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VA Fires & demotes Over 700 People
Sun Jul 9, 2017 03:50

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In a bit of good news - Since January the Veteran’s Affairs Department has fired, and demoted, over 700 employees.

Further --- this article leads to a list of these employees.

It remains the belief of almost all Disabled Vets that the VA Shut Down all Hospitals and farms their sick patients out into the community.

I have been involved in two Fraud cases when dealing with the VA

First - 15 years ago those paying outstanding dental Bills for the VA in Seattle were making up dentists in their name and paying for Dental Work on dead people. The FBI Actually arrested 2 of the 15 people involved - the rest were fired.

Second: The VA Across the nation had employees collecting Travel Pay through a very complicated scheme of ripping off the Vets for travel Pay and paying themselves by rewriting the logs.

All I can say is Thank GOD I am part of the Disabled American Veterans - who receive no Compensation for filing your claims - they are a great organization I support fully as a Life Time member.


In other news:

1) Bank of America Executives are stunned that Gasoline Sales are falling in the middle of the Vacation Season.

Well Boys and Girls - we are broke.

2) Two critical dates to be aware of:

A) 22 August: All states must pay off their Medical Liabilities or shut down

Keep in mind that All States file a FORM 40 and Form 80 with the Securities and Exchange commission. There “Official Budgets” are what they wish you to see.

The actual Combined Annual Financial reports clearly show the 50 states have amassed a total wealth exceeding $160 Trillion.

On page 222 of the CAFR the state of California, for example, has a Positive Asset Count in the Bank of over $189 Billion Dollars - enough to pay off any Insurance Company.

This does not include the over $15 Trillion in Stocks and Bonds it also holds in trust for the people.

So you can clearly see - the “Budget crisis” is all Smoke and Mirrors.

B) 1 October where:

-----Take Over of all MSM by Pro-Trump ATT

-----New Federal Budget

-----Catalonia Region of Spain South Eastern Region) votes for independence. With an 80% Pro Vote - how are the Elites going to lie about this vote?

3) Finally: On 1 October you can expect HUGE Budget cuts.

Please pray that the 9 more nukes headed for the US are seized and stopped from detonation over the next few days. Three are already here and en-rout.

Pray your families will be safe in what is coming and President Trump is given the Power and Wisdom to lead the world out of this $217 Trillion Dollar Debt Mess we are all in.

Please pray that all that the Elites do to others is now heaped upon their heads.

Please also pray that the Elites continue to fall apart.

Finally - your prayers are working as President Trump moves forward to help stabilize the World’s Economy. Expect 3 months of limited food and limited power - lots of black outs.


A Thank You to those praying for me and to those actively working to stop this war the Elites are desperate for by stopping these Nukes from being Detonated on, or around, 1 August 2017.


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