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Extreme Circumstance of Chemtrails & Fukushima Nuclear Extin
Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:36

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The Extreme Circumstance of Chemtrails & Fukushima Nuclear Extinction Events.

July 11, 2017 Concerning the extreme circumstance now occurring regarding to Chemtrails - and the Fukushima - - worldwide Nuclear Extinction Event that is now as well, also contaminating all of the North American Aquifers. The air we are breathing in our homes is as well also carrying the Chemtrail Toxic Materials and untold Nano Particulate and nuclear Protons into our lungs. If you are interested in learning more about this and about you as well, also making your home and office at least contaminate free, please get back to me.

I have produced several thousand educational TV programs over this past twenty years and I was key founder of what are today some of the biggest on-line companies in the world today and yet, I currently am not making enough of an income after having done so much.

I have written many books, business plans, and many thousands of news reports and I am still an active and registered TV producer of Public Access Televised media at in Seattle.

I am looking to see if I can at this time try revive the Fort Smith, Van Buren, and Alama region of Arkansas Public Access Television network and I am doing all that I can to meet with the local city councils and chambers of commerce, and local business leaders.

I am also a physicist and I have worked with many of the worlds leading scientific community in the past and I am also trying to put together what I believe is an important perspective to my trying to put into reality, Plasma Nuclear Decontamination Technological projects.

Thereof, due to the current Fukushima Nuclear Contamination that is currently destroying the entire Northern Hemisphere's aquifers, and contaminating the entire planet.

I headed up a team scientists in the early 1990s where we had filed patents on our discoveries and while working at that time also working with the renown Dr. Yull Brown, thus our finding out that water based and sourced plasma technologies will in fact transmute the elements and as well also readily neutralize all nuclear contaminates and particulate.

Our patents became classified almost immediately.

Yet, currently during this worldwide nuclear extinction event that Plasma Nuclear Decontamination Filtration Technologies will readily transmute all nuclear contamination and the means to do so is urgently is urgently needed to be further explored immediately.

This matter needs to be immediately addressed and to be now brought into effect due to this current (Fukushima and fifteen thousand other mostly not being reported nuclear meltdowns and leaks now also occurring and taking place.).

The observation of what Plasma Technologies are, is in fact only to be further considered to be an infinite and never ending and expanding way of learning to explore and to find logical understanding of this critical future of human, planetary, and universal sciences and knowledge.

And, in one way of considering this as to what it is currently and for what it will be in the future is in actuality, the beginning of a next step up the ladder of human thinking and doing for the next many thousands of years to come.

Plasma Energies, Plasma as a transmutation and Nuclear Filtration Technologie can also be transcended from as well also from simple power sources such to be powered as technologies from the source of the plasma that is produced from water primarily and from other simple means as was explained by the inventor now deceased Paul Patone Geet International who had appeared several times on my AllDayLive TV program. l.

I feel that is my most important reason for contacting your offices is to see if you can perceive what I am explaining here.

I have written and posted on-line many thousands of news reports on these subjects and as well as many one hour educational media programs concerning this concern but I feel that if we as a people and as a concerned community do not wake up soon and move forward to address this Nuclear Extinction Event Circumstances/

And, to thus to try to find the right people to work with and to try to get these right people to work with me to start exploring, architecting and building (Manufacturing) Plasma Nuclear Decontamination Technologies, then there literally may not be any hope for the human race to survive this time in our global historical moment.

To begin to find a means to manufacture Nuclear Decontamination and Water and Air Filtration Technologies as soon as possible and to have you and your offices also consider that your assistance concerning this matter will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely and thank you (Dr.) Will P. Wilson - apfn Fukushima Nuclear Extinction Event - - apfn Plasma Nuclear Decontamination -

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