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You Can Have The Protection Of God If You Seek It "Your mos
Thu Jul 6, 2017 08:54

You Can Have The Protection Of God If You Seek It

"Your most important deal failed fatally." 2.33 am

What is more important than saving ourselves from being perished out of life form? What is more important than having our civil and human rights in?

Our rights the only thing between us living a life of the free or wasting away in a Jewish state dungeon.

The very thing that prevented the United States of America from coming into existence, a lack of a Bill of Rights in the Constitution as it was written.

Only when it was agreed that there would be a Bill of Rights in the Constitution did it become the Constitution of the United States of America.

The first Ten Amendments to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights. The best deal ever gifted to any people in the recorded history of the human race on earth.

Individual protections against the formidable powers of the state. Procedural safeguards designed to prevent despotism and tyranny from taking over the people as they always have done.

The most important thing, rights that are needed to afford us the opportunity to exercise our life forces. Forced out by Jewish.

Bitch just heard from Father at 2.38 am. Father said:


And what was and is their sin that God our Father is urging us to give them a right fall for?

Is it not their sin of violently forcing us into war eternal?

How about their sin of sporting millions of us homeless?

How about their sin of falsing us that nuclear missiles were designed to protect us and then sneaking a mass volley of 3,200 thermonuclear warheads at us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

Should that one sin of attempting to extinct us not bring us to fall them right?

Will American Labor not hear the love of God Almighty, our Father, our Saviour and right fall Jewish off of America?

Their sin of holding us into eternal sports war so they can sport us inside the United States of America.

Will Labor not hear the words of our Savior, our kind and good God and give them a fall with a general STRIKE to take the concession to issue our money away from them?


God, the only reason we exist. Will Labor not hear the love of God and try it? The STRIKE Labor. Will you not for the love of God try it?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?" Father asked.

Did Father not have His angels pull every one of Jewish nuclear blast genocide missiles off of white guys great?

Yes, Father did have His angels pull every single nuclear warhead off of us great.

Did we see the video of the 9 thermonuclear warheads that Father's Angels burned off over England? Here are some pictures of them:

UFO Sightings In Wales and Manchester
July 5, 2017, LUFOS


Did we notice in the last picture the mention that those nuclear warheads were burned off over BAE Systems Warton Aerodrome?

Might we try to guess who and what our extraterrestrial family was trying to MARK for us to think about?

Might those thermonuclear warheads have been meant for London and elders pulled them out of the sky before they arrived, lit them on fire for a nice slow burn and steered them over BAE Systems Warton Aerodrome for us to consider who may have launched those thermonuclear warheads onto our family in England?

Here's Bitch's comment posted concerning the thermonuclear warheads that Father had His angels burn off over BAE Systems Warton Aerodrome:

Patrick Sullivan
JULY 5, 2017 AT 10:34 AM
Thermonuclear warheads in a controlled burn off?

Can we only wonder what could be holding Labor from closing our nuclear war fighting elite out?

Our nuclear war fighting industrialists continually attacking us with their great balls of fire, our kind elders from outer space burning their great balls of fire off safely high in the sky.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the purse they are using to try and exterminate us with, away from them?

The atomic firebugs that only false and make war. Will Labor not get into this and STRIKE THEM OUT

Might we see how our good God is affording us the opportunity to become photo experts ourselves?

Watching that 41-second video. Might we only guess how many viewers have the facility of mind to perceive that those are thermonuclear warheads in a controlled burn off by our extraterrestrial family?

Photos were taken of our extraterrestrial family's spacecraft by the USS Trepang in 1971 in the Arctic Circle.

Seen through the periscope of the USS Trepang


Might we understand our extraterrestrial family was on location in 1971 so that the USS Trepang could get some nice clear pictures of a few of their spacecraft?

The pictures classified “Official Photograph. Not to be Released. CT.”

In the bottom right corner, it says (sic) “Unauthorized Disclosure Subject. Security Certificat SSN 674. Criminal Sanction”

As seen through the periscope of the Trepang


Might we want to consider what might be some of the implications of us sharing this planet with extraterrestrials that have bases inside our mountains and under our seas and this is their home planet?

That a large number of the extraterrestrials living inside our planet is actually us that arose thousands of years earlier from the surface of planet earth. That they all live in peace and plenty. How might that compare with the enforced poverty that the last of the creation from 200,000 years ago endure in Jewish sports war world on the surface of planet earth now?

"We chose peace with no regrets," Mercury said to Bitch some years ago.

As the world watches in wonder as the white race is systematically, scientifically being destroyed, much chance the world will be accepting Jewish rule for their future?

Once the whites are impoverished, sickened and died out right, much chance Jewish war will be supported by any of the survivors of this brimstone waste war of Jewish upon us?

White, who has ever failed to Jewish fist and mental. Will we not try it this time?

The STRIKE. Will we not accept that our good God gave us the peace and close Jewish war out of our world right?

A people that historically are full of false everywhere and all the time and yet we are letting them take our resources away. Poisoning our air to die us in the billions.

"The Druid is not dutiful. The Druid has ever failed to save themselves," Judee say.

"Like taking candy from a baby," Former chairman of Jewish rackets bank Judee say.

This one time, this most important time, will we not be dutiful, will we not save ourselves from the perfected extermination of us that Judah has sealed in on us now?

Tele receives:

"Embezzle washing them out deceifous. 7.06 pm

It's a complete error. 7.20 pm

Your false is obvious Patrick. 7.22 pm

Industrial sin racial us sinfully. 7.30 pm

Thank you, their sin has failed. 7.31 pm

It's charitable. 7.34 pm

Racial take you off your field pooch die. 7.35 pm

Righteous is helping us, been helping us see heretics. 7.38 pm

A legitimate voice is on you. 7.42 pm

It's a dense ail. 7.43 pm

Good luck to us. 7.54 pm

They're harshing you maximum failage. 7.55 pm

They're messing the world foolishly by air. 8.58 pm

Wisen up, they've dangerously poisoned people. 9.01 pm

They busted sqooshously. 9.02 pm

Jew regular meets toss you out. 9.03 pm

With bourse they took us away from here. 1.09 am

They've racialed this field.1.23 am

Racial false is in here. 1.24 am

Poverty helps wing offend right. 1.25 am

They fouled us all terror. 1.28 am

The world is suffering from doggers. 1.29 am

Jews still dying fisting. 1.30 am

Their unity phases us. 1.31 am

They're putting out your physical, they're putting out your family. 1.32 am

Pat's rising us physical, we're virtually exhausted. 1.33 am

They finish you right with company missiles. 1.38 am

It's very rub. 6.14 am

Master of pain botch you right.

They're stomaching our morsel.

Relentlessly they grieve us. 1.41 am

You failed to save your life forms, you failed to save yourselves. 1.43 am

Get such an enemy out. 1.44 am

They psyche us fisherly. 1.45 am

They dog us out of here. 1.46 am

They hike your family by putting a false on you. 1.47 am

Get this Jewish tyranny out, desolate you with over knowledge. 1.48 am

With sophomore they'll be no more contracts, we'll accomplish peace. 1.50 am

They're racing irra-dead. 1.51 am

Your life form has failed to save your own life. 1.53 am

They've got you delightfully exhausted. 1.54 am

A nice wage is finished, they shot your useful sardinish. 1.55 am

STRIKE their analysis. STRIKE their heritage. 1.56 am

You're washing yourselves completely out.

Your resources fail your fortune. 1.57 am

Your rifles in psyche-us incredible field you's. 1.58 am

They've pure wasted us. 1.59 am

Your rising failed to save your own destiny, your fate failed to save you from death ballistic. 2.00 am

You failed to save us, beautifully destroyed. 2.02 am

Save your property, save your promisee. 2.03 am

They're not recovering from exhausting us. 2.04 am

Your destiny shot you out of here. 2.05 am

It's sad they raped us. 2.09 am

We died from all attempt puritage.

They pushed the button and defeat Iowa. 2.11 am

They error us savage. 2.12 am

We're dying fish odious.

Our sever rights celebration, too frightened to claim your rights you'll be destroyed. 2.14 am

The gentlemen they pushed out quite serious.

The pension rises us exhausted. 2.15 am

They exhausted your generation.

An inertial plot tossed you operatus.

You failed cautious, you failed proceeding, you failed proceedjus.

Fistily the white force is out, obviously they punish you right.

You failed to save your life forces.

Poverty fist the white boy right. 2.24 am

Your most important deal failed fatally. 2.33 am

I urge you to give them a right fall for their sin. 2.38 am

Fail statetious. 3.44 am

They're ricers of the righteous.

Toast you right convicted. 4.46 am

Texas hits. 4.52 am

You're closing out your salvation. 4.54 am

They score vegetables. 4.57 am

They part us municipally. 5.04 am

It's sad to die us racially here. 5.14 am

They're ricing hard here criminal. 5.15 am

They're tossing us out exhausted to be toasted. 5.33 am

They brushed our lives away. 5.45 am

You established right here." 6.33 am

After posting last night Bitch received several negatives on the post. And early today also.

"It's very rub." 6.14 am

Are we aware that the world is blaming the white man for the failure of planet earth?

Bitch apologizes for whatever is "very rub," and prays that Labor will turn it around and use it as a boost to let them off right.

"They brushed our lives away." 5.45 am

That we have no protected function if we have no rights, so how is it that we have failed to demand our rights?

"I urge you to give them a right fall for their sin." 2.38 am

That our good God Almighty takes the time to message us as to how best serve ourselves urging us to give them a right fall for their sin.

Will we not listen to the highest of our house, our good God Almighty and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"Caution white man failed letting me Dallas void you Cisco like. Cicero never fraud Judas letting us make you. To get your income down I abolish you, Loomis. Judee Manson can tell you just how I hit you.

We fumble war complete wth New Hampshire so they will pull us off. A ruble is my fool I will use to pull you off into misery. A failsafe I bruise off so I can fool the state. We just use Saxon for pura-set.

With my big op I score you big time. I always do a nice war to make myself elegant. My album now finds you ceased. AssassiNATO will proceed with our gold pinch right. Jew accomplishes you on wealthy bench burners. Even though I won I'm cored out dead.

His mother wants the taxpayer to see Judah and close us. I imprison right to scalp. I sport you, that's my main ruse. With my Maaco I encourage complete sin. Because of usury we basically won. I shoot you Jew lie, basically set you up for sports.

Bitch sees I best them up. All my function is dangerous, you're dying for us. You're autumn unguls. I got my fortune through fight. Accusing for real made Judah fell. Jew diaperous is holding nice boy to wipe yourselves off nice for us.

It accomplishes wit. I shoot you July to basically set you up for sports. I do you right when I get your rights off. I always push you out your fair portion. I always out carriage you with our storage rule," Judee say.

"We fumble war complete with New Hampshire so they will pull us off," Judee say.

The nuclear ballistic missile attack on us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, that was ordered by New Hampshire Judah. Might we not consider that sooner or later the people will awake and take the concession to issue our money away from genocide guy Judah because of what New Hampshire did?

"It accomplishes wit. Best wit," Judee say.

If only we pray to our good God might the 'wit' that has ever failed to Judah, the Druid, not this time STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from them and STOP THE WAR?

That our good God has urged us to "fall them for their sin." Will we not hear the love of Papa and do as Father urges us to do, "Fall them for their sin?"

Might we see the free will that our good God Almighty gifted us with is still in operation?

Might we have noted that Father has never forced Judah and is not forcing us to do anything either merely urging us to fall them for their sin?

Judah doing all that he can using his sports war to spread poverty and disease amongst us.

The outbreak of dengue fever in Sri Lanka that has killed 255 people that Bitch pulled a reverse speech indicating it was created in laboratories found in the Urals. Might we recognize biological warfare is conducted wherever Judah has the concession to issue our money in his hands?

Might we see how the public health issue empowers inviting Judah in to enforce rules using his fist?

Dr. Ruwan Wijayamuni, Colombo's chief medical officer, said people's failure to clear puddles and piles of rubbish after last month's heavy monsoon rains had compounded the problem.

"It's pathetic that they don't keep clean their environment," Wijayamuni said. "Some residents do not allow officials to inspect the houses and clean them. This is really unacceptable."

Have we noted that Judah is always has a pretext for some way to get into our houses and inspect us?

Has the safety issue not been Judah's most successful ruse to get close to us?

Has his protect us using his war machine not been the greatest ruse ever played on any people anywhere?

That he was caught red-handed attacking us with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads with the force of 64,000 Hiroshima blast amounts of atomic force, will we not inoculate ourselves against any more of his false and stop his war?

"The British will push us off once the people feel I'm warped. Our brassieres have kept peace out and our war in. Stupid mollifies you. Bitch was held right with my rumor set. Childsberg let's me hold you real molest here. I'm fearless dummage. I'm gonna bust the turkey right yet. Murder helps me.

Our pussy unity holds our right. We just false and wreck it. Our best wits is Auschwitz to chemical wood right. I gave you some jets for government. Babies have rights to welt your kids. My corporal be right, just rumble.


The minnow was opposite and I was operus r

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