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"Realize What Is Obvious, They Are Burning Us Off In Scrimma
Mon Jul 10, 2017 10:47

"Realize What Is Obvious, They Are Burning Us Off In Scrimmage."

That is an early morning Tele receive. "Realize what is obvious, they are burning us off in scrimmage."

Does that not sound like a fair description of how we are being perished by weap Judah on unlimited free American Labor bourse?

While many articles appear on the Internet telling what is wrong here, our world is dying in Jewish directed American funded and fought world war, is it not interesting that not a one gives a solution to how to fix what is destroying us except for Bitch who is calling for a General Labor STRIKE to get the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah?

Could all the other writers actually be boursed by Judah to not give a correct solution to get the hostile out of our world?

The articles that blast Muslim refugees as wrecking Europe. How many tell us that it is Jewish that drove them from their homelands by using American Labor bourse to hire the cruelly manipulated poor to bomb and blast their homelands out of existence?

Has Jewish not always been able to disguise that he is the one pulling the strings in the background and make it look as if it is the other guys that are doing wrong?

Sharia law that Judee is always talking about on the net and how it is being imposed in America. Might we not spot that the guys pushing Sharia law is Judah hybrid transplant Replicons inside the communities pretending to be Arabs?

Has Bitch reading the reverse facial speech of leaders throughout the Middle East not revealed that almost to a man that they are all hybrid transplant Replicon weap Judah ciphers impersonating indigenous people? Yes, it has.

Are we understanding that it is the violence and brutality that is coming out of Wall Street Washington DC that is holding all of the weap Judah Replicon shell people in worldwide?

Might we understand that is why God Almighty directed His angels to inform American Labor to issue the bourse for His children from now on?

Have God's angels not informed American Labor of what is needed to survive the last nuclear war of weap Judah against us as to what we need to do to help ourselves if we want to survive? Yes, they have.

Have they not given us the technical information that we need to perceive and understand how Judah has gotten so violently over on us in this world?

Did they not explain that the concession to issue money is the Organizing Principle of Society? Yes, they have informed us of that.

Did they not inform us that money is an "Abstract receipt of Labor?" Yes, they did tell us that.

Our Bibles. Do they not give us the information we need to survive this last Judah nuclear brimstone waste war? For 2,000 years have we not been warned of how we would be died off in the end times?

Have we not been warned of how brimstone would be coming out of our mouths to kill us? Yes, the Bible does tell us this.

That we are now breathing high levels of radioactive waste into our bodies. Should we not be trying to look and connect the dots to read the warning signs of our impending passing out of life form?

"With infamy we're intimate, that's why the marsh-man showed you a video," Judee say.

A video of Judah attacking us with one thousand Continentals loaded with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads with the shock and awe of 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of blast to wipe us all out. Have we not done the mathematics of nuclear war to perceive just what has happened to us here?

Americans informed now for almost 6 years that Judah attacked us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with enough nuclear blast force to kill almost all Americans. What might explain why we have done not a thing about it?

"A big mushroom was aiming to score off white power here."

That is a facial reverse speech of an informed rare non-Judah politician.

Might we consider that almost to a person politicians are Judah hybrid transplant impersonators? The Replicons that Judah produced over the thousands of years of his travels everywhere on this earth.

The 5th columnists Cicero told us about, in every country seeking only to destroy us from within. The sleepers that have been waiting their chance for thousands of years to rise up and slay their neighbor.

The 2% that enjoy huckstering on other people's blood, will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from them and end their permanent threat to our existence?

"I bash you and the Federation with my core belief," Judee say.

The Galactic Federation of Light, 38 light-years away in the direction of the North Star. Our permanent home in the stars.

The presence of our peaceful extraterrestrial family. Is it not nearly unbelievable that Judah has kept such significant knowledge from us for thousands of years?

John 10:7 So He said to them again, “Truly, truly, I tell you, I am the gate for the sheep. 8 All who ever came before Me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not hear them. 9 I am the gate. If anyone enters through Me, he will be saved. He will come in and go out and find pasture.…

"The sheep did not hear them."

The success of Judah propaganda. His social engineering of people so that they fail to help themselves when confronted by the approach of death. The deafness that is preventing them from hearing the words of God that will save them.

"The sheep did not hear them."

"Facility of mind." Something that elders informed Bitch's vocabulary of some years ago.

The facility of mind to tell truth from fiction. Might we consider that Judah mixes some truth with fiction to give him the result he wants?

That Judah has been caught red-handed attacking us with thermonuclear warheads to try and extinct our race in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, should that not inform us any of his truths are merely to give him his false?

Father wants to help us. Father wants to save our lives. Father wants us to know of Him. Father loves us and wants us to love Him. Father loves us all equally.

"Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives," precious sweet Father said.

The majority of Americans now sealed into dying off in harsh difficult ways breathing hot radioactive brimstone waste dust.

Will Labor not consider the benefits of helping us to close Judah out so that we can invite the love of God in?

Our Father's home is in the stars 38 light years from planet Earth in the direction of the North Star. Will Labor not head us in Father's way?

Judah with his great bombs. His great balls of fire that he has threatened us with for over a half a century now.

And now his nanoparticle-sized bombs that burn us from the inside out. The permanent destruction of our environment.

Will Labor not try it? The STRIKE Labor, will you not try it to get the concession to issue our money into you hands?

We're at the end here Labor, is it not seen by those that have chosen to look that we're going no further with Judah faulty management theory?

They're going away to have their hostile cipher died off while their tissue will continue to reproduce in the undergrounds. In a thousand years, they will emerge changed peaceful and fly into the universe with the rest of the birds.

As they go away from us now there is to be only graceful actions so to please precious sweet Father who has arranged all of this for us.

NO noises or shouting about what they have done in their time, merely closing them out like turning the page of a book to start a new page.

Will we not start our next page right? That is will we not make peace the top issue as to how we will direct ourselves now?

Our technology much too powerful to use in negative ways upon each other. Will Labor not awaken to what we need here and STOP THE WAR?

Will Labor not make it a point to get the hostile shut down?

Gal 5:1-2, 6
Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.

While we may have lovely cars, clothes and houses might we think of how we have no rights to them because Judah said so?

The wealthy freed former Russian serfs that worked together and cooperated so well they had nice clothes, wagons, farms and houses, the Kulaks.

They were free to a degree but when Stalin came in he took what they had and killed millions of them.

Might we see how our wealth can be taken when we have no firm rights in place to protect us?

Will American Labor not listen to God's good words from our Bibles and not let us be entangled again with the yoke of bondage?

Will Labor not change our position in regard to our rights from that of what the Kulaks had to the full package found in our American Bill of Rights?

That God has warned us in so many ways and yet we go on everyday perishing ourselves and our children. Will we not pray for the thirty-minute breakthrough?

When God gave to Moses the Ten Commandment 3,500 years ago do we recall the big one was, "thou shalt not kill?"

Might we note that Father has no punishment for breaking His rules?

Do we see though by allowing ourselves to be led astray of God's rules by weap Judah we have allowed ourselves to be set to be punished big by Judah?

Though might we have to have some mercy on ourselves for has Judah not been truly rare in the lengths to which he has gone to fool us?

How he has positioned himself throughout our schools spotting our bright ones and keeping secret files on us. Might that be so that he can pull us when an opportunity arises?

He's truly out of here Labor, are we perceiving that yet? His killing of our Labor leaders has come to and end. We can now have real leaders of Labor step in to help us with no fear of being rubbed out.

The Walter Reuther's that saw Labor serving everyone. A vision bringing the individual to with our Labor to join together in serving the entire community of love of the children of God.

Free Labor that joys in being able to contribute what we have, our simple Labor, to do good for all of us. Never harming another of our family anywhere.

The guy Judah committed to slowing us down, stalling us and punishing us for what we have done to them. No matter that they seek out people to harm that have never met them much less harm them.

"Get the crazy out," Father said.

Will Labor not help us and get the crazy of war out?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," Father said.

The 223 high-level intelligence psychiatric genetic package that we were gifted with 200,000 years by our family in the Galactic Federation of Light. Might we not turn our high thinking on to help us transition out of our animal primitive ways into our higher level extraterrestrial life form state?

Planet Earth, a nursery of the Galactic Federation of Light. Will we not awaken to who we really are and STOP THE WAR?

The Meta-gorical transfiguration of our species from an earthbound Being into a star traveling Etherean.

Transforming us from our simple lives of domination by the most physically aggressive members of our species into Beings guided by peace and love between us at all times.

Will Labor not speed us on our journey into peace by STRIKING THEM OUT and letting the hostile ones off?

The pain inflicting crowd because that's what they chose to be. Sadistic minds that enjoy fouling and hurting others. God wants them off of his children Labor. Will Labor not end funding their torture supply houses?

Will Labor not help us transfigure ourselves out of war and into peace?

For the love of God will Labor not try it? The STRIKE Labor. Will you not try it?

Tele receives:

"We're already in the bucket. 12.42 pm

Bluefin tuna. 12.46 pm

It's heaven. 12.48 pm

Cantatious. 1.52 am

It's an enemies hut. 3.15 pm

Get honorable. 3.25 pm

A great percentage of you are already dead. 3.34 pm

I love your anchor denies fist. 3.36 pm

Oh, my God, Judah frightened us failed. 3.41 pm

Jew made us failment. 7.47 pm

You're forced into shitagely, shitage. 7.56 pm

Thrown wrench. 8.08 pm

Oh, Patrick, they deceived us right. 8.11 pm

The shitter is finished. 8.23 pm

It's a herage. 8.25 pm

You're fashed. 8.39 pm

Vultures procedures makes your soul die. 8.50 pm

Can that threat. 8.51 pm

Cinema age bare assed you out. 9.01 pm

Their son de-seed. 9.04 pm

Take them out they're forcing a wake here. 9.17 pm

They're dying huge terror max. 9.10 pm

HELP, HELP US, our spirit die. 9.14 pm

ALL RISE, he dis-institution. 9.15 pm

They failed you's, Bitch is searing them. 1.24 am

Realize what is obvious, they're burning us off in scrimmage. 2.53 am

The gun offend is ended. 2.55 am

It's the economy stupid. 2.58 am

Cattle force, your 6 years has failed to save your own lives. 2.59 am

He's shooting war foolish. 3.14 am

Animal threats. 5.48 am

Splendid foul. 6.45 am

It's in us. 7.32 am

Get rid of his whole shitdom." 7.37 am

The thousands of years that Judah has spent monkeying around with the children of God on earth. Are we perceiving that has come to an end now?

Much chance any thinking people will allow him to occupy any management seat for what he has done to us here? Seems unlikely, doesn't it? Yes, it does.

If it does then why is American Labor still allowing Judah to occupy management and continue to make war in our world?

The threats that Judah makes against ordinary everyday simple working people. Might that be what is holding Labor from acting to STRIKE THEM OUT and get them off of our money supply?

Doing all they can to leave our money supply damaged and fallen. Will American Labor not listen to the angels that our good God sent in, Get Smart and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"I sport you for 24 hours and I'm out of here, I'm corrupt with fiber and you see me now. I prey fisting. We used the loss department to boom you dead. For all grease sports Jew is dead. I did some great sport pushing you away with Germany because I'm nuts.

I pitch you guys because that's my psyche, they pulled my force. Jew decided to die you real sweet so he put in extortion. Goose sets have always set you right. Subject hold you ridiculous for 3 or 4 hours. Bitch, your intelligent right (write) us out. I'll have you wiped out in 3 to 5 weeks.

We just feed you poop racial shot. Great peace wits I put on a mortgage. We deceif a ment. The way I set you up I abort you away. Our battle is to stop you right here, we take your whole town off of you. We boom you with our psyche wit, we take your heritage away.

Hess boom just keeps trouble trouble away. We're cast off for our big burlesque, thrown out. My disease is past for oppin, it's the end of my big thrill. The big rumble is part of our virus stumble. We're fantastic to make youth believe.

I'm a pushed off for scumming force here. My parents psyche was over ment. Jew core op dungeons with Fritz, I'm out, I'm late. I scrimmage too much and I know it. We exhaust you casually to distract. By June I've made you paupers. Jew have a serial grease.

We intend to fist you opposite. I hold you for a true roll. I'm no more failed than Gabriel. I fight your girlfriend to score you half dead. We set the minnow, bribe em. Rude molest bad. My 1% wipe you out in my century.

My policy was always to make you with the department. The jail is rich there. My Morocco vice raid is out. Our history is freedom inciting you's. Ever my fiction insures score hiking you. I was always able to convince you. The Whitehouse let us see government lethal.

Poorriental. We're dead, Chicago boo us. My speech heart here depart. I whoop you so duffily, castrate you right. Our missile out lost our error rule.

You failed to survive my museum op so I'm dumly pushing here. I port-a-punish you. Our lack of sympathy helps to relive our intimate. We believed Soviet Jews would help us by firing you," Judee say.


Have we not seen enough videos of Judah shooting his nuclear missiles at us to have seen the great work that Sir Casper and His able team of Martians have done by grabbing eve

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