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"Just STRIKE THEM OUT! Just Finish!" Those are a couple of
Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:17

"Just STRIKE THEM OUT! Just Finish!"

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives. "Just STRIKE THEM OUT, just finish."

Judah still the only party authorized to issue our money.

Collecting a tax on American Labor and putting it into his own private account and spending it as he wants to.

And how does he want to spend it? Have we not noticed his favorite spending is on assaulting the human race with war?

To create as much suffering in our world as is possible. Is that not what he does with our money all of the time?

The 3 to 5 hours of a general STRIKE that will finally close out the Jewish managed tyranny that America is. Will American Labor not give us our general STRIKE?

Our nation perishing held into Jewish sports war. The Jewish policy of shooting our useful so that we can not help ourselves. Has it not proven successful?

Have they not held us in long enough to be attacked all out with the best their 50 weap sheds could produce in the nuclear arms industry and attempt to extinct us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011? Yes, they did.

They went into their freedom undergrounds that June 11, 2011.

They were all versed on when that attack would happen and so were on vacation at that time.

The 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of thermonuclear attack blast force that was hurled at us in the middle of that night of June 11, 2011.

Might we not want to say a prayer of thanks to our good God Almighty for having His angels spare us from the extinction of weap of Judah on free American Labor bourse?

That the Jews have had a plan forever to kill the white people off in total. Can white people not be convinced to take the concession to issue our money away from Jewish even after they nuclear blast attacked us to extinct us?

"I urge you to give them a fall for their sin." Our good God Almighty in heaven said to us.

"We advise you well, STRIKE THEM OUT," the angels that Father sent to protect us said to us as to what we must do to help ourselves if we wish to survive this last nuclear war that Judah is conducting against us.

The sins perpetrated against Americans by the Jewish tyranny that they installed. More atrocities coming to light each day.

The particular hatred Jewdom has for white people. The mild people of the north. The Replicon shells Judah created from the white that attacked us with thermonuclear blast weapons and is now in collusion with their Asian Replicon hybrid transplants to die us out with brimstone coming out our mouths.

"We had fun with the white guy. White children don't have any receipts so we have them beat you up. Druid is not dutiful. Druids have ever failed to save themselves," Judee say.

Druids and the other mild people of the north, Slavic, now set go out of life form 100% due to brimstone coming out of our mouths.

The nice boy that remained true to God our Father and resisted going along with the Jewish sports war machine, chased out of his home many times over the decades, disparaged by the mild people of the north because of his accidental non intentional rude to them.

Some mild people fooled enough by Judah lies and rumors that Judah made up about Bitch think he is "wet," or at least "humid," and yet the truth is Bitch has not slain a person. Bitch has not beaten up anyone.

Bitch has not pushed anyone out of life. Judee did them all.

And yet Judah has the Druid convinced that Bitch has been shooting people out here. Judah, the guy that attacked us to extinct us has some Druid convinced that Bitch is a thug. All false, but some Druid for one reason or other choose to believe the worst of Bitch.

Judee killing dogs in the summer heat to keep an animal in Druid's mind to freeze him up. Might we not recognize how he plays with our minds to hold himself in to shooting us with more war?

Judee tells us in reverse speech he puts the animal show on to "caution" us. Might we see how he aims to freeze us up in our minds to not act to take him off of us?

Will we not end holding ourselves in to be finished off by Judah and his kin?

Has Bitch not spoken all truth? Yes he has as best that he can. Understanding that will Labor will not help us to close the violence in our nation and the world out now?

Bitch, never accepted training on false Jewish paper, not able to be bribed to shut him up. Always a simple honest working man that earned all of his money by his Labor, never stole from anybody. Always tried to give more than he took in all he transactions he has had.

And somehow Judah blathers on about "embezzle," because Bitch shorted Judee when he had to leave Chicago because of all the attempts made on him by Judah.

The terrorists on our streets. Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money and put our grand juries in so that we can let the real problems off?

"Our performance is to set you up Druid so we can use our grease pedal. We just flamingle and fash you, courts are for gentlemen so we threw them out so we could abuse you," Judee say.

A worldwide extortion die for hire racket run by lawyers and finance using the offices of state to attack and kill us.

Poor cruelly manipulated kids Judah uses for his fist, just returned from some overseas battlefield where they learned how Judah wants to use them on us here.

The mild people getting perfectly knocked out of life form. Our children and children being mutated, sterilized, tumored for fun. Will Labor not help us, STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

As the Asian lady told us that Judah shopped the English ghettos to get his fist that he used to beat up our family in Asia to put his hybrid Replicons in.

Will Labor not take care of God's children so that Judah has no room to train them to fist for him?

Our genetics being assaulted to leave us with sick, weakened and deformed children. Such a sad and tearful world that American Labor is holding in. Can we not pray that Labor will Let Judah off right?

Will Druid not take care of American kids and bring them home here to live in peace?

"I throw you heart attack with a pizza but white fin copped our sport. We score good with mileage, it's proven to be quite stupid these days," Judee say.

Will American Labor step in and help us here?

Tele receives:

"For foolish you're done. 4.29 pm

Stay. 5.02 pm

Cats threw me hair away. 6.05 pm

You're ever wet, maybe humid. 6.09 pm

The country is shooting a race card. 6.11 pm

True ballistic has thrown hostile gone.6.13 pm

Irritator is outrageous fail. 6.15 pm

Nice throwing missiles for a shanty. 6.16 pm

They're forcing us out of contact. 6.38 pm

Albert always assumed the fail role, the failest, he failed us. 6.41 pm

Through prejudice is how they fail the righteous. 6.45 pm

You did it. 6.52 pm

Their strategy is a fool forced us to fail. 7.17 pm

Oh, they forced the kid! 7.21 pm

To economize they fault us. 7.40 pm

They're real dead, don't worry about it. 7.41 pm

Headed right into die beautiful they had to kill our state. 7.43 pm

They closed us deceased. 11.21 pm

Tore totally abuse. 11.22 pm

You've been washed aside fantastic.

Rabbit, he wants your complete head. 11.24 pm

Patrick's got them completely failed mushroom. 11.25 pm

The dog fished you. 11.25 pm

Hold you to destroy your rising. 11.26 pm

WE want to urge you superlative course obviously. 11.27 pm

Estimated total resource coring out.

Don't make yourself die a complete wipeout.

Patrick cite them outing peace and God spared thee, STRIKE them injustice. 1.14 am

It's just they stay historically bad.

Three little burns and Pat's on fail. 1.16 am

Statute failed us Hoover.

Terrible failed. 1.19 am

Britain was the same refused.

Finish the excitement off.

Patrick insult raped us field. 1.21 pm

To penetrate you failed us. 1.22 am

False you are falling. 2.14 am

Win this field honestly. 2.15 am

You've been failed, STRIKE THEM OUT. 2.16 am

You failed to poverty sin.

You're falsing out yourselves.

Just STRIKE THEM OUT! 3.06 am

Just finish. 3.42 am

They're just closing us up.

Tyranny raiders raid us threats. 4.10 am

We're off sides here. 5.07 am

Error is bankrupt. 5.16 am

They threw away the waif. 5.18 am

They're ricing us here.

They're sporting us out official.

Irishman won a new destiny, you failed to give it to us." 7.57 am

A new destiny to live in peace and plenty for everyone. Judah still using the American Labor dollar to shoot our family throughout the world. Will Labor not give us our new destiny to live in peace with everyone?

"One in five Druids sampled see our semper," Judee say.

After a century of Jewish sports war waged from America, hundreds of millions dead and then Judah attacking us in the middle of the night with the nuclear blast force of 64,000 Hiroshima's.

Does it seem correct that only one in 5 of Druids are aware of what Judah is all about? Can Judah's own survey be correct?

If so might it follow that 80% of the Druids do not know about Judah secured undergrounds where he is going to live while he dies us out on the surface of God's village on planet earth?

The nursery of the Galactic Federation of Light, planet earth. Are we not aware that the multitudes are being poisoned outright with Biblical brimstone waste?

Judah reverse speech is revealing that his scientists are telling him that he has already died off 40% of Americans.

Well over a hundred million Americans now set to die out from a radioactive waste breeze. Can such a thing really be true?

That is what Judah nuclear war genocide scientists are reporting to him. That he has already polished off 40% of Americans that are alive right now. It will just take a few more years of high radioactive backgrounds to complete our die.

Americans set to die horrible deaths inhaling radioactive brimstone waste in. The Bible telling of how they died with brimstone coming out their mouths. Do some not think it true?

God Almighty having warned Americans thousands of times over many years to STOP THE WAR and yet, we Americans continue to fund pounding out our world killing our family for Jewish sport. Must this not stop?

Is there not some hope yet that Labor will step in and take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah?

"We score you out with mileage, it's proven to be quite stupid these days. Our principle is foolish and they threw me away. We have intent to foul you awesome," Judee say.

Here's some more Tele receives:

"Cross symbol. 8.19 am

Lets struck! 8.20 am

Portable thieves are closing us off of the face of this earth. 8.32 am

I appreciate your closing out of the Jew. 8.38 am

Sexual abuse is why they are hiding in the mountain for their ruse. 8.51 am

Basher theory has taken out the white boy. 9.08 am

Bless you. 9.28 am

You're assaulted by Judee sympathies." 9.40 am

Here's some Judee thinking:

"I'm chipperizing so your tyr-err must fall. An angry kid tore me out. They're starting to see my sales. Our passion enables true spirits. We shut you's nest egg. I tomb and parsimony.

I hush mental with muscle. From Virgina, I do your ass. Bourse scintillates. I Auschwitz shootify your kids. Heroin holds your incomes with spite. We jail you with our roots performance to stall. Bitch got a hold of me and pulled my badge.

Your income is how we always do a foul pitch. Dog food hates you on sale for Jew leisure. I'm forced to late you because I'm fumen out. White kid's out because I truly famish you in the right way.

On my beauty side, I'm truly a nemesis flush. We just want to mulch you, Russian, now we're out for our debt. Jew worked the human race until I put you in. The white man shot, he shot me dead for goldbricking you. Bitch reported my fault because my conniption wiped you's away.

I just encourage you right cages. We be witless to bore you to a man. Whites we war you very good with foul energy and packages. I'm abusive in a bourse Genghis way. Muslim I Federal. I made Berlin in my way to just vanquish you.

You're 4 miles away and you're an edge for us. I'm just a wild person who possesses you. If it wasn't for that Jew Bitch I'd fight forever. From my jails, I want my percent. Because I already took out your sight I dumped your atmosphere," Judee say.

The atmosphere that Judah dumped. Are we making the connection that we need it to breathe?

Our extraterrestrial family still with us. Here's some messages from them:

"It's sad to be convicted and have your real estate rolled nice. The fist coming in on you is still Jew.

You're encouraging the off ramp for all your lives. See them right and you'll survive."

Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris, for those messages today.

Will Labor not see them right that weap Jewish are only poisoning us on their way out and STRIKE THEM OUT to take the concession to issue our money away from them?

Elders have sent Bitch tele-pictures of some of their living and working places.

Elders material science is literally out of this world. No pun intended. Their flooring lasts for 10,000 years.

Their spacecraft last over a million years.

Some of the pictures Bitch has seen are walkways as they go about their lives. It appeared to be big glass windows with a beautiful awesome view of the universe.

What it actually is Bitch has learned is large LCD screens on the wall with cameras outside showing the view.

Elders live 3,000 miles inside the "Rock" 38 light years from earth. 400,000 miles long 100,000 miles on each side. They have lived inside there for 7 million of the 9 million years that the Federation has been in operation.

They towed the "Rock" to their original home base after discovering it 30,000 light years away while exploring.

Bitch asked elder "how long does one of your LCD wall screens last and elder replied, "400,000 years."

The LCD screens in elders spacecraft have 2 changes over the average useful life span of one of their spacecraft.

Their spacecraft operational period reach into the one million year range and that is when they look to retire them.

The flying saucer found sitting on Mars.

Might we consider that elders placed it there so that we could get some pictures of it?

Might we guess that flying saucer is a million years or more old? That they just dumped it there might it not be an old well-used spacecraft that is beyond its service time?

Pieces of material from the crashed spacecraft at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 were found and analyzed and revealed the metal was made up of Iron, Aluminum and Silicate oxide. And Silicate oxide is "sand."

Might we think of elders spacecraft with the strength of Iron, the lightness of Aluminum and the rust and corrosion resistance of sand?

Once we have unlimited amounts of free energy available to us might we consider we will be building those sorts of long-term durable inexpensive ceramic metals? Yes, we will.

That elders have such extremely durable materials might we have some idea of why they have only 2 out of a thousand of the Beings involved in Labor?

Might we consider that even when 10,000 years have passed and it is time to replace the flooring material in one of their spaces, it is more likely than not done by robots?

The wondrous abundant world of our extraterrestrial family. Will Labor not help us to close out the war and set ourselves in their direction of peace?

Judah, the guys, and gals that only want to assault us right. Shedding tears for themselves because they have lost us now. Will Labor not help us to fall them right?

"I urge you to fall them for their sin," Our good Good Almighty said to His kids.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and fall them ever off of us now for their sin of attempting to exterminate us right?


The unique value of cooperation that Judee discovered the mild people of the north have. Most highly developed in Germany.

Will Labor not bring it in so that we can cooperate with all of our family on plan

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