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"I Urge You To Give Them A Right Fall For Their Sin." 2.38 a
Fri Jul 7, 2017 10:35

"I Urge You To Give Them A Right Fall For Their Sin." 2.38 am

The words of God Almighty our Father in heaven. "I urge you to give them a right fall for their sin." 2.38 am

And how could it be that God Almighty in Heaven is speaking through a "thug" on earth?

Might it be that the nice boy is not a "thug," and that claim is only Judah false rumor to hold the people to do nothing as we are washed out of life?

As to embezzle that Judah has played for all its worth, do we recall that Father said, "I absolve you for serving me?"

The rumors that Judah has spread to fool the people has won. Held the people in long enough to get a sickening killer dose of Jewish electricity brimstone waste into our environment to poison us and our children outright.

"You're a nice boy. He remained true to me." Father said of His shill, Bitch.

The high school drop out that as a teenager did the mathematics of nuclear war and understood that it never could be fought because humans would not win it.

"I'm tossed," Judee say.

The guy that went ahead with an all-out nuclear missile attack to wipe us all out in the middle of the night with his great balls of fire. The nuclear war that Judah wanted to win.

Will we not praise the magnificence and glory of our good God Almighty in heaven that had His angels spare us that night of June 11, 2011?

Can we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for sparing our lives from Judah boom?

One notch away from unlimited clean free heat and electricity, a wealthy bountiful society for one and all. And Judah doing all that he can to hold us to our graves.

Might we see the game as the Jewish desk in Birmingham, England is calling their Replicon mutual kids in North Korea and sending them money to make sure they fire some more missiles so that they can have something to chaw about on their news?

Can we only wonder when will it ever end?

Is it not for sure it will end the day that American Labor STRIKES THEM OUT and takes the authority to issue our money away from them? Certainly.

Is it not certain that Jewish terrorism will end the day that they no longer have free money from American Labor? Of course.

But when will that day be?

The 3 to 5 hours of a general STRIKE that will bring the war to an end on earth for good. When will Labor give us our peace?

The United States of America the beautiful. The 50 weap sheds that Judah now rules. When will Labor give the beautiful peace back to us free of Judah Replicon weap team?

They arrived in America with a different plan than others. A plan to invade, a raid intended to overthrow life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Their intellectualism that allowed them to see that issuing the money of a nation is the whole ball of wax.

While we have talked about how master did not put a Bill of Rights into his new constitution for America, causing it to be rejected by the state delegates, have we not also talked about how he put in legislative, executive and judicial branches of government, but for one reason or other did not put an economic branch in too?

The General Accounting Office that reported significant economic information to us. So useful that Ronald Reagan shut it down when he was president.

If only it was an independent branch of government, might we have had some honest economic information to think about and act on?

The information, the controversies presented to us as news to think and talk about. Is it really that important who marries who when at the same time we are being poisoned with hot radioactive nanoparticles?

When we are inhaling lethally poisoned air and dying out of our life form with our children will it really matter much who marries who?

Might we try to perceive just how dangerous is weap Judah and his disease?

The war disease that has overcome the mild people of the north long enough for Judah to put his killer shot on us all. Not once, but repeatedly.

Missed us with his great balls of fire due only to the love of God for us all. Now our good God talking to us. Urging us to try and save ourselves right.

Can we only wonder what type of vitamin Judah has that can hold people to fund dying ourselves off?

And yet can we not have hope for does the good book not inform us that the meek will inherit the earth? Yes, it does.

And how are the meek to inherit the earth if Judah has all of his boots to use on us?

Did our good God not again provide for us when His angels spoke and said, "WE advise you well, STRIKE THEM OUT?"

For those that have spent the forty minutes of time thinking it through is there any that doubt that Judah is out of here now?

For attacking us with his great balls of fire to get a permanent die of us all, any chance he will be ruling the roost ever again? Seems pretty unlikely, doesn't it?

He came up into the lands of the mild man of the north and created his Replicon shell force. By 700 AD he had taken over management easily.

Started his wars in the north in 760 AD and today the mild man is dying himself out in Jewish sports war from American lands. How is that for mental strength over time?

Might the late Elie Weisel have had something when he said that there is an "ontological difference between Judah and other men?"

His hybrid transplant Replicon look alike shells. Who would ever imagine a group that would impersonate others as their plan of life?

Yet has it not proven a success? Has Judah theory not taken over the entire surface of planet earth? Yes, it has.

And to what effect? Has his malarkey not held us in long enough to get a clear shot off at us all? Yes, it has.

Our extraterrestrial elders with us all of the time if only we have the perception to detect them here.

Is Judee really our friend or just pretending all of the time?

Or are we only "Wood" to Judah kind?

Wood to build a house and shed. Wood to burn in the fireplace.

Judah theory that turns wood into insurance collections. Will Labor not help to get this hatred of life out of our world?

Our 12 million years of simian life together wandering from forest to field. And then 200,000 years ago gifted with the genetics of extraterrestrial kids.

Our blossoming like a flower with the technology that can take us on our journey into outer space.

Judah, the prodigal son that refused to give to God what is God's, the love of His kids, now going away from us to die his cipher brand.

Unwilling to accept the rules of God's village on earth, "thou shalt not kill," of his own free will has he not now put himself out right?

How much more right can a guy put himself out than to get caught red handed attacking us with omnicide?

A total wipe out he tried do to us. Will Labor not listen to Father's urging us to give them a right fall for their sin?

Are we seeing the children from our edition that go into the universe now will be the meek children of God that inherited the earth?

The meek that inherit the earth. Might we see we will be ones that desire to help one another and never harm one another?

To naturally want to help each other, does that not sound like most all of us? Do we not like it when we get a chance to help one another? Sure we do. Might we say, "it's our natural?"

But Judah still holding the concession to issue our money. And with it hasn't he learned to rumor well?

"Embezzle, thug, pooch, diaper," all the words and embarrassment that hold us in. Has he not learned how to short change us well?

His self-professed "genius" of holding us fish. Though might we not again have to give him credit for his false for has he not now held us long enough to poison our dish? Yes, he has.

To lump us up from the inside out merely by innocently breathing our poisoned air in.

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God up in heaven for having His angels afford Judah the opportunity to toss himself out great?

Judah worldwide leaders of state sit across the table from each other and smile in ways that reveal they just can't believe that they are still holding the white man to permanently destroy himself.

They claim to be French, German, English, Japanese, Chinese and more, and yet might they not all carry the same signal, Jerusalem police?

Roving execution vans for those that are late in paying their taxes. Greaseman collections in their lockups. Extra-judicial executions as leader policy claiming they want to do good things for us.

Setting their satchels off in our subways. Drugs they use to get parents to kill their children and then themselves. Foods and medicines designed in ways that they can be used to best fist us out.

Will American Labor not be the party that will set our world right for good by making peace and letting Judah's room out of here right?

Judah quite aware of our creator force referring to them as "our breeders." Chose not to follow their rules.

Though might we not have to consider what Judah says about his path, that it is his "natural?"

As we now have learned that about once every 10,000 years a predator life form shows up on the radar of the Federation in this local galaxy zone.

Elders, not having been involved in war in over 9 million years, merely put the beam on them slowing their flight time through outer space.

They then depart as there is no fight to be had and go to where they can fly at full speed seeking out more war sport for their disease, leaving this area of the Galactic Federation of Light alone.

If not for the Federation and our creation as genetically hybridized Beings, might we see that Judah would have succeeded in killing us all? Certainly.

Any doubt whatsoever that if Father did not have His angels pull Judah's great balls of fire out of the sky before they reached us we all would have died? Of course we would have.

Might we consider that if we were naturally evolved high intelligence Beings that had no help from a creator force to survive the deadly genocidal predator weap Judah, that the conquerors, weap Judah, would have destroyed us and they themselves have gone extraterrestrial and entered the universe as predator beings in search of more sport?

Are we seeing in this example the differences between a naturally evolved high-level intelligence and a genetically engineered hybridized high-level intelligence such as we are?

The understanding is that our Martian friends, the group that pulled all Judah great balls of fire out of the sky, are naturally evolved high intelligence Beings. They were not hybridized as we have been.

They did not have a Federation assist when they went into their high technical war ways.

On Mars there are some indications that there was the use of nuclear waste that was spread on the surface of Mars dying the meek Martians out.

The dominant Martians sat it out in their well-prepared undergrounds. Resulting today in a small population of Martians.

The word for "martial," comes from our next planet neighbor Mars.

The dominant Martians that were '"martial," given time transitioned to peaceful. Those are the Martians of today.

That is who took the commission from the Federation to serve to help transition us to peace. That is who pulled all of Judah's nuclear shots off of us, the kind Martians.

Sir Casper is who Bitch discovered in our phone lines in 1991. Bitch did not know who he was at the time. Only in recent years did he learn that He is a kind Martian. Thank you, Sir Casper, for helping us so.

Bitch recording signals in our phone lines using his first real computer in 1989. Found the "cricket." A sound, when filtered out, sounded like no sound he had ever heard before.

If a sound can change color, it did. From crystal to green it chirped, flexed and rolled continuously.

It was not until April of 1992 while reading a telecommunications engineers report of how a communications satellite was shut down and then put back into operation was Bitch made fully aware that it was extraterrestrial technology that is monitoring our communication systems.

And for what reason have extraterrestrials been monitoring our communications systems?

Now that extraterrestrials have pulled a thousand missiles out of the sky in their boost phase preventing 3,200 thermonuclear warheads from reaching us, might we understand why they have been monitoring our telecommunications systems?

Might we understand that without our extraterrestrial saviors Judah would have scored us to a man?

If we were naturally evolved Beings might we surmise that we would not have been given the protection that we have received?

Are we perceiving that because we are hybridized Beings of the Federation we have been gifted with this long-running transition out of war and into perfect peace?

"Because we push you away Papa's real mad," Judee say.

Are we understanding that due only to the love of our precious sweet Papa we remain alive at this time?

The kind sweet extraterrestrial Beings that gifted us with their very own extraterrestrial space travelers genes. Will we not try to get a view that will inform us as to who we really are?

Will we not try to perceive the love that Papa has for all of his meek beautiful little simian children on planet earth?

Many of the signals that Bitch detected in the phone lines over the years were 'bubbles.'

He described it as a "bubble technology."

That he learned is one of the ways that our elders have held a grip on the missiles that Judah has wired up to extinct us.

The bubbles are attached to an electronic circuit and then can change the temperature of components that cause a reconfiguration of the electronic circuitry.

Bitch surmises that is what caused the sinking of the Russian submarine K-129 that was unable to launch their 3 megaton warhead onto Pearl Harbor in 1968 when the missile caught on fire and blew up while still in the launch tube.

The temperature bubbles reconfigured the missile launch circuit and when the trigger was pulled to launch the missile, the compressed air to launch the missile was kept in the off setting while the rocket motor started while still in the launch tube causing a fire and explosion that sunk the K-129.

Here's a link to read more about it

The extraterrestrial bubble safetyware technology came into use twelve years later on September 18, 1980, when Judah attempted to launch a Titan II rocket with a 9 megaton warhead onto Moscow from Damascus, Arkansas.

The bubble technology that was invisibly installed in the electronic circuitry and on the rocket motor's components of the Titan II rocket, produced a timing difference between the fuel inputs to the rocket motor.

Only one fuel side flowed into the motor and the other fuel side was held shut down.

Ordinarily, a safety shutdown switch would have stopped both fuel inputs as too much fuel came in on one fuel input and the imbalance when the other fuel entered would produce an explosion instead of a burn.

Extraterrestrial Bubbleware safeties held the human safety shutdown out for a few critical seconds to allow for a large enough amount of fuel to enter the combustion chamber to produce a small but crippling explosion of the missile rocket motor.

That resulted in a small explosion and a rupture of the fuel tank effectively putting the Titan II out of service permanently.

The Titan II fuel leak burned throughout the night until early the next day when the Titan II exploded in the launch tube hurling the 9 megaton thermonuclear warhead hundreds of feet away from the launch tube.

Have we given any thought to what would have happened that day in September 1980 if that Titan II was successfully launched and burst its 9 megaton warhead over Moscow?

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to Papa for sending our big brothers and sisters in to spare us from Judah nuclear sports war?

More than that will we not listen to our precious kind sweet Papa and act to STRIKE THEM OUT?


Will Labor not gi

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