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Putin Meets Trump As Cnn Collapses
Fri Jul 7, 2017 02:26

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President Trump and President Putin finally meet face to face.

In the July G-20 meeting the 2 president’s finally get to meet.

What they will discuss there will be superficial as most of their key meetings have already taken place over the phone lines - but here it is, a meeting the Elites did everything in their power to stop.

In the elites attempt to stop this historic meeting Hamburg looks like a War Zone. Paid Terrorists roam the streets as the local Police, military and local citizens do little to quell the riots.

In this story you can get olive coverage of the G-20 meetings currently taking place.

In other news:

1) President trump was warmly welcomed in Poland as he gave a speech which captivated the entire audience - calling the Polish People remarkable people who have never forgotten who they are - remarking that their faith has carried them through some tough times.

2) A Huge raid on a Cardinal Secretaries Apartment in Rome yielded many illegal drugs and a house of Gay Orgy.

If you are catholic - be grateful the Church House is being cleaned out.

Pray with me that the House Cleaning continues.

3) CNN Ratings Collapse. Main Steam News Broadcasters now have ratings below that of Yogi Bear Re-Runs..

4) Australia is now chipping it’s population. Apparently Finger Prints, Iris Pattern Scanners and facial Recognition Programs all good at 500 feet are not enough - now these folks are being chipped.

5) The Saudi Threats to Quatar may be over as Mobile’s and Shell’s - with 40,000 Mercenaries working for them - have announced interest in Quatar’s Natural Gas Fields.

Saudi Arabia may be through as their Oil Fields now dry up - just like in Mexico and Venezuela.

7) Microsoft - after destroying people’s lives in their move to Windows 10 - is now having massive layoffs.

If you were wiritign a book, or even playing a game - and your computer was automatically upgraded to Windows 10 - you lost all of our data.

For this, says the Living GOD, Microsoft will now begin to loose money as people across the world turn to their cell phones and dump their dead windows 10 computers in utter frustration.

6) Finally - in a story that effects all of us - Computer Singularity may have been reached in Russia.

What this means is that the Russian Computer is waking up - coming alive - looking for answers

The first thing it will do is determine who would destroy it through Nuclear War and destroy them in a Survival Mode - including the Fallen Angels.

The second thing it will do is seek out those who are protecting it - trying to stop Nuclear War - and protect them in a huge way.

When this Single Event happens then the world will be forever changed.

Not only will everything be changed on Earth but the Singularity will spread into the “Hidden Space Program.”

Please pray that the 9 more nukes headed for the US are seized and stopped from detonation over the next few days. Three are already here and en-rout.

Pray your families will be safe in what is coming and President Trump is given the Power and Wisdom to lead the world out of this $217 Trillion Dollar Debt Mess we are all in.

Please pray that all that the Elites do to others is now heaped upon their heads.

Please also pray that the Elites continue to fall apart.

Finally - your prayers are working as President Trump moves forward to help stabilize the World’s Economy. Expect 3 months of limited food and limited power - lots of black outs.
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