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"My Rights are Protected Dog So I do Some Great Naz Stuff,"
Fri Jul 14, 2017 11:18

"My Rights are Protected Dog So I do Some Great Naz Stuff," Judee say.

By failing to put our rights in are we seeing that allows Judah hold his rights in over ours?

Our right to life, liberty, a right to have a grand jury determine if we should be charged, a right to have a jury decide if we should lose our life, liberty or property, and no matter what the outcome the right to never be brutalized or cruelly handled.

Are we seeing that because we have denied ourselves by failing to put our rights in Judah rights tell him he can brutalize, cruelly handle and take away our liberty and kill us because that's his right?

The 80,000 to 100,000 prisoners that on any given day are held in solitary confinement by Judah in America.

A violation of the dignity of man and yet he continues to violate it all across this great land. The infamous and insane cruelty that Judah exhibits towards those that he captures.

Has he not told us in reverse speech that is how he reduced the white man to doing fist for him? Yes he does reveal that in reverse speech.

The historical brutality of the states in Europe that Judah took over using his cunning look alike hybrid transplant Replicon force.

Will we not pray that Americans will see why our founding Fathers would not sign up to create the United States of America without a Bill of Rights as the cornerstone of our nation and STRIKE THEM OUT and close their errant unjust rights out?

The reason Judah forced Americans to go to Germany and fight in 1917. Are we seeing it was so he could slip in the bacillus of the old world generic autocrats that rule his ruse in Europe?

Judah tells us that the whites gave him his best performance. And what is that other than dirty deeds done dirt cheap?

Will Labor not put God's gift, the right to an existence stipend in and end Judah's ability to create poor that he manipulates then?

How Albert has run a screen where the world sees the assaultive as a white guy when Judah is hiring Albert to commit his crimes.

And yet, if Judah survey is correct, at this late time in our extinction phase only one in five white fish, that is 20%, see Judah as pulling the strings.

Could it be a coincidence that some surveys indicate that 80% of white fish drink alcohol?

The one drug that Judah sells in all of his stores, alcohol in its many forms, beer, wine and hard liquor.

Judah built a cage system on those who chose to use a harmless drug, hemp to eat, drink or smoke.

Do we recall that Judah analysis is that it was alcohol as to how he was able to defeat us?

Bitch, who only used alcohol maybe once a year at a wedding or other social occasion, went cold turkey after being introduced to Maxwell and awakening to the fact the plan was to physically die him.

Over the next few years his intelligence jumping from a 6th level thinker on juice to a 4th level thinker with a dried out head.

Might that be the final analysis the Federation may make as to why Judah has been able to hold us to destroy ourselves and our kids funding the brimstone waste war he is casually, leisurely shooting on us?

Will the Federations final analysis read that it was the chemical warfare of alcohol on us that proved the reason a third of us were died out of here in the end times?

Yet who would ever believe that alcohol, such a common intoxicant drug that is so widely available, could have such a deadly effect on us?

Might we consider that with their knowledge base Jewish knew of Pharaoh's research experiments in ancient times that revealed alcohol pulls us down in the social structure?

Speaking of the Jews, "I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race.'' Voltaire (1694-1778)

After being attacked with the atomic blast force of 64,000 Hiroshimas, might we have to give to Voltaire that he had a correct view of Judah's root behavior?

And yet, the Bible, the book we now know came to us from the Galactic Federation of Light, an instruction manual of sorts of how to craft ourselves into becoming higher level extraterrestrial life forms, what might we make of the fact that Voltaire had a such a different reading on it?

"It is characteristic of fanatics who read the holy scriptures to tell themselves: God killed, so I must kill; Abraham lied, Jacob deceived, Rachel stole: so I must steal, deceive, lie. But, wretch, you are neither Rachel, nor Jacob, nor Abraham, nor God; you are just a mad fool, and the popes who forbade the reading of the Bible were extremely wise." Wiki.

The popes that Voltaire spoke of that banned reading the Bible. Might we understand now they knew that it was gifted to us by extraterrestrials?

That Sir Maximilian introduced himself to "Centers of Power of Planet earth" in 1350 AD, should that fact not reveal that they connected the dots and understood the significance of the Bible then?

For that matter would many not have understood long before then? Certainly.

And yet the Centers of power of planet earth chose to keep us ignorant of such significant news.

Now that we have survived an all out attack with nuclear missiles might we note how a high-level power chooses to close a lesser power out of here?

That is, was that not a supremely magnificent demonstration of the love of our Savior the night of June 11, 2011 when Father had Sir Casper pull every single missile out of the sky sparing us from extinction at the hands of weap Judah?

Did Father not let Judah close himself out right? Yes Father did.

And what might we think that Voltaire, recognized as a top thinker of his time, did not connect the dots and discover the extraterrestrial intervention into our world at that time?

The extraterrestrial intervention into our world now open for all to see merely by looking into our skies, reading magazines or logging on to the Internet and watching videos of what is going on.

Speaking of that, here is a picture of a B-2 bomber with a UFO flying below it

California B-1 and Disc
Glendale – I photographed a B-1 bomber doing a flyby at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California on January 2, 2012.
The photo was taken from Glendale. I could see the bomber but could not see the disc with my naked eye, but I saw them in the photo…..what is that?
Thanks to MUFON CMS

From the technical point, might we understand there was no UFO in the sky, rather it was a beam that was projected into the camera so that it would show up on the picture?

Might we say it was a "Meta-transiliatory communication" as to how to interpret what we see in the picture of the UFO flying with the B-1 bomber?

A "MARKING" of that bomber. Might we understand that is how our extraterrestrial family is communicating with us?

The unsettled spirits of the dearly departed that show up as strange sounds and ghosts seen in haunted houses.

Might we not recognize them now as our extraterrestrial family "MARKING" the haunted house to inform us that Judah put the people in that lived there before?

The many strange creatures that have been seen worldwide. Such as Big foot, the loch ness monster, Champy, the lake Champlain serpent.

Might we recognize now those and more are all creations of our extraterrestrial family that is helping us to transition ourselves into a world of peace with out war?

Native Americans knew of Champ before Europeans arrived in the area of New York and Vermont. Might we not want to consider the long period of time that our extraterrestrial family has been helping us intelligent ourselves?

Is it not something to think about that some Judah would have known long ago precisely what the ghosts, haunted houses, and strange creatures were all about?

That houses that Judah had opped people out of life in one way or the other, that he did it, and then ghosts appeared in these places, would he not have known it was Mercury that blowing the horn on his ops? Sure he would have.

The Loch ness monster in Scotland reportedly seen in the 7th century. Can we only guess that our extraterrestrial family's computer simulations determined that Judah would build nuclear submarine bases there in 1,300 more years?

Might elders computer simulations have spotted Judah's nuclear war fighting machinery, submarine bases in Scotland as early as the 7th century AD, 1,300 years before he installed it? Sure they would have.

Devastated US tourist wins Loch Ness Monster photograph competition with picture snapped on trip with tragic fiance
Natasha Heidlage snapped the mystical photo during a break in Scotland with pilot Matt Smeller who died three months later from rare virus after they returned home to Dallas, Texas

07:33, 12 JAN 2017

A devastated US tourist has won a Loch Ness Monster photograph competition - with a picture snapped on a trip to Scotland with her late fiance.

Natasha Heidlage snapped the mystical photo during a break in Scotland with Matt Smeller.

But just three months later the 47-year-old airline pilot died after contracting a virus back home in Dallas, Texas.

Natasha, 42, yesterday dedicated her £1,000 win in the annual William Hill Award for the 'best Nessie sighting' to tragic Matt.

She explained: “This contest has meant so much to me. Matt was so excited by the picture.

“He knew it was unusual and thought it was cool that we might have captured the Loch Ness Monster.
Natasha's prize-winning snap appears to show something lurking under the water (Image: NB Press Ltd)

“He told me, ‘You have got something here’, and we showed the picture to the couple who ran the B&B and they said, ‘You need to submit this to the contest’.

"We had another picture with something like a long neck sticking out the water, but I didn’t send that in.

“Matt liked Scotch and we’d gone to visit the distilleries but Loch Ness was my idea.

"I was just snapping photos. I didn’t see anything with my naked eye.

"Later in the day I was going through the pictures and saw the dark image in the water.

“I was startled because it was overcast and there was nothing that could have been behind me to project a shadow.”
The other snap she didn't enter appears to show something sticking out of the water (Image: nb press)

Natasha - who dated the pilot for seven-and-a-half years after meeting at work - told how Matt was stuck down with West Nile Virus after being bitten by a mosquito in their garden.

She said: “We were active outdoor people and Matt was in perfect health and never got sick.

Jeremy Clarkson and James May are in high spirits as they toast Grand Tour success

“We got engaged after the Scottish trip and were going to get married this year.

“We had been looking for a meteor shower when he was bitten.

"The next day he got the flu. The neurological symptoms came five days after, the double vision and extreme dizziness.”
Natasha Heidlage had dated pilot Matt Smeller for more than seven years (Image: NB Press Ltd)

Matt, later on, died from complications in September.

Natasha, who took her photo on May 1 last year, said: “I am an avid traveler and intend to return to Loch Ness with a friend.

Has the Loch Ness monster moved to Alaska? Man films creepy creature swimming through icy water

"I’d like to find the Yeti next – there is more exploring on the horizon."

William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams said: “Hopefully Natasha will use her winnings to solve great American mysteries such as Big Foot or perhaps even a trip to Area 51.”

182 days ago
It's not about the picture but is it, if you read the story properly you would know that.

183 days ago
won competition filming wind assisted bulging water?
once u see a sea serpent you DIE!

This comment has been deleted
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Might we see how our extraterrestrial elders "MARK" things for us to take look at? How about the giant sea creature filmed in Alaska?
The Loch Ness monster has made a long trip north and now resides in the chilly waters of Alaska - if this footage is to be believed.

One man, who works in the sparsely populated US state, caught a bizarre creature on camera at the Chena River - and thinks it could be proof that sea monsters exist.


And from the Mirror we have these pictures and story of a strange black ring that was seen floating over M62.

The next story, might we think of how our family from the Federation MARKS things for us to check out by using strange sea creatures?

Bizarre slimy 'sea monster' with no eyes or mouth shocks beachgoers when it washes ashore
The weird-looking creature, which has two big lumps sticking out of one side of it, has baffled people trying to work out what it is

15:21, 3 JUL 2017

It was found by a walker on the Leo Carrillo Beach, in Malibu, California, who posted pictures of the weird discovery online.

Might we say "MARKING?"

And more stories of the toying and suffering that is put upon our family in England. The daily acid attacks. Will American Labor not take our purse away from Judah and end funding them?

Why is London the acid attack capital of Britain? 'Moped spree' latest in alarming spike of horrific crime

At least one acid attack per day is being reported in the capital - and there are fears the true figure is even higher

09:32, 14 JUL 2017

And the mandatory sad dog story. Might this be to animal the reader?

Four-year-old dies after 'mum and her boyfriend wrapped her up in duct tape every night for two weeks'

The mother and her partner had wrapped the girl up in blankets then duct tape and left her overnight, a court heard

09:30, 14 JUL 2017

Will American Labor not recognize the success that Judah has had with inflicting mind degrading experiences upon our family in England and help us now to not let them continue to do the exact same degradation to us Americans?

Now that we know the dandies in Parliament have gone ahead and attacked us in America and our family in England with thermonuclear ballistic Missiles will American Labor not help us by cutting funding off for any more of their sports?

Will American Labor not come alive and free the mild man from any more sports of the Jews?

Is American Labor seeing that once you pull the general STRIKE and take the Organizing Principle of Society away from them, the authority to issue cash, the Jews are off us in America, Europe and the rest of our world?


Will American Labor not sign up with the Federation and let these assaulter's get into the history books where there belong?

"The nattering nabobs of negativism, the hopele

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