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Early today while posting a UFO sighting over England at A
Sun Jul 9, 2017 11:24

Early today while posting a UFO sighting over England at APFN,
UFOs Hover Over the North East
July 8, 2017

Bitch went into his word pad file to get his regular list of sightings with a link to a website at weebly that has pictures and explanations of what is going on concerning extraterrestrial activity in our world. He always posts that when he posts a new UFO posting.

Several of the pictures had been removed and substituted with this ad from Photobucket:

Here is what the script looks like that generated that Photobucket picture
Do we notice the picture from Photobucket showing that it came from pjrsullivan at Photobucket? Those are photos in Bitch file at Photobucket that he never took. So how could they have his name as creating them?

He discovered that Photobucket advertisement inserted into his word pad file on his computer at 3.30 am when he posted some UFO sightings at APFN.

How did that get into Bitch's computer and inserted into a file of UFO pictures and links?

More so if we notice the pictures show that they came from something he posted in his Photobucket account, how could that happen? He never did post those in his Photobucket account.

What might we consider here that both his Photobucket account was gotten into and pictures added to it showing his name and also his home computer gotten into inserting those pictures into a file he keeps for posting UFO stories?

If both his Photobucket account was broken into posting pictures to his account there and his home computer had some pictures removed and some pictures added to one of his files without his knowledge, might we see how easily someone could be set up that way?

Might some other of his files have pictures in them that were inserted without his knowledge?

3.52 am

Bitch just went to Photobucket and changed his password. The account is linked to Facebook. Might someone have come in through Facebook to put pictures into Bitch's Photobucket account? Or maybe figured out his password to get into Photobucket?

Bitch has found remote computer consoles installed into his home computer more than once. Might we consider just how easy it is for someone with expert knowledge to invade our computers and add or subtract whatever they want from our files?

Bitch is looking through his pictures at Photobucket to see if any more have been added to his library. While looking through the library he sees a picture of the greatest single personal killer in history, the Replicon hybrid weap Judee in Russia, Vasily Blohkin with a statement by Edward R. Morrow right next to it.

"A Nation of Sheep Will Soon Have A Government of Wolves," Edward said.

Vasily was reported to have personally shot to death tens of thousands of people as one of Stalin's executioners. They had to order high-quality pistols from Germany for Vasily because the Russian guns had so much recoil they tired Vasily's hand out.

Might we consider this is the type of Replicon that is under cover in America already and more are now set to be brought into the land of the right less People of the place known as America to sport us right?

Will Labor not put our American Bill of Rights in and cut the Wolves off at the pass?

If only Vasily had to go before a grand jury before he could shoot anybody might there have been less killing done?

If only the executed had a right to a jury trial before the loss of their lives might there not have been many that would not have had to die brutally?

And on the next page of pictures in Bitch's library we have a sign that says, "Humanity is at War with the Bankers" and a group of pictures of the Polish government Plane that was brought down in Russia missing the president and all of the high Polish government apparatchiks with only the pilot, copilot, and engineer on board.
Might that sign have it backwards, might it not better read "The Bankers are at War with Humanity?"

Then we have Shinzu Abe shushing us to not speak about the successful nuclear brimstone waste war that he and his partners are waging against us. A picture of Obama reminding us Judah had him cut off funding for FDA testing of radioactive waste in our milk in 2014.

And one picture informing us, "Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs, the future can be better than the present and I have the power to make it so." Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and make the future better for us all? Will Labor not accept the fact that you have the power to make our future better for us?

Now back to checking Bitch's library to see what else is here and if someone has inserted pictures into Bitch's library.

Dick Cheney showing us his finger.

Mordecai Vanunu who revealed some truth to us about the build-up of nuclear weapons in the desert and a picture of the guy that occupied the weap house when Judah and partners attacked us with their 3,200 great balls of fire in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.

Some JFK pictures of Dallas, that when analyzed revealed JFK's limousine came to a near stop just as he was shot. And what is on the next page?

The Russian hybrid transplant weap Judah Mikhail Suslov, one of the top people in the Russian government at the time, that ordered and directed the attempt by the Russian submarine K-129 to do a missile attack upon Pearl Harbor with a 3 megaton nuclear warhead in 1968.

A picture of a sign that reads, "If the words you spoke appeared on your skin would you still be beautiful?" A picture of Admiral Yamamoto, the hybrid transplant weap Judah that attacked Pearl Harbor to trigger Judah's Second world war and on the same page Labor leader Eugene Debs that was put into prison because he opposed the First Judah world war.

Do we recall how Yamamoto cleverly ghosted out in 1943 by having his double shot out of the air?

And the quote of the year by an anonymous author with a couple of pics of UFOs on the same page.
Page 13 in Bitch's 87 pages library at Photobucket

Page 15 in Bitch's library has a picture of a UFO hovering over Hitler as he enters Czechoslovakia in 1938.
The swirling light on the right, are we aware that is a Russian nuclear ballistic missile that was launched at America and our Martian friend Sir Casper put it into a spin while burning the thermonuclear warhead off? Is that not a gorgeous light show Sir Casper put into the sky for us?

Next, we have some pictures of the children of Chernobyl and their grieving parents.
Page 16, The children of Chernobyl. Might Americans not be able to connect a few dots and see what Jewish electricity is aiming to do to American children too?

Looking through these first 16 or so pages, so far haven't seen any added pictures to Bitch's library, but there are still 60 pages of photos to check out. Here's a picture and quote of architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

6.58 pm and Bitch just figured out how Photobucket advertisement is showing up in my computer file.

The picture of Frank Lloyd Wright with his quote is from a Photobucket server and instead of the picture they put an advertisement in. For the picture to appear in the post it calls upon a server at Photobucket. It is 6.59 pm and just figured it out after looking and trying to figure it out first at 3.30 am

Bitch uses Imgur now, they put a little tag with their name on it that shows up in some posts that Bitch does. Their server does put the picture up that is drawn from their library. They are very good for those use pictures. It is a free account also.

Bitch skipped the 60 pages in between and went to the last page of his library, page 87 to see if he there are any added pictures.

Then he began looking next at page 86 and found a picture of the late free energy researcher Stan, "They've poisoned me," Meyers. And on the same page, we have a nuclear warhead in an extraterrestrial controlled burn-off. A picture also of Stan's water powered dune buggy.

A picture of a water powered free energy electrical generator from back in the 1930s and a couple of pictures of the hydrogen bomb that Judah set off in St. Petersburg Russia that Sir Casper vented to the 5th dimension of outer space preventing St. Petersburg from being burned down.
On the top left corner is a landed UFO in a field in Germany. Nice clear video at You tube for those that would like to see the real thing.

On the bottom row 2nd from the end right we have a picture of the burning nuclear warhead that was shot at us from Judee Moscow that was burned and burst off over Iowa City by our Martian friend Sir Casper.
Meteor shower fireball caught on tape in Iowa Midwestern sky - (1.04)

Charles Garrett demonstrated his water powered internal combustion engine in 1935.

While many of us may not spend a lot of time thinking about free energy, the cars we have today are large and comfortable and many are getting in city driving over 50 miles a gallon with the new hybrid drive machines.

So what's the big deal about free energy then?

We understand now that the water as fuel was actually only part of the free energy that was showing up in water powered internal combustion engines, such as Mr. Garret demonstrated in 1935.

The free energy we understand now is actually coming from our zero-point fields that are produced by the high-speed motion of our planet and the entire universe.

While the cost of energy is one side of the equation, not a big deal for those that have a nice bank account, for 80% of the human race not having free energy is a big cause of being forced to live in poverty for one's entire life.

Yet beyond the question of being forced to live impoverished due to lack of energy, might we consider the bigger implications, even for those that have nice bank accounts?

That a claim that our need for electricity as the pretext that allowed Jewish to build their planet destroying, species extincting genocidal dirty bomb electricity plants, has held so far, what are we to consider is our knowledge base as to truth?

On You Tube, there are videos of numerous water-powered engines running. Stan Meyers had his water powered dune buggy up and running for the evening news to show to us on TV before he was poisoned and died in 1998 at 58 years of age.

Rather than the cost of energy as the prime issue, are we seeing that by keeping these advanced energy producing technologies out of America, it has allowed Jewish to get their genocide electricity waste close in on us Americans?

The brimstone coming out our mouths that the Bible warned us would take us out of life. Might we want to think a little about the fact that the Bible warned us of these last days 2,000 years ago?

The assassination of politicians, activists of all varieties, journalists, and union leaders. Have we not traced the bloody hands financing them back to oil?

And from oil have we not made the connection to the central banks? Might we see where the thwarting of innovation is to be found in our world today?

Is it all not found in the banks as to what has put our nation onto the path of the extinction level event that we are now in?

And what is it that the banks hold in their private hands other than the concession to issue our money that has done us so badly?

That our kind, sweet good God cared so much for us that He had His angels step between us and the wolves plans to extinct the simple children of God living on planet earth.

If we have enough wit to understand that our lives have been spared from nuclear blast extermination will we not at least say a prayer of thanks to our precious sweet Father in heaven above for saving our blood?

While looking at the thermonuclear warhead that Sir Casper burst off before hitting Iowa City happened to notice this clear video of a thermonuclear warhead being burned off high in the skies over South America.

WTF Is Falling to Earth!! Asteroid ?? Comet? UFO? 2011! Weird Event....
Matthew Marley (1.13)

Are we seeing the nice clean burn off of that thermonuclear warhead that Sir Casper and His diligent Martian team are accomplishing? Will we not say a prayer of thanks to precious sweet Father for sending His angels from Mars in to save us from being burned up by the firebug of our species, weap Judah on free unlimited American bourse?

The poster of the late Bob Marley advising us to "stand up for your rights." That was with the post of the South American fireball being burned up in the sky
Bob Marley (1945-1981)

Only 36 years of age when Bob left us. Might his call for us to "Stand Up For Your Rights" have had something to do with his leaving us at such a relatively young age?

He died of skin cancer. Might we not say a prayer for the repose of his loving soul?

Might a man calling for us to stand up for our rights then himself dying so young in some way condition our subconscious in ways that cause us to fear standing up for our rights?

Might his early death make some of us at the subconscious level think that standing up for our rights may somehow cause us to catch cancer at an early age too?

One meal slipped to Bitch through the drive through window and a rock of porcelain that cut in the guts for the next 5 years nearly killing Bitch with esophageal and pancreatic cancer.

Only one meal of old basalt that can cause a person to suffer and die over 5 or 6 years. Do we have some idea of how widespread is Judah killing us through our food and drink?

The genocidal cannibals that attacked us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads to give us the designed force to kill all Americans on the surface of our world, 64,000 times the Hiroshima blast shock and awe force.

Might we not say prayers of thanks to our good God in heaven above for having His angels spare us from being turned into radioactive dust?

Might Papa's love not wake our minds? If so will we not pray that it will wake our minds to just how important our civil rights are?

Judah, who came up from the desert to find his royal twin living in Germany ruling the kin. That they together devised the final solution, nuclear war death for all of God's kids on earth.

Will Labor not help us and let Judah and his nuclear warfighting partners off?

For those that watched that video of the landed UFO with the 2 mission specific Beings that were flying it, did we note it landed in Germany?

Might we wonder what they were "MARKING" there?

Might there be local mutuals in that that are partners working with Judah nuclear war fighting plans?

Will Labor not give us our grand juries so that we can hear from Judee Manson?

Mae Brussell who discovered from her research that the Nazis did not stop fighting at the end of world war 2, they continued on overthrowing governments and installing fascist dictators throughout the world.


Is it not an interesting fact that she was threatened by one of Charles Manson's fam

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