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"Making Life Hell is Part of Their Dedication." That is an
Sat Jul 8, 2017 09:18

"Making Life Hell is Part of Their Dedication."

That is an overnight Tele receive. By allowing them to privately hold the authority to issue the money of American Labor have they not demonstrated that they are dedicated to making life hell on earth for as many of God's children as is possible?

Using the power of the American Labor purse have they not been highly successful in sending Americans overseas to fight their permanent sports wars?

By having unlimited free money that American Labor gives them have they not been able to take our representative government away from us?

Do we have much other than a bunch of sport Congress persons operating at the most significant level of opportunity in Washington DC?

The vast pools of American Labor money made available to fund their mouse sport. That they have built up such a sophisticated kill ability have we not noticed they can reach most anyone?

Retired MI5 Agent Confesses: 'I Assassinated Princess Diana'
John Hopkins, before he got discharged from the hospital

The 80-year-old British man claims he was involved with MI5 assassinations between June 1973 and December 1999, during a period he says “the MI5 operated with less external oversight.” Hopkins says he was part of a cell of seven operatives who were trusted to carry out political assassinations across the UK. Most victims were politicians, activists, journalists and union leaders.

He went on to claim that this went up so high in the hierarchy and that there is no free press in Britain at all, claiming that “British journalists all answer to editors who answer to oligarchs who all want knighthoods from the crime family at Buckingham Palace. There is no free press in Britain, ”

"A cell of seven operatives who were trusted to carry out political assassinations across the UK. Most victims were politicians, activists, journalists and union leaders."

As they have been doing assassinations of union leaders, might that help explain why union leaders have done not a thing to help us STOP THE WAR? Might the real Labor leaders already be dead and gone?

The greatest harm to Labor, and all of the rest of God's kids, WAR, what might explain that there has not been a peep from Labor leaders to help us stop it?

Might MI5 have killed all of our real union leaders to allow the masters to put in their Replicon hybrid transplant refills in the place of real Labor leadership?

While Mr. Hopkins focused on assassinating members of our family in England, might we note the sports have all sorts of assassins running around in America doing their dirty deeds dirt cheap?

The night cleaning crew in City Hall that spiked the coffee creamer and pies that Harold ate. Was that not a clever masters trick?

A man that served Labor throughout his time in Congress, Harold Washington. The man that explained that we had to get the nuclear weapons out.

Stolen away as so many of our useful have been.

Will American Labor not come alive and serve yourself by getting the assassins of our useful Labor people out of our pocket books and end their being able to hire assassinations of our useful guys and gals for free?

The dangerous ones that plague our world. Will the ordinary people of Labor not awaken to what they have done to us this time?

And what have they done other than flooded our environment with a gene destroying chemical that will die us off without a shot heard?

The dangerous ones that have taken over the earth. Will American Labor not help to let them and their lackeys off right?

To remove the alliance sports will American Labor not join in peaceful cohesion with Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Venus and our good God above and STRIKE THEM Out and let them off right?

Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and book war past tense and put into history right? Must American Labor not end funding their assassination sports teams?

Is there not some way that American Labor will awake from the doldrums of war and try to save us from being put out of life form?

What better way to disguise an extinction level event than with a Jewish nuclear artillery piece disguised as a friendly Jewish electricity plant?

We have velocity Inexpensive solid state circuit boards to provide all of the free energy we will ever want or need. Held away from us for over a century now.

Before Dr. Moray demonstrated his free energy electrical generator in 1928 there was Tesla who lit a light bulb that operated with "cold electricity" in 1899.

And Tesla was not the first, he had learned how to light a light bulb up with free energy from Nathan Stubblefield who did that and more in the 1890s. Nathan even heated his home with 100% absolutely free energy.

The perpetual high-speed motion of our universe. Might we not see clearly now where our free energy comes to us from?

The "standing waves" of our planet that Tesla discovered in 1911. Are we seeing they will provide all of the energy we need both here on earth and in outer space?

The vicious frauds that are perpetrated upon the human race. Will American Labor not be the party that will STRIKE THEM OUT and finally end their war sports disgrace?

The pugilistic Jewish that only wants to abuse, harm and molest. Will Labor not do yourselves and everyone else a favor and take the paper from them?

Will Labor not bring in the love of God and let us live as friends, as brothers and sisters, in peace and harmony and love with one another again?

The search for the missing link to try and explain how we went from monkey brains to flying jet planes.

Might we understand now it was the genetic engineering hybridization of us 200,000 years ago that turned us from monkey brains into pilots flying jets and potential space cadets?

While on the subject of monkey brains and space cadets, how many of us remember the popular television shows of the 1960s, Gilligan's Island and Lost in Space? How about Andy and Barney, Herman, Lilly and Grand pa?

While reading the lyrics of the song, "Yesterday when I was Young," found this reader comment:

"This song rings so true for most of us. We kind of sprinted through our youth without a thought for the consequences. And now they're here to haunt us.

Fortunately, something woke me up in time to salvage things so very important - a wonderful wife, two awesome sons and their wives and four unbelievable grandchildren.

But thinking about the past brings cringes to my soul. I truly regret the arrogant, ego filled things I did. Wisdom arrives to late to erase stupidity, but redemption is there for some of us who recognize the need for it."

Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and give us some redemption for our sins?

While wisdom may arrive too late to erase stupidity can we not hope and pray that it has not arrived too late for us to be able to save ourselves NOW?

I ask you Labor that before Fritz and Hymie have us and our children all coughing up blood from their brimstone nuclear waste sport, will you not close them up and end the threats that we are facing from the nuclear war fighting merchants?

Tele receives:

"Hoolicals. 10.02 am

Wise. 10.03 am

Thank ya. 10.12 am

Their grand theory punishes. 10.28 am

They vegalate you. 10.35 am

Close their mischief. 10.54 am

SOLD! 11.07 am

It's error, complimente first. 11.33 am

It's fell. 11.46 am

Get the Iceman out. 12.17 pm

They've finished us. 1.07 pm

Pitiful. 1.10 pm

You're suitable to lead us out of here. 2.35 pm

You're nuts, Jews are shooting you into real sewerage. 2.43 pm

The STRIKE has actually failed awesomely, they're giving you a package of rude, the outcome to be to de-spirit.

They terrorize fortunely, fortressly. 3.08 pm

I urged you, you're complete failures. 3.10 pm

They've chased us, forced us out of here. 3.41 pm

Clear them up, get out the hostile. 3.54 pm

Just thieves and crooks. 3.55 pm

Patrick invest you in big time. 3.59 pm

You tossed them out great super. 4.08 pm

Great snail. 6.54 pm

I'm not a Judee. 6.58 pm

A little jittery. 7.02 pm

The error is upon us. 7.16 pm

It's about sad out. 8.00 pm

You're just a taxpayer on earth here. 8.10 pm

They are coring you right rights. 8.12 pm

Pat, they get fish out of here just fantastic. 8.14 pm

They set you guys death weaped. 8.16 pm

Self-hold you an eviction. 11.01 pm

Beautiful perish sign at beastal.

They're dying off your field excellently. 11.04 pm

Rice is opposin here. 11.05 pm

All your lives you've been tumbling down. 12.42 am

Bitch is no ultimate guy.

Schedule thieves fist is falling you.

Bitch opped them done, they obviously forced you out of your life. 12.49 am

Hapsburg's challenges your life Europe on hustlers. 12.51 am

They challenge us fairly socialized legitimate. 12.55 am

They're dying us off great, where is the challenge to save ourselves here? 1.07 am

Close them up, they're vicious, Mercury's awful safe. 2.01 am

A wicked state that has been refused is still busting you's.

To stupid Jews, you failed a decision that will take your life out.

This beautiful city here that don't have a court only abuse to sentence you's. 2.03 am

The professor is great at taking out fist. 2.05 am

Stupid Jews are raping us. 2.06 am

Molest they faulted us and Patrick saved us. 2.07 am

Thieves are making you move with a safe force. 2.08 am

You're right falsing out your establishment.

Stupid Jerry's falsed us out of life form. 2.11 am

You're passing like a victims sale. 2.12 am

In their police states, you're really hustled. 2.13 am

You failed to save yourself from toasted. 2.15 am

You chose to leave Jew-X falling vampire. 2.16 am

Your country is lost to lifers interning here. 2.17 am

Victim you with British purist is done, fallen. 2.22 am

For an act we unify, STRIKE THEM OUT! 2.23 am

Making life hell is part of their dedication. 2.29 am

A sever capture completely natious. 2.31 am

No legal process, no legal proceedings, stupid we're shot. 2.33 am

Strictly hasslin'. 2.34 am

We're scratched rightly. 2.42 am

Their pure joy is menacing you out with jails now. 2.44 am

Their error is perceived. 2.46 am

Jerk used democracy to finish us off. 3.00 am

Screwed you out of here fantastic. 3.06 am

Cannibals sold your race out. 3.37 am

Close them up, Pittsburgh is total unreason. 5.25 am

Hurry, courage. 5.44 am

You let them take you off, your worth is obviously selfish. 5.55 am

Judah has fouled you outrageously." 6.28 am

Might we want to spend some extra time thinking about this Tele receive?

"A wicked state that has been refused is still busting you's."

Could it be their vast murder for hire terrorist operations that has made us so shy as to what might explain why we have failed to take out the remains of the wicked Jewish state that has already been refused by the universe?

"Why didn't you try it? God Almighty asked American Labor why it did not try the STRIKE to give Jewish a great fall for their sin.

If someone has the answer to that might you not please send it by Tele send direct? Bitch will certainly publish it.

Here's some more of Judah's wit:

"I squeezed the state great monster. The bench war won't save us, Mercury has aced us," Judee say.

Are we seeing that they know their bench war won't save them, and yet on and on they go destroying our beautiful nation day after day? Might we not say a prayer to Father for sending our elders in from Mercury to let Judah ace himself out right?

Will somebody not please stop them?

Is there someone that can explain why American Labor will not let them die naturally?

Even a more profound and troubling question, is there anyone that can explain why American Labor is forcing us to die with them?

Why is American Labor still forcing us out by funding all of the war in our world?

Our good God is dying them off and in His wisdom and mercy, He is letting them keep their tissue, only dying their cipher off.

If only Judah was that merciful to us might we not have any complaint at all?

Are we understanding that Judah is taking us and our kids out right?

The cruelly manipulated poor that are forced by privation to serve Jewish sports war. Will American Labor not free the cruelly manipulated poor so that they do not have to fist for Jewish sport to get something to eat?

Will American Labor not budget some tuition so that unskilled workers don't have to go to war to get into a classroom where they can learn how to earn a living in peace?

Will Labor not do the will of our good God and put the existence stipend in with something in it for everyone?

Must Labor not hear the love of our good God and take the concession to issue our money into your safe hands?

8.10 am Bitch just asked elders a question: "Do predator life forms that become extraterrestrial eventually form associations such as the Galactic Federation of Light has?"

A quick reply came, "NO!"

Our 223 high-level intelligence genes came from the natural evolution of our predecessors, the original Galacticans that created the Galactic Federation of light 9 million years ago. They went into extraterrestrial life as predators. They made war.

They naturally evolved their high level intelligence on their home planet and then became extraterrestrials.

Over Eons of time, they found their way to peace. That was after discovering the ancient and passed civilization of Prenasour.

They then formed the Federation that now has thousands of species that are in peaceful cohesion with one another.

The species that remain hostile, do not form Federations it seems. They travel on their way and make war when they find a group they can fight with.

Those are the ones that pass by the radar screens of the Federation every 10,000 years or so. Because of their inability to accommodate others, according to elders, they do not form large Federations.

Yet might we consider out in the vastness of the universe the creation process produces predator life forms again and again? Might we try to accept that Judah has a right to claim his sin against us is natural for him?

That our family that we arise from has already found their way to peace. And to us, they have gifted peace.

Our good God Almighty has stepped in and sent His angels to assist us. And yet we have failed. We only fund and make war.

WE could have stopped the war any day we all chose to stop the war but we have not.

Father said, "I gave you the peace, must you fail?"

Do we recall that Father gave us the peace when His angels left Judah mirror himself and give us a telepathic four eyes view of him attacking us with his great balls of fire in the middle of the night?

"Must you fail?" Papa asked.

The mild man that has "forever failed to save himself" Judah says. Now set to go out gassed by Fritz and Hymie.

As our world is silently going up in flames, those that are financing it, are some thinking that it will not reach us some day? Have we not seen the falsity of thinking that? Are we not aware that Judah's dirty bomb shot is taking us out gigantic now?

Americans and Europeans set for a MEGADEATH now. Will Labor not step in and help us out now?

The assassinations that Judee carries on worldwide. Is American Labor aware that our blood that is being splattered is being paid for out of American workers paychecks?

The assassinations of our useful Labor people. Will Labor not consider how foolish it is to pay Judah to take our useful Labor people out?


The history of Judah always winning against us. What might explain why we mild people have ever lost in any contest with weap Judah?

The one time we did not lose to Judah. Do we recall that was the night of June 11, 2011, when the angels our good God sent in pulled all 1,000 missiles with their 3,200 thermonuclear

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