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Pain & Anxiety Medications Your Being Reported to the DEA .
Fri Jul 14, 2017 05:55
2600:1:d31a:cc8f:2996:963b:bdb3:a32d - July 14, 2017 To Pain and Anxiety Medications - - Contact Page - -

I have turned your operation into the Justice Department and to the Drug Enforcement Agency. You are without warrant and with total reckless regard to the news forum at - - which you have been requested to stop posting on this Message News Board your illicit drug marketing - willpwilson 908 Illicit Drug Sales On Internet a Federal Crime. Thu Jul 13, 2017 -;article=157844;title=APFN - You are being reported to the Department of Justice and to the DEA - Pain and Anxiety Medications METHADONE 10MG, 40MG WAFERS Lorcet - CALL US (325) 261-0302 ALSO VISIT OUR SITE.. - You are being reported to the Dept. of Justice - Trying to Sell - Illicit Internet Drug Sales - on the Message News Board - - and you have multiple times requested to stop posting your illicit drug advertising. You are in violation of Federal Laws and you are also trying to advertise your illicit drug on a Public News Forum. I am seeking criminal indictments of you and your operation for also violating Internet Policy and for your continuing to interrupt and to interfere with this Public News Forum. -

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