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"Professor Has Served To Close Hell. You Witted It." Those
Wed Jul 5, 2017 10:55

"Professor Has Served To Close Hell. You Witted It."

Those are a couple overnight Tele receives.

As the Professor has served to close out the hell of war and took the hand off from Mercury that revealed that Judah tried to exterminate us in one fell swoop with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, then why is war still raging on the surface of planet earth?

Bitch just heard a message from Sir Jason, our technical representative from the Galactic Federation of Light that said this:

"It's a real die paradise, perish you eczema. Your hostily failed, your image scribbish you."

Might that explain why Americans are still funding the hell of war on earth?

The other Tele receive: "You witted it."

The free energy that has been blocked from coming into our world. The $39 dollar circuit board that will heat our homes.

And what do we have instead other than Jewish electricity that is closing us and our children out of life form in an in your face nuclear brimstone waste war?

Burning a nuclear bonfire at Hitachi-GE for over 6 years now. Could have been shut down long ago and yet they refuse to stop the nuclear reaction and have poisoned out a third of the water on the surface of our planet and are poisoning our fields and air.

Background radiation is now thousands of times higher that before Judah lit his nuclear bonfire off on us. And what is the significance of that?

Might we consider it is radiation that drives our biological cell clocks? With an accelerated cell clock might our cells not give us our average life span? Might Judah have set us with his Jewish electricity brimstone waste to now become life span impaired individuals?

God Almighty gives Moses in 1,500 BC the Ten Commandments. "Thou shalt not kill."

Might we note that Judah has rejected God's message from when Moses first received it and delivered it?

"You'll eventually de-fist you's." Elder just said at 5.33 am

Is there any doubt whatsoever that given time we will de-fist ourselves and select a strategy of peace? Certainly.

The big thing though, are we not aware that Judah has cut our time short by his invention of Jewish electricity waste?

His attempt to take us out with blast that was cut short by our elders from outer space. For that one act is it not certain that we will figure it out and when we do we will de-fist ourselves right? Sure.

The issue now though, are we seeing that he does have a gigantic die going on us at this moment?

"You're naked fish for our purpose now," Judee say.

With no rights are we not aware just how naked of fish we are for Judah purpose?

The roast we are in now that we can't detect with our ordinary senses, is it not something to think about, the sickness may not show up for a few more years from now?

How is that for a cunning way to poison a guy? Can't feel a thing and when the sickness is discovered, the victim is already sealed out of life form. The children non-reproductive. NO more of the family line. Isn't that Judah something bringing nuclear technology to life?

"You failed to release them, the failure is HUGE. You need to get safety from thugs."

Thank you, Sir Morris for that message today.

"It's a mice op obviously." 5.50 am

A third of the human race now set to go out of life form in the last days of Judah on earth.

That our elders knew that Judah would do all the things that he has done at the time Father Christopher sent Jesus to save us.

They knew that Judah would invent atomic bombs and use them on us. 2,000 years ago they knew what Judah thug would do in the last days of him with us.

Of course if we think of the intelligence database that our elders from outer space have at their fingertips might we only wonder how it is that Judah chose to go against our elders in the first place?

78 million years of the history of Prenasour plus the 9 million years that elders in the Federation have lived in peace. Though might we recall that elders mentioned that Judah is "Rare?"

While belligerence might be understandable in the face of a merciless, punishing unforgiving force, that our good God Almighty has no punishment, is forgiving and merciful to all of His simian children on earth and all of His other children in the 1,300 villages that Father watches over might we see the error of Judah in failing to accommodate Father?

"I'm grateful that bourse failed you true," Judee say.

Might we see the power of bourse, the force of unlimited free money in Judah's hands has failed us true?

As to us failing so seriously to Judah who is now putting the final touchs on dying us out in MEGADEATH numbers, for those who chose not to listen to the message that Bitch has given to save yourselves, might this passage of the bible help explain who Bitch is?

I have ventured to speak to the Lord, although I am but dust and ashes. Genesis 18:27 (NASB)

The wise guys set people like Bitch up all the time and shoot us out easily.

And why do they shoot us out?

Might it because we don't agree with the harming of our fellow man?

"We just work the minnow to get their gene to get a family," Judee say.

If it was only to get a family as to why Judah works the minnow might we consider it would be easily accomplished and we all could move forward together then?

Yet are we not fully aware now that Judah takes the minnow gene to get a family that he then uses to exterminate the rest of us?

The fantastic fairy tales that Judah has sold to us over the many centuries of Jewish rule in the lands of the mild man of the north.

And yet, might we think of elders saying of Judah "rare" ability to hold mild people to funding and fighting most all of the war in our world?

But where are our bright kids that would help us out and reveal the truth to us?

Might we guess they've been identified early and Judah had his kids already put them in?

Have we been noticing the many Judah people that have been ghosting out?

And yet, they keep killing our brightest and bringing their refills in to take over and molest the next generation of Americans.

Bitch happened to see a story of a young fellow, 13 years old, that fell over while playing in a park. The claim is that a bullet fell from the sky and struck him in the head killing him.

The story was that someone fired their gun into the air to celebrate the 4th and the bullet just happened to fall on his head.

From reverse speech Bitch learned that the young fellow was a particularly bright fellow. No name was given. Can we only wonder what the truth of it is?

Once Labor has the concession to issue our money in Labor's hands are we understanding we will be able to see if there was money paid out on any incident that arises?

"Because we got a dog we always foul you, that's how embarrass works," Judee say.

Tele receives:

"AUTHORIZE yourselves, save your sources now. 3.48 pm

History is done. 3.56 pm

Angel sacked them right. 4.46 pm

Hurrits. 4.55 pm

Turkey is real. 4.56 pm

ORGANIZE now. 4.57 pm

Errors were all squeaky. 5.10 pm

It's alleged. 6.05 pm

The mouse has exhausted you. 6.07 pm

Completely failed, the keenagers passed you. 6.11 pm

Disturbing you right rice war. 6.12 pm

They race us the faultiest. 6.17 pm

You failed to cease this force. 6.31 pm

Washed you's. 6.33 pm

They pushed them out right. 6.36 pm

The son of a bitches we're pursing their error here. 6.37 pm

Missiles closing in. 6.38 pm

They meant for you to die false. 9.34 pm

They spise you off of her next breeze donut you have. 9.36 pm

Fish up. 9.35 pm

This is ail finish. 9.37 pm

You're past your age exhausted filthy. 9.39 pm

New devices will save your income. 9.43 pm

We're now vegetable. 9.47 pm

They rice us fair true bad.

They're still stomping us. 9.49 pm

Closed out mentally he's failed.

Double standard here waste op is embarrassing humans.

They tossed you out rightly war. 12.25 am

Jews destroy your family life quite bad.

You failed us. 12.27 am

Their painful rice store painfully dying us. 12.29 am

I've been hustled. 12.30 am

He funs you out truly with his psyche invest. 12.50 am

We're still alive here but we've been shot.

Rice is falling you despot. 1.53 am

A great man stopped the die of waste us. 1.54 am

The Martians saved us, you've done nothing. 1.55 am

The country is sqooshed real estate.

They waste us deadly accomplished.

Hope has failed pensious. 1.58 am

You innocent voice has obviously failed. 1.59 am

Patrick, pray for him. 2.00 am

Predators scrum any minnows now. 2.04 am

Hearst settlement here. 2.05 am

Shut your Jewish out, leave their waste. 2.06 am

The rise-sory is out. 2.07 am

Contact offers the scrummage free off. 2.08 am

Pat, zoo die is rightful. 2.09 am

You're savaged lifeless. 2.10 am

Unrighteously out yourselves. 2.11 am

Jew memorizing very failed missile. 2.10 am

Falling out yourself nicely stomach, nicely sewerage here. 2.11 am

Whiskey cost us safe die. 2.12 am

I can't compete with failish, I can't compete with organized lies. 2.13 am

An averous field failed us, an averous field cages. 2.14 am

Patrick truly courages them done dolts. 2.15 am

Kidnapping here for their Auschwitz. 2.17 am

Liberty was sold to ricing. 2.22 am

Liberty sold you out battery. 2.23 am

Beautiful captures here. 2.24 am

Pat tossed them out and you're fisting us here.

They cast us failed to toast us. 2.25 am

A beautiful life is vanishing.

Take them off with their wrench, they've cost us badly. 2.28 am

You lost your palace sin. 2.29 am

STRIKE THEM OUT and their gorgeous menace goes away.

They false you rightly. 2.31 am

They dull with an educator. 2.32 am

Bitch has set them out but their serious psyche has set you out great turnip vicious. 2.35 am

You lost your rightfully compass foolish. 2.38 am

You're obviously dumped here. 2.48 am

He's lowering income to waste us out. 2.49 am

Professor has served to close hell. 2.55 am

You witted it. 3.02 am

More deceit failed us. 3.08 am

Failed to release them, the fail is HUGE.

You need to get safety from thugs. 4.02 am

Got it! 4.04 am

The earth has failed. 4.17 am

You sought rightfully to get Cicero out. 4.18 am

The mouse disgraced us. 4.24 am

You failed to make us use-ables. 4.31 am

The idiots are so blind they got themselves thrown off. 4.40 am

Pure days fall. 5.28 am

Patrick's closing out their field. 5.29 am

Publishing Niceroy. 5.30 am

They're out of here, disgracefully they've gone away.

Dolt keep you Armistan. 5.58 am

You'll eventually de-fist you's. 5.59 am

It's a mice op obviously. 6.00 am

They erased us. 6.05 am

You're fish out of function. 6.57 am

You failed your mother assaulted. 9.30 am

Intellect you're closetly." 9.56 am

"I'm a voice that will kill you hostile alright fiercely fiercing. I'm truly out. I assault fall you. I say citizens, I core them famous here. We wipe you score-able. We set you bootily and crunch, that's all there is to Judah basic.

Got you smooth. Murder helps me. We push you Fedex with some falsin. Our rough is out so our enforcement's going to come to an end. With judgments, we just seize you out of Birmingham.

Whenever we use usury we just false you great. The Martian threw our alms off here. I'm grateful that bourse failed you true. My course is to bourse force for de-sightment.

From the Urals we do something vicious. (That reverse facial speech came from a report of an outbreak of dengue fever)

Russia hunts pura, I'm gonna to use them to fall you out of here. Our reputation was taken out with contact. We peace them police. I got my four eyes to forever get a bag of groceries. The potato I couldn't discourage so he threw away my wale.

A lawsuit lets me double dip equally fair. I say dolt with an app shoot to freeze you. We got an op on the horizon to hold the gentlemen. Sex, my goose push you. I'm coming out because my procedure always duds the minnow.

More of the kids are finding out I'm fiendish. Baby set is holding you for impossible weap. My great tocsin always makes you buy my assaulting. My rabbit shots off basically, H----- gave us hell. I fouled you all with my industrial machine.

My summary's off, my issue is dead for good. We racial them to push contact back, we're kind a nutty. I cage you to hold your mental age, it's all part of my sport rules. You believe a cheap fumble allowed me to cash you?

Tattoo is war power for sport. I close you in my Auschwau nation 57 ways. We foul you and fell you in 2 or 3 days but the professor don't fear corrupt. I'm a Judas man, I insulted men. Pension I'm clear out for my core ruin. Basic Bligh-o-seum. I just spot you in error complete. For the wolves, I will fall you.

I racial to punish you right in the butt. When we presume right we can put you away. Because of your right life our corrupt is dead. We're virtually foiled UNIX," Judee say.

The basic computer software that serves us on the Internet, a UNIX type system. Multi-user multi-task.

Has UNIX not virtually foiled Judah by revealing his true nature to us?

"Threw out all our system, Jew has set you all right accessible." Non-Judah reverse facial speech.

Without our rights in are we getting some sense yet how accessible we are now to Jew sport?

"In June our fall right gave us your burial permit. We powerfully straight mort you through our dungeons, that's where we use our alchemist. I photorize you to fall you out. We use police with minors to give us our rights," Judee say.

Might we see why Judee is always using a child to pull us off? Are we seeing he uses the child to give him rights that let him then use the state's resources to use his dungeons and his alchemist?

The level and degree of fiendishness that we are dealing with here Labor. Will we not try to perceive the love of our good God that has had His angels let the fiend cipher off of our species?

Uses a child to set a guy up to allow him to use what he calls his "grease men" to put a boy in a dungeon and then his alchemist sports the boy with chemicals.

Might we think here Labor that our good God almighty is the Sovereign of His village on planet earth?

If we recognize who the Sovereign of planet earth is, God Almighty, then will we not do Father's will and let the errant fiend off right?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off" God our Father in heaven said.

"The white people have fallen duffers. 11.30 am

Jew's a winner smoken' you right." 12.05 pm

While things look difficult and will until Labor takes the concession to issue our money away from them and stops the shooting out here, might this next facial reverse speech give us some hope?

"They're taking us out with a reset," Judee say.

So while Bitch mis-set everyone with his stupid mistake will we not pray that Labor will give us a reset to close the menace out of our nation and world?

Father is with us Labor. Are we remembering that Father wills that Labor issue our money?

If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue public Labor money away from weap Judah before we are all totally irreversibly poisoned to death?


God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Wednesday, July 5 — Psalm 81:6–10
Isaiah 19:18–22:14; Ephesians 2:11–22

I have ventured to speak to the Lord, although I am but dust and ashes. Genesis 18:27 (NASB)

Paul wrote: Devote yourselves to prayer. Colossians 4:2

Lord Jesus, Our Loving Savior, how wonderfully reverent we come to you in prayer! Take our fears, help us to bear our pains, lift us up into your peace, and may we boldly remain your faithful servants living upon your grace. Amen.

6.02 pm

"Put them out, they failed us awful. 10.10 pm

Your righteous failed us poison. 10.29 am

Police shoot you rare ravage. 10.56 am


The white people have fallen duffers. 11

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