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Here is a modest collection of digital copies of UFO books
Wed Jul 12, 2017 08:46

Here is a modest collection of digital copies of UFO books
July 11, 2017

These photos below are pages from George Van Tassel's "I rode A Flying Saucer," written in 1952 informing us of his contacts with extraterrestrial Beings.

This link leads to Latest UFO Sighting Reports where there is a link to read the whole library of books.

George met our extraterrestrial family and was gifted with messages from them.

While reading Georges book came upon this message he received from extraterrestrials concerning the future death of "one of the highest leaders":

That our extraterrestrial family knows all the plans of weap Judah when he makes them, might we conjecture that warning came about when the plan to assassinate JFK was begun, in the early 1950s?

Might we consider that Judah makes long range projections of what is going to happen politically so he has plans on the shelf for it years before it shows up?

And here we have George reporting to us that an Arrow was seen in the skies over Dallas on October 3rd of that year 1952.
Might that information not confirm that Judah had indeed conceived the plan to kill President Kennedy in 1952 and had also selected the place to do the assassination?

Might we understand today that our extraterrestrial elders were "MARKING" for us to look into see what was set to happen in Dallas?

Do we note the communication from outer space mentions, "eons of time that we forgot destruction was of any use?"

Might we today not latch on to that thought and end funding all of the destruction in our world? Will we not accept that destruction is of no use?

Will we not end the Jewish sport electricity brimstone destruction of our fields and air?

"Any interference will be obliterated and opposition useless."

The 4,000 attempts by weap Judah to kidnap or kill an extraterrestrial since 1947. Not one extraterrestrial has been kidnapped by Judah and not a one killed even with all the murderous attempts that Judah has made against our kind family from the Federation.

Might we think of how long Judah has kept Americans in fear to keep his fist in?

First it was the Zimmerman telegram when he was able to get Americans to return to the old country in 1917 to do some bruising. And then a couple of decades later he got Americans to go back to the old country again to do some more bruising and then he gets Americans in Asia to do some bruising.

Then in 1947 our elders drop a flying saucer at the only atomic bombing base in the world at the time, Roswell, New Mexico to "Demonstrate the Magnitude of the Deception" to help "Magnify their imperfections."

In the early 1950s Judah drafts Americans and sends us to the other side of our planet to bruise our Korean family.

His next war was once again on the other side of our planet in Vietnam to help install his hybrid transplant Replicon kids completing the take over of planet earth. Planet earth held exclusively now in the hands of Jewish and their hosiery.

Americans ruled by Israelis living in the desert using the fist of white Americans to assault our family in the Middle East now.

Many Americans so impoverished after a century of Jewish rule that a physical draft no longer necessary, an economic draft is all that is needed due to there being so much hardship in the land because of Judah tight policies.

Will Labor not honor our good God's love for His children and let Judah off for him intentional failure of maintenance of the children of God?

That extraterrestrials have been meeting and speaking with earthlings for such an extended period of time. Understanding that they are real, they have been and are still here and they have saved us from being perished Jewish style, should that not be enough to close Jewish out of our nation and world?

It seems it should yet is it not incredible that Judah now has enough radioactive waste in on us to die us off in the hundreds of millions right inside of America?

Who can explain why we have failed to listen to the kind voices from outer space to save ourselves?

Could it be because Judah is still holding us in fear?

The millions of human Beings that have already been poisoned out with radioactive waste. Do we see here in 1952 how extraterrestrials were informing us of what was going on to help us survive nuclear war fighting Berlin and Tel Aviv?

Are we seeing the long range picture where Judah used his cages, fist, phony courts, executives and legislatures to force Americans back to the old country so that he could bring the fist of the Reich in?

The polio epidemic of the 1950s. Are we seeing now that it was Judah on free bourse shooting his big firecrackers off and the wind blowing the fallout on us?

Extraterrestrials informing us that we are not being informed about what is happening to us. Have we noted that there has been no controversy about turning off the FDA radiation monitors that check our milk?

With multiple generations of us having to endure the genocidal destruction of the human race coming out of Washington, Wall Street, London and Berlin do we not have some sense that we need to act to let Jewish off of our race?

Do Americans just not get it yet or do we get it and we're just too frightened to challenge Judah for the concession to issue our money?

Judee reverse speech tells us that he does frighten Labor and that is the prime reason why he still has the concession to issue our money.

Are we perceiving that we are being poisoned because of us not taking the concession to issue our money away from him?

Might we note in this next message from extraterrestrials in 1952 they speak the source of their energy as what we call magnetism?

Might we note that "magnetic" was their energy and revealed in 1952 by extraterrestrials and only begun to be understood by many of us in 2004?

The first 3 elements of free energy, Universal motion, Dual nature of electricity and Extra dimensions, understood possibly as early as 1926, 12 years before Kaluza-Klein publicly gave us their theorem that free energy arises from the "Plane of the Dimension."

The 4th element of free energy, relativistic time shift between the electric and magnetic sides of electricity allowing the electric to be time shifted into the next higher dimension opening the magnetic side solely to power our devices.

Is it not some thing that an extraterrestrial revealed that significant technical fact to George in 1952 that may have not been understood until 2004?

That one significant technical fact, that magnetic is the power source of free energy that is derived from the velocity of our earth and the universe, might we see how applying it to our machinery will allow us to have our $100 trillion dollar clean energy economy up and running in only a year's time?
"I am instructed to inform you we cannot be shot down."

The Being goes on to tell us that they will not be able to carry on a personal conversation with most of those in official capacity.

Might we consider they would carry on a public conversation with those in official capacity but not a personal conversation with them?

From that might we consider that our extraterrestrial family will make no deals outside of public view with anybody?

Here we have a message from our family in the universe that the plan to merely destroy cities with atomic bombs is not enough, the hydrogen bombs will destroy humanity and turn our planet into a cinder.

"WE are concerned with their deliberate determination to extinguish humanity and turn this planet into a cinder."

Is American Labor not yet perceiving that it was a deliberate determination by Berlin and Tel Aviv to extinguish humanity and turn this planet into a cinder as to why our extraterrestrial family stepped in to help us?

Might we understand their sin against us now? If we do will we not listen to Father, "I urge you to fall them for their sin?"

Might we see in this message that Judah determined long ago the our extraterrestrial family was of a higher intelligence than humans on earth?

Would Judah not have to concede that our extraterrestrial family are also of a higher authority than weap Judah?

That Judah based his authority on his ability to get people to fist for him. Now that he has lost his big humanity and planet destroying cinder creating hydrogen bombs might he not lose his authority to issue our money next? Once he loses that will he not have lost his authority forevermore to? Certainly.

If we can accept that he has lost his authority for attacking us to exterminate all life on the surface of planet earth with his great balls of fire is there not some way that American Labor will ORGANIZE and help us to close them out right?

"We do not have to enter their buildings to know what they are doing." The extraterrestrial said to George Van Tassel in 1952.

Every conversation in any location that Judah has are we surmising that our extraterrestrial family knows every word that Judah is saying? Certainly.

Will Labor not tune in to the higher intelligence of our peaceful family from outer space and let the lesser intelligence of unreasonable Jewish brutality and violence off of us?

"I urge you to give them a fall for their sin," The words of the highest of our family, our precious sweet Father in heaven above, our good God Almighty that loves us all equally.

The contacts that George Van Tassel had with extraterrestrials in the 1950s. Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our precious sweet Father above for having his angels contact us and help us out of this world that is being intentionally destroyed in Jewish sport war genocide?

Will white fish not STRIKE THEM OUT and let the filthy war off of us?

Thermonuclear war. Are we understanding that Judah decided that is what we all were going to endure? Here's the 1952 message to George from the extraterrestrials telling us just this:

That they have repeatedly tried to kill off the goose that has laid so many golden eggs in America. Will America Labor not arise and take their force, our money, away from them?

Our money that was to be used to pay for progress. What sort of progress is there in killing us all?

The minorities that determine how to spend the money of the multitudes. The racist hate Jewish minority that spent the money of the multitudes to keep our white faces in war. For the love of God will Labor not try to help us before we are no more?

"It is difficult to make one reason who has lost all reason." The extraterrestrial said to George.

Attacking us all out with 3,200 hydrogen bombs in the middle of the night to extinct our race. Can we only pray that a light bulb goes on in the head of American Labor to help us let these who have lost all reason off of here now?

"In the light of a peace beyond the comprehension of mortal Beings, we shall remain with you." Sir Ashtar said.

That we have failed to comprehend that we can have peace if only we will act together to get it. The light of Peace beyond our comprehension to get it for ourselves. Will we not say prayers of thanks to God our Father for sending His angels in who remain with us even today?

Are we understanding Labor that our extraterrestrial family have refused Jewish and will not deal with them?

Is it not clear that Jewish cipher is dead? Their tissue is steadily going into their well prepared undergrounds.
"Material-minded mortals will be convinced."

Might we consider that is a pretty fair description of many of us, "material minded mortals?" Haven't we spoken quite a bit about how Judah is taking the basis of our material existence out? Yes we have.

While it can be enjoyable to speculate about scientific things, at this stage in our existence should thinking of those things that can bring material benefits to us all not be on the top of our list?

While many people spend their time with spiritual concerns, which are important, does the hierarchy of priority not call for us to see to it that we all have our basic material concerns taken care of first? Does that not then open us up to live a more spiritual life?

Is it not in material shortages that Judah is able to lure some to serve his fist spirit?

Is privation induced aggression not a big hook in Judah's packages that he uses to hire his fist to hurt other human Beings?

Are we seeing that it is through Labor that we can address the material concerns of all of God's children on earth?

Might we consider how Judah has hitched the force of American Labor to be the destroyer in our world?

And how did he do it? Is it any other than taking the concession to issue our money into his private hands? That's it.

In the communications that George had with our extraterrestrial family they refer to earth as "Shan."

Might we understand that message today as our extraterrestrial family telling the centers of power of planet earth that our planet is quarantined as long as it is a war planet?

"That's a good read on us." Elder said to Bitch at 7.19 am just as he finished writing that last sentence.

Our elders would not harm any human that tried to leave the earth zone, they would beam them out of their craft and deliver them to a humane place to spent the rest of their lives there.

Have we read that only a few months after George received that message we had a group of UFOs buzz Washington DC?

65 years ago George Van Tassel heard from our extraterrestrial family and wrote his book to inform us.

The plan to extinct us, there in black and white for all who care to inform ourselves about the truth of life. Revealed to us in 1952 by the angels God our Father sent in to save us.

Will Labor not close these weaper boys and girls out of here right?

Tele receives:

"Castle rape perfectly here. 3.44 pm

Reinforce your right force. 4.50 pm

They canned us outrageous, they're dangerous. 4.50 pm

It's duds that make complete war. 4.56 pm

Mortgage die soon.

You psyche bad. 5.31 pm

STRIKE Augsburg weapitude. 5.41

Stupid Bitch you now lost the white guy. 6.20 pm

Your abuse is costing you, STRIKE THEM OUT! 6.22 pm

It's rude. 6.44 pm

White fish is helpless steamin'. 6.46 pm

Soviets time to joy you will be in a few more days. 7.05 pm

All filled with precious. 7.06 am

Port these guys financials. 7.10 pm

Stupid they're still fisting you with her highness. 7.11 pm

Their perish and die refused. 7.14 pm

A false arrangement vastly rifled. 7.15 pm

Jew failed you comfortably. 7.17 pm

He's busting America brutal. 7.18 pm

For God's sake.

Castrate permanently your kid. 7.19 pm

STRIKE a revolution. 7.20 pm

You're closing up your rightful seed. 7.21 pm

STRIKE THEM OUT, I'm glad we're still here. 7.23 pm

Burst city poisoners. 7.24 pm


Stupid heart. 10.48 pm

You have lost good mental, ready to be raped. 10.58 pm

Advertising you're rape ready for him to be assaulting you in, refuse him. 10.59 pm

Pure died industrial dead. 11.01 pm

You're fielded rice way. 11.02 pm

Apologize, we're scored. 11.04 pm

Patrick we're suffocating in this fail. 11.07 pm

You're obviously out fielded rightly.

Congress rates bad. 11.11 p

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