the peace. Did Father not have His angels, Sir Casper and His diligent team of Martians pull every single nuclear missile off of us that Judah tried to extinct us and our heritage with?

Those of us from the north lands. Did we not have a heritage of 30,000 years of living in peace with each other? Yes, we did have 30,000 years of living in peace until Judah arrived with his racket.

The strength and power of despotism consists wholly in the fear of resistance. Thomas Paine

Will Labor not show us some courageous efforts and close this old despotism out of here right?

Will Labor not recognize the importance, the value of having guaranteed rights for ourselves and our posterity?

He who is the author of a war lets loose the whole contagion of hell and opens a vein that bleeds a nation to death. Thomas Paine

That eternal Jewish war that was opened upon Americans to take away our rights and sport us out of life form. Will we not recognize who has done this to us and take action to remove our purse from their hands?

Reputation is what men and women think of us; character is what God and angels know of us. Thomas Paine

Might Labor try to discard the numerous false rumors that Judah has put into play against Bitch and consider that our good God finds the character of Bitch to be such that Father has spoken to him to inform the rest of His children here in America and on earth that His will is to close out Jewish sport war in His village on earth?

Might what Judah has caused some to think of Bitch be different than what Father knows about His Bitch?

'Tis the business of little minds to shrink; but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death. Thomas Paine

Bitch principles call for an end to tyranny. An end to war. Is Labor accepting of the truth that Bitch has personally gone to the grave more than once in his opposition to Jewish sports war and genocide?

"The mind once enlightened cannot become dark again." Thomas Paine.

Will Labor not enlighten its mind on the need for peace and STRIKE THEM OUT and end public financing with our income tax of their sports war?

Time makes more converts than reason. Thomas Paine

Can we only pray that enough time has passed that Labor will see the critical need to help us to begin the world again, this time in peace?

Thomas Paine, one of the thinkers, the writers that helped spur the American Revolution with his ideas of liberty and justice for all.

He called for a guaranteed national income in his time. He pronounced "poverty" as the enemy of all mankind.

He believed in God but not Jesus. Is it not something to think about that if he had known about the Galactic Federation of Light he may have figured out that that was where God was that sent Jesus in to help us?

To say that any people are not fit for freedom is to make poverty their choice, and to say they had rather be loaded with taxes than not. Thomas Paine

Might we understand that if we do not put our rights in poverty is what Judah has set for the majority of Americans now?

Might we understand that the basis of wealth is freedom? Freedom to do our jobs unmolested to earn our income.

Are we understanding Judah does not want our rights in because he cannot sport us then?

"With a dog, Judee aced your son. If you're not drug-free I discipline you. Your rights I right fumble. Some day we'll surely push off free. With Witch Hazel I'm out to screw you and because of it, I'm dead. I'm boosted Fed. I just use you to make all lemon here.

I cannibal up Fitzabe. I just see a way to party for free, make you die and take your title. I scrounge you in my bubble state all fist op. If you didn't perceive Shimpberg I'd of taken you all the way," Judee say.

Our we not yet perceiving Shrimpberg has stepped in to spare us from nuclear blast extirpation?

The attack with 1,000 intercontinental ballistic missiles equipped with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads that weap Judah attacked us with in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.

Will Labor not listen to the thousands of warnings from our good God Almighty and STOP THE WAR?

"I see a masters fortune cast you into poe-verty. I ever pull the righteous off for my set op. My Palestine op inform me how to scourge you often. With the vaguest cheapest evidence we always fall you. I'm not slow to arrest the mouse.

A dog let me take your whole country into a ghetto. Without my ruse I'm finished. I always wanted 40,000 in bail. I'm a merchant now and call Bitch a fugitive to fall him down right. I score you with my national jaw pecker for my roots. Contact push me out right, dead true," Judee say.

How much more right could it be than to have let Judah build up his vast genocide force in nuclear missiles, let him shoot them at us and pull them out of the sky only after he launched them?

Might we have Jewish intent towards us clear now?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail? Why didn't you try it? I want to save your lives. Try to perceive me, I love you. Sooth me. Wake me when they've struck," our good God Almighty said.

"I always have foul juries with my syndicate," Judee say.

Our rights Labor. Will you not help us and put them in?

If so then will you please STRIKE THEM OUT!?

God bless you, God bless us all, Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Tuesday, July 4 — Psalm 81:1–5Isaiah 17:1–19:17; Ephesians 2:1–10Remember the days of old, consider the years of all generations. Ask your father, and he will inform you, your elders, and they will tell you. Deuteronomy 32:7 (NASB)Jesus called the children to him and said, “Let the children come to me and do not stop them, because the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Luke 18:16 (GNT)Mighty God, from age to age, from generation to generation, you have dwelled among us and blessed us. We, as a loving community and as a gracious people, remember our being and our foundation of life is forever in you. Amen.

3.20 pm

Here's some Tele receives since posting earlier:

"Fashed us out. 5.20 am

Bribed eye. 5.22 am

It's tragic. 5.59 am

The enemites are stuffing us in. 6.22 pm

Targeted. 6.24 am

Jew is delinquent. 6.26 am

STRIKE THEM OUT for participating in our wale. 6.28 am

With a machine they punish them well. 6.43 am

They terrorize to smoke your life form.

Your white cow is wiped out now. 7.00 am

Rape us badly to ruse fall us.7.44 am

Sack. 10.05 am

Put them out. 10.40 am

Gentlemen he's fouled you income submersible. 11.11 am

His psycho way is to ditch all men. 11.12 am

Sicktember. 11.19 am

They defeated us dirt. 11.23 am

Patrick, STRIKE THEM OUT! 11.32 am

Oh my God, they're killing us all?

It's a vast ruse and God saved you, get them out Bitch, help us sight.

Kinda screeble. 11.49 am

They chair us. 11.56 am

There's something here to fail your whole course, lunatics suffered you out of your life. 12 noon

They're so kidness, kidney. 12.01 pm

6 months wasn't that failed. 12.06 pm

He pitch us die. 12.12 pm

Crazy as Lucifer. 12.40 pm

This is a real cattle push here.12.43 pm

Leave vengeance out. 1.39 pm

Your attitude failed resources. 1.46 pm

The wolves failed us corrupted. 2.11 pm

His stall is to die us as conquerer. 2.13 pm

They're out for terrorizing us. 2.14 pm


I'm with you to sooth. 2.17 pm

Stupid Moroccan palace life. 2.18 pm

You're honorable for fetching us

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